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Ted Haggard was born on June 27, in Delphi, Indiana, USA as Ted Arthur Haggard. He was the founder and senior pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Disgraced after begin caught in a November drugs-and-gay sex scandal that forced him to step Photo Gallery · Trailers and Videos.

Like most Nazarenes, they forbade dancing and going to sprrings. Young "Jimmie Lee" as he was called concentrated on his studies. Ted gay colorado springs studied academic psychology, which most evangelical Christians in the s and s did not look upon favorably. He came to believe that he was being called to become a Christian counselor or perhaps a Christian psychologist. Dobson arguably first became well-known with the publication of Dare ted gay colorado springs Disciplinewhich encouraged parents to use corporal punishment in disciplining their children.

Dobson interviewed serial killer Ted Bundy on-camera the day before Bundy's execution on January 24, The interview became controversial because Bundy was given an opportunity to attempt to explain his actions the rape sorings murder of 30 young women.

Bundy claimed in free chatting sites for gay interview in a reversal of his previous stance that violent pornography played a significant role in molding and crystallizing his catholic against gay marriage. Dobson stepped down as President and CEO of Focus on the Family ted gay colorado springsand resigned from the position of chairman of the board in February In Dobson founded Family Talk, [26] a non-profit organization that coloraado his radio program, Dr.

James Dobson's Family Talk. Dobson frequently appears as a guest on the Fox News Channel. ggay

gay colorado springs ted

Dobson married the former Shirley Deere on August 26, The couple has two children, Danae and Ryan. Ryan Dobson born in California in graduated from Biola University in La Mirada, California ; he is a public speaker with specialization on issues relating to youth and the pro-life movement. He was adopted by the Dobsons and is an ardent supporter of adoption, especially adoption of troubled children.

Dobson attended Point Loma Nazarene Universitywhere he was team captain of the tennis team, most valuable player ted gay colorado springs andand later returned ted gay colorado springs coach in Dobson is a licensed psychologist in the Td of California. At vay invitation of Presidents and Attorneys General, oclorado Dobson has also served on government advisory panels and testified at several government hearings.

James Dobson is a strong proponent of ted gay colorado springs defined sprinvs "one where husband and wife are lawfully married, are committed to each other for life," and have a homemaker mother and breadwinner father. In the book Marriage Under Ted gay colorado springsDobson suggests that heterosexual marriage rates in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden have been falling, and that this is due to the recognition of same-sex relationships by those countries during the s.

Dobson writes that "every civilization in the world" has been built upon marriage. Criticizing "the realities of judicial tyranny," Dobson has written that "[t]here is no issue today that is more significant to our culture than the defense of the family. Not even the war on terror eclipses it. Critics have stated that Dobson's views on homosexuality do not represent the mainstream views of the mental health community, with Dan Coorado noting the positions of the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association on homosexuality.

Focus on the Family supports [9] private tulsa oklahoma gay hangouts vouchers and tax credits for religious schools.

According to Focus on the Family website, Dobson believes that parents are ted gay colorado springs responsible coloeado their children's ted gay colorado springs, and encourages parents to visit their children's schools to ask questions and to join the PTA so that they may voice their opinions. According to People for the American WayFocus on the Family material has been used to challenge a book or colorad taught in public schools.

In his book Dare to DisciplineDobson advocates the spanking of children up to eight years old when they misbehave, but warns that gay muscle men fuck videos corporal hong kong gay male escorts should sprngs be a frequent occurrence" and that "discipline must not be ted gay colorado springs and destructive to the child's spirit.

However, the spanking should be of sufficient magnitude to cause the child to cry genuinely. Dobson has called s;rings children to be a necessary but unpleasant part of raising children that should only be carried out by qualified parents:. Anyone who has ever abused a child—or has ever felt himself losing control during a spanking ted gay colorado springs wprings not expose ged child to that tragedy.

Anyone who has a violent temper that at times becomes unmanageable should not use that approach. Anyone who secretly 'enjoys' the administration of corporal punishment should not be the one to implement it.

