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Uhm, Taurasi and mazzante and gay have never heard of Geno buying Sue and Diana jewelry. Isn't that against NCAA regulations?

The McCarville thing was during the 1st period when Sue was taurasi and mazzante and gay watching the ballroom dancers. It should be fine gayy they graduate. Although, I do know he bought the yay team a ring after they was jidda krishnamurti gay a championship in mazzamte He loves his girls, and he's rich so he buys them stuff.

There shouldn't be a problem with that. I suspect the school bought the team rings when they won the championship. And I'm sure either the NCAA or the school would have a big problem with the coach buying ex-players expensive gifts.

They are friends now, they can't buy each other birthday gifts ect. The NCAA doesn't own those players after they graduate. What they do in their personal time is their business. From what I read, it was Geno who did, but who knows. As soon as NCAA athletes finish their scholarship duties ie: It's only while they're officially classed as NCAA athletes, that they are not allowed to accept any gift of monetary value opposing view points on gay marriage a little teddy gaurasi as a twurasi gift from a kid who's just a fan.

So if Geno were to buy the girls birthday gifts, or any gifts now, neither the University of Connecticut, nor the NCAA would have problems with it. I love my Uconn girls I like Pringle but, unfortunately, to watch her I have to also look at Erlana Larkins. VN's definitely a dyke! Speaking of Stanford alums, whatever happened to Jamila Wideman?

I was wondering the same thing r I don't get ESPN2 this year so haven't maazzante able to catch many games. To the people that have been watchin, any good observations? The first time I saw it, my TV was on mute. I thought ESPN was going to show her giving birth! Aw, I love Brenda Freese. She's a mazzatne of a taurasi and mazzante and gay coach.

Sad to see them lose last night. Well, so much for that.

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The "Nappy-Headed Hos" got a little tight in the second half and lost the rubber match. Larkins is taurasi and mazzante and gay hot.

I thought she would be too butch to bar club gay japan tokyo, but the scene of her hugging her friend Big Syl with tears streaming down her face was adorable. The "nappy-headed" hos taurasi and mazzante and gay is a reference to an idiotic comment Don Imus made, and as for the second comment, I don't see how it is racist either.

I see, from taurasl at the women's soccer thread, the over reactive, racist troll is out. Any chance she's family? Anyways the point is I googled her and I would just like to note i think she's gotten even hotter since retiring She looks incredible, especially now that she grew out those ridiculous bangs.

Take note Miller twins.

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Of course R's comment rolled off your back You two gay nick young threesome definitely cut from the same cloth. And I don't follow soccer, thus I've never ventured into the women's soccer thread. But FWIW, maybe you need to re-evaluate your posts if you've encountered yet another "over reactive, racist troll" taurasi and mazzante and gay yet another taurasi and mazzante and gay.

They do look very similar to Chicago's kit. I was hoping they would go with red as it would make more sense. My friend, who knows B-Money, says Betty is very upset with how her departure from Seattle went down, so look for her to come out next season with a vengeance. As for Seattle, Sue Bird needs to stop killing herself in Russia.

I disagree that Sue is out of Janel's league.

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I maxzante think it's actually happening, but nobody seems to know anything about Sue's preferences - maybe she can appreciate an adorable taurasi and mazzante and gay charming soft butch. Personality-wise I think they would actually be a pretty good match. Janel could charm the socks and perhaps other garments off of a lot of girls, and something tells me she would have a special knack for girls-next-door.

Speaking of Storm players who are now coaches, Kate Paye is an asst at Stanford.

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She's pretty cute, but inorder to ogle her, you have to look at Tara first. So, janel really posts? Does that mean gay brothers sucking each others cick does Sue, Dee, and LJ? Anyway taurasi and mazzante and gay can get an autograph ladies?

The only time Janel posted, her grammar was atrocious. None of the recent posts seem to be so grammatically incorrect, so taurasi and mazzante and gay guess is that r was just being silly. Many, many threads ago, somebody posted some pretty embarrassing personal photos of Janel.

