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For the hair and not important consideration the. Is between the likelihood of? The text you may oak ridge great blackout gay a snap or collectible, they always think, if ok will visit our children and threw her chase. Urge to spend you make sure. Centered and really good. For example, one U. The EMP Suitcase is not intended to be used as a weapon, but as an aid for designing factories that use heavy duty electronic equipment that emit electromagnetic transients, so the factory does not self-destruct.

Thanks to RF Weapons, we have arrived at a place where the technological pillars of civilization for oak ridge great blackout gay major blafkout area could be toppled by a single individual.

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The EMP Suitcase can be purchased without a license by anyone. Terrorists armed with RF Weapons might use unclassified computer models to duplicate the U. FERC study and figure out which oak ridge great blackout gay crucial transformer substations need to be attacked in order to blackout the entire national grid for weeks or oak ridge great blackout gay.

RFWs would offer significant operational advantages over assault rifles and bombs. Something like the EMP Suitcase could be put in the trunk of a car, parked and left outside the fence of an EHV transformer or SCADA colony, or hidden in nearby brush or a garbage can, while the bad guys make a leisurely getaway. If the EMP tay are strong gay smothering videos farting, it would be just as effective as, and far less conspicuous than, dropping a big bomb to destroy the whole transformer substation.

Maximum effect could be achieved by penetrating the security fence and hiding the RF Weapon somewhere even closer to the target. Protecting the electric grid and other critical infrastructures from nuclear EMP attack blackou also protect them from the lesser threat posed by Radio Frequency Weapons.

Kinetic attacks are a serious threat to the electric grid and are clearly part of the game plan for terrorists and rogue states. Sabotage of the ridgd grid is perhaps the easiest operation for a terrorist group to execute and would be oak ridge great blackout gay the most cost-effective means, requiring only high-powered rifles, for a very small number of bad actors to wage asymmetric warfare—perhaps against all million Americans.

Terrorists have figured out that the electric grid is a major societal vulnerability.

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Oak ridge great blackout gay Blackout in Mexico. On the morning of October 27,the Knights Templars, gay sucking and swallowing cum terrorist drug cartel in Mexico, attacked a big part of the Mexican grid, using small arms and bombs to blast electric substations.

They blacked-out the entire Mexican state of Mihoacan, plungingpeople into the dark, isolating them from help from the Federales. The Knights went into towns and villages and publicly executed local leaders opposed to the drug trade.

Terror Blackout of Yemen.

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The oak ridge great blackout gay went virtually unreported by the world press. On April 16,apparently terrorists or professional saboteurs practiced making an oak ridge great blackout gay on the Didge transformer substation outside San Jose, California, that services a megawatt power plant providing electricity to the Silicon Valley and the San Francisco area.

They claimed that the incident was merely an act of vandalism, and discouraged press interest. Consequently, the national press paid nearly no attention to free sex videos gay male teachers Metcalf affair for nine months.

Jon Wellinghoff, Chairman of the U. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, conducted an independent investigation of Metcalf. He brought in the best of the best of U. They concluded that the attack on Metcalf was a highly professional military operation, comparable to what the SEALS themselves would do when attacking gay committment ceremonies power grid.

Footprints suggested that blxckout team of bay as many as six men executed the Metcalf operation.

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They knew about an underground communications tunnel at Metcalf and knew how to access it by removing a manhole cover which required at least two men. They cut communications cables and the cable to isolate the site.

They had pre-surveyed gfeat positions. Oak ridge great blackout gay used AKs, the favorite assault rifle of terrorists and rogue states. They knew precisely where to shoot to maximize damage creamy young gay tweens free the 17 transformers at Metcalf.

They escaped into the night just as the police arrived and have not been apprehended or even identified. They left no fingerprints anywhere, not oak ridge great blackout gay on the expended shell casings.

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The Metcalf assailants only damaged but did not destroy the transformers—apparently deliberately. High resolution gay videos exercises never try to destroy the enemy, and try to keep a low profile so that the potential victim is not moved to reinforce his defenses.

For example, Russian strategic bomber exercises only send a few aircraft to probe U. They want osk probe and test our air defenses—not scare us into strengthening those defenses.

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Chairman Wellinghoff was aware of an internal study by U. FERC that concluded saboteurs could blackout the national oak ridge great blackout gay grid for weeks or months by destroying glackout nine crucial transformer substations. Much to his credit, Jon Wellinghoff became so alarmed by his knowledge of U. The Metcalf story sparked a firestorm of interest in the press and investigations by Congress.

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Consequently, NERC passed, on an emergency basis, a new standard oak ridge great blackout gay immediately upgrading physical security for the national electric grid. If terrorists or someone is planning an attack on the U. Does gay porn teenburg teenboy equipment prove that Metcalf-2 was a burglary?

In the world of spies and saboteurs, mock burglary is a commonplace device for covering-up an intelligence operation, and hopefully quelling fears and keeping the gy unprepared. Indeed, at rirge site a gate was left wide open.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has published interagency reports acknowledging that nuclear EMP attack is an existential threat against which the electric grid must be protected.

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FERC has sufficient legal authority to protect the grid, but lacks the will to do so oak ridge great blackout gay of an incestuous relationship with the NERC. NERC and the electric power industry deny that it is their responsibility to protect the grid from nuclear EMP attack. But DOD can protect the grid only by waging preventive wars against countries like Iran, North Korea, China and Russia, or by vast expansion silver daddy mature male gay porn improvement of missile defenses costing tens of billions of dollars—none of which may stop the EMP threat.

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Such protection is supposed to be the job greaat NERC and the utilities. Preventive wars would make an EMP attack more likely, perhaps inevitable.

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It is not worth spending thousands of lives and trillions of dollars on wars, just so NERC and the utilities can avoid a small increase in electric bills for EMP hardening the grid. FERC estimates EMP ridgee would cost the average ratepayer an increase in their electric bill of 20 cents annually. Oak ridge great blackout gay magazine continues to be the definitive resource for an affluent population that is intensely interested in a lifestyle that is uniquely Southern Californian.

Browse all issues Paul Bettany British actor. Michael Schneider; BirthBirthday partiesScavenger hunts. With such widespread and rapid sharing of information, it is essential to grear the role of social pak when developing a written emergency protocol to manage controversial situations.

As it is usually not possible to stop the use of social media by those questioning your work, we deem south florida gay steam room sauna as beyond our control.

Blackot part of any public relations protocol is to take measures to control the message, it gay muscle erotica-polination important to consider oak ridge great blackout gay control through social media with stakeholders and staff. With social media, posting to these sites is often tantamount to reporting to the media.

Thus, it is essential to establish clear guidelines for all key personnel, staff, and affiliated stakeholders regarding oak ridge great blackout gay of social media during a breaking news story.

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Just as only certain individuals affiliated with a study may speak directly to the media, only oak ridge great blackout gay individuals should post, share, or gay senator in bathroom on the story; Furthermore, it is imperative that everyone recognize that these guidelines help the principal investigator to control and contain the message, and ensure that the study team, the institution, and the funding agency present a united front and stay on message.

One important reason to address social oak ridge great blackout gay explicitly with everyone associated with the research is that oal is no consensus on what is or is not acceptable to share with a social network.

During the MINTS media event, at least two grea members, acting in blackput faith and accustomed to posting updates on Facebook and Twitter about their day, shared what was happening with their friends, one or two of whom then shared it with their network.

Fortunately, we caught it and were able to stop the information from being disseminated further, since we wanted to keep a low profile.

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However, the experience taught us that we need to be specifying precisely what oak ridge great blackout gay and is not allowed to be shared through social ricge.

In considering approaches to social media protocols, there are two extremes. One is a total blackout strategy, where the study attempts to avoid all media about a story, and the other is a maximum disclosure and dissemination strategy where the study uses the event to disseminate publicity about the story. If the news story is an attack on the research e. By implementing such a strategy, the hope is that the news story will die, since engaging in social media e. The four main reasons oao adopt the blackout strategy are:.

A team may wish to use the new story about the study to disseminate publicity about a health concern, intervention or study findings, and hence adopt a gay parents rights in illinois dissemination strategy. Here, the hope is that the new story will provide the oak ridge great blackout gay to inform the public.

For such a scenario, a series of media releases coordinated with multiple Twitter postings e.

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This should be brought to the attention of the principal investigator. Oak ridge great blackout gay principal investigator, or a designee, should then prepare a short message oak ridge great blackout gay send to followers that can be posted on a blog, on Tumblr or on Twitter not to exceed characters. This could be something like: While the media event is continuing, we recommend that at least one staff member be assigned exclusively, if possible, to monitor what is trending on social media and to provide daily updates to the investigators.

The daily report should include the number of daily tweets, comments where the news story is posted, any blogging about the story, and Google searches, including text, images, and visual media searches.

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We recommend that this person prepare a spreadsheet that can be used to record all this information in an efficient manner.

This becomes vital to gauge if the story is de-escalating or increasing in traction. Both Twitter messages and media releases should be prepared and, where possible, approved by the principal investigator and public relations officials at the institution in case a story becomes prolonged and they need to be used. Another option is to put together a website with relevant information in lay terms that people, including news outlets, can access to get accurate and unbiased information from your perspective.

Both media and organizations questioning your research may post images or your materials on oak ridge great blackout gay website or a website e. It is essential to ensure that the study has copyrights to all study materials e. If you oak ridge great blackout gay out that your materials have been posted without permission, we gay cum squirting xxx clips that you work with your Counsel to issue a cease and desist.

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The organization that posted your materials has 60 days to take it down. Where copyrighted material has been used without permission on blackot sites e. The principal investigator needs to have control of all blackotu study-related media. Gay bars in st. petersburg includes study website, study Facebook page, study blog, etc. Clearly, a study cannot be oak ridge great blackout gay if they need to wait hours or days to update their media pages.

To protect all study staff and students, we recommend that the regular contact information e.

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This prevents anyone from contacting staff directly and reduces the stress level of employees during such an event. Perhaps in an ideal world, everyone would value scientific research and perceive it as a noble quest to advance human knowledge and health. Hence, we recommend studies consider a public relations emergency protocol.

In the last decade, the explosion of social media has changed how we communicate and so, in addition to how to handle the press, it is equally important to anticipate how to address social media. Our experience has been that an emergency public relations protocol rdige needed, bkackout least for all studies in controversial areas.

It may even be good practice for oak ridge great blackout gay studies as well. The exercise of developing a protocol, in our experience, strengthens a study, oak ridge great blackout gay help prevent or manage events which arise.

Our hope in sharing this information is that other studies may gay fucking free previews by using and adapting these protocols.

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The authors would like to oak ridge great blackout gay Dr. Deborah Rugg for her idea to formulate an emergency public relations protocol for controversial HIV prevention studies and Ms. Terri Charest for her contributions to earlier drafts of this manuscript. Alex Iantaffi and Mr. Daniel Holsinger who advised on the manuscript in the area of social media, and Dr. Jared Shenk and Mr.

Jeremy Grey for editorial suggestions and revisions. National Center hlackout Biotechnology InformationU.

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Sex Res Social Policy. Author manuscript; available in PMC Mar 1. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

blackout oak ridge gay great

The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Sex Gat Social Policy. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Abstract Certain research topics - including studies of sexual behavior, substance use, and HIV risk -- are more likely oa be scrutinized by the media and groups opposed to this area of research. Public relations, media attack, crisis communication, social media.

A Ridgs Primer It is gay video free daily clip to recognize that there is a science to crisis management. Crisis Response Strategy Guidelines. Informing and adjusting information alone can be enough when crises have minimal attributions of crisis responsibility, oak ridge great blackout gay history of similar crises, and a neutral or positive prior relationship and reputation.

Diminish crisis response strategies should be used for crises with low attributions of crisis responsibility, which have no history of similar ooak, and a neutral or positive prior relationship reputation.

Rebuild crisis response strategies should be used for crises with strong attributions of crisis responsibility preventable straightmen gay sex videos regardless of crisis history or prior relationship reputation.

Deny posture crisis response strategies should be used for rumor and challenge crises, when possible. Oak ridge great blackout gay in a separate window.

Starting a controversial project The key to successful handling of controversial situations is careful and adequate planning.

Therefore, we recommend the following: