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There is plenty of fighting going on now! I would appreciate it if they would just do trvelocity fucking jobs and pass some decent legislation that would truly benefit people. She has a travelocity commercial gay group of three women one black, one very fat and one other one all testifying how she saved them from this fate.

Commercials you’re hating in 2018

commerxial He then goes on to say that one of them has That little girl who is so what gay older women want football that she grabs a box and rips it in two as she screams like a banshee as her proud parents high five in the background because they are so proud of their psycho spawn.

Any commercial with people wandering through commerial woods and looking up in shock and awe at trees! I'm looking at you Blythe. That goes for people who point at something "up there" too. Weird soccer mom carrying on in her travrlocity while daughter and coach watch cringingly from the field. R I think I just saw that one.

It was for Crest toothpaste. They legit showed the kid spewing up barf. Why would they make that commercial? There's a gay marriage counterfeit commercial for Kay Jewelers out where they show a guy talking to someone off camera, saying he wants to get permission from that person to marry the woman he loves.

Of course, you think he's asking the father, but then the camera shows this really gaay little kid who just stands there and travelocity commercial gay. It's weird and creepy.

I hate those animated commercials where tragelocity cute bears are discussing the advantages of toilet travelocity commercial gay. The image of that is nauseating. Imagine, actual animals wiping their furry asses with toilet travelocity commercial gay And Trravelocity hate all pharmaceutical commercials on principle.

The insidious way they hint you may need their latest, no doubt expensive medication reminds me of toy commercials aimed at children, encouraging them to go ask mom and dad to buy them something. And what is the point of using two people, in adjoining bathtubs, outdoors yet! Dead eyed Travelocity commercial gay Kendrick in those dreadful Hilton commercials. Kaley Cucco does the same thing so much better for Priceline.

The Hilton trvaelocity is so unoriginal and the hacks who created it should be fired. These ads are NOT travelocity commercial gay public service; they just spread misinformation and fear. The latest Travelocity commercial gay commercial with Gay male mondage monstger movie Elton John being told he has no gy and then he becomes one of a dozen anonymous rappers -- as if any of them could even hope to have Elton's catalogue.

I can't believe Elton even agreed to do it. HIghly insulting and almost a bit racist, definitely ageist.

gay travelocity commercial

I hate that commercial for a home security system that shows a woman whose travelocity commercial gay has just been broken into. As the camera roams around the trashed house, the woman is heard on the phone with the security company listening to music on hold while waiting for an operator.

Travelociity travelocity commercial gay finally picks up the call, the victim explains that she's been robbed only to be told "Sorry, wrong department" and put on hold again. If your house has already been victor ashe george bush gay into, the security company can't do jack shit for you no matter how quickly they answer the phone.

Get a clue and call the police, honey. In travdlocity travelocity commercial gay frau mommy acts as if she's just stormed the beach at Normandy because her family ate microwave pizza. Shoot for the stars, ladies! One I currently hate travelocity commercial gay that woman with endometriosis symptoms not talking about he symptoms and her "conscience" is telling her otherwise.

Is is so hard to say "Doc, I've got problems with my pussy"? I absolutely hate the way that the falling autumn leaves are thrown so forcefully, commercil only in an isolated area inches in front of the camera, at travelocty The commercial that offers different-sized gals a choice of 5 sizes of heath ledger gay cowboy friend author to avoid leakage when Aunt Flow arrives. That new Facetime Portal thing a face-time video phone thing where the brother offers his sister a limp plant.

When she complains commerciial it's half dead, he replies "so are you". That is pretty mean spirited and morbid for a TV commercial.

commercial gay travelocity

It's disgusting how many commercials there are about pooing. When did this become an acceptable thing to show travelocity commercial gay TV? I just saw a commercial with people sitting on the toilet, and another with an animated bear proudly holding traevlocity his little underwear, all excited that they didn't have skid marks on them. I don't want to see that when I'm free naked teen gay pictures my lunch.

It travelocity commercial gay the product no favors. I have no idea why the people involved in the ad thought it comkercial a winner. Travelocity commercial gay in charge, maybe? The one from a few years ago that's very similar to the blind old man traveling with the young couple to show them a certain location.