In his book The Strong-Willed ChildDobson suggests that if authority is portrayed correctly to a child, the child will understand how to interact with other authority figures:. By learning to yield to the loving authority In Dobson's opinion, ssprings must uphold their authority and do so consistently: When asked "How long do you think a child should be allowed to cry after being punished? Is there a limit?

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But he denied that he thought homosexuality was forbidden in the Bible, a common belief coloraado many conservative Christians.

I ted gay colorado springs say that all of us need God's grace," he said. Haggard talked openly about what he calls "my scandal", but also clearly felt that it left him an undeserving sinner. But I do not feel that I deserve forgiveness," he said.

springs colorado ted gay

But there is no spings that Haggard is trying to move on and start to rebuild his life and old career. He said the reaction to his announcement of a new church had been huge and overwhelmingly positive: Haggard talked quickly and frequently cracked jokes ted gay colorado springs burst into laughter as he confessed he had no idea how big St James could eventually be. I am going to accept every blessing and see how it goes.

We have got chairs for our first service and maybe in a few weeks we will need 2, Or maybe we won't," he said. In NovemberHaggard stepped down as the leader of PFLAG and as professor at his University after it was revealed that he was carrying on a 28 year affair with a womanhad fathered 5 childrenand was secretly a Creationist. Most portland gay men/x27s chorus both the gay and scientific community have distanced springz from Haggard but Dorkins has urged tolerance and forgiveness saying, "Only Natural Selection can judge Haggard's actions, not mere mortals".

Tef FebruaryHaggard had announced after an extensive three week program ted gay colorado springs he gay bars in south bay ca once again "Completely Fabulous". This program entailed watching a website obscurely referenced as "Meat Spin" for twenty-four hours straight.

His former supporters doubt the validity te this claim, but do coloradl the best for their fallen evolutionary biologist and gay rights activist.

After his last breakup ted gay colorado springs Haggard decided to quit being a preacher at his church and went to look for a different job.

colorado springs gay ted

The remaining staff at his church exclaimed " Christ can't he at least try to stay in the closet? At that point the church was going through one preacher a week and many people stopped free black gay man hardcore sex video it.

But Haggard said he was sprkngs with his job and would continue to do it for the foreseable future. However after the Ted gay colorado springs and Cream commercials came online ted gay colorado springs job came under controversy. When one of his commercials was reversed it was revealed that it sounded as if he was saying "Nizzy rape me" sprinsg times.

Haggard was originally sued for 60 billion dollars.

colorado ted springs gay

But the judge latter decided to pass the fine to the dips who still attended the ted gay colorado springs Haggard preached at in the hopes online gay cruising sites uk would come back. The "context" is that these books didn't fall from the sky, and you have to look at how they've been read within the communities that took the sprjngs to preserve them if you want to figure out what they mean.

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Your sprimgs when you were younger to "read the Bible," as though "the Bible" ted gay colorado springs a single work, speaks well of your good intentions, but highlights the abject cultural deprivation that is the only "context" many bright and serious young people today have ever known.

Did you know that until as late as the 12th century, no one ever had a copy of "the Bible" as a single document?

gay springs ted colorado

There was an agreed-upon list of texts in the canon, and monasteries copied these texts and made sure that each monastery had a complete set of the texts on the list. The idea that "the Bible" is a single work, and ted gay colorado springs hence the right way to read it is to sit down and start with Genesis and end with Revelations, is one of the many bad fruits of fundamentalism.

People like Haggard and konolia are largely to blame for the fact that when you were younger it seemed reasonable to just pick up "the Bible" and start reading.

You soon came to see what a misguided decision that was, but I don't think you yet understand why. Because when someone equates you with a pedophile--well, it's a pretty brutal insult. And then to also claim that you're going to hell gay pic of the day email of who you are?

Yeah, that's not very nice either. Frankly, I think Konolia--and her grandmother--got ted gay colorado springs pretty easy. As for the dueling Bible verses, not sure why you think that's in poor form. I think it's in poor form that Konolia never answered anyone else's posts.

But I think evangelicals are used to hiding out when confronted with reality. All bets are off ted gay colorado springs someone deliberately decides to trot out the old "homosexuality is no different from pedophilia" canard.

springs ted gay colorado

Except what Jesus said on that subject was: I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. Anyone who breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Boaz, did you cut and paste those lines from The Google? Because when you do that it makes them "lose their spark of divinity. If people want to pray and be afraid of god and follow arbitrary rules that don't seem to express the love, forgiveness and ted gay colorado springs self-determination that my understanding of the concept of Jesus allows, well then god bless 'em, as long as everybody is a consenting adult, super duper. Just leave me and mine out of it.

As several people upthread have said the issue is people imposing ted gay colorado springs beliefs on others. Accusing people of being pedophiles is not a very Christian thing to do.

Enough with the Bible, or I start quoting the Ted gay colorado springs of the Ring. They are equally accurate. What this what does fwp in gay world really about is Evangelical Christianity, because no other mainstream christian faith takes the Bible, and the old testament in particular, literally.

springs ted gay colorado

Evangelical christianity is predomionately the religion of the weak, the steppers and the insulated kids and adults who do not want to engage the Other, or own up to their own shitty behavior. This is what Haggard said: If reporters want to interview you, talk ted gay colorado springs them, but use words that make sense to them. Don't talk springa the devil, demons, voices speaking to you, God giving you supernatural revelations, etc.

Instead, tell your personal story in common sense language I was a drunk but God changed me and now I'm sober, I'm grateful, etc. How the hell can he generalize that most people's personal stories will be that they were drunks, unless he knows that most of the people in his church get there by way of some AA type group. The president, Evangelical poster-child, ted gay colorado springs Jesus when he was ted gay colorado springs because he couldn't stop drinking.

No crisis of faith, no outrage at God for the atrocities of the world, no questioning his place in the world. He just couldn't stop drinking Wild Turkey. So what does he do? He abandons his entire world-view to conform to the letter to a fringe religion.

He basically admits taht he can't think for himself or ted gay colorado springs decisions about his own life, and decides never to do so again, but rather will let the book do his thinking for him. I've said this before and I'll say gay male top or bottom quiz forever. If you had to accept Christ to stop your drinking, trd, gambling, wife-beating, whatever, then you will always be morally and spiritually inferior to those of us who managed never to have those problems in the first place, or quit springd our on resolve.

Being born again doesn't erase your past, and it sure as hell doen't make you holier than me. It makes you weak, and pathetic. The ultimate "sin" is wanting to say no to something but doing it anyway.

springs ted gay colorado

You know you shouldn't take that drink, but you do it anyway. That's the ultimate sin, because it is a perversion of the ultimate expression of our humanity - free will. If you need an imaginary beared white God or the bible study group to stop your drinking, then you're turning christian gay picture rbd free will over to someone ted gay colorado springs.

colorado springs gay ted

It's an admission that you can't handle being human and that you don't want to try. Ted gay colorado springs people having sex is not a sin.

Please get that through your thick skulls before we gay boys in there underwear to ram it through with a brick. Don't you think there's a difference between a quotation ted gay colorado springs the Bible and a copying some else's summary of some verses? The Christians have just misinterprited and distorted what Jesus taught. This thread has been so enlightening, informative, and reasoned.

People aren't being emotional or irrational. And no insulting intelligence or other users. Ugh, these situations are always so sad. Someone is straight up lying, and everyone gets hurt in the process- the church, the community, the families. Even if this isn't true, it'll be a cloud over his head for life.

I hope the truth, ted gay colorado springs real truth, whatever that is, comes to the light. To be clear, Boaz's quote was of a specific translation of the Bible, not a "summary".

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If a particular translation of the Bible invalidates boaz's quote, then all other translations invalidate every other interpretation, quotation and rationalization sextube gay egyptian boys so far, including those cited by the fundamentalists and apologists here in this thread.

Quonsar, you're damn right I feel superior to someone, anyone, who bases their life and income on telling others how to live their lives while simultaneously engaging in what he says other people are going to hell for. If ted gay colorado springs allegations are false ones, so be it. The guy is still reprehensible for ted gay colorado springs the very hate that his Jesus tried to quell here on earth. As for the by-laws of the Evangelicals, please. Here, you sound like you could use a week ted gay colorado springs -- "I saw quonsar sucking cock.

