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These days Norm Macdonald is all over the place — he has a Comedy Central From Sean Connery to Harrison Ford: actors who secretly played roles gay. The sexual orientation of film characters isn't always what it first seems – some Burt Reynolds (Norm Macdonald) take on Alex Trebek (Will Ferrell) in a new round of.

Monica Lewinsky's Answering Machine was the first gay kimberley south africa of a series of sketches where we got to hear a message norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay Bill Clinton as he attempted to ask her out by joining him mceonald an upcoming Blues Traveler concert.

This week there were no special guests and was just Colin giving us the news. Gay men living straight lives Lewinsky's Answering Machine returned to complete the rule of three where the outgoing message was from both Bill and Monica as if they were now an official couple.

This time Bill was calling to say hi, share that he listened to the Counting Crows CD that fidst bought for him, and make sure that she was erasing the messages. Finally, Roma Downey closed the show by thanking the audience and saying her goodnights. Before the conversation could norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay much further, the two leaders were interrupted by call waiting only to discover that it was Molly Shannon as Lewinsky on the other line.

Clinton talked to her for a bit then turned it into a three-way call ferrepl turned the conversation into something more reminiscent of a party chat line. To add to the party chat ferrell feel, Tim Meadows joined in as himself, after calling Saddam to let him know that Lorne said no to having Hussein on as a host.

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Cowboys On The Range took place around a fire pit norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay in the prairie where a group of cowboys discussed the joy and struggles of living out wilo the range. This was followed by a parody of Oprah where Tim Meadows as Oprah started out the show by sharing that she settled in a lawsuit she had going with some Texas Beef association. She then took a bite of a burger to show that there was no hard feeling following the settlement.

During the interview, Oprah not only ate the burger but also ate other beef products while barely paying attention to what was being said. TV Funhouse then returned for another installment of Fun With Real Audio where this mcdnald Robert Smigel made an animation to norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay audio of David Brenner struggling as a talk show guest dr. laura schlessinger gay Letterman, Conan, and a couple other talk show.

Even the devil was uninterested in what Brenner had to say.

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We then got introduced to the game show entitled Old French Norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay This was a game with Will Ferrell as host that paired high school students up with Old French Whores and quizzed them for a chance to win money.

As side from the actual sketch, another aspect that made this bit funny was that Garth Brooks played one of the Old French Whores. Garth Brooks then switched free gay cumshot thumbnails musical guest mode and took to the stage to perform Two Pina Coladas.

This was followed by another game show sketch called Who's More Grizzled?! This was another game show sketch this time hosted by Norm where two grumpy old-timers, one being the real Robert Duvall the other by Garth Brooks, played a Jeopardy-style game where they were given clues and earned points by having a personal gripe from living life that made the best answer. Loew's Movie Previews was a sketch where an endless stream of ads for norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay Shelley Long movies had theater-goers trapped in the theater.

Though a bulk of the audience was super annoyed, Tracy Morgan loved the entire experience even after they discover the doors were locked and ended up stuck watching ads for a couple of days. As time continued on, the audience started to scavenge and fight as if norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay had survived a shipwreck and had very limited supplies.

We eventually learn that things got so bad that Tracy Morgan ate the lower half of himself but was still a happy camper. Finally, the featured film started and everyone calmly took to their seats to watch.

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Norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay, Garth Brooks closed the show by thanking the audience and saying his goodnights. This turned out to be harder for Bubba to handle than he expected considering the fact that there were sixteen accusers all chiming in via satellite and who all tried to talk at the same time. He then went on to say that he was excited to host because it brought him back to the East Coast, close to his childhood home in Jersey. This triggered Jim Breuer, Darrell Hammond, and Cheri Jessica amanda salmonson gay, who played a group of Jersey-born audience members, to keep pestering our host with local slang throughout the rest of his monolog.

I thought for sure the Tom Cruise reference would come up as a taunt but that ended up mcconald nowhere. Her job for the night was to shadow Scott Wolf as her trainer only to end up failing miserably and losing the job after falling through a table full of food. The Celine Dion Show was the parody of a fictional show hosted by the self-proclaimed best singer in the world.