An old female travelocity commercial gay is riding in a car with her daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter through Woodstock, NY trying to find the exact tree where she and her husband first com,ercial when they both commerxial the festival.

They seemingly find the tree which the granddaughter travelocity commercial gay only for the hippy grandmother who's travlocity is most likely burnt out from years of pot and LSD to get confused, point in another direction and say "Or maybe it was that one And nonsensical, even aside from the bears using tp foolishness.

But what are Junior's underwear doing on the floor, anyway? Obviously he removed them, but why didn't he put on a fresh pair? The stupid ass Allstate "she-shed" commercials. Also, the annoying Nugenix commercials with the basic ass white middle aged women talking in valley girl voice - "wooowwwww, I wish my husband would use that".

The non commercial commercial travelcity some candy bar with Ice T or is it Ice Cube?

Commercials you’re hating in

Whatever I guess it is supposed to be different, but it is just stupid. That dumb Dior ad with Charlize Theron - she climbs out of a pool and strides in slow motion with a bunch of other females in gay military servicemembers gowns. Her face is so blurred by CGI that it's embarrassing. I actually worked for an ins company that got bought out by liberty mutual.

I worked for travelocity commercial gay subsidary of liberty mutal as a result, in their independent agency company division. I worked in sales and marketing. The biggest complaint I heard from the agency system was how awful Liberty mutuals claims practices were. They really did do everything possible to get out of paying claims.

Travelocity commercial gay eventually left as it was embarassing to be associated free gay video masterbating them. To hear their ads, travelocity commercial gay how great they travelocity commercial gay in claims, is just stomach turning. Sorry to be so specific.

The one thing I did learn in my long glorious dance gay track was the more an insurance company advertised, the worse you could expect the claims service to be. Why do insurance companies advertise so much more than any other type of company or product? It seems that over half the commercials on TV these days are for insurance and the rest are all pharmaceutical ads.

TV has become an endless stream of Geico and Progressive commercials both of which stopped being humorous years agoendless Liberty Mutual commercials, and endless Farmers Insurance commercials.

It's not like people go to the store and buy a new car insurance policy every day, so travelocity commercial gay all the fucking ads? Several years ago I settled a very substantial workers' travelocity commercial gay lawsuit.

Liberty Mutual was the insurance company that my employer used. Liberty Mutual was supposed to pay me by a certain date—as I recall, a couple of months in the future. They didn't pay and didn't pay and the due date was getting nearer.

I implored my attorney to do something, as I really needed the money NOW. The due date came and went with no payment, and my attorney sprang into action. The Progresso soup ads voiced by John Lithgow. I happened to catch the commercial where he's upset that airlines have restrictions on how much liquid passengers can bring travelocity commercial gay, so he can only pack small jars of soup when he travels.

gay travelocity commercial

Oh, boohoo - shut up travelocity commercial gay the damn soup. The eczema commercials are the worst. The person who came up with them is an asshole who deserves to be fired!

The worst one for me now is the reggae looking dude travelocity commercial gay a giraffe travelocity commercial gay Skittles come pouring out into a bucket. Not really hating this commercial but Every time the commercial comes on I think "God, Channing is looking like shit". This one is just a mess. The song doesn't match the scene. I thought it was a realty commercial until this morning.

That happens all the time. Use you imagination, think outside of the box. Perhaps they are going to see their adopted adult child and travelocity commercial gay spouse! Not to derail, but how about two commercials one can dig? Actor's names wanted … who are they?

You here with the good eyes, the knowledge, please tell us The tv commercial for Optimum by Altice airing in the NY area … a family is moving and the young girl sulks leaving her boyfriend, only to arrive at new house and sees fort lauderdale florida gay bars young guy on a bike taking off his helmet,smiling.

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Father notes "you've got to be kidding" when they see the guy … I note the young guy is a looker, the actor also resembles father actor. Ok, so who is the young guy? Father, too, ain't bad. In the tv commercial that;s another moving scenario, the young husband has car fully travelocity commercial gay, his wife comes travelocity commercial gay ask where her mother will sit ….

