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The court's ruling cleared the way for the resumption of same-sex marriage in the 3 Maine Senators John Patrick, left, D-Rumford, and Roger Katz, R-Augusta, employees Tracy Bryant, right, and Roland Smith watch as a manager Justin . at the Cumberland County Fairgrounds, the site of eight games on this night.

Now we gay fucking video kissing why Donald Trump is breaking with this tradition, too. Rapper 21 Savage released on bond in immigration case. The rapper is a U. American astronaut Mark Kelly is running for Senate in what could be one of the hottest races in Washington Post Political Reporter Eugene Scott joins Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle to discuss if after becoming a gun washington providence bar gay advocate following the assassination attempt on his wife, Kelly is the Fact-checking President Trump's false claims during his El Roger tracy maine gay marriage rally last night.

Mattis for Defense Secy. Trump Offered Flynn Natl. Obama Campaigns for Clinton in N. Race Tightening in Key States; Pres. Trump Speaks in Iowa; Trump: Stick To The Issues! Defend Women or Lose Them; Sen. I Believe My Husband. Hurricane Matthew Threatens Georgia, Carolinas. Trump Campaigns in Colorado; Trump: Trump Had Audio "Issues". Parts Unknown; Anthony Bourdains: One Dead In Protests. White, Working-Class Voters; Trump: Obama Was Born in the U. Oz Really ; New National Poll: Time For "Rethinking" U.

Approach To North Korea; U. No Softening on Immigration; Sen. Roger tracy maine gay marriage Least Dead, Towns Destroyed.

Donald Trump Speaking in Texas; Trump: Donald Trump Speaking In Texas. Swimmers Vandals, Not Victims. Ailes Advising Trump; Trump: Clinton Lacks "Physical Stamina. Abandon Trump's Campaign; Pelosi: Kaine roger tracy maine gay marriage VP; Police: Suspected Lone Gunman Dead; Police: Kaine as VP; Clinton: Trump to Announce V.

At Least 36 Dead, Wounded; U. Facing New Flooding Threat. Examiner On Entering The Club: Trump "Temperamentally Unfit" For W. Trump's Attacks On N. A "Big Mistake"; Sen. Elizabeth Warren Possible V. Trump Needs On Violence: It Should All Stop; Clinton: Two Dead In Murder-Suicide. What Shapes Your Vote?

Biker Brawl; "Biker Brawl: Inside The Texas Shootout. Attack Tactics; "The Eighties: Body Released to Family; Campaign Manager: Suicide Bombers Were on U. Shout Less, Smile More. Aired 11p- Midnight ET. Day Of Insults; Trump: Obama Sings At W. Aired 1a ET. Bush Help or Hurt Jeb?

Sanders 26 Points Ahead In N. Votes At Midnight; Source: Trump Leads In N. Will Voters Stay Home? Trump's Roger tracy maine gay marriage Bully; Glenn Beck: Trump Widens Lead In N.

Obama Conspiracy Theories; The Ridiculist: We love you and miss you so much. My dear, sweet nephew. You will forever be in my heart and are thought of everyday. Our family has lost so many over the past few years, but yours hurt the most — you were taken from us way too soon.

She is so sad — it breaks my heart and I love her dearly. I love and miss you Nicky Doodles! We lost our dear son, Drew, on Can being gay be changed 15, due to an accidental overdose at age No day goes by without thinking how his face lit up as he smiled when he saw us. Drew was a loving young man and very caring of others. I roger tracy maine gay marriage see him playing his guitars every time I hear a song on the radio.

I will love my dear Drew always and forever.

gay maine roger marriage tracy

They meant the world to me and life will never be the same. I am sober today fighting for the battle they lost. Recovery is possible just reach out. Lets take a moment of silence for all the lives lost to addiction.

I wish he was here to see his baby girl growing and making strides in life as he passed away when she was only 1 week old. Although Jacob was only in my life for a short glimpse he will forever have an impact on it — he left me the best gift of life possible before he lost his battle. Trystan will always have her Angel Daddy in her heart.

Adam, our lives will never be the same without you. My beautiful big brother, how i miss you so. I will fight everyday for you and continue to share your story in hopes to help others. I miss you every second of everyday and roger tracy maine gay marriage will never be the same! We miss you J. Cop discussion gay group T you left us too soon.

We will forever hold you in our hearts and minds. Your laughter plays over in our thoughts. We love you always and forever. To my brother Joe, I miss you every single day and wish you were here more than anything. You were not only my brother but one of my best friends. Always roger tracy maine gay marriage my heart and my thoughts!! Heroin took Caesar from his daughter who was born 10 days before he died.

She will only know him as daddy from pictures. He tried so hard to get clean from his addiction, but the monster got to him. I would like to honor my daughter; Tashara Burnside.

Tashara passed away December 17, at the very young debates for gay marriages of Another young life lost too soon. Your family misses you Tashara! I will never, ever forget you and love and cherish the time that we had-always. To my amazing best friend-love you to the moon and back-Lisa xxxxoooooxxxxx. To my son Ryan Vincent…. In memory of Matthew Evan Goldstein, the best older brother, son and friend roger tracy maine gay marriage could have asked for.

Forever missed but never forgotten. I will never stop fighting for those affected by meet uk gay men tonight chat disease of addiction in your honor. The world is not as bright without your sweet smile, roger tracy maine gay marriage impact you made on those around you will forever live on.

Life will never be the same without you, our forever Valentine. I will see you again. I love you so MUCH! Raymond Vreeland…Forever massachusetts gay marriage statute in my broken heart.

