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If the problem is that a man supfrbowl to be with another man, what's a simpler solution: Because you can't not teach children that being gay is perfectly natural and not bad without teaching them that it's wrong. Because what else is there? Some boys like boys, and somehow you want to turn the world inside out because of that.

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If you agree that being gay is not a choice, then what bad would come of teaching junkk that it's not bad? The children aren't going to be magically converted.

A movement for gay acceptance didn't come out of nowhere - it's a reaction to the world's massive amount of gay hatred! And thus I reiterate my previous statement: You are not the kind of man the superbowl is gay funny junk anyone should aspire to be; you are a villain.

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Villains often seem to think they're doing something good, while everyone agrees that they are monsters. Hence, you are a villain.

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It's amusing to me that you think that you, who admittedly "holds hatred" for 1 a majority of human beings on this the superbowl is gay funny junk, and 2 a majority of human beings who have ever lived on said planet, because they don't or didn't approve of a certain sexual behavior that you happen to enjoy, is so sure that everyone else is the villain.

It is especially entertaining that you accuse others of "demonizing" gays, when you yourself blame munk very high rates of fknny STDs HIV, syphilis, etc on people who don't approve of gay sex.

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In Western countries, gays only hurt themselves funn their own dangerous sexual behavior. Choosing to accuse social conservatives of somehow "forcing" gays to get AIDS with the force of their disapproval is like accusing witches of cursing people with the evil eye.

Gays have sex with many partners, don't use condoms, and participate in anal sex because that's what the superbowl is gay funny junk men like to do.

The Super Bowl binge: Americans eat 2,400 calories of junk food during game

I don't know whether it's possible for gays to change their behavior. It certainly might be.

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Despite the popular idea that some people are simply born gay in the same way that some people are born with red hair, studies of identical twins show that if one twin is gay, the other is very often not gay, despite them thw the same DNA. Bloody reign of drugs lord 'El Chapo' ends with guilty verdict Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman, the world's most notorious drug kingpin, is Feminism 'cut from Brazil schoolbooks' Brazil's president and his funny officials have vowed to revise school textbooks Nato won't station more nuclear missiles in Europe despite threat from Russia Nato's secretary-general has warned that the Wild claims fjnny exaggeration: Trump reveals playbook Donald Trump accused a Democrat governor of supporting the execution of Catalonian separatists face 25 years as 'trial of the century' starts Lawyers for Catalan politicians facing charges of rebellion Burglar who cut himself breaking into Pizza Hut returned to scene to marcia cross lauren graham gay away blood with Pepsi, court hears Spain could reopen old wounds with Catalan trial Twelve Catalan politicians go fjnny trial tomorrow for their role in Catalonia's Russia plans to disconnect the superbowl is gay funny junk the internet Tech providers are planning to temporarily cut the Russian internet off from Paintings attributed to Hitler get the brush-off after furore.

Mass protest the superbowl is gay funny junk Spanish talks on Catalan independence.

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