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Gladiators, Executions and Torture. The Roman 'Munera' - originally an Etruscan custom, was a series of gladiatorial combats, 'ad mortem' to the deathstaged after the funeral and cremation of a Roman aristocrat patrician - and intended to 'placate' the spirit Manes of the dead man through torture stories gay boys sacrifice of blood - that being the blood of the gladiators who were killed.

It was from this custom at funerals that the idea of the 'Ludi' nude gay cops masturbating the Roman Games - tortre. The following scenes are taken from the Munera torture stories gay boys Gnaeus Octavian Gracchus. At the same time the naked lad lost control of himself, and emptied his bladder onto his severed hand, which was bkys on the sand in front of him, and noisily voided what was left of the contents of his bowels.

The other gladiators, and arena-slaves, stood around watching Celer screaming, urinating and defecating on the sand, and waited for a further sign from Petronius that the naked, pain-crazed boy should be 'finished off'.

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Once Petronius thought that the audience had their fill of watching the pathetic boy trying to prevent his guts from sliding out of his slit belly, he gave the sign to Peritus to finish off the disembowelled boy. Furtim, however, responded torture stories gay boys a torture stories gay boys thrust. Bellus' had a fraction of a second's advantage, and his gladius pierced Furtim. However, in an attempt to escape Furtim's counter, Bellus missed his intended mark, and caught Furtim in the lower belly, ripping through the waistband of his opponent's leather thong, and plunging deep into Furtim's torture stories gay boys.

Furtime screamed and his thrust went well wide of its mark. At the same time, Bellus pulled his gladius up, slicing through Furtim's thong, - his lowe belly, and cutting into his wide leather harness. The cut was much deeper than would be normally used for a disembowelling, and it sliced through Furtims' small bowel. Instantly he felt his guts lose the support of his abdominal muscles, and fearing the he would suffer disembowelment, he dropped his gladius, and using both hands, attempted to prevent the vertical cut in his belly from opening.

Bellus then went up to the boy, and roughly pulled away what was left of the gay bars in oklahoma city lad's leather thong.

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