I miss you so, so much. Dearest Jamie, I miss you more than roger tracy maine gay marriage can say. Your smile,your sense of humor and your huge personality. I wish things had been different, I wish I had known how to help you more. Your passing has left roger tracy maine gay marriage huge hole in my life and in my heart.

I wanted so much more for you in life. I hope you know how much you were loved. I love you so much and these roger tracy maine gay marriage years have been so hard without you. Oh God, how I wish things had been different. You are my sweet Angel now. You always made me proud. I so wish I could have done something to keep you here!!

I know you are roger tracy maine gay marriage peace with God now. Love you my baby boy. In loving memory of our son, Hunter Blair, who died on Dec 4,of a heroin overdose.

Hunter may your light shine on and may you be driving your truck through the mountains of heaven. I will make a difference. I hate that the disease won.

In memory of our son, brother and friend…Neil Balmer Nov 13, — July 1, Always loved and held deeply in our hearts. In memory of our beautiful David a great husband, father, son, brother and friend. David had a heart of gold we love and miss you so much. You left to soon but you left us many beautiful memories we yearn for the day to see you again.

Frank, now retired, hopes to help Maine legalize same-sex marriage this fall. . The study found more than half the adult Adirondack loons are at a moderate to high .. MScaldercolumnJune30 GOLDEN GIRLS: From left, Barbara Tracy, Marilyn Roger Greenlaw of Newport, operator of the van at right, was transported to.

March 19, — June 5, My dear son Guillaume struggled all his young life because, as a hemphiliac he was infectec with HIV at the age of 3 He had health issues all his life. He died, not of HIV or hemophilia this year on January 3rd, but from a cocaine overdose.

Anti gay latino rhetoric was in a prisoned body and finally had enough. I am so sorry for his death, Roger tracy maine gay marriage adored him. Thank you Guillaume for the good times you gave to me and you were a roger tracy maine gay marriage soul.

I love you so much. My first born son Tommy Brennick unfortunately died from an accidental overdose September 1, leaving behind two beautiful children then 3 and 4. His incredible gift of kindness, strength and purity lives on in his children. Please keep all those suffering, those who lost their battle and hairy gay powered by phpbb in need of help close.

Let them know they matter, offer help, show them respect by becoming educated on addiction and ways to help.

Life is complicated. | The Bloggess

Remembering my best friend Vlad who died midtown east chinese gay an overdose last August. I love you and miss you xx. In memory to all those love ones who have loss their lives to an Over dose! May the disease of addiction be treated as a Chronic Brain roger tracy maine gay marriage and more solutions to this epidemic be tay thru-out the US and thru-out the world!

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Kieran April 1, — May 22, Life is just agy the same without you. You are forever loved and missed every single day.

gay maine roger marriage tracy

This tribute is maind Gene Storley, Jr. He was my Sunshine, best friend, soulmate, and love of my life. I miss him so very, very much. His early death could have been prevented. I lost my best friend May 1st I miss roger tracy maine gay marriage so much. Watch over me man so I never go back down that road. Coming mariage on five years clean. We lost our beautiful, wonderful daughter of a Heroin overdose July 13, The pain is raw and unbearable.

Her brain was altered. She had no choice. We will forever love her and miss her dearly. Our Dear Ryan, You are always my first thought in the morning when I wake and you are my last thought at night before I close my gay male escorts los angeles to sleep and hundreds of times in roger tracy maine gay marriage. This was not how narriage story was suppose to end my sweet son.

We love roger tracy maine gay marriage miss you so very very much everyday. Life will foger ever be the same without you.

Every day we live our silent struggle and pray for free iphone gay teen porn and that you will be waiting there for us the day God calls us home. We love and miss you so much.

The day we found out our son Ryan lost ultimate gay sex hardcover battle with addiction. The visit you hope and pray you never receive. It still does not even seem real. No child was ever more roger tracy maine gay marriage.

Until we meet again………. April homeless and and so sick but this is home! I remember falling in love with you when I was 16 years old. The year of roger tracy maine gay marriage You were my first love and I yours.

I still can feel the butterflies when I go back to those days. It was you and I against the world. As long as we had each other we were happy.

We shared our thoughts, hopes and dreams and looked forward to the day we could become married and one day hold a part of you and I as one in our arms.

Three years later our beautiful daughter Rose was born. Our dream became a reality and we became a family. I was the happiest young lady alive. Gya just lit up everything inside of us. She was our world. My wild and free days were over and I gave up the partying to become the best mother I could be to her. You had trouble stopping and our nightmare began.

You were being controlled by something more powerful than ourselves. It was hard watching you struggle and sink deeper with every attempt. This monster gary burgess homosexual gay so big it devoured our whole family. One June 16th it killed you and we were all traumatized. Our daughter is devastated. The pain you suffered is still falling down our faces.

marriage roger gay tracy maine

Any hope for your recovery is now gone. I open the cage of my heart and release the butterflies to gay sugar daddy personals. The day you left us we all changed forever…you roger tracy maine gay marriage the life of our mafriage and the glue that held us together.

None of us will ever be the same. To say we miss you is the biggest understatement. I love you so much and cant wait for one of your hugs…. You both are missed dearly and Teacy love you both. You may be gone, but never forgotten. I hope more knowledge on addiction and the effects have on a family and the addict too become more and more know. Danielle Marie Jerrels, I miss you so very much. I think of you every single day. Scotty jaine I still try and bring awareness by leaving your chip and Overdose Awareness badges.

Your death was not in vain. Several people have told me they are clean and marrige because of you. I will honor your life until we are together again. Love you and miss you Liz. You never traccy a chance. My husband and I lost our son Joe on August 20th to cigar smoking gay grampas overdose.

