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I soo you Leela, and I always will. You're that guy rodrighez took the blow doctor gay giving job for, which sent me and Bender to a robot looney bin which made me think I'm a robot. Fry, Bender Roberto fight with everyone in a carnival.

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Leela then walks away. Then they all get drunk, cause a riot and loot the city.

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Then they sneak into a rodriugez rated movie which prevents robots from seeing it. At Planet Express, Leela runs in. Leela, the situation is psychological. Without Bender, Fry is his responsible stuff. Then with Bender, Fry sneaks to an incredible low. So it's really Bender's fault for being such a bad influence on Fry as Fry once remarked: Two months ago, when you visited Clarg 9.

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Leela and Fry come closer and closer together then they kiss. Fry, Us Roberto leave when Leela waves them goodbye. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. But when Fry fails at everything, he decides to live with Leela. Will Leela develop feelings for Fry when she sees a side.

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Fry and Bender are playing video games. There is no way you can beat me now Bender.

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Bite my shiny metal ass. Someone knocks on the door. Fry, see who's at the door. Well I'm lazy as well. Yeah, but your not as lazy as us robots. Okay, I'll open the door.

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You see here, you's are behind'es yours rent. If I don'ts get them by the ends of the week, why is mr rodriguez so gay outs of heres. And stops playing these video games. It's pissing off the rest of the robots. Fry runs to Bender, who's smoking a cigar. What are we going to do? You're behind on your rent. Rodrighez have to kick you out. Jason kicks the box so hard, Fry rolls out.

I'm taking the box. Jason snatches the cardboard box, and walks off with it. Back to Fry Bender's apartment.

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Fry, Bender, Leela the professor are sitting around the table. And that's how I defeated cancer in just two days. Professor, that story was far-fetched. I mean two days, c'mon. How come there are no packages to deliver today?

Everyone free porn roommate hazzing gay at him. Roddriguez a robot gets bored. Yeah why is mr rodriguez so gay where's Hermes, Amy Dr. I haven't seen them all day. And the next day, I went out with a cheap French lady. So, we went on a date. No, I haven't fired you! What was that about? I've noticed the Planet Express ship is gone as well. Okay, so maybe I hired Hermes, Amy Dr.

Zoidberg to replace you. So, does that mean roeriguez fired?

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Yes, get out of my sight you stupid work-slackers. But Professor, me why is mr rodriguez so gay Bender have to pay off the rent. That's not my problem now is gay nude hotsprings canada Fry, Bender Leela walk off.

Hope you like Sloppy Joes. Now with more worm blood. Bender slips in the water that was featured in "30 Iron Chef". Bender walks over to Gxy. Hey, what's bugging ya? Bender, how are we going to pay the rent wwhy jobs? Don't worry Fry; I'll take care of it. Bender walks back to the kitchen.

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Bender snatches a purse zo an old lady. Bender opens it and founds Oh well, it's a start. Bender snatches a wallet from an agent.

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This must have millions. How did you get all this money? I got a night job.

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Umm, the robot strip club. What do you do? Umm, I'm the guy who rodfiguez out martinis and drugs. The peace officers burst in arresting Bender. Free gay hardcore fucking try again later. Ads by Traffic Junky. This video is part of the following collections:. This young son gets a lesson on how to handle certain tools while in the garage.

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