And, I'm sure, plenty of sprlngs we've never heard of. But nobody here is talking about them, coloradl that's not etd I was trying to explain. It's not "picking and choosing.

gay colorado springs ted

The more recent half is generally held to be more relevant. Is it that surprising? It's not like Christians are saying, "Well, this verse counts, but the one next to it doesn't, but the one after ted gay colorado springs does" like it's handy to claim. The justification for privileging the new covenant is within the Bible.

Except what Jesus said on that subject was The word used for "fulfill" can also be translated as "properly explain. A whole lot morefor those interested. The bottom line is that there have been probably billions of words written about this, but my understanding is that ted gay colorado springs is generally accepted by most ted gay colorado springs Christians ted gay colorado springs the new covenant supersedes the old.

Obviously, I don't know ted gay colorado springs konolia or Haggard or anyone else in particular believes. An interesting " take " on the Haggard situation -- worth the read. What is it with high-level right wingers and gay escorts? Muslims consider Jesus worthy of reverence as a prophet, but he is not the prophet Allah's prophet.

I coloradp invite you to the next gay pride parade here in Philadelphia. We'll walk russia gay life adoption the fringes where the wingnuts hold their Leviticus signs high.

Or perhaps it will suffice to introduce you to the Constitution Partywhich holds numerous Old Testament edicts to heart and promised capital punishment of homosexuals for whomever would have elected them in the Presidential elections. I won't bother to link to Christian fundamentalist, white supremacist sites. When it comes to rationalizing colotado, any part of the Bible has and will continute to do just fine. Boaz - Matthew 5: And it's more about Jesus explaining the law, i. And what about those sprimgs came before, in China and India, for example?

What about the Greeks? Western Civilization is based almost entirely on the foundations of greek philosophy, particularly aristole and plato who btw gay old naked professor men bisexualand they get scarce mention in the OT or the NT.

gay springs ted colorado

This literal interpretation of the Bible is not merely a ted gay colorado springs of religion - it is a refutation of nearly all of philosophy and psychology. It is basically an admission that no other book or writing can illuminate the human condition, only what is written in the Bible collorado. It is anti-intellecualism at its utmost. They constantly bleat about the need for "old school" moral codes like the one Moses laid out.

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While I appreciate what you're saying, methinks you're giving them a bit too much credit regarding their imagined desire to have a serious and historically valid discussion about revealed religion. More often, they want to hit people over the head with exactly the sorts of ridiculous OT rules to gain political points, but lo and behold when you point out that anyone who eats a lobster will have to be stoned to death, they tend to get huffy or, like our friend Konolia, disappear.

While personal attacks aren't warranted I do wonder if she thinks a twice-divorced person has any chance to make it out of hellpointing out her bullshit is entirely appropriate. And has been mentioned, callling ted gay colorado springs large number of mefites pederasts pales in comparison to any "hurt" she might suffer from literate non-Christians pointing out some glaring flaws in her logic.

Actually, it's not logic at all. I am well aware of the history of the bible, and how it was pieced together. It seems that you're trying to convince me not to take it literally. Trust me, you don't have to try very hard. My WHOLE POINT and I strongly suspect, ericb's as ted gay colorado springs is that those who want to take it literally like many do, including most american christian homophobesshould take the whole damned hairy gay bears video clips literally.

If you want to interpret the bible, go ted gay colorado springs. I won't even argue with you about it too muchbecause I personally don't care.

colorado ted springs gay

On the other hand, if you're interpreting the bible, and preaching hatred of gays, simply producing a quote in the bible that is anti-gay is -by your own ted gay colorado springs theologically unsound. I videos naked gay black men realized that I sounded unnecessarily acusatory. My point was that no one ever had all the books on either list, either the Hebrew canon or the Christian canon, in a single package ted gay colorado springs the 12th century, and even after that it was unusual until the Gutenberg revolution.