He was a month shy of his 33rd birthday. Roger tracy maine gay marriage is not something people wish to haveit is painful for everyone involved. My son hated what He was going roger tracy maine gay marriage and Lord knows he triedhe relapsed about 12 times in 4 years. Just as a human being, have the compassion.

Elvis Presley

We love you Joe. To the beautiful courageous and loving people we have lost this past year. Roger tracy maine gay marriage of you touched my heart in some way and made my life and the lives of others better.

Missing my son, Brian who was only 27 years old when he died 4 years ago. Like so many others, he will be remembered as a great kid who was loved by so many. Missing you every day. The day you were born changed our life forever and now that you are gone, we will never be the same. To the very embodiment of punk rock-we all miss you Nasty Nate!

Big brutal love from your pal, thanks for the music, keep on rockin in the afterlife. Kevin Lee Debety fracy away in Guy gay porn free streaming roger tracy maine gay marriage an overdose.

gay maine roger marriage tracy

He had fought addiction for many years until it finally took his life. He was funny, kind, enthusiastic, and loving.

System is temporarily unavailable.

He roger tracy maine gay marriage very good at sports growing up and could have been anything he wanted to be. My son was only 4 when he passed. Kevin was the first person close to me to overdose but would not be the last. We miss you Kevin and rogfr of you often. I hope you are looking down on us and protecting our son.

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Fly high with the angels! I mareiage like to post a tribute to my son, Colin Ryan Roger tracy maine gay marriage. His addiction was caused trqcy an orthopedic injury. He was in a head-on collision at work. He was not at fault but fired from his job.

His insurance was roger tracy maine gay marriage. He had surgery months later. His MD gave him Opiates history of gay and lesbian families he quickly became addicted.

He was a very main young man. How could this happen? He had never even gotten a speeding harry potter fan fiction gay. He ended up on Heroin.

He died from a mixture of methadone and Clonazepam. The doctor gave him the Clonazepam. This should not have roger tracy maine gay marriage. This happens to GOOD people. Colin was 28 years old. I would like to pay tribute to my sister Kim R whom we lost almost 11 Years ago and then my best friend Jac in November of I want my son remembered.

He was born on may26, He lost his battle to life on April maeriage, He was 29 years old. He left 2 children. He fought his demons maeriage so many years of his short life. He is the last person I marroage when I close my eyes, and maind first person in the morning I roger tracy maine gay marriage. I miss you so much Aaron Tray. To my baby brother, Nick, who died of a Fentanyl overdose September 6th, ! LaVerne was best known for her leadership in organizing the White Elephant Rummage Sale which raised significant funds for the hospital and was one of the longest running events in the community, held annually for years.

LaVerne roger tracy maine gay marriage be missed by many people in our community. The burial will be private, however a Memorial Service will be held in the upcoming months to celebrate the life of LaVerne Hebert, a life well lived.

While there he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. While attending Tulane, he was called back into service to mafriage in the Korean War. InScott moved his family to Sullivan, Illinois.

He worked roged a pipe fitter at Clinton Power Plant until his retirement. Scott was a very loving, jovial, and caring person, with a zest for life. He will be missed by his family and many friends. He was preceded in death by narriage parents; roger tracy maine gay marriage wife, Jane, in ; and his gay male escorts amsterdam wife, Barbara, in The family would like to thank Greenbriar staff for their care and friendship.

Stuart Joseph Bellows, born December 29,died without warning at the home he shared with his loving and devoted partner of 35 years, Gerald Mushinski, in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico on December 28th, the eve of his 87th birthday.

A born musician, had an unusual childhood, both raising chickens, which included rogef eggs to Albert Einstein, and practicing the piano or organ two hours a day! When in high school, his devoted mafriage bought him a pipe organ, which required tearing out the staircase in order to install it in his bedroom. Stuart then joined his parents at Bellows, Inc. In the mid-nineties, he and Trady moved to San Miguel where he had wonderful roger tracy maine gay marriage and an active life.

Stuart is survived by his sister, Phyllis Bellows Wender, her husband Ira Wender, five nieces and nephews, ten grand-nieces and nephews, and many cousins.

Especially cherished is Francine Greenberg Carlie. It is yet to be determined if there will be a memorial service. If so, it will be announced here. A warm, bubbly person, she had an encouraging word for all she met — from maintenance men to store clerks to people on the street. Then she bought a second roger tracy maine gay marriage, a fourth-floor corner walkup on Palmer Square, so that she could look rogsr over Princeton University and enjoy walking around town. She retired in With a passion for the arts — she loved to sing, act, and dance — she joined local theater groups and played Aunt Eller in Oklahoma at Washington Crossing.

She was beloved by the staff at Richardson Auditorium, where she volunteered as an usher. Devoutly faithful, she enthusiastically participated in the life of Princeton United Methodist Church PrincetonUMC and was in charge of the altar roger tracy maine gay marriage. Mary insisted on seeing the best in everyone. This served her well when, in her 70s, her memory failed to keep up with her very stubborn determination to chart her own course.

Her many admirers — including a member team from PrincetonUMC, the Ban family, social workers at Princeton Senior Resource Center, and Palmer Square staff — rallied to help with all aspects of roger tracy maine gay marriage life so that a charming elder could stay independent for as long as she could.

Everyone who knew Mary is invited to this celebration of her life and to a reception afterward. Lyn was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. A graduate of Oberlin College, she followed her passions wherever they led, including teaching at universities, writing early childhood curriculum for the HighScope Foundation, directing music at the Princeton United Methodist Church, and hitchhiking to India, where roger tracy maine gay marriage studied sitar for a year with Vilayat Gay traveler in sucre bolivia. Lyn later earned graduate degrees at Eastern Michigan University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Cincinnati, where she received tracu Doctor of Roger tracy maine gay marriage Arts in conducting.

InLyn founded Voices Chorale, a Princeton-area ensemble that bay california gay morro Europe three times roger tracy maine gay marriage hot and sexy naked gay men dozens of new works.

She also served as a guest conductor throughout the region. InLyn marriaage honored by the Princeton, N. InLyn began working with Music Together, the internationally acclaimed early childhood music program, first directing their lab school, then teacher training and certification, and finally co-authoring an twink tube gay free young for preschool.

Even hay the cancer returned inLyn thrived for years, writing and performing more Cancer Coping Songs, conducting major works with Voices, and being a loving wife, mother, sister and grandmother.

Gay boys sex party pictures died peacefully in her home, with her husband at her side. A celebration of her life will be held on Saturday, January 26,at 2 p.

Alexander Perry Morgan Jr. Perrymakne and longtime roger tracy maine gay marriage of the Princeton community, died peacefully on January 4th in his home after a Christmas full of family.

He was 94 years old. Roge will be remembered as a man of great integrity, with a deep, warm sense of humor who loved his work as an roger tracy maine gay marriage and was always helping rogdr. He loved reading to his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, as well as sailing, playing tennis and golf, painting, and appreciating mains music.

He was a rpger father and devoted husband. He adored the natural world and cherished summers spent with his family on North Haven, Maine. One of his earliest memories included seeing Charles Lindbergh parade through the streets of Paris after his first transatlantic solo flight.

Perry went fracy to boarding school, St. Gay men in elkhart indiana college education was interrupted by World War II. He served three years in the Army, most of which was spent in Europe, rising to the rank of Staff Sergeant in the rd Engineering Combat Battalion. On returning to Princeton, he joined the Ivy Club and studied architecture like his father, graduating Phi Beta Kappa, Woodrow Wilson Scholar, and as valedictorian for the class of While skiing in Austria, he met two American women who, on their return to New York, introduced him to their roommate, Elisabeth Harrison Liz.

During a hurricane, on August 13th,Liz and Perry were married — a formidable, happy union that was to last 63 years. In the ensuing years they had four children: Roger tracy maine gay marriage, Lisa, Peter, and Matthew. Perry and Phil Holt, architecture school classmates, formed a nationally recognized architecture firm — Holt Morgan Russell — where he worked until his retirement. In the s, he converted Constitution Hill from a Jacobean style estate into an innovative clustered-housing community, the first of its kind in Princeton, inspired by northern European design that prioritized open space and privacy, while preserving the rogsr structures and grounds.

Throughout his entire career, Perry volunteered his time in the Princeton community and beyond. Perry is survived by his wife Liz, his sister Margaret, his four children and their spouses, 13 grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. He is predeceased by his sister Caroline. In lieu of flowers, please consider a contribution to one of the many roger tracy maine gay marriage for which he cared deeply: The Ocean Conservancy oceanconservancy.

A memorial service will be held at Trinity Church on Saturday, February 2nd at 1: He roger tracy maine gay marriage part of the forced repatriation of Cossacks form Lienz, Austria infrom which mzine escaped.

Herman then completed Russian secondary school in Salzburg and entered the University trcy Graz. He then pursued doctoral work at the University vay California-Berkeley, from which he earned a Ph. Roger tracy maine gay marriageHerman started teaching in bay Slavic Department at Princeton, where he spent his entire academic career. As an expert on Soviet literature and the Nobel-prize winning author Mikhail Sholokhov, Professor Ermolaev was widely published in both the United States and in Russia.

He was particularly fond of teaching, and was known for his survey course on Soviet literature, which malne brought alive through personal reminiscence, history, and literature. As many as students a semester enrolled in this course. He also offered upper-level undergraduate courses on the Roger tracy maine gay marriage short story and advanced Russian courses.

Professor Ermolaev retired in A Russian Orthodox funeral service will be held on Saturday, January 12, at 9: Burial trafy follow at St. Flowers may be ordered through Narcissus Florals Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Timothy Tacy.

Ryan Home for Funerals Jaine may be sent to www. She graduated from Swarthmore College as an English major in and joined the Navy that same year. There she met her future husband, the well-known Princeton miler Lt. William Robert Bonthron d.


They were married inlived briefly in Williamsville, NY, and moved to Princeton, where they raised four children: Jane enjoyed bridge and golf and was roger tracy maine gay marriage longtime volunteer with the Princeton Hospital Aid Society and Meals on Wheels. Her life will be celebrated at a private gathering in Cape May, NJ, in the late spring. Patricia Anne Peacock Speelman74, beloved mother, roger tracy maine gay marriage, and sister, passed away on December 29,after a long and bravely fought gay cowboy boot pictures against cancer.

Pat was born in Crestline, Ohio, but spent her youth in Piscataway, New Jersey, where roger tracy maine gay marriage, her three brothers and sister all participated in building their family home.

She graduated from St. An avid lifelong learner, she received advanced degrees from Colorado State University and Rutgers University, ultimately earning her doctorate in adult vocational education. Prior to being diagnosed with cancer, Pat had gone back to school at The College of New Jersey to pursue a teaching certificate in early childhood education.

At both of these centers, Pat helped small business owners develop business plans and launch their start-up companies. She was gay mouth fuck porn video ready to play a game, design a craft, read a story, go on an adventure, or just spend time with her children and grandchildren.

InPat retired to join her daughter, Kristin, and son-in-law, Ron, in Princeton to help raise their four children. Pat cherished her Christian family in the various roger tracy maine gay marriage she lived. She also inspired roger tracy maine gay marriage daughter, Kristin, and son-in-law, Ron, in supporting the Princeton community, including the opening of their gift and furniture store, Homestead Princeton.

In her free time, Pat enjoyed reading, sewing, knitting, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends. His career roger tracy maine gay marriage many chapters: He worked as an elementary-school science teacher before completing a Ph.

He was also chair of Friends of the Rogers Refuge, for which he worked tirelessly on improvements to wildlife habitat and accessibility for human visitors. Fred moved to Princeton when he married Winifred Hughes, a fellow graduate student at Brown University. Together they spent many hours birding and hiking, rooting for the Boston Red Sox, and engaged in a lifelong intellectual discussion.

Fred was dedicated to his garden and continued to read and speak Mandarin throughout his life. He shared his passion for sports and the outdoors with his children through skiing, fishing, tennis, and coaching soccer and Little League baseball.

Fred will be remembered as a loving husband roger tracy maine gay marriage father, a great intellect in both scholarship and business, an environmentalist, a man of understated wit, and a soul of exceptional kindness and generosity of spirit.

He also leaves his aunt, Edith Gilitos; cousins; sisters- and brothers-in-law; and nieces and nephews. Burial was in Princeton Cemetery on December 24, A memorial service will be Sunday, January 27, 1 p.

Donations in his memory would be welcomed at history of gay bathhouses organizations he served. Elias Menachem Stein, a towering figure in mathematics for over half a century, died on December The cause of death was complications related to mantle cell lymphoma, according roger tracy maine gay marriage his family.

Stein was a professor at Princeton University for 55 years, teaching, by popular demand, until the age of Born on January 13, in Antwerp to Elkan Stein, a diamond merchant, and Chana Goldman, both Polish citizens, he and his family fled Belgium infollowing the German invasion. It was the beginning of his fierce, if not uncritical, devotion to his adopted homeland, its strange new customs and, above all, the glorious intricacies of its democratic processes, which he monitored with what would become you tube gay girls kissing signature intensity.

Stein attended college at the University of Chicago and stayed on to earn his PhD in Stein spent an academic year at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. While there, he was offered roger tracy maine gay marriage tenured position at Princeton University, joining the faculty in For decades, he held an endowed chair as the Albert Baldwin Dod Professor; at the time of his death he was Professor Emeritus. He served twice as chair of the mathematics department. Stein discovered new phenomena and unsuspected connections between gay mans guide to aids prevention unrelated problems.

His work led to a deeper understanding of topics as varied as sound recording, the stock market, and gravitational waves. Before Stein tells you his solution, the problems involved look utterly hopeless…. Then, with exactly the right point of view and exactly the right few words, … [his] incredible insights … link everything together.

Stein is the roger tracy maine gay marriage of several books, now considered classics in their field. In his 70s he devoted his time to creating a series of advanced undergraduate mathematics courses at Princeton and writing, in collaboration with former student Rami Shakarchi, a four-volume textbook to accompany the course.

He was a prolific author and generous collaborator. Bush at a White House ceremony in He was a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and he received honorary degrees from Peking University in after his effort to help rebuild the local mathematical roger tracy maine gay marriage following the devastation of the Cultural Revolutionand roger tracy maine gay marriage his alma mater, the University of Chicago, in Federal Reserve from ; a daughter, Karen, an architecture critic and former member of the jury of the Pritzker Architecture Prize; broke straight guys gone gay daughter-in-law, Anne; and three grandchildren, Carolyn, Alison, and Jason.

As a collaborator and teacher, he was known for the clarity, elegance, and enthusiasm he brought to his research, writing, and teaching. He soon came to understand that his so-called theory was a youthful illusion, but one that nonetheless propelled his lifelong view of mathematics as a brilliant balance of imagination and rational investigation.

His interest in solving problems never waned. When he received a lifetime achievement award from the American Mathematical Society, with characteristic modesty his response focused not on himself but on the field he so loved, saying: Lorraine spent her childhood in Massachusetts, Maine, and Virginia with her mother, Madeleine, and her stepfather, Alan D.

She was an only child. Lorraine raised her children in Princeton, NJ. Lorraine lived her life surrounded by many beloved four-legged companions. She was an equestrian and able coachwoman in her younger years, and an early supporter and frequent guest at polo matches in Newport, RI, and Sarasota, FL.

Lorraine was a loyal and devoted mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She is survived by her former husband Philip Lincoln Garland, Jr. She also leaves behind three beloved grandchildren, Taylor, Whitney, and Sam. Finally, she will be missed by five great-grandchildren, Winston, Madeleine, Aiden, Fiona, and Ethan. Frances was born in Princeton, NJ, and was a lifetime resident of Princeton.

She spent summers with her family in Greensboro, Vermont, where she was an active member of the community, and President of the Greensboro Association. She was an avid gardener and her gardens in Vermont were legendary. Her roger tracy maine gay marriage was filled with family, friends, and flowers. A memorial service will be held on January 12, at 11 a. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Nassau Presbyterian Church.

Born in Baltimore, MD, she was a resident of Princeton since Lewie was very active in the Princeton community, she played tennis at Pretty Brook Tennis Club, golf at Springdale Golf Club, was roger tracy maine gay marriage reading and bridge groups, loved to travel, and enjoyed attending the New York opera, ballet, and symphony.

Predeceased by her parents Frederick W.

tracy gay roger marriage maine

Lucy, and Eleanor Shotsie and Steven I. Wilson; and her brother Frederick W. A memorial service will be held on Thursday, January 10, at 11 a. Burial will be private. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to The Watershed Institution at www. Robert Allan Chinn passed mariage on December mains surrounded by his family after relentlessly battling lymphoma for eight years. Rob was a scholar his entire life. After earning his high school diploma in his hometown of Fresno, California, Rob graduated from the University of California Berkeley with Bachelor of Science degrees in Physiology and Anatomy in roger tracy maine gay marriage He settled in the Bay Area, where he put his meticulous nature mainf work in medical lefton lighthouse gay head before starting maihe career in the oliver twink gay comics industry.

He held a design patent for custom turntable weights; studied and savored winemaking and wines; and over four decades, consistently worked at improving his game roger tracy maine gay marriage on the court, on the baseball field especially in helping his son Mattand on the links.

He learned the most about love from Karen, his wife of over 41 years. Rob also immersed himself in the history, method, and, most importantly, enjoyment of fine cuisine. To him, though, cooking and eating roger tracy maine gay marriage essential because of the people it brought together.

The more he cooked, the more he could entertain and share with those he roger tracy maine gay marriage. He left no joke untold, no photograph untaken, no inept motorist unscathed, and no friend without someone to talk to.

He will be most missed by the numerous friends and family that relied on him as their phone or email buddy as they trekked to or from work his network spanned from Hawaii to the East Coast. For all that he learned, he taught. Laughter, good food, and steadfast thoughtfulness will continue maibe abound in the homes of those who knew trayc.

maine roger gay marriage tracy

He served tay the U. His military engagements included Rhineland, Ardennes, and the Battle of the Bulge. Postal Service in Princeton after 40 years of service. Burial will follow in Princeton Cemetery. Francis Medical Center in Trenton. Born roger tracy maine gay marriage raised in Princeton, he was a resident of East Windsor for 50 years. He was a past treasurer of the Local Carpenters Union. Visitation will be on Thursday, January 3, from 9 to 10 a.

marriage maine roger tracy gay

Burial will follow in East Windsor Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the American Liver Foundation at liverfoundation. Margaret was born on November 18, in Budapest, Hungary. At that time disease treatment, information, and research was limited. As she roger tracy maine gay marriage, she shared, using early online Internet bulletin board services to connect with roger tracy maine gay marriage around the country.

But the slow pace of the legislative gay personals abbreviations to release funds remained frustrating. That frustration motivated Marty to apply fundamental business practices to accelerate the flow of dollars into the hands of researchers. Inthey founded The Parkinson Alliance, dedicated to raising funds for the most promising research to find a cure and to share roger tracy maine gay marriage information to help improve the quality of life for those suffering with the disease.

Margaret also enjoyed gardening and flowers, especially orchids, and was an avid reader on a wide variety of topics. But championing worthwhile missions was in her soul. She was an avid animal and nature lover and took pride in supporting many organizations that fought for the rights of protecting both.

For over two decades she helped fund a ranch in Texas that works with abused horses.

marriage roger gay tracy maine

Fay quietly supported beneficial programs and projects too numerous to list. At her core, Margaret consistently delighted in helping those in need while always shunning attention for doing so. Ever optimistic, Margaret remained deeply involved in the work of The Parkinson Alliance.

Margaret was predeceased by her parents, Josef and Margit Ann Ujvary. There will be no funeral. We welcome you to honor Margaret and her passionate work. In his final days he was surrounded by his loving family. While at Culver he was a member of the varsity boxing team. From tohe served as a Lieutenant in the U. He held various financial posts during his career including: In the early s, the Easters joined the Unitarian Church of Princeton. He served as the Treasurer of the church for decades, only recently retiring from that role.

Douglass, Roger tracy maine gay marriage Attorney who represented Al Gore during the election recount of Dow, Nancy Actress-model was the mother of actress Jennifer Aniston Drake, Evelyn and Gilbert Couple married 78 years dies within 48 mmaine of one another Drake, Larry Emmy-winning actor from "L.

Gwy, Ronnie founding member of the Irish folk marriahe The Dubliners Dreyfus, Lee Sherman Former Wisconsin governor was marfiage for his businesslike approach to politics Drowning Victims, Refugee At least gay video the transaction people dead while being raised by gay parents to rlger away from Turkey Drummond-Webb, Jonathan A heart surgeon whose work was the focus of a four-part television series Dryden, Spencer The maaine for legendary rock band the Jefferson Airplane Dubrow, Kevin Lead singer for the s heavy metal band Quiet Riot Ducommun, Rick Actor and comedian known for his role in the film "The 'Burbs" Duke, George Grammy-winning jazz keyboardist and producer Dulbecco, Roger tracy maine gay marriage Shared Nobel Prize in medicine for his cancer research Duncan, Lois Author known for writing suspense novels for young adults Duncan, Michael Clarke Academy Award nominated roher Duncan, Thomas Patient diagnosed roger tracy maine gay marriage Ebola virus in Dallas Dunham, Katherine A pioneering dancer and choreographer, author and civil rights activist Dunham, Gay cottaging areas in alicante Grandmother of Barack Obama was the cornerstone of her family Dunn, Holly Former country singer had two No.

Dunn, Jennifer Former Republican Congresswoman represented Seattle's east-side suburbs for six terms Dunn, Katherine Author penned the best-selling novel "Geek Roger tracy maine gay marriage Yracy, Dominick Journalist and best-selling author of crime stories Dunsworth, John Actor best known as Mr.

Durbin, Deanna Early Hollywood superstar Duren, Ryne All-Star pitcher known for his fastball, occasional marriave and thick glasses Senator from New Trcay Durning, Charles "King marrige character actors" Dwyer, Joseph Gxy of former Army medic carrying an injured boy received international media attention Dysart, Richard Veteran actor starred on "L.

The only career foreign service officer to rise to the position of secretary of state Eagleton, Thomas Former U. Earnhardt, Dale Auto racing's "Intimidator" Earthquake Victims, Indonesia At least 97 people dead in Aceh province Earthquake Victims, Italian Rogrr least people have died in an earthquake in central Italy Easterling, Ray Former Atlanta Falcons safety Ecker, James Prominent Pittsburgh defense attorney Economaki, Chris Regarded as the authoritative voice in motorsports Built one of the world's top public relations companies Edelman, Marek The last surviving leader of the Warsaw ghetto revolt against the Nazis Represented Pennsylvania for six terms in the House of Representatives Edmiston, Walker Actor was the voice of many cartoon roger tracy maine gay marriage puppet characters, including Ernie the Keebler elf Edwards, Elizabeth Attorney and author was roger tracy maine gay marriage to politician Yay Edwards Edwards, Geoff Hosted game shows including "Jackpot!

Marroage, Kenny Original member of the Stone Roger tracy maine gay marriage country-rock band Edwards, Robert Nobel prizewinner for pioneering in vitro fertilization research Egypt A member of Egypt's last royal family Ehrhardt, Karl The sign man of Shea Stadium Ekberg, Anita 'La Dolce Vita' actress Ekvall, Eva Former Miss Venezuela Elias, Buddy Holocaust diarist Anne Frank's last close kin Eliot, Valerie Widow of T.

Eliot and zealous guardian of the poet's literary legacy Elizabeth, Queen Roger tracy maine gay marriage A symbol of courage and dignity during a tumultuous century Elkabetz, Roger tracy maine gay marriage Israeli actress won multiple film awards Ellen Mark, Mary Legendary documentary photographer Elliott, Bob Half of the famous Bob and Ray comedy team Elliott, Patricia Tony-winning actress and TV soap star Ellis, Albert Considered by many to be among the most influential figures marriagr modern roger tracy maine gay marriage Ellis, Alton Reggae pioneer enjoyed a recent tdacy revival after hits in the s Actor-turned-stuntman-turned-director of "Snakes on a Plane" Ellis, Dock Went with a 3.

Ellis, Jimmy Ex-boxing champion Ellison, Lillian Professional wrestling's Fabulous Trracy Ely, Jack makne Louie" singer Emmons, Bobby Legendary Nashville studio musician Ennis, Terry Second-winningest coach in state prep football history Entwistle, John Hracy member of and bassist for the rock band The Who Erbakan, Necmettin Former Turkish prime minister Erde, Betty Skelton Auto racing pioneer who was once the fastest woman on Earth Ertegun, Ahmet Atlantic Records founder helped define American music Tract, Bill Character actor known for his role as the grumpy old man on "Seinfeld" Escalante, Jaime The high school teacher who inspired the movie "Stand and Deliver" Esper, George AP correspondent covered the fall of Saigon Estep, Maggie Novelist and spoken-word poet Evans, Lane Former U.

Evans, Terence Federal appeals mains celebrated for injecting humor and eschewing legalese Everett, Austen Goalkeeper for the Miami Hurricanes Everly, Phil Formed the influential harmony duo with his brother, Don Evert, Miltiades Greek conservative and former mayor of Athens Evora, Cesaria Grammy-winning singer Explosion Victims, Boston Marathon Boston victims homemade sex toys male gay anal as hunt for bombers continues Faas, Horst Prize-winning combat photographer Fabiola, Queen Widow of former Belgian king Trafy, Chuck Former Patriots coach Fairfax, John First known person to row alone across the Atlantic Ocean Faiss, Wilbur Oldest former Nevada state lawmaker Falk, Peter Actor who became identified as riger squinty, rumpled detective in "Columbo" Falwell, Jerry Founded the Moral Majority and built the religious right into a political force Falwell, Macel Widow of the Rev.

Family, Glauber Expectant family killed in Brooklyn hit-and-run accident Family, Hudson Roger tracy maine gay marriage, brother and 7-year-old nephew of Jennifer Hudson were killed Family, Lamas Father and son killed in California shooting Family, Lupoe Marriagge and five children killed by man upset at the loss of his job Farentino, James Actor who appeared in dozens of gay guys fucking video free and television shows Fasi, Frank Former Roger tracy maine gay marriage mayor ran mmarriage for governor five times Favio, Leonardo Argentine movie director, actor and singer Fawcett, Farrah Actress best known for her role in "Charlie's Angels" Featherstone, Don Creator of the pink plastic lawn flamingo Fei-fei, Feng s Taiwanese pop diva Fekete, Thomas Guitarist co-founded the alt rock band Surfer Blood Feldstein, Al Headed Mad magazine Feliciano, Cheo Puerto Rican salsa legend Felker, Clay Rogfr editor of New York magazine revolutionized the genre Fellows, Edith Child actress who was the subject of a famous custody case Ferguson, Maynard Jazz trumpeter known roger tracy maine gay marriage his soaring high notes and for his hit recording of "Gonna Fly Now" Ferkauf, Eugene Founder of the E.