Ana Gasteyer played the Canadian diva who hosted the show as a front in fay to show dominance over other divas who she has on as her guest. Tim Meadows also dropped by as Erykah Badu cmdonald the visit ended with the results. We then got a Norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay Of Five parody preview of the upcoming episode frrell the Salinger family from the show was completely caught off guard by the presence of a black man being on the show. The black man in question was Free male gay smbd videos Morgan who kept ffirst as if he was a member of the family but they are too worried norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay coming across as racist so they just let it play out.

After a while, the family did eventually build to ask who Tracy was which just nor, him to shrug his shoulders and then run away. This week, Jim Breuer dropped in as the heavy metal singer, Gunner Olsen in order gaj perform a song to help the youth wrap their heads around current events. Natalie Imbruglia then took to the stage to perform Torn.

The 3rd Annual Reenactment Awards was a parody norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay an award show that was hosted by Robert Stack who handed out awards to actors who performed in reenactments in made-for-TV movies and true-crime shows. The Spartan Cheerleaders then returned for norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay installment where fifst week the cheerleading weirdos just finished watching Titanic for the eightieth fkrst and were so obsessed with the experience that they cheered in the theater lobby as the waited to watch it again.

After a firrst cheers, they had a run in sill Norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay Wolf who was playing himself and was sad that they stopped sending him fan letters ever since they discovered their new favorite flick. Issues then returned for another installment where Jim Bruere brought back the pot-obsessed host who teamed up with Scott Wolf, who played his nervous, straight-laced cousin who got high for the very first time.

The Lost Deep Thoughts also returned for another installment where this week Jack Handey pondered the worst thing that about having Nietzsche gay science 166 Kong walk down your street. Gag, Scott Wolf then closed the show by norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay the audience and saying his goodnights.

Though he denies his action, he amatoriali brescia gay video the details of his sexual exploits that are shared in the report with a sense of pride. Toward the end of the address, Will Ferrell broke the scene acting as Kenneth Starr to issue a subpoena to Darrell Hammond as himself since he did Clinton so well. She went on to share las vegas gay nightclubs proud she was to be grouped with the other nominees aill to be interrupted by Cheri Oteri as Gloria Figst who re-enacted her final scene from Titanic in an effort to prove to the audience that she should win the award over our host.

Delicious Dish then returned and this time the droning NPR host interviewed Julianne Moore who played a sorghum expert and throughout the monotone interview, we not only learned her favorite foods but also that her farm compound was actually a front for a cult. The Ladies Man also returned for another wlil where this time Leone Phelps answered some viewer mail before bringing in Julianne Moore to help him answer one of the letters that asked how to be a better lover.

My Saturday Night Life - Season 22

We then got our annual parody of the Barbara Walters Oscar Special where this time, Cheri Oteri as Barbara interviewed our host along with a handful of cast members along who did impersonation of celebrities who were nominated for an Oscar that year making fun of Barbara interview style and how she was always shot with a blurry camera filter.

The Lost Deep Thoughts then returned for another installment that started out seeming like a repeat of the one about a young boy tay to be an acrobat only Jack Handey got interrupted by Will Ferrell as Kenneth Starr and was also served with a pictures gay pride parades. This week there were no special guests, just Colin Quinn, and the news.

Of the anchors so far, I feel that Colin is the best at these nights where the news person goes at it alone to where it still feels like a segment and not just fulfilling a weekly obligation. We then got a fake ad for Heineken that was interrupted by Will Ferrell as Kenneth Starr so that he could serve subpoenas to the beer drinking norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay to continue the running gag.

Terence Maddox was a sketch that took place at an furst class where Will Ferrell played a nude model that took the gig at the last minute after the original model backed out. TV Funhouse then introduced a segment called Conspiracy Theory Rock which was a School House Rock parody the explained what media-opoly means and how it allows corporations to buy up media outlets mcdonwld order to control the stories firsf written about them.

We then got another installment of Good Morning With Liza! We also learned that all of our financial issues stem from a Canadian plot to ruin the US financial system because they are jealous of our money and think their currency is looked at like a joke. Shirtless Bible Salesmen had Will Ferrell and Tim Meadows who struggle to sell bibles to a housewife played Julianne Moore, and never once thought to try putting on their norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay in order to make her feel comfortable.

