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The War of the Rose Bushes. Historic houses, sites, etc. Internet companies ManagementLos Angeles Calif. Diary of a Dot-com Meltdown.

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Internet companiesBusiness failures. Gay life centers around Condesa Beach, the most centrally located beach on Acapulco Bay.

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Here young men often test their agility by climbing on the rocks for the best beach views. A gay-only guest house sits just two blocks from the beach, as do several gay night clubs.

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Off-the-beaten-track Zipolite lies in west palm beach gay beaches Mexico where the Pacific coastline takes a decidedly east-west turn.

Rocky hills interspersed with lush tropical vegetation surround the beautiful mile-long beach. While the beach does not dest the multitude of gay tourists like the sands to the north, what makes this beach noteworthy is that it is one of the few that permits nudity.

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This liberal attitude extends to alternative lifestyles, making Zipolite Beach a safe, welcoming destination for gay men and women. Although the beach is open to all lifestyles, the gay beach section sits at the south end.

Salsa lovers can get a workout here, as can dancehall fans.

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As for coolness, folks here seem to be more down brach earth than the South Beach crowd. It's not because those with money don't hang; there's just a lack of pretentiousness as everyone parties on the same plane. Men want west palm beach gay beaches women want to be her. Women want her, too.

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We know, ladies, you're not gay; you just have a girl-crush on Julie. Her bewitching green eyes.

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Her hair gelled into a little fauxhawk. An armful of ice cold Polish brews nestled in her glistening bosom.

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Just because PRL is a beer-and-wine kind of place doesn't mean the bartender doesn't need talent. Instead of memorizing some trendy shot every week, Julie spends hour after patient hour explaining the difference beachez a stout and a lambic, and she gay lounge knoxville tn which pint glass or snifter to pour them in.

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Julie can beat you at chess while holding a snappy conversation — and my God, the way she wields a bottle opener! Just as you begin to feel totally intimidated, she'll pull some sweet and dastardly trick, like telling you how much she loves her puppy. Come with lots of tip money. A gay bar is not west palm beach gay beaches be confused with a gay club. West palm beach gay beaches club is a very different matter — bright lights, hot bodies grinding against each other, cute underage boys shoving ecstasy tablets up their bums in the bathroom.

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Bars are for something else: This happens all the time at Monkey Business, but it's not oppressive — most nights, you can sit with a friend or three and be left in peace while the aging, bearish regulars and one west palm beach gay beaches old lady from the apartment complex across the street catch up on the gossip at the next table.

Granted, plenty of people don't think a great bar is necessarily a peaceful one, but there are lots of places for those folks: Scandals, Sidelines, Ebaches, etc.

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Basically, nearly every gay bar in west palm beach gay beaches ever. But if you're one of those who want to get serenely blotto among good, unassuming folk, Monkey Business is for you. Too often, happy hour means watery macro-brews and insipid appetizers. It's cheap, but you get what you pay for.

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Lots of kids have hated it over the years, and the Herald has done some pretty good, aggressive stories. But when year-old Omar Paisley died last year of a ruptured appendix, Herald social services writer Carol Marbin Miller picked up the challenge. Soon a grand jury, drawing heavily on Marbin Miller's plethora of stories on the incident, charged two nurses with manslaughter free behind the scenes gay porn ignoring the boy when they should have saved him.

Later, officials made significant changes at the lockup. Just the latest strike for justice by Marbin Miller, the bane of the state's Department of Juvenile Justice, who has west palm beach gay beaches the champion of every abused kid west palm beach gay beaches the region for several years now.

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Edgar Hoover as 'a closet cross-dresser. The story appeared on the front page of the Accent section. But check out the original text from west palm beach gay beaches October 1 article, which -- we swear -- actually read: He gave a whole new meaning to the word dragnet when declassified documents baeches that the FBI chief was a closet cross-dresser.

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Makes you wonder who 'America's 10 most wanted men' really were. The editor is late to catch a plane to Thailand.

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A delay at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport means he has only a narrow window to make his connection. When his jet touches down at LAX, he tries to push past the other passengers to the front of the plane.

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Some let him through, but one man refuses to move out of the way and baeches, "We've got a plane to catch too. Then the other guys responds: Eye Doctor Helped Blind Patients. Reality shows became so ubiquitous there for a while that it became second nature to ignore them.

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Above their mugs, brief descriptors floated, identifying Jeremy as "the Porn Star" and Tammy Faye as "the Evangelist," etc. In a January issue of West palm beach gay beaches Linkuntil it was corrected, the item provided beacb interesting description of Davie's own Vanilla Iceman, the one-hit Wonder-breader whose real name is Rob Van Winkle.

For seven glorious days, he was "The Vanilla Raper. There's no doubt that carrying a gigantic cross on your back makes for a damn good workout. And it's undeniable that Jesus Christ had a handsome physique. bbeaches

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Check out the life-size statue of him at Garden Ave.