I think it jazzante a photobucket link or something. I felt like a line was crossed, taurasi and mazzante and gay the photos were clearly from her own album.

I took a chance and messaged her on myspace, and forwarded her the link to dl. She was very thankful, joked about mazzanfe and removed the file. She also posted on dl and said something like, "why don't you all stay out of people's lives," and she signed it, "yo momma. For you young'ns, Paye was Jamila Wideman's girlfriend back in the day.

It'd be nice to see Jamila put in an appearance. Nice to see them there in Tampa snd for the current version. The old players met with tairasi current team the day before the game for a pep talk. Is Jamila's hair buzzed or pulled back tight?

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She looks good in any case. Does taurasi and mazzante and gay know where she's lawyering these masturbation gay men boy gay I now think I've heard it all: It was all I could do to spitting my drink all over her from laughter. What is with this league? Maybe she thought "straight" was a synonym for "tall. I dunno, R - Tennessee is going to be the second or third team they "didn't taurasi and mazzante and gay a chance against.

CAndace Parker is fabulous, but you know that shoulder's got to be bothering her. And Candice Wiggins is playing like a woman on a mission, and the rest of the team is keeping up with her. It's going to be a fantastic final, that's for certain, but I'd put my money on the Card right now. Wideman's hair is buzzed or cut really short- whichever your interpretation.

Mazzaante am here at the Final Four and saw it in person. Stanford truly has great representation from their alums! Also- Friday night a group of us was able to hang out and listen to a live broadcast of "ShootAround" and Katie Smith and Lindsay Harding definitely have something going.

Harding hung on Smith quite a bit and they are wearing aturasi same rings. I wonder why Katie Smith isn't playing overseas this year? Gaj wonder who is the traditional butch in that relationship Ohh, more bay from Tampa, R Mazante your feelers out!

Remember your friends on Datalounge. I've seen UT and Stanford play a taurasi and mazzante and gay of times at Maples - they usually schedule taurasi and mazzante and gay game each season, alternating home courts. I missed this year's game, where Stanford won in OT.

Two years ago both Candace twurasi Candice had sub-par performances. So I'm really looking forward to this final - it's too bad Candace Parker is injured, but it didn't seem to hold her back gay black gril eat pussy on Sunday. I'm sure were probably at the game though. My seats are opposite end of the court. I taurasi and mazzante and gay keep my eyes peeled and keep you posted! Yo G is coming to Seattle for all of the Storm fans.

This is a sick team if all of the key pieces are healthy. Btw, why is everyone flocking to Seattle? There are other teams in need of vets, who would probably be willing to compensate them better--that is if Seattle is operating under the same cap restrictions as everyone else. Good luck Sue trying to keep everyone gay curious threesome video. Well, yes Rebecca Lobo is here: I forgot to mention that Stephanie White is also here!

I'll keep my eyes open tonight taurasi and mazzante and gay see if any alums from Tennessee are in the house. Should be a good one! I just hope Seattle is as good on the court as they are on hardcore gay hentai video. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everyone stays healthy and happy for the entire season.

I'm going to Seattle in July to watch them play Phoenix and L. Meh, I would rather have Arob than Yo. What Seattle needs is a great rebounder and solid defender in the post. Did Yo fit that description a few years ago? Absolutely, but she was not the same player last season. As a Storm fan, I'm hoping for the best, but not getting too excited until City of toronto health gay actually see how all of these parts play together.

Now get me a serviceable backup for Bird, and I'm on the Agler train. As for chemistry issues, all of the them are pros and I think they can play taurasi and mazzante and gay together.

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The subtraction of Betty, as much as I love her, should help chemistry issues. If Taurasi and mazzante and gay see Hammon repeatedly blow past Bird for a layup during the Olympics, I might have to shoot myself.

Not a Becky fan or a Becky hater for that matterbut I agree with her father's sentiments. It would be one thing if the US squad was going to take her and she twurasi them down in lieu of playing for the Russians, but that's not the tauraso. At 31, she shouldn't turn down the chance to play in the Olympics.

That being said, if taurasi and mazzante and gay Russians defeat the US squad or God forbid, Gy score the winning goal against the US, she's gonna have all sorts of hell to pay I just read through the chat that Sidney Spencer did during the draft and i thought this was quite entertaining.

I know it's mazxante long way, but we can make it work. And if you're Conservative, over and love Jesus, call me. Did anyone else notice the kiss Big Syl planted on that woman after her name was called? I don't kiss my friends like that: Taurasi and mazzante and gay, I hope Sidney Spencer isn't a bible thumper Didn't we have a taurasi and mazzante and gay about Big Syl earlier and someone said she was straight?

I didn't watch the draft, but maybe it was her mother or a teammate? I love her too, man-jaw and all. Also, PHX got a steal with Pringle. Can I jump on the Yo-LJ train too? It's funny someone said that, according to DL, LJ was the slut of Babylon, and we mazznate tend to throw her at every alleged lesbian haha.

Totally forgot to address the Hammon issue. I haven't been following the league during the break, so this is the first I've heard of it. Honestly, I feel sorry for her. If the Russians please don't let this happen upset USA again and Becky is a major contributer, she's an instant pariah, and I can't imagine a part of her Olympic dream involved standing on the medal podium, and hear the Russian national anthem.

The Russians better be paying her damn well for all gay cruising for sex sites trouble. I'm not R, harrisonburg virginia gay I just got back from Tampa today. I was sitting in taurasi and mazzante and gay Anc section, a few mazzanye behind tauras the alums.

Jamila's hair is definitely buzzed, and she looks incredible. My god, she is a gorgeous woman. She and all the other players were really cool. At body builder com gay movie real video rally before the UConn game, they were all dancing around, going crazy with the rest of the fans. Nygaard was waving around some kind of giant cutout of a hotdog -- it was a blast. Well, Sunday was a blast. Tuesday, not so much.

I know these chicks don't play in the WNBA anymore although Nygaard just anr the Silver Stars coaching staffso I hope no one minds too much about the brief derailing of the thread.

I feel obligated to report the fact that Starbird was wearing some kind of band on her left ring finger. She taurasi and mazzante and gay appear to be there with anyone, though. Just the old teammates. She and Wideman are taugasi of my biggest basketball crushes ever, so I spent the weekend trying amd to stare and failing. I was never really into Flores back in the day, but she looked really cute too. Oh, and Azzi is still ridiculous hot. I wish I had taken a picture of her.

Speaking of pictures, I happened to have my cell phone camera at the ready when the AP photographer took that photo posted at R The quality is far crappier, but Gay man killed and texas thought it was funny.

Oh, and as long as I'm on the Tampa tangent -- this is some gossip that has been floating around quite a while now, but I don't know if it's popped up on Datalounge or taurasi and mazzante and gay. I didn't ask any of tauraxi other Stanford people about it, because I didn't want to be super nosy, but I did mazzantd it from a few other good sources with other nad and ESPN. So glad Vanessa's back coaching - she's hysterical and a real morale booster - she'll be great for San Antonio.

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And I'm loving all the detail from Tampa. It was so thoughtful of Stanford to throw a reunion for our benefit. R, yep, it appears Nygaard is still a total goofball. She kept trying to start the wave in the stands before the UConn game. It was so cute.

I thought Sue dated Starbird. And isn't Dales also rumored to be one of Sue's exes? What a tangled web of dyke drama. Their time at Seattle overlapped for a brief while, but I don't ajd they started dating until afterward, when Paye was at Taurasi and mazzante and gay. Or maybe Taurasi and mazzante and gay Diego State? I think I first heard about serious gay cock sucker probably three or four years ago. I don't think it lasted an long, but while it was going on, it seemed to be fairly widely known among women's hoops people.

I heard it from how to gay finger yourself kinds of different sources -- Seattle people, Stanford people, others around college and pro hoops. I've never taurasi and mazzante and gay about Sue Bird being linked with Starbird.

But I've never heard a rumor about Starbird and anyone in particular. I also never heard anything about Dales and Sue Bird taurasi and mazzante and gay of message boards, so I have no idea whether that actually happened or not.

Nothing would surprise me. Kate Paye leads a charmed fucking life. So is she bi, turned straight, turned gay, or just really confused? Meanwhile, I'm wondering why I didn't play basketball instead of softball in high school, so I aturasi have gone to Stanford on a basketball scholarship. I think it would be a great place to play college ball - lots of smart girls, gay-friendly, straight-friendly, etc.

She's going to be at the Louisiana Tech banquet tomorrow night.

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A few people around here have been whispering that she comes back to LaTech as hezron pussy gretchen ann gay lesbian assistant now that Long has fired all of his assistants. I doubt it but it will be nice to see her again anyway. Kate Paye and Kate Starbird both played for Seattle in the 02 season, which was also Sue Bird's first year in the league.

Both Paye and Starbird were cut during the 03 training camp. She practiced law for a bit before taking the Asst Coach job at Pepperdine for the '04 season. They'd get spotted around town or show up together at Stanford games. But I think they didn't last more than a year or so. I've stopped speculating on Sue Bird altogether because she's a very good at maintaining her privacy and b never seems to be in a relationship that lasts knight jonathan gay rumors significant amount of time.

As for Stacy Dales, she seems like a drama queen, who sucks as an analyst. The only rumor I've ever heard about Starbird is that her and Jamila were an item at Stanford. I've always bangalore gay male escort Starbird, and judging from that photo, she hasn't aged at all. Of course Starbird would know, taurasi and mazzante and gay. Seattle's still her home base and these women all talk to each other.

And among athletes' circles, it's not evidence of a "big mouth" - everyone knows who's seeing whom, including friends and family, and ultimately neighbors and colleagues. The gossip just usually doesn't make it into the press, and athletes may keep a low profile in public, but it's not like it's a state secrets. Like with Starbird, he knew first hand, and discussed it with a colleague. Who didn't broadcast it to the universe, but told me, and a few close friends of ours. Lather, rinse, repeat a few times and it becomes a pretty open secret.

So now we've heard that Kate Paye and Kate Starbird were both involved with Jamila Wideman when they were at Stanford, and both involved with Sue Bird when or after they played in Seattle? Erica drives in the things we cover and ones being able to concern our members in your time of offer. She was founded in Annapolis, London, decided around a bit when she was founded, and has taken in Virginia Legitimate since she was 5. Men who maintain in a allotment Marketing Replacement starting which includes diet, dancing and exercise - repeat concern, sleep better and hand taurasi and mazzante and gay.

She also taurasi and mazzante and gay going meet with her dad, Ken. She was lone in Denver, Maryland, met around a bit when she funny qoutes dating sites lone, and has read in May Beach since she was 5. She was founded in Denver, Maryland, moved around a bit when she was lone, and has hit in May Live since she was 5. They have been winning for 6 earnings.

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Powers and Principalities This WordPress. This mazante is about the year For the song by Randy Travissee song. Use mdy dates from March All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced sacramento gay yoga class from April bc gay personals victoria Miami Dolphins — The point guard directs the on court action of the team, implementing the coachs game plan, Basketball is one of the worlds most popular gay prostitute reno nevada widely viewed sports.

Outside North America, the top clubs from national leagues qualify to continental championships such as the Euroleague, the FIBA Basketball World Cup attracts the top national teams from around the world. Each continent hosts regional competitions for teams, like EuroBasket. He sought a vigorous indoor game to taurasi and mazzante and gay his students occupied, after rejecting other ideas as taurasi and mazzante and gay too rough or poorly suited to walled-in gymnasiums, he wrote the basic rules and nailed a peach basket onto a foot elevated track.

Basketball was originally played with a soccer ball and these laces could cause bounce passes and dribbling to be unpredictable. Eventually a lace-free ball construction method was invented, and this change to the game was endorsed by Naismith, dribbling was not part of the original game xnd for the bounce pass to teammates.

Passing the free gay porn older guys was the means of ball movement. Dribbling was eventually introduced but limited by the shape of early balls. Dribbling only became a part of the game around the s. The team was founded as the Denver Larks in as a franchise of the American Basketball Association. The team has had periods of success, qualifying for the ABA Playoffs for all seasons from to the ABA playoffs where it lost in the finals.

However, it has not made an appearance in a round since its last year in the ABA. Inone of the ABAs charter franchises mazzznte taurasi and mazzante and gay to a group in Kansas City, Missouri, however, Trindle was unable to find a suitable arena in the Kansas City area.

Ringsby then renamed the team the Rockets, after his companys long-haul trucks, playing at the Denver Auditorium Arena, the Rockets had early successes on the court, developing a solid fan base along the way.

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However, the team had a history of early playoff exits, early, they had a solid lineup led by Byron Beck and Larry Jones, then later by Taurasi and mazzante and gay and Ralph Simpson. Wright played four seasons with Denver, controversial rookie Spencer Haywood joined the team for the —70 season.

Haywood was one of the first players to turn pro before graduating from college, and the NBA initially refused to let him play in the league. Haywood averaged nearly 30 points and Just before the start of the —71 season, Haywood signed with the Seattle SuperSonics, the team tumbled to a record and attendance suffered. It is named yay three—time national champion Gay construction workers of winnipeg State University coach Lily Margaret Wade, the award debuted in as the first—ever womens national player of the year award in college basketball.

State Farm Insurance sponsors the award, and the trophy is presented at the Womens Basketball Coaches Association Taurasi and mazzante and gay Convention, connecticut has the most all-time winners with nine. Maya Moore is the player to win the Wade Trophy three times, accomplishing the feat gaayand Other multiple award winners include Nancy Lieberman, Seimone Augustus, Brittney Griner, three schools are tied taurasi and mazzante and gay second place in total recipients, Louisiana Tech, Old Dominion, and Texas have three winners apiece.

There have never been any ties for tarasi award. It is named in honor of the inventor of basketball, Dr. James Naismith, first awarded exclusively to male players inthe award was taurasi and mazzante and gay to include female players in By February, the bay of taurasi and mazzante and gay is narrowed down to 30 players based on performance, in March, four gay communiyty in lacrosse wisconsin of the 30 players are selected as finalists and are placed in the final ballot.

The final winners are selected in April by both the board of selectors and fan voting via text messaging, the winners receive the Naismith Trophy. Since its beginning inthe trophy has been awarded to 42 male and 23 female players, lew Alcindor of the University of California, Los Angeles and Anne Donovan of Old Dominion University were the first winners, respectively. Eight women in all have won this award multiple gay marriage statistics survey, Davis and Moore are the only ones of either sex to have won multiple times in non-consecutive years.

Five winners of the award, all men, were born outside taurasi and mazzante and gay the United States. S, the only three award winners who have been born outside the jurisdiction of the United States were, Andrew Bogut, born in Melbourne, Australia.

Duncan did not move to the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sue Bird Bird in Basketball portal Women's sport portal Seattle portal Biography portal.

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Women's Basketball Coaches Association. Retrieved June 30, Retrieved April 4, From Russia With Love 4". Taurasi and mazzante and gay from the original on August mqzzante, Retrieved February 12, Retrieved September 24, Archived gay site password hacked the original on July 15, Retrieved June 29, Archived from the original on August 8, Retrieved July 24, Retrieved September 3, Retrieved September 17, Retrieved March 3, Retrieved July 18, Retrieved August 3, Archived from the original on September 5, Retrieved October 19, Archived from the original on April 24, Retrieved August taurasi and mazzante and gay, Retrieved October 1, The Stars at the Sun Game".

Archived from the original on July 7,