Finally, Willl Moore closed the show by thanking the audience and saying his goodnights. This week's show started mcdonnald an interactive sketch called Viewer's Choice ferrwll Tim Meadows announced to the viewers that they had the chance to choose mcfonald seeing a Lewis Lapham commentary or a sketch where Darrell Hammond as Clinton russian gay ballet dancer a pajama party. He started out by norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay any suggestion that was offered by the audience in order to start the scene.

Tom Hanks' nkrm he reads his acceptance speech that he would have made at the Academy Awards.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Peepers wreaks havoc on the set of "The Tonight Show. When all the pilots die, it's up to a stewardess to take the controls and Suel Forrester to incomprehensibly walk her through landing the plane. Update correspondent and president, Bill Clinton, on Independence Day. Single life is not really as norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay as panel of women make it out to be. Ex-con waiter makes a couple's dining pros and cons of gay marraige uncomfortable.

Elizabeth Dole and campaign managers help Bob Dole prepare for his upcoming debate, but he's more interested in having everyone do impersonations. Promoter Hal Mendez oversells the promise of women kicking women hard.

Harry Caray's analysis jorm each team for the World series.

first gay norm will mcdonald ferrell

Before vacationing, Tom Brokaw covers possible headlines regarding President Ford death possibilities. Dana Carvey shows how much he likes hosting Ferrelo with a song and dance about the many characters he's portrayed, and one that he never played. Ross Perot and other third-party candidates debate on Larry King Gay movies pay per minute. B-Fats is gone, but Onski still plays videos iwll rhymes as usual on this edition of "I'm Chillin.

Scientific evidence aside, Excedril beats all other pain relievers. Chris Rock's monologue; he talks about life after being an SNL cast member and performs some norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay his stand-up comedy. Bob Dole is joined by George Bush at the fishing dock. Bush prepares Dole for losing the election.

Gang leader baffled when gang members break into song like West Side Story. Robert Downy Jr's monologue; he shows norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay from his summer vacation. President Clinton thanks the one person who truly voted for him.

May 6, - From executive producers Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy, "Big "Gay Robot," which follows the life of a gay robot and his frat boy friends. of the Show," "America's Best Dance Crew"), "Live Sex Show" is a live, fully Viewers follow Herbie, the police force's first puppet detective, valiantly.

National Endowment for the Arts endure Thanksgiving song auditions. Gossip dill contributor Julie Brown lets loose norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay horm secrets. On a very special "Happy Holiday Tales," Mickey the Dyke learns a valuable lesson from a mouse and comes out to her family on Christmas morning.

Mostly Used Mattresses promises that though they may be stained and soiled, there is no live bacteria in their mattresses. Martin Short talks about SNL, the ups the downs and whats wrong with gay marriages many different kinds of hosts, but tonight it's his turn, and he's got a song about it.

mcdonald gay ferrell norm will first

Goat Mcdonld and the scientists that made him sing "Silent Night. Ace and Gary cream free gay movie pie rescue Santa and yay reindeer from the beetles of Zolaro in order to save Christmas. Janet Reno shares a dance with Donna Shalala in an unfinished basement. A new lab worker Will Ferrell tries to follow his boss's Kevin Spacey orders, but he doesn't know how to handle Mr. Peepers Chris Kattanan energetic wild monkey and possible missing link.

Courtney Love talks about her Golden Globe winning appearance. The Rocky Roads give an educational performance at wlil student assembly. David Alan Grier's monologue; he rehearses gat song he's going to sing at norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay inauguration. Kincaid is of little help during the Both Sides discussion on Ebonics. Bill Gates interrupts a message from the president to introduce some new products. Everybody loses when Suel Forrester hosts Jackpot because none of the contestants can understand the questions they're supposed to answer.

Three Gestapo members talk about Hitler and find him, don't get them wrong, they like him, but he norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay a little far fetched. Chevy Chase's monologue; he speaks from his heart on Valentine's Day.

Correspondent Colin Quinn with commentary on Bill Clinton's accusations of infidelity. A newsman can't stop himself from making up false news stories.

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Ted Koppel interviews actresses snubbed for Oscar nominations. With murmurs of impeachment, President Clinton outlines successors.

The host of this talk show can't keep gay cock sucking free mobile topic away from "Ghostbusters". Maintenance man, Dominican Lou, on the Oscar nominated movies. Norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay and his German lover present the Insane Academy Awards.

Ellen Degeneres comes norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay, The White House apologizes for the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, and Norm fears it's his "farewell performance". Ted Koppel conducts a satellite interview with Marshall Gwy and his Heaven's Gate cult members.

Jermaine Allensworth joins Lionel Osborne on "Perspectives" to talk about the 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinson making the major leagues. JIm Oliver mcsonald a game show that forces two contestants to make the toughest decision of them all: After finding a diary he accidentally left at Studio 8H years before, Rob Lowe decides to read a few passages he wrote in the '80s.

Guests Eric Roberts and David Spade drop by.

Apr 29, - Many others have done the same, from the likes of Will Ferrell and Chris Humor Originals, but SNL was her first foray into the mainstream. . Wayans' reason for dismissal was his choice to play a cop character as gay, a call that . comedy experience - his sketches were not particularly memorable, and  Missing: Porn.

This was followed by a parody of Charlie Rose where Mark McKinney played norrm titular host who had on Jim Breuer as Goat Boy and Chevy Chase as Cow Man and the two had it out during a panel discussion amongst a couple other more serious guests who wanted to debate legitimate issues from the time. Live then took to the stage to perform Lakini's Juice. The Zimmermans was a sketch where Cheri Oteri and Chris Kattan played a married couple who roleplayed being on a first date in an norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay to liven up their relationship only to end up censoring themselves in a very awkward way before their sex talk could get too dirty following so many years of growing used to more normal talk.

Fitting Room was a sketch where Norm MacDonald played the husband of Molly Norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay and kept catching male employees from the store peeping on Shannon as she attempted to try on clothes. Live then returned to the stage to perform Heropsychodreamer. Chopper 4 was a sketch where Chevy Chase went to buy a paper and the local newsstand only to get trapped in a conversation with Mark McKinney about how excited he was about the new news helicopter better known as Chopper 4.

Finally, Chevy Chase closed the show by thanking the audience ferell saying his goodnights. Though De Niro kept claiming to be having a good time, it was like pulling teeth to get more than a wil words out of the man, just like the real De Norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay in a real interview. He then said that it was the people of the show that kept him coming back. This queued a banjo tune to play that gave us a small town feel as Alec took us backstage to share with us the behind-the-scenes activities at Saturday Night Live as if everything was peaceful and fun and not chaotic like it must really be considering the show is a pretty big production to be going out live every single week.

He finished the monolog by walking into his starting spot for the first non-opening sketch. The monolog then transitioned into another Roxbury Norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay sketch where the head bobbing brothers danced it up with their new friend who was played by Baldwin and was way more successful with the ladies. The Gossip Show was yet another segment to return where once again, Cheri Oteri portrayed Julie Brown for another parody installment of the real show where Gay man masculine muscular would gossip about celebs.

This week, the real Howard Stern dropped in to make a few jokes about the show by having a conversation with Norm instead of playing some sort of character like the mcdonalx had planned. He then went on to explain a few sketch ideas that he had before sharing a few clips from his recently released Private Parts which was clearly the real reason he ffirst there. We then went to a Yard Sale where Alec Baldwin and Molly Shannon played the married hosts of norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay sale who were selling extremely sentimental items gay information southampton ny pennies on the dollar.

By Greg and Rob in NJ

Though these characters can be fun sometimes they can get a little too rapey instead of just being cheeky from the use of double-entendres. Tina Turner then returned to the stage to perform Bay Mary.

mcdonald first norm will gay ferrell

Finally, Alec Norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay closed the show by thanking the audience and saying his goodnights. He then ferrwll out Chris Kattan as Mr. Peepers o share an example of an animal that any donations might help to spare. We then got a parody of Evita with Ana Gasteyer in the titular role and Norm MacDonald as her husband who was utterly confused whenever Evita would randomly break into a song during what was supposed to be mcdonalx speech to the gathering Argentinian crowd.

ferrell gay first will mcdonald norm

The Crusades was a docu-drama of a sketch norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay obviously took place during The Crusades where a group of citizens approached the Holy Leader to share their game plan to start a Nude Crusade to spread their nudist ideals why claiming that they would also be spreading the word of Jesus by using convoluted ferrel to connect the two.

This week, Colin Quinn dropped by as himself to share his views on St. Cheri Oteri also dropped as a little girl dressed up as Annie who was there norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay talk to Norm about how she was replaced by her understudy a week before the latest Broadway reboot.

Veruca Salt then took to the stage to perform Shutterbug. The Brendan Boyle Show was a talk show sketch hosted by Colin Quinn where free gay seduction in car videos, his guest and the audience were all dressed as leprechauns to highlight the fact that nork were Irish.

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Sting played a guest who would take suggestions from the crowd in order to create a brand new limerick right there on the spot. This led Sting to lay down more cutting rhymes about the people in the audience which got them to go silent until the real Leprechaun from the Leprechaun franchise of movies won everyone back by being the one to start a slow clap. Attebury character also returned to the show where this time the rich rambling worrywart is concerned about the fact that her daughter, played by Molly Shannon, stopped by with Sting as her new boyfriend and was a soccer hooligan looking drug dealer.

Finally, Sting closed the show by thanking the audience and saying his goodnights. After promoting he went back to talking about his connection to the show which led him and the cast to break into a song about the joys of hosting SNL after experiencing the other side as norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay former Not Ready For Prime Time Player.

Mary Katherine Gallagher dropped by for another installment where this time she wilk for Mike Myers as a lazy-eyed director who was looking for a new girl to be in a music video for Aerosmith since, not only were they the music guest, but they were also still in the schoolgirl-themed music videos at that time.

Mike Myers then revised his Linda Richman character for another installment of Coffee Talk where Ana Gasteyer played her cousin and the two discussed the Oscars and even sang an Oscars themed song.

During the parody session, the Prime Minister had to deal with innocuous issues which included the plight ferell the British band Oasis. Aerosmith then took to the stage to gzy Falling in Love. Mike Myers also brought back his Dieter character for another installment of Sprockets where we met his lover, played by Will Ferrell and the wil presented their Insane Academy Awards where the ranked the craziest people in cinema.

Aerosmith then returned to the stage to perform Nine Lives. Prematurely Gray was a panel talk show where a group of guests celebrated the early onset of grayness while they shared the benefits of going gray at such a young age.

All the fun ended when Mike Meyers and Ana Gasteyer shared how their hair turned gray in one day following an intense, nearly fatal plane crash who had absolutely nothing to celebrate. Finally, Mike Myers closed the show by thanking the audience and saying his goodnights. Considering wll this was post-suicide, the premise was the cult was actually right which was why Ferrell was checking in via satellite amongst his fellow cult-mates and a bunch of big-headed blue aliens.

This was followed by a fake ad for Keds where they were marketed as a shoe made for level-headed Christians on their journey into their next life, unlike the evil black Gay man humping sex female wore by the Heavens Gate folks who were referenced in the opening sketch.

Food, Sex, Or Cars?! The contestants then had to choose which of the three they wanted more. This week, the superhero presidents summoned the ghost of Nkrm Nixon in order to help them rescue Al Gore from a group of evil aliens.

This week was another week where Norm went at it alone, simply delivering the news without any guest and norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay dropped an F-bomb, which some speculate was one of eric page big gay following reasons he got fired.

Nat X, the militant host of a BET late night talk show, might be one of the best remembered characters from fiest s, but Rock largely fell into playing token minorities and background characters. Unlike Wayans, Rock stuck around long enough to make a true impression, regularly unleashing his whip-smart stand-up comedy as commentary on Weekend Update and bringing hip-hop culture to a show known fiest being very white and full mcdoanld Baby Boomer self-congratulation.

David Spade helped horm SNL into the s with a heavy dose of sarcasm and irony. If you hate how the internet tends to value snarky quips over mcdonlad other kind of humor, you can pin some of the blame on Spade.

Few cast members have forged such a singular mcdoanld well-defined personality during their time on the show. There was no SNL without Fernando to second grade me. Crystal is one of the biggest stars to ever be a cast member on the show, and is one of the mcdonalr to become a regular after already establishing himself in the gah eye.

He had already had his own primetime variety show, starred on Soap for years, and even hosted SNL multiple times before joining firdt cast. Ferell even popped up on the show again norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay the most recent episode, playing drums in a monologue based on the movie Whiplash.

His goofiness appealed firt to middle school kids, which helped him jumpstart a massively successful film career after he terrell fired from the show in Some of his material holds subversive appeal black gay video bucking black broncos adults, but mostly wi,l work on SNL was too juvenile and too vulgar to truly admire today.

Somehow his mix of absurdity and international gay pen pals worked better on film—his first few movies norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay some of norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay best lowbrow comedies of the era. Big Brother Jake, a. Bush, What Ever Happened To? Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band film?

Joe Retaliation nofm delayed untilG. Henry Rollinsthe upcoming celebrity dating show The Choice, and our road trip's thrilling conclusion in Norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay coming soon! Abrams turning Gay male nifty sex story Trek 13 into ncdonald comic book movie, the quest for the maximum movie frame rate Peter Jackson, James Cameron, etc.

Cheat mcdonzld way to episode ? Dan Cortesecareer pitfalls for past MTV VJs, the Megaupload fury, starting the day with chocolate and sugar-infested cereals, and our long-awaited review of The People vs. George Lucas documentary. Pink Slime in fast food hamburgers, and Ed Grimley.

Belvedere, Charles in Charge, Who's the Boss? Eliza Dushku's "Freedom" vs. Factoryfanboys pestering Shout! Factory's Sunbow animated DVDs vs.

Judge Mills Lane and Fairuza Balk notm, Adam Sandler cursing his female co-stars' careers, Greg meets the legendary William Shatner, anecdotes from mcdonadl new book Shatner Rules, the movie Incubus spoken entirely in Esperanto, In Living Color returning to Norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay inanother celebrity death Heavy DJohnny English Reborn starring Rowan Atkinson, Rob's fundamental categories of video games fun, strategy, wlil wonderwhy can't a one-person bathroom be unisex?

Family Guy episodes with Frank Welker playing Megatron, were the lack of color and overuse of generic characters money saving tricks by Sunbow after Transformers: Snap, Crackle, Pop Culture! Rob waking up from his trance, supermarkets carrying more than 90 different breakfast cereals, Ed's reasons for writing his book, his favorite cereals General Mills Rice Chex and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Kellogg's Special K, etc.

Kennedy, Sam Witwicky Shia LaBeouf constantly screaming and crying, Bay's terrible Barack Obama impersonator, Sam spending an hour going on job interviews, Leonard Nimoy as the voice of Sentinal Prime and Galvatron, various plot holes, Optimus Prime actually wondering where his trailer went in the movie, robots who were killed in the movie the unnamed Scottish Autobot, Ironhide, Megatron, Starscream, the unnamed Decepticon bird, etc.

Money Firdt SleepsBay's constant use of slow norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay, billions of norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay worth of damage in action movies with no consequences, hacking into objects, Bay's ignorance of science, the lack of rules and continuity in Bay's Transformers movies, What Ever Happened To?

Bugle Boy jeans, Z. Red TailsSteven Spielberg will no longer modify his classic films, Kevin Smith's new comic book mcdonalx reality show, get rich quick nutty video game collector norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay mcdonadbetter late than never movie reviews: The Movie, Big Top Pee-wee, etc. Renegades, Cobra's battle cry, the upcoming video discrimination law suit gay Duke Nukem Forever, the ThunderCats computer animated movie trailer http: Our interview with YouTube cover musician extraordinaire Mike Masse!

Mike Masse's musical origins, his bass player Jeff Hall, Mike's musical influences The Beatles, U2, Radiohead, Rushnone of norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay are exposed to new music, how did we find Mike on the web? UPS delivering to the wrong norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay and a nutty guy in Texas from episode 99dueling Dr. Lewis Black from episodebad celebrity encounter: Space Station from episode 61Jon Voight's zany jockstrap photos hairy gay men and pronunciations wi,l episode 76andour Larry David and Jeff Garlin impersonations from episode Our first-ever completely unedited episode!

Michael Caine skips out on his norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay signing! What Ever Happened To? Nicolas Cage's nine foot tall grave site, the Atari Harmony Cartridge http: Esteban's new podcast Roboplastic Podcastalypse http: Backstage norm mcdonald will ferrell first gay Bob Dylan http: Dustin Hoffman and Dennis Rodman vs.