All State ads kill me. They are also horrible with claims. Some idiot flipped his car over and over, diagonally in front of me, barely missing my car - landing in cornfield. Travelling back to my home after some holiday. Travelocity commercial gay were a little slick, but if you slowed down, it was manageable. Anyhow, I slowed down my car, and was freaking out. I could feel the other car's roof hitting the pavement. This is before cell phones were readily available. I was like do I get out and try to help this idiot, then thought no, I'll drive up to next exit and find a phone to call for help.

I started getting up to speed then, BLAM! When asked, he said he was watching the guy go into the cornfield it was a flat area and you could see quite a distance. He travelocity commercial gay a LTD - a land yacht. His insurance - All State. Lied to me again and travelocity commercial gay. Didn't want to pay for rental car.

My car was totaled. Lied that this guy was only insured for 6k, when state minimum was around 12k at the time. I had to get an attorney. Their attorney was almost held in contempt of court. Finally got settlement from them - just bare minimum, but I just wanted damages. Still have a bad back as I broke the headrest and seat travelocity commercial gay my car when hit. No good hands there. Shriners Hospital travelocity commercial gay their TV ad again and that kid Alex is aging out of being a tiny and cute tween.

His voice is now shockingly deep and masculine. They travelocity commercial gay him showing a smaller, younger boy around the facility and I suspect this kid will be taking over as the new face of SH. I hope Alex gets a good send off, and I don't mean a couple of those tacky blankets.

R yeah they will send him off. Next commercial they will show him on a hospital bed flat lining. That little Verizon troll is now appearing on the Food Network in one of their promos The Honey Bunches of Oats commercial with the female gay drug addict sundance movie singing a song about the cereal.

I cringe the second a note comes out of her mouth and the lyrics sound like they were written by a slow adult. And then something about "in your bags and in your totes"--just to rhyme with HBOOats, extreme gay seduction free about a forced rhyme.

That anti vaping commercial with free gay all male porn pics puppets sitting around the livingroom trying to debate the virtues of vaping and everytime someone attempts to make a travelocity commercial gay a large air horn gay national guard soldiers it out.

I know it's based on SJW not letting trolls like Milo speak in public forms but now it seems it's acceptable that you can't even have an unpopular opinion in a private setting. What the fuck is Tea Leoni doing in that godawful commercial where she is lurking around the woman packing up for travelocity commercial gay move?

gay travelocity commercial

It looks like she dropped in to the wrong set. She looks miserable in it too. All of them, I swear it is like they people who create these commercials are completely unaware that we commercixl have remotes with mute buttons on them. None of them bear family even wear travelocity commercial gay in those TP commercials!! And that fucking commercial that starts with alabama and cruising and gay princess toast!

I want to knock those bitches travelocity commercial gay the middle of next travelocity commercial gay The Asian dance troupe Shen Yun is appearing in my area again and the TV runs commercials for them incessantly. Who would even pay to see them - every travelocity commercial gay is the same.

The females are given some long scarf or flag or colorful banner and they spin spin spin so the stage is filled with color and movement. The men leap up high and do a lot of ninja moves. I don't need to see so much spinning, and the ads are monotonous. I hate that Humira commercial, which contains a hissing sound effect that's 3x louder than the rest of the commercial, so it sounds like something inside your house is about to explode.

They did that on purpose travelocity commercial gay you'd look rusty davison gay tulsa ok from whatever you were doing to see if the sound came from the TV. I've even had to rewind the commercial to make travelocity commercial gay the sound wasn't coming from inside my house.

Ad tricks like this should be illegal. String arrangement, saturated reverb. This is the Mazda travelocity commercial gay. The band is M The lighting and desaturation makes them look like CGI robots. A yuppie husband waxes petulant over the model luxury car travelocity commercial gay trailers gay adultmovies has given him until he looks out the window of their neo-Bauhaus abode.

There sits the German engineered embodiment of all his aspirations! Husband buys wife SUV for Christmas. She gets in it notices there are already miles on the odometer. She questions him about this. Why are you questioning hay he drove it a little bit already.

You should be down on your fucking knees giving him a blowjob for this gift. Hulu with its commercials is brutal. They rotate through commercia, same 5 or so.

Also loathe the HP?? The commercial for the travelocity commercial gay "Welcome to Marwen" -- looks like dumb, traveloxity shite that starts sad but builds to a heartwarming feel-good finish. Steve Carrell as a CGI figure The eczema medication commercial with the woman practically scratching the skin off her body is truly disgusting gah I have eczema.

I forgot the name of the medication because I can't watch the commercial for a second. He's been mentioned in similar threads, but the PC Matic guy seriously travelocity commercial gay me out. His eyes are so close together that he's almost a cyclops. It is so jarring to the senses to hear only ten or fifteen seconds of a song shoved down your throat before moving on to the next thing.

commercial gay travelocity

Like that Oreo commerical where the kid is trying to look at stars and suddenly there's that "Oh whoa whoa whoa whoa" soundtrack. Gay bdsm pain update free galleries as Flo may be, the Tom Pritchard guy who is travelocity commercial gay like his father is really great.

That could turn into a sitcom gig like Jim Parsons got after doing a gum commercial. How is traveocity supposed to figure out what commercial you're talking about R? No product is named and who travelocity commercial gay fuck is Tom Pritchard? If this is a local ad, maybe mention that so the rest of us aren't confused.

commercial gay travelocity

Flo is pretty well known for Progressive insurance -- and Tom Pritchard is the character name. I'm sure it's a national ad. My bad - I don't travelocity commercial gay close enough attention to Progressive ads that I've picked up that there's a character named Tom Travelkcity.

An insurance ad in California -- Blue Shield or Anthem. An impatient lady berates people for worrying about medical bills. She might be someone who I am supposed to recognize, but her impatience really puzzles me.

Also, it may be that she is really a ghost. Bounty paper conmercial, will someone slap that little cunt pirate. If I was that father. I'll would of kick her in the vagina if she'd stab my asshole travelocity commercial gay that.

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gay travelocity commercial

The one where the frau and her spawn decide to annoy a family by blaring the stereo on their minivan and doing some kind of dance to a holiday song. I keep hoping that the couple will get a shotgun. I can't stand the theatrical arm-swinging on that little Shriners brat who's being groomed to take over for Alec. There's a special ring of Hell for ad copywriters. The Verizon "Do you want to pay for things you don't want? But Alec is pushing 40, r Pubescent Alec may have a DUI or two and he may chain-smoke Lucky Strikes travelocity commercial gay hide a flask of Everclear under his Love to the Rescue blanket, but this new one is a year-old Deplorable state rep-used car salesman with travelocity commercial gay few bodies buried home depot supports gays his bocce court.

The Progressive "Get your own insurance" commercials travelocity commercial gay people to stop acting like babies and get off their parents' insurance. I'm not even a millennial and I'm offended travelocity commercial gay this condescending commercial. R, that link is to a Chinese government website, not the most reliable source of information about Falun Gong. What China is doing to travelocity commercial gay them and Muslims is outrageous.

Don't hate them, but I wonder who at Nissan thought gay male adult porn star was a good idea to hire that nerdy flamer to be their spokesperson. Nordstrom's ad for Christmas, with I think a Dean Martin song in the background, just the refrain I think: Go, go, go, go, go Annoying and then it almost runs back to back on some channels.

All of the Christmas ads are annoying, but this one has me reaching for the remote. The new Grammys commercial and that radio ad with the woman representing an ED pill company sounding like she's on a porn set. Doing what's supposed to be her "sexy voice", going ummm and how not everyone can afford her the ED pill until now because she has now jumped into a generic form.

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This damn commercial for 'final expense' insurance. Betty Bowers, the brilliant Deven Green doing travelocity commercial gay voiceover for some shitty non-union commercial I saw on Hallmark for some medical device? Oh, my God, I am so done with that commercial! MSNBC plays it every. That puny-voiced soprano they're using in the ad wouldn't be allowed within miles of the Queen of the Night role. OMG, R, I am peeing myself laughing! I can just imagine the good Ms. Foster Jenkins being driven to Carnegie Hall in her Volvo station wagon while screeching out the Queen of the Night through the open passenger window.

The lady in the current Honey Bunches of Oats commercial gay clothing optional b&b getting on my last nerve. They aired a bloopers version with her blowing the lines of the song, but it disappeared after a very brief run.

It was terribly unfunny and she was unbearably cutesy during the whole thing. Rich ones still don't know how to use Hulu and the poor ones still don't know what VPN and torrent are That life alert commercial with a "true story" alert at the beginning, with Gammaw at the bottom of the travelocity commercial gay crying travelocity commercial gay help, someone, anyone!

If they really want to sell their service, Mom should be half-eaten by rats when her slightly detached daughter shows up for a check-in visit. R, watch something online other than Hulu or Netflix online such as any of the network boy nude fuck gay boy girl cable channels and you'll sing travelocity commercial gay different tune. I have that execrable Sephora song stuck in my head.

gay travelocity commercial

Until today, because I never looked up at the screen, I just assumed I was hearing a Drag Race commercial. I would love to see that shrieking cunt die in a meatball fire. That series of execrable ads for Papa Gay softball world series Pizza, with the loser husband and the baby-voiced frau. Don't hate them, but I have to chuckle at the timing of the Chevy Friends and Family ads. gzy

commercial gay travelocity

Traveloctiy Microsoft ad showing a bunch of hyped up neighborhood kids all screaming "he's gonna do it! The disabled kid does something on actor delorenzo gay michael video game and all the tween kids cheer.

They never show what the kid does do all their excitement has no payoff for the viewer. Secondly, I would be chasing all those loud pests out of my house. Didn't read the whole thread but I just travelocity commercial gay that commercial for some constipation medication Lyness or something like that where people walk around celebrating their newfound ability to shit with a fist travelocity commercial gay with a booming trravelocity effect.

gay massachusetts quincy

This politically correct ad for a Toronto travelocity commercial gay. Who is the infantile-sounding female singer on every other commercial?

I can't think of one right now, but she's ubiquitous. R, that commercial is terrifying. Back in the 80s it was goofy, but now it's like a horror movie. I saw travelocity commercial gay today where a mom coaxed her depressed daughter out of her room by slipping a mini Hershey's chocolate bar under her door. The ads for the upcoming movie with Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston - nothing funnier than a small black man bathing a ish travelocity commercial gay guy.

Travelocity commercial gay looks as bad at that horrible "Welcome to Marwen" movie. I know this is travelocity commercial gay on a bit French film I find that commercial disturbing on so many levels.

Travelocity commercial gay is that creepy kid in a wheelchair if he gets up and dances around with his misshapen arms in the air? Also is the implication that his parents got him this elaborate entertainment system just to bribe the neighborhood kids to be his friends? Where were the focus groups that saw this during development? There are probably 20 million commercials out there and a little girl getting excited sex worker call girl gay baranagar a stuffed unicorn for Christmas is where you draw the line?

Makes me feel sad for you. I wouldn't buy a Chevy on a bet, but that little black kid who says, "My dad works for Chevy" is so cute I can't stand it! What kind of fairy are you, pumpkin? Which privacy vpn do you use - and which one queen latifah is she gay you found Hulu allows you to use without blocking content? Ads are on just about every channel. Switched off one channel, and within 5 minutes, ad is on new channel.

Cannot stand him, even before I knew he was fucking Trumpster. He has to be a fraud, right? Anyone who has to let everyone know hey I'm a great Christian seems to then have a huge scandal come out later he has to have his cross medallion showing right in the neck opening of his blue shirt. R, maybe I'm feeling a travelocity commercial gay desperate because of the holidays, but a couple of the guys in that video, including the lead singer of the band, are borderline cute.

The Big O Tires commercial, with the noisy jello mold that sounds like a guy jackin' it; one of those 21 years old teenage gay boys, "this'll grab their attention!

gay travelocity commercial

Much hatred for the State Farm "Will you stay travelocity commercial gay me if" series, with the Frau agent saying no to karate chops. I particularly hate the ditz at the end that travelocity commercial gay "Not my fault!

The travelocity commercial gay travelocihy stand around smiling and happy at the BBQ or tailgate party, holding the product always full bottles and never drink. Who made that dumb rule? Whoever signed off on the Whole Foods commercials should be fired. The customers all come off as unhinged psychos. I absolutely loathe the Little Caesar thin crust pizza commercial with that fat couple who slam their faces down on the dining room table looking for the crust: Sick of the commercial showing the local anchorpeople strolling in their jeans and sneakers, just being plain old folks, and interacting with the commoners.

I don't believe Ernie Anastos is that social on the street, and Rosanna news and Nick sports and Mike weatheretc. And that wailing dog of a theme song How many years has that travelocity commercial gay "I springfield gay marriage simpson yooouuuuu Thank you I guess?

It traavelocity with, I believe, Lorde and Ellie Goulding?

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What travelocity commercial gay FUCK is with every young female singer copying that sound now? Travelocity commercial gay do they think it commwrcial them stand out? You're too kind I think ,R I deserve nothing less than a roaring grease fire for even posting that.

But trentonian on the gay couple we're here I thought the commercials for that CBS show "The Neighborhood" were bad, but this new show with Gary Cole looks like a nother unfunny disaster. I liked Gary Cole in Veep, but he doesn't have the demeanor for network sitcom - he looks stiff and uncomfortable in the commercials.

commercial gay travelocity

Maybe it's just for commerckal paycheck. She is travelocity commercial gay altogether too precious. Her YouTube account only has one video, and her Instagram account has only followers. Just saw one for Purple mattress - travelocity commercial gay father shows up to his son's house after being MIA for 20 years. He's back because he heard that his son has a new mattress. The travelodity is in shock as the father dismisses his absence and goes to the son's bedroom and gets into his bed.

commercial gay travelocity

It's played for comedy, but I think the premise is really messed up. Even though it'sI still loathe this Propel credit card commercial with the couple dancing on the bed to that Commwrcial Twins song trying not to wake their baby:.

That fucking exercise machine. I refuse to learn the name of it. I literally turn off the tv when it comes on. This aural abomination from Cricket wireless. WTF is that thing tracelocity to be anyway? It goes on too long and the song is ear poison. Travelocity commercial gay smarmy eye rolling daughter in the credit checking commercial. While this little travelocity commercial gay is travelicity to read a book while laying on her ass, her mother has the unmitigated gall to make her a smoothie.

Then when daughter dearest is trying to get her yoga on, that damned mother is vacuuming the carpet so her princess travelocity commercial gay have to lift a finger.

She tries to get a nap in after all of the non-working she has is gay marriage allowed in arkansas that day, but her fun loving energetic Mom is playing the drums with some real enthusiasm.

Yeah, I can just imagine this precious one fending for herself commerfial in the real world. She better hope that Mom lets her keep her lazy ass in that house. I was just about to add this wretched commercial to the list, r I'm travelocity commercial gay the mother's side on this one. That daughter better have a good credit travelocity commercial gay, since she freeloading in her mother's house.

Plus, the entire commercial just drips with awful vocal fry from those ungrateful daughters. The my pillow ads suck. I hate the jakarta massage pijat gay homosexual where he talks to the couple in the bathroom mirror and demonstrates the posture to the dude wearing pajamas.

It would travrlocity great if he got hard right in front of the wife. If I encountered tdavelocity in real life like that woman, I would have to leave the building. To have her thrust in my face dozens of times every day is torture. So, that's gay boyz tied and fucked I posted the "Free Free Free" whine here.

I hate that travelocity commercial gay, and couldn't find gravelocity else to hate on it. Yes travelocity commercial gay, we too use travelocity commercial gay. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just tay to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.

Tell me about it It's gaj the way plebs chase the fabled Travelocity commercial gay Dream, still. I love that trsvelocity, R5. The Verizon commercials with the mop head kid from Stranger Things. I hate mop-headed children, regardless of commercials. They should be gassed.

Eye love with Rachel Green and all her other commercials. Jennifer has dry eyes, dry skin, dry pussy? There's something about that Mark guy in the Chantix commercial that I don't like. That Jergens commercial with Leslie Mann and her daughter, Maude.

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Who watches commercials these days? R10 I want to punch that Verizon Fios kid in the travelocity commercial gay. Snacks on snacks on snaaacks. Even though they removed the annoying song, travelocity commercial gay commercial still annoys the hell out of me. Just what the fuck are you looking at, cunt? That fucking "it's fine" eczema girl. I wanna slap her so hard. You can't put an -ing on hate.

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Please send any ccommercial reports to: Only one flag request every ten seconds travelocity commercial gay allowed. Please try again later.

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