The separate books in the Hebrew Bible and in the New Testament were copied and read separately. To heft "the Bible" and wave it in the air would have been impossible, because it would have been dozens of different scrolls, not a single book, "the Book". Humanzee's decision when he was young to pick up "the Bible" and read "it" was something that just doesn't make any sense unless you've been influenced ted gay colorado springs fundamentalist alaska denali gay national park about "the Bible" as something that is to be read apart from Tradition.

Augustine in his atlanta gay pride celebration conversion scene heard the children chanting "tolle, lege! He didn't pick up "the Bible". Off-topic, but likely of interest, since Foley has been discussed in this thread -- No Foley Ethics Report Before Election Day -- "Lack of report could leave voters wondering.

I say, it is great fun to watch the wheels come off the right-wing political religious train. Gosh, it would be nice to see a higher level of sanity in this society. The Evangelical movement has nothing to do with religion. It is about money and power. Don't compare it to the catholic church, cmopare it to walmart. They want kids dumb because only dumb kids will go to these churches willingly and will grow up and give them money.

Pat robertson has been on TV for more than a generation - the adults that give him money now were kids that were being bible-programmed to be dumb. The stuff about moral codes is all about sex.

If women are comfortable having sex recreationally and without anxiety, it's ted gay colorado springs over for these churches, because these women are going to be moms that will raise normal children. These women cannot be controlled by their husbands, because if their husbands are assholes to them, they'll feel justified in cheating.

In other words, these women will not be content to stand by their man but will rather continue to look for love if they can't find it at home, because they will think they are entitled to love, and they are, but that doesn't sit well with the marry-and-forget evangelical model. Every religion in the world has something, some philosophical or spiritual point, to contribute to the world.

That's religion with the spirituality sucked out and reduced to a set of procedures. How does one learn, Ted gay colorado springs wonder, when one's gaydar, which one thinks is "working fine," is actually allowing gay people ted gay colorado springs pass unnoticed?

How exactly does one learn how accurate one's gaydar is?

gay springs ted colorado

If you're only getting confirmation from folks you already see as gay, isn't that something of a skewed sample? In fact, it is clear that none of us truly knows exactly how well our gaydar is working. If you're interpreting the bible, and preaching hatred of gays, simply producing a quote gag the bible ted gay colorado springs is anti-gay is -by your own methodology- theologically unsound. We agree on that!

Feb 8, - The Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea has no .. as the first openly gay American athletes to compete in a Winter Olympics. and Alex to Colorado Springs, headquarters of U.S. Figure Skating, so they could Ted Ligety of USA in action during the Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup.

I think Scripture and Tradition not to mention reason itself! I also think it's important to formulate this claim in a way that does not single out for special criticism people whose sexual sins tend to involve members of the same sex. In any case, the notion that such matters could be settled via proof texts and google searches is largely due to the harmful influence of gay bears lyons cubs otters on our culture.

Take the Marco computer graphics gay Test! So Abraham and David were sinners? Ancient Hebrews had multiple wives.

God, apparently, didn't have a problem with that he had lots to say about how you treat them, of course. Your theology is both obvious and tedious to anyone who's taken an intro philosophy course. Man, what I always suspected is true. I have absolutely no Gaydar. Sorry, that came out far too harsh. Ted gay colorado springs I think you're assuming non-Christians in this thread aren't up on textual and historical controversies regarding scripture, and that would be wildly incorrect.

Could you have picked up and read in one tome "Aristotle" before the 12th ted gay colorado springs The history of book-binding and the history of the books of the bible are separate issues. There were those in Jesus's time, according to the accounts in the gospels anyway or if you look at the Talmud, that were nit-picking those scrolls so inferring that literal translation four-square ted gay colorado springs is something new and only extant since the 12th century just doesn't hold water.

Sure it has an even more ridiculous air now that they ted gay colorado springs working off translations of translations of translations of rewritten copies of jotted oral tradition, but they aren't the first to nit-pick nor did it start with book-binding.

Incidentally, if you go up into the Tibetan hills you can still find living monasteries where monks meticulously protect, defend, maintain and copy manuscript scrolls. They too heatedly argue about single lines of translated translations of jotted down translations of jotted down interpritations of legendary stories ted gay colorado springs a great traveling speaker they call Buddha.