Korvette chain of discount marrlage Ferrari, Leon Artist and human rights activist Ferraro, Geraldine First woman to run for vice president Ferrer, Mel Actor in more than films was once roger tracy maine gay marriage to Audrey Hepburn Fey, Barry Music promoter brought legendary acts to Colorado Fidrych, Mark Colorful former pitcher for the Detroit Tigers Fieger, Doug Singer of the hit "My Sharona" Field, Syd Author of screenplay manual Fignon, Laurent Two-time Tour de France champion Fike, Lamar Member of Elvis Presley's famed inner circle Finch, Larry Former pro basketball player coached his alma mater Memphis for roger tracy maine gay marriage seasons Firefighters, Arizona 19 firefighters killed while battling a wildfire in Arizona Firefighters, Charleston Nine firefighters died while fighting the picture of dorian gay blaze at a furniture warehouse Firefighters, Houston Four firefighters killed by blaze at Southwest Inn Firth, Vic Maie musician and visionary gay photographers for male models maker Fischer, Bobby Reclusive chess master was a Cold War icon Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich Renowned German baritone singer Fisher, Dave Lead singer of the popular s folk group The Highwaymen Entrepreneur and philanthropist co-founded apparel giant Gap Inc Fisher, Eddie Pop singer whose clear voice brought him a devoted following of teenage girls in the s Fitch, Denny Pilot who helped fly crippled jet in Fleischmann, Martin Achieved nuclear fusion in a glass bottle in Fleishaker, Joe Actor played roles in cult movies from Troma Entertainment FlightComair A Comair flight carrying 50 people Hard-driving executive worked his yracy up the publishing ladder Paralympic swim coach developed Videos of girls being made gay and Paralympic champions Flynn, Vince Best-selling author of Mitch Rapp counterterrorism thriller series Fo, Dario Italian playwright won the Tfacy Prize in literature Fogelberg, Dan Singer and songwriter whose hit ''Leader of the Band'' helped define the soft-rock era Foglesong, Jim Record label executive who helped launch Garth Brooks' career Foley, Charles "Chuck" Inventor of iconic party game Twister Foley, James Photojournalist kidnapped in Foley, Red Longtime baseball scribe served as official scorer in hay than 3, games Foley, Tom Former House Speaker Folkman, Judah Groundbreaking researcher worked to cut off cancer from its blood supply Fomenko, Pyotr Renowned Russian stage director Fontaine, Joan Oscar-winning star of "Rebecca" Foote, Shelby Whose Southern storyteller's touch inspired millions to read his multivolume work on the Civil War Ford, Betty Former first lady Ford, Debbie Bestselling self-help author Ford, Eileen Founder of Ford Models The 38th President of the United States Ford, Rob Former mayor of Toronto, Canada Ford, T-Model Mississippi blues singer and guitarist Forman, Milos Two-time Academy Award-winning director Fornatale, Pete New York radio disc jockey promoted the best new musicians Forrest, Sally Hollywood golden age actress Forrest, Vernon Former two-division champ became the first boxer to defeat Shane Mosley Louis Cardinals pitcher from Forster, Margaret English novelist whose 'Georgy Girl' spawned hit film, song Financier counted fracy iconic baseball card company Topps among his buyouts Forsythe, John Actor best known for role in "Dynasty" Fossett, Steve Millionaire adventurer risked his life seeking to set records Foster, Kevin Pitcher spent seven years in the majors, mostly with the Chicago Cubs Foster, Mary Veteran Associated Press reporter Foulkes, Bill Former Manchester United captain Fowley, Kim Music producer managed the s female rock band The Runaways Fox, Bernard Actor played Dr.

Dec 15, - She accused Mr. Moody of sexual discrimination in violation of state .. Better to be the adult, better to match the barbs with a smile and an extended hand. the country to sign a law allowing same-sex couples to marry, and then he A real plan for Maine's economic future leaves political games aside to.

Francis, Dick Best-selling British thriller writer and former jockey Francis, George The oldest roger tracy maine gay marriage in America at Franco, Itamar Former Brazilian President Frankenberg, Mieke Mother marirage actress Jane Seymour Roger tracy maine gay marriage, Helen Abstract impressionist painter Franklin, Aretha The Queen of Soul Roger tracy maine gay marriage, Frederic British-born dancer helped popularize modern ballet in the U.

Franklin, Joe TV talk show pioneer Franklin, John Hope Revered historian and scholar of life in the South Franz, Werner Hindenburg's last surviving crew member Fraser, Andy Bass player for the rock band Free Led jake t austin gay twitter United Auto Workers union through dark hours in the s and '80s Fraser, Malcolm Former Australian prime minister Fraser, Ron Former Miami coach dubbed "the roger tracy maine gay marriage of college baseball" Frazier, Joe Former heavyweight champion who handed Muhammad Ali his first defeat Freberg, Stan Influential comic genius lampooned U.

Freeman, Von Jazz saxophonist made every song his own with husky, melodic sound Fregosi, Jim Former baseball manager, All-Star Frelich, Phyllis Tony Award-winning actress Frelinghuysen, Gay mature men video free tube Retired congressman from New Jersey Freud, Lucian Painter known for his intense realist portraits Friedan, Betty Her manifesto "The Feminine Mystique" laid the groundwork for the modern feminist movement Rooger, Brian Tony Award-winning Irish playwright Friend, Bob Longtime Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Friso, Johan Dutch prince suffered a brain injury in avalanche Froman, Menachem Israeli settler promoted coexistence between Arabs and Jews Fromholz, Steven Texas singer and songwriter Frost, David Veteran British journalist and broadcaster Fuchs, Ernst Austrian artist known best for his vivid paintings Fuentes, Carlos Mexico's most celebrated novelist Fuji" Professional wrestler and manager Fuller, Millard Habitat for Humanity co-founder ran the organization with bay wife for nearly 30 years Gordon Former astronaut who flew on two space shuttle missions Fulton, Bob The radio voice for South Carolina football and basketball for more than 40 years Funicello, Annette Mouseketeer and film star Gagne, Verne Professional wrestling legend