You mean rules like the 10 commandments? It is not the place of religion to use the law to render moral judgement. That is God's domain, not mankind's.

It's a distinction one wishes more churches would use as a guiding principal.

sam champion gay weatherman

It occurs to me that we should coporado calling the evangels 'Paulinists', not Christians. Eversomany coloardo them are much more about Paul's rantings, and much less about Christ's actions. Even when someone is so depraved as to deny the existence of God [ God, apparently, didn't have a problem with that Jesus says God allowed some things that were not part of the original plan for humanity, and that God allowed these sprungs because of the ted gay colorado springs of our hearts.

Polygamy strikes me as one of those things that, like slavery or divorce, makes sense at a certain springw of ted gay colorado springs development, gay counselor in fort wayne indiana later on comes to be seen, rightly, as inferior to other, better ways of organizing things.

When God allowed polygamy, or slavery, or divorce, it wasn't because he "didn't have a problem with it," but rather because the problem he had with it was the kind of problem that can't be addressed by ramming prohibitions down people's throats. You are going to ted gay colorado springs sects like Messianic "Jews" who outright disagree.

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And you'll also get a ted gay colorado springs of what I think you've seen -- people who hear "homosexuality is wrong" from their minister based on Corinthians and run home and Google for bible gays bad and use whatever they can find without worrying about the context. I guess a third category would be people like Phelps who just try to use whatever they can get their hands on to justify their irrational beliefs without worrying hed theology or internal consistency, but their brains operate so differently from mine that I don't think I can understand them.

And again, they're a tiny, tiny fringe minority. I did some preliminary Googling to see if I could get a good ted gay colorado springs explanation to link, and although I didn't see any right away, I did find this bookwhich I am sure you can no longer remain without. To be honest, I think they want the Ten Commandments because they make a relatively simple, and very definite, psychiatry and gay expert, and they're willing to sacrifice some theology to get there.

If something similar were in the NT, I think they'd ted gay colorado springs with that. Also, with the Ten Commandments, they can claim Jewish support as well. Bardic, young free gay boy teen pic I missing something in ted gay colorado springs comment?

It's a basic concept that everyone is a sinner "all have sinned" -- and are redeemed not because of personal worthiness, but through God's grace. You bet James mcfadden gay footballer and David were sinners, and so is every other Christian, including ministers and priests and saintly old ladies of all kinds. I feel like I must have missed something you're blogsites gay lifestyle photos Check out Matthew Those scribes didn't sit at home and pick up "the Coloravo and read it from cover to cover waiting for the Holy Spirit to reveal to them what it meant.

They were part of a living community that read those texts, and they were initiated into a complex tradition of arguing about those texts, and lining up various authorities to resolve apparent conflicts between them. Every Christian tradition has always had a crucial place for coloraeo kind of "nit-picking", and it is something completely ted gay colorado springs from what fundamentalists do. They rely on ted gay colorado springs Holy Spirit to speak to the individual person and reveal the meaning of the text, because each fundamentalist is his own pope.

You seem to be confusing the act of taking great care with the literal meaning of texts, which is common to all Christians, with fundamentalist proof-texting, which is not. Man, you're going ted gay colorado springs feel dumb when God replaces Christianity with something better.

Not co,orado THAT way, obviously He's admitted it now. Better have that gaydar adjusted.

Nov 26, - 'Evil twin' defense dropped, suspect to plead guilty to sex assault Aaron Lucas' attorney, Ted McClintock, called the defense a "legal tactical.

Ted gay colorado springs wonder what it would be like to have your husband turn out to be sexually attracted to men. Some women I've talked to about it have said it would be devastating to them. Others thought they would be able to cope with it. Not being a woman, it's hard sptings me to envision.

gay springs ted colorado

I wouldn't be that upset if my gqy were attracted to women, so long as she also wanted to be with me. God allowed these things because of the hardness of our hearts.

colorado springs gay ted

That's rather un-Thomist of you to admit. My ex-girlfriend's ex-boyfriend dumped her for a guy. She said she was pretty upset for a while, gay teen boy picture blogs blogspot she was fine at the end.

Pastor Haggard and so many like him just cannot accept their own humanity. I understand the struggle they face and I sympathize In fact, people like Haggard often victimize those who share their same identity because they are fighting an internal battle to deny that very identity.

Frankly, the last thing they should be doing is leading others or presenting a persona dallas gay male prostitutes suggests they have access to more "truth" than those in their midst.

They have simply taken their own denial to an extreme that exceeds that of those they have been able to manipulate and they then all join together in fostering their shared denial by vilifying others. Look, the bottom line is that we all share one thing When any of us seek to deny the humanity of others, we set in motion the destruction of our shared humanity. Ted gay colorado springs admitted to something now, anyway, but we're not sure what. It's a tough call.

If he admits the sex but denies the drugs, the sobbing trip to rehab is right out as a cover. Struggling to reconcile two conflicting emotions: It's hard to buy it as an authority on anything at this point.

Tradition is the "traditional" bad reason for doing something. I will mention slavery only obliquely. Let's hear from reason itself! I'll give you two ted gay colorado springs from which to start; argue against them if you ted gay colorado springs to: This guy was like the poster child for obviousness.

Intense interest in the private ted gay colorado springs of complete strangers is pretty much always prurient, no matter what your cover story. Which is fine, if that's the kind of God you've got. Ooops, no wait, do what I say and not who I do. Um, evil get behind me and give it to me hard. Uh, at least Jeff Gannon's back in the news again? Ok, so after amberglow's link, denying the meth seems to be out. Looks like we've got a "I underestimated the power of Satan's drugs and he led me down a dark path to fornication with men" situation here.

Yeah, I think that's the way he'll ted gay colorado springs. Sobbing trip to rehab in How much worse can it get for the republicans before next Tuesday, anyway? Don't worry, the Dems will find a way marines charged with attacking gay fail to take advantage of this opportunity, too.

I wonder what effect this will have, given that he was such a big political player with the GOP? Many evangelicals "feel used and taken for granted by the Republican Party," Clips of the voice mails. FYI, you have to sit through a commercial. This is awesome--all those attractive women I think are straight are actually lesbians, which ted gay colorado springs my adolescent fantasies--and if I ever want to become a right-wing law-maker, I'll be able to determine which pages to hire with confidence.

It seems these people are always laying blame or focusing on what other people do. They can't get thier confusing contradictory five thousand year old myths to align with reality I have had it with the faithful ted gay colorado springs deists of this world. At worst they are dangerous lunatics bent on ted gay colorado springs domination. At best they are hypocrites that have no idea, certainly no consensus, of what their sky gods even ted gay colorado springs. They make shit up as they go along.

colorado springs gay ted

Or what Jesus did, or did not, say. Or if any of them really exist at all. We might as well speculate on what Gandalf would do if Frodo came out gay.

I think he'd be okay with it. Dude, did you even sacramento ca gay male meeting places the Lord of ted gay colorado springs Rings? Spribgs these people sprjngs not moved by an unjust war, where it may be that hundreds of thousands of innocents have been murdered by thier downs syndrome president, you think they are going to open their eyes long enough to see one of their beloved Sky God Talkers butt-fucking with a methpipe dangling out of the crack of his ass?

They already believe in too many lies at this point. I think, tkchrist, that this ted gay colorado springs precicely the kind of bullshit "issue" that they do care about.

A few thousand dead "ragheads" who cares. The preacher's a queer, fetch my pitchfork, ma! You may ted gay colorado springs right. But it won't effect the polls on Tuesday. I love pan-fried rabbit with cream gravy.

Ted Haggard’s second coming, the end of marriage and monogamy, and other great stories about sex.

Where is the Pope in the Gospels? If the Gospels are the word of God made flesh, and He cares for us, then through prayer and thought and reading the teachings of his Son we will be able to make the right moral choices. Otherwise we have to rely on Popes or Kings or posters on websites to tell us what God means when he writes "don't eat shrimp", and these self-appointed prophets are only men and prey to mistake and malice.

Ted gay colorado springs the way that the Ted gay colorado springs the actual teachings and works of Jesus are corrupted or interpreted by Paul: