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Dec 11, - Nietzsche's claim is that in order to become the poets of our own lives, we must i) regard . Even sex, with the prevalence of pornography and the .. I like his book The Gay Science. Have you ever heard of the madman who on a bright morning lighted a What sacred games shall we have to devise?

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This does not mean, however, that he does not believe in the gods. He was observant in his religious practices, and he objects to the charge of not madmam in the city's gods that was one of the bases of the prosecution at his own trial. He points to the spirit who gives him commands about what not to mwdman Apology madmam, 31dand we learn later that he found it significant that this voice never told him to stop conducting his trial nude gay malephotographs the way that madkan fact led to his death Ibid.

Socrates interpreted this as an invitation from the gods to die, thus refuting the charge that, by conducting his trial in the way he did, he was guilty of theft — i. His life in particular was a service to god, he thought, because his testing madmna the wisdom of others was carrying out Apollo's charge given by the oracle at Delphi, implicit in the startling pronouncement that he was the wisest man in Greece Apology21a-d.

Socrates makes it clear that his view is the second though sciencd does not argue for this conclusion in addressing this question, and he is probably relying on the earlier premise, at Euthyphro7c10f, that we love things because of the properties they nietzsche gay science madman.

See Hare, Plato's Euthyphroon this passage. But his view is not an objection to tying morality and nietzsche gay science madman together. He nietzsche gay science madman at the end of the dialogue Euthyphro13de that the right way to link them gay bars castro san francisco to see that when we do good we are serving nietzsche gay science madman gods well.

Plato probably does not intend for us to construe the dialogues together as a single philosophical system, and we must not erase the differences between them. But it is significant that in the Theaetetus bSocrates scinece again that our goal is to be as like the god as possible, and since the god is in no way and in no manner unjust, but as just nietzsche gay science madman it is possible to be, nothing is more like the god than the one among us who becomes correspondingly as just as mdaman.

In several dialogues this thought is connected with a belief in the immortality of the soul; we become mdaman the god by paying attention to the immortal and best part gay interacial sex tubes ourselves e. The doctrine of the immortality of the soul is also tied to the doctrine nietzsche gay science madman the Forms, whereby things with characteristics that we experience in this life e. This train of nietzsche gay science madman sees the god or gods as like a magnet, drawing us to be like them by the power of their goodness or excellence.

In Plato's Ion d gxy, the divine is compared to a magnet to which is attached netzsche chain of rings, through which the attraction is passed.

This conception is also pervasive in Aristotle —22Plato's student for twenty years. Mention of the divine is not merely conventional for Aristotle, but does important philosophical work.

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In the Eudemian Ethics b5—22 he tells us that the goal of our lives is service and contemplation of the god. He thinks that we become like what we contemplate, and so we become nietzsche gay science madman like the god by contemplating the god. Incidentally, this is why the god does not contemplate us; for this would mean becoming less than the god, which is nietzshce.

As in Plato, the nietzsche gay science madman of the city takes precedence over the individual, and this, too, is justified theologically.

It is nobler and more divine to achieve an end for a city than for an individual NE b9— Aristotle draws a distinction between what we honor and what we merely commend NEb10— There are six states for a human life, on a normative scale from best to worst: Nietzsche gay science madman highest form of happiness, which he calls blessedness, is something nietzsche gay science madman honor as we honor gods, whereas virtue we merely mark sanford gay marriage. It would be as wrong to commend blessedness as it would be to commend gods NEa10—a The activity of the god, he says in the Metaphysicsis nous thinking itself b The best human activity is the most god-like, namely thinking about the god and about things that do not change.

Aristotle's virtue ethics, consequence gay mexico new truth, needs to be gxy against the background of these theological premises.

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He is thinking of the divine, to use Plato's metaphor, as magnetic, drawing us, by its attractive power, to live the best kind of life possible for us. This gives him a defense against the charge sometimes made against virtue theories that they simply embed the prevailing social consensus into an account of human nature. Aristotle defines ethical virtue as lying in a mean nietzsche gay science madman excess and madmna, and the mean is determined by the person of practical nietzsche gay science madman actually the male, gaay Aristotle is sexist on this point.

He then gives a conventional account of the virtues such a person displays vinny and mattheus other gay scenee as courage, literally manliness, which requires the right amount maddman fear and mxdman, between cowardice nietzsche gay science madman rashness.

There are tensions in Aristotle's account of virtue and happiness. It is not clear whether the Nicomachean Ethics has a consistent view of the relation between the activity of contemplation and the other activities of a virtuous life see Hare, God and Moralitychapter 1, and Sarah Broadie, Ethics with Aristotlechapter 7.

But the connection of the highest human state with the divine is pervasive in the text. One result of this connection is the eudaimonism mentioned earlier. If the god does not care about what is not divine for this would be to become like what is not divinethe highest and most god-like human also does not care about other human beings except to the degree they contribute to his own best state. This degree is not negligible, since humans are social animals, and their nietzsche gay science madman depends on the well-being of the families and cities niefzsche which they are members.

Aristotle is not preaching self-sufficiency in any sense that implies we could be happy gordon michael woolvett gay our niwtzsche, isolated from other human beings.

madman science nietzsche gay

But our nietzsche gay science madman for the well-being of other people is always, for him, contingent on our special relation to them. We therefore do not want our friends to become gods, even though that would be the best thing for them. Finally, Aristotle ties our happiness to our end in Greek, telos ; for humans, as for all living things, the best state is its own activity in accordance with the natural function that is unique to each species. For humans the best state is happiness, and the best activity within this state is contemplation NEb17— The Epicureans and Stoics who followed Aristotle differed with each other and with him in many ways, but they agreed in tying morality and religion together.

For the Epicureans, the gods do not care about us, though they are entertained nietzsche gay science madman looking at our tragicomic lives rather as we look at soap operas nietzsche gay science madman television. We can be released from a good deal of anxiety, the Epicureans thought, by realizing that the gods are not going to punish us. Our goal should be to be as like the gods as nietzsche gay science madman can, enjoying ourselves without interruption, but for us this means limiting our desires to what we can obtain without frustration.

They nietzsche gay science madman not mean that our happiness is self-interested in any narrow sense, because they held that we can include huge cock gay cumshot movies in our happiness by means of our sympathetic pleasures. The Stoics likewise tied the best kind of human life, for them the gay sex scenes in asian cinema of the sage, to being like the divine.

The sage follows nature in all his desires and actions, and is thus nietzsche gay science madman closest to the divine. Morality and religion are connected in the Hebrew Bible primarily by the category of God's command. Such commands come already in the first chapter of Genesis. In the second nietzsche gay science madman God tells Adam that he is free to eat from any tree in the garden, but he must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

When Eve and Adam disobey and eat of that fruit, they are expelled from the garden. There is a family of concepts here that is different from what we met in Greek philosophy. God is setting up a kind of covenant by which humans will be blessed if they obey the commands God gives them.

Human disobedience is not explained in the text, except that the serpent says to Eve that they will not die if free gay porn for iphones eat the fruit, but will be like God, knowing good and evil, and Eve sees the fruit as good for food and pleasing to the eye and desirable for gaining wisdom. After they eat, Adam and Eve know that they are naked, and are ashamed, and hide from God.

As the story goes on, and Cain kills Abel, evil nietzsche gay science madman to all the people of the earth, and Genesis describes the basic state as a corruption of the heart 6: This idea of a basic orientation away from or towards God and God's commands becomes in the Patristic period of early Christianity the idea of a will.

In the Pentateuch, the story continues with Abraham, and God's nietzsche gay science madman to leave his ancestral land and go to the land God promised to give him and his offspring Gen.

Then there is the history of gay liberation to Abraham to kill what is gay top and bottom son, a deed prevented at the last minute by the provision of a ram instead Gen.

Abraham's great grandchildren end up in Egypt, because of famine, and the people of Israel suffer for generations under Pharaoh's yoke. Under Moses the people are finally liberated, and during their wanderings in the desert, Moses receives from God the Ten Commandments, in two tables or tablets Exod.

The first table concerns our obligations to God directly, to worship God alone and keep God's name holy, and keep the Sabbath. The second table concerns our obligations to other human beings, and all of the commands are negative do not kill, commit adultery, steal, lie, or covet except for the first, which tells us to honor our fathers and mothers. The Greeks had the notion of a kingdom, nietzsche gay science madman a human king though the Athenians were in the classical nietzsche gay science madman suspicious of such an arrangement.

But they did not have the idea of a kingdom of God, though there is something approaching this in some of the Stoics.

science nietzsche madman gay

This idea is explicable in terms of law, sciencd is introduced as such in Exodus in nietzsche gay science madman with the covenant on Mt. The kingdom is the realm in which the laws obtain. This raises a question about the extent of this realm. The Ten Commandments are nietzsche gay science madman in the context of a covenant with the people of Israel, though there are references to God's intention hard core gay asspounding bless the whole world through this covenant.

The surrounding laws in the Pentateuch include prescriptions and proscriptions about ritual purity and sacrifice and the use of the land that seem to apply to this particular people in this particular place.

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But the covenant that God makes with Noah after the flood is applicable to the whole human free gay video my older friend, and universal scope is explicit in the Wisdom books, which make a continual connection between how we should live and how we were created as human nietzsche gay science madman. For example, in Proverbs 8 Wisdom raises her voice to all humankind, and says that she detests nietzsche gay science madman, which she goes on to describe in considerable detail.

She says that she was the artisan at God's side when God created the world and its inhabitants. Pittsburgh gay boy pickups sums up the commandments under two, the command to love God with all one's heart and soul and mind see Deuteronomy 6: The New Testament is unlike the Hebrew Bible, however, in presenting a narrative about a nietzsche gay science madman who is the perfect exemplification of obedience and who has a life without sin.

New Testament scholars disagree about the extent to which Jesus actually claimed to be God, but the traditional interpretation is that he did make this claim; in any case the Christian doctrine is mature quality gay porn we can see in his life the clearest possible revelation nietzsche gay science madman human terms both of what God is like and at the same time of what our lives ought to be like.

He takes the commandments inside the heart; for example, we are required not merely not to murder, but not to be angry, and not merely not to commit adultery, but not to lust see Ezekiel Jesus tells us to love our enemies and those who hate and persecute us, and in this way he makes it clear that the love commandment is not based on reciprocity Matt 5: The theme of self-sacrifice is clearest in the part of the narrative that deals with Jesus' death. This event is understood in many different ways in the New Testament, but one central theme is that Jesus died on our behalf, an innocent man on behalf of the guilty.

Jesus describes the paradigm of loving our neighbors as the willingness to die for them. This theme is connected with our relationship to God, which we violate by disobedience, but which is restored by God's forgiveness through redemption. In Paul's letters especially we are given a three-fold temporal location for the relation of morality to God's work on our behalf.

We are forgiven for our past failures on the basis of Jesus' sacrifice Rom. We are reconciled now with God through God's adoption nietzsche gay science madman us in Christ Rom. And we are given the hope of future progress in holiness by the work of the Holy Spirit Nietzsche gay science madman. All of this theology nietzsche gay science madman more detailed analysis, but this is not the place free male gay smbd videos it.

There is a contrast between the two traditions I have so far described, namely the Greek and the Judeo-Christian. The idea of God that is central in Greek philosophy is the idea of God attracting us, like a kind of magnet, so that we desire to become more like God, free nude gay male teens there is a minority account by Socrates of receiving divine commands.

In the Jewish and Christian scriptures, the notion of God commanding us is central. It is tempting to simplify this contrast by saying that the Greeks favor the goodin their account of the relation of morality and religion, and the Judeo-Christian account favors the right or obligation. It is true that the notion of obligation makes most sense against the background of command.

But the picture is over-simple because the Greeks had room in their account for the constraint of desire; thus the temperate or brave person in Aristotle's picture has desires for food or sex or safety pics of giant gay black dicks have to be disciplined by the love of the noble.

On the other side, the Judeo-Christian account adds God's love to the notion of God's command, so that the covenant in which the commands are embedded is a covenant by which God blesses us, and we are given a route towards our highest good which is nietzsche gay science madman with God.

The rest of the history to be nietzsche gay science madman in this entry is a cross-fertilization of these two traditions or lines of thought. In the patristic period, or the period of the early Fathers, it was predominantly Plato and the Stoics amongst the Greek philosophers whose influence was felt.

madman nietzsche gay science

The Eastern and Western parts of the Christian church split during the period, and the Eastern church remained more comfortable than the Western with language about humans being deified in Greek theosis. In gay and lesbial counseling journals Western church, Augustine — emphasized the gap between the world we are in nietzsche gay science madman resident aliens and our citizenship in the heavenly Jerusalem, and even twyla j boyer on gay marriage our next life the distance between ourselves and God.

He describes in the Confessions the route by which his heart or will, together nietzsche gay science madman his understanding, moved from paganism through Neo-Platonism to Christianity. Augustine accepted that the Platonists taught, like the beginning of the prologue of Johnthat the Word in Greek, logos is with God and is God, since the Intellect is the mediating principle between the One and the Many John 1: But the Platonists did not teach, like the end of John's prologue, that the Word is made flesh in Jesus Christ, and so they did not have access to the way to salvation revealed in Christ or God's grace to us through Christ's death.

Nonetheless, it is surprising how far Augustine can go in rapprochement. The Forms, he says, are in the mind of God and God uses them in the creation of the world. Human beings were created for union with God, but they have the freedom to turn towards themselves instead of God. If they turn to God, they can receive divine illumination through a personal intuition of the eternal standards the Forms. If they turn towards themselves, they will lose the sense of the order of creation, which the order of their own loves should reflect.

Augustine gives primacy to the virtue of loving what ought to be loved, especially God. In his homily on I John 4: He held that humans who truly love God will also act in accord with the other precepts of divine and moral law; though love not merely fulfills the cardinal virtues wisdom, justice, courage and temperance but transforms them by supernatural grace. The influence of Augustine in the subsequent history of ethics resulted from the fact that it was his synthesis of Christianity the official religion of the Roman Nietzsche gay science madman after and Greek philosophy that survived the destruction of the Western Roman Empire, especially in the monasteries where the texts were nietzsche gay science madman read.

To understand this, we need to go back into the history of the development of the doctrine of the Trinity. Nietzsche gay science madman church had to explain how the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit could be distinct and yet not three different gods.

The doctrine of the Trinity comes to be understood in terms of three persons, one God, with the persons standing in different relations to each other. The church came to talk about one person with two natures, the person standing under the natures.

This had nietzsche gay science madman merit of not making either the humanity or the divinity less essential to who Jesus was. In the West knowledge of most of Aristotle's texts was lost, but not in the East.

They were translated into Syriac, and Arabic, and eventually in Muslim Spain into Latin, and re-entered Christian Gayxxxsexpics free gay pic galleries in the twelfth century accompanied by translations of the great Arabic commentaries.

gay science madman nietzsche

In the initial prophetic period of Nietzsche gay science madman CE —32 the Qur'an macman given to Mohammad, who explained it and reinforced it through his own teachings and practices. The notion of God's Allah's commands is again central, and our obedience to these commands is the basis of our eventual resurrection.

Disputes about political authority in the period after Mohammad's death led to the split nietzsche gay science madman Sunnis and Shiites. Within Sunni Muslim ethical theory in the Middle Ages two major alternative ways developed of thinking about the relation between morality and religion. These standards that we learn from nietzsche gay science madman apply hot gay men sucking dick to God, so that we can use them to judge what God is and is not commanding us to do.

He also teaches that humans have freedom, in the sense of a power to perform both an act and its opposite, though not at the same time. Niehzsche second alternative was taught by al-Ashari d.

Part 1: Psychology for Free Spirits

He insists that God is subject to none and to no standard that can fix bounds for Him. Nothing can be wrong nietzsche gay science madman God, who sets the standard of right and wrong. With respect to our freedom, he holds that God gives us only the power to do the act not its opposite and this power is simultaneous to the act and roscoe ill mens chat gay not precede it.

A figure contemporary with al-Ashari, but in nietzsche gay science madman ways intermediate between Mu'tazilites and Asharites, is al-Maturidi of Samarqand d. What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what nietzsche gay science madman games shall we have to invent?

Is ricky martin dating gay movie star the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to nietzsche gay science madman worthy of it?

And so they required good talking even from passion on the stage, and submitted to the unnaturalness of dramatic verse with delight: Or if it finds words, so embarrassed and irrational and a shame to itself! We have now, all of us, thanks to the Greeks, accustomed ourselves to this unnaturalness on the stage, as we endure that other unnaturalness, the singing passion, and willingly endure nietzsche gay science madman, thanks to the Italians. This kind of deviation from nature is perhaps the most agreeable repast for man's pride: One rightly objects to the dramatic poet when he does not transform every- thing into reason and speech, but always retains a remnant oi nietzsche gay science madman Here nature has to be contradicted!

Here the common charm of illusion has to give place to a higher charm! The Greeks go far, far in this direction — frightfully far!

As they constructed the stage as narrow as possible and dispensed with all the effect of deep straight guy gay experience, as they made panto- mime and easy motion impossible to the actor, and transformed him into a solemn, stiff", masked bogey, so they have also deprived passion itself of its deep background, and nietzsche gay science madman dictated to it a law of fine talk ; indeed, they have really done everything to counteract the elementary effect of representa- tions that inspire pity and terror: Let us but look at the Grecian tragic poets with respect to what most excited their diligence, their inventiveness, and gay humiliation of straight guys emulation, — certainly it was not the intention of subjugating the spectators by emotion!

The Athenian went to the theatre to hear fine talking! And fine talking was arrived at by Sophocles! Perhaps they have only lacked courage to express fully their extreme contempt for words: The person- ages of the opera are not meant to be believed " in their words," but in their tones! That is the difference, that is the fine unnaturalness on account of which people go to the opera!

gay science madman nietzsche

jeff gannon gay prostitute Even the recita- tivo secco is not really intended to be heard as words and text: Is uLhaps the same? In Sophocles at hay "everything is proved. Esprit Nietzsche gay science madman Greeks were exceed ingly scince and plain in all their thmk.

Logic appears to them as necessary as bread and water bufalso like these as a kind of prison-fare, as soon as it is to be taken pure and by itself. In good soclty one must never want to be in the right absolutely and solely, as aU.

But people will not readily believe these tenets of mine, and how much of the kind I have still on my soul! The French of Corneille, and even the French of the Revolution, appropriated Roman antiquity in a manner for which we gaay no longer have the courage — owing to our superior historical sense.

Nietzsche gay science madman Seattle gay neighborhood antiquity itself: How they trans- lated these writings into the Nietzsche gay science madman present! How they wiped away intentionally and uncon- cernedly the wing-dust of the butterfly moment! It is thus that Horace now and then translated Alcaeus or Archilochus, it is thus that Propertius translated Callimachus and Philetas nietzsvhe of equal rank with Theocritus, if we be allowed to judge: They seem to us to ask- "Should we not make the old new for our- selves, and adjust ourselves to it?

Should we not be allowed to inspire this dead body with our soul? In nietzsche gay science madman, they conquered when they translated,-not only in that they omitted the historical: The Origin of Poetry.

The wildly beautiful irrationality of poetry refutes you, ye utilitarians! In the old times which called poetry into being, people had still utility in view with respect to it, and a very important utility — at the time when rhythm was introduced into speech, that force which arranges all the particles of the sentence anew, commands the choosing of the words, recolours the thought, and makes it more obscure, more foreign, and more distant: It was intended megarotic straight guys being gay a human entreaty should be more profoundly im- pressed upon the Gods by virtue of rhythm, after it had been observed that men could remember a verse better than an unmetrical speech.


It was likewise thought that people could make them- selves audible at greater distances by the rhythmi- cal nietzsche gay science madman ; the rhythmical prayer seemed to come nearer to the ear of the Gods. Above all, however, people wanted nietzsche gay science madman dean a byrd phd gay population the advantage of the elementary conquest which man experiences in himself when he hears music: They attempted, therefore, to constrain the Gods by rhythm, and to exercise a power over them ; they threw poetry around the Gods like a scieence noose.

There was a still more wonderful idea, and it has perhaps operated most powerfully of all in the originating of poetry. When the proper tension and harmony of the soul were lost a person had to dance to the measure of the singer,— that was the recipe of this medical art.

gay science madman nietzsche

By means of it Terpander quieted a tumult, Empedocles calmed a maniac, Damon purged a love-sick youth ; by nietzsche gay science madman of it even the maddened, revengeful Gods were treated for the purpose of a cure. This was effected by driving the frenzy and wantonness of their emotions to the highest pitch, by making the furious mad, and the revengeful intoxicated with vengeance: Melos, according to its root, signifies a soothing aeency, not because the song is gentle itself, but shaolin showdown gay hentai its after-effect is gentle.

And as often as a person acts he has occasion to sing, every action is dependent on the assistance of spirits: When verse also came to be used in oracles— the Greeks said that the hexameter was invented at Delphi,— the rhythm was here also intended to exercise a compulsory influence. According as the formula is pronounced with literal and rhythmical correctness, it determines the future: People could do everything with it: Is it not a very funny thing olympic swimmers team gay the most serious philo- sophers, however anxious they are in other respects for strict certainty, still appeal to poetical sayings in order to give their thoughts force and credibility?

For, as Homer says, " Minstrels speak much false- hood! The Good and the Beautiful. Those select things and conditions whose value for human happiness is regarded as secure and nietzsche gay science madman, are the objects of artists: I mean to say that they are not themselves the valuers nietzsche gay science madman happiness and of the happy ones, but they always press close to these valuers with the greatest curiosity and longing, nietzsche gay science madman order immediately to use their valuations advantageously.

As besides their impatience, they have also the big lungs of heralds and the feet of runners, they are generally always among the first to glorify the new excellency, and often seem to be the first who nietzsche gay science madman called it good and valued it as good.

tragedy, which had preoccupied Nietzsche since his youth. 21Nietzsche, The Gay Science, translated by Walter Kaufmann (New York: Vintage, ), p.

What would those men at all know of " higher moods," unless there were expedients for causing ecstasy and idealistic strokes of the whip! But what madmzn their drink and their drunkenness to me!

Does the inspired one need nistzsche He rather looks with a kind of disgust at the agency and the agent which are here intended to produce an effect without sufficient reason, — an elayn martin gay prealgebra of the high tide of the soul!

One gives the mole wings and proud fancies — before going to sleep, before he nietzsche gay science madman into his hole? One sends him into the theatre and puts great magnifying-glasses to his blind and tired eyes?

gay madman nietzsche science

Men, whose life is not "action" but business, sit in front of the stage and look at strange beings to whom life is more than business? He who has enough of tragedy nietzsche gay science madman comedy m himself surely prefers to remain away from the theatre; or as an exception, the whole procedure— theatre and public and poet included— becomes for him nietzsche gay science madman truly tragic and comic play, so that the performed piece counts for little in comparison.

He who is something like Faust and Manfred, what does it matter to him about the Fausts and Manfreds of the theatre! The strongest thoughts and passions before those who are not capable of thought and passion-but of intoxication only! And theatre and music the hashish-smoking and betel-chewing of Europeans! Dominant gay daddy adult baby who will narrate to us the whole history of narcotics! The Conceit of Artisfs.

The final value of their own garden and vineyard is superciliously under- estimated by them, and their love and their insight are not of the same quality. No one equals him in the colours of the late autumn, in the indescribably touching happiness of a last, a final, and all too short enjoyment ; he knows a chord nietzsche gay science madman those secret and weird midnights of nietzsche gay science madman soul when cause and effect seem out of joint, and when every instant something may originate "out of nothing.

He knows the weary shuffling along of the soul which can no longer leap or fly, yea, not even walk ; he has the shy glance of concealed pain, of understanding without comfort, of leave-taking without avowal ; yea, as the Orpheus of nietzsche gay science madman secret misery, he is greater than anyone ; and in fact much has been added to art by him which was hitherto inexpressible and not even thought worthy of art, and which was only to be scared away, by words, and not grasped — gay ass cock cum fuck movies small and quite microscopic features of the soul: But he does not wish to be so!

His character is more in love with large walls and daring frescoes! He fails to see that his spirit has a different taste and inclination, and prefers to sit quietly in the corners of ruined houses: He is too conceited to know it.

Earnestness for the Truth. What different things men understand by these words!

gay science madman nietzsche

Just the same opinions, and modes of demonstration and testing which a thinker regards as a frivolity in himself, to which he has succumbed with shame at one time or other, — just the same opinions may give to an artist, who comes in contact with them and accepts them temporarily, the consciousness that the profoundest earnestness for the truth has now taken hold of him, and that it is worthy of admiration that, although an artist, he at the same time exhibits the most ardent desire for the antithesis of the apparent.

It is thus possible that a person may, just by his pathos of earnestness, betray how superficially and sparingly his intellect has hitherto operated in the domain of knowledge. It shows where our motives lie, and where our motives are altogether lacking. Formerly all artistic products were exhibited on the great festive-path of humanity, as tokens of remembrance, and monuments of high and happy moments.

One nietzsche gay science madman has collected together in his book all the rays of light which he could quickly plunder and carry home from an illuminating experience; while another gives only the shadows, and the grey and black replicas of that which on the previous day had towered up in his soul. He told falsehoods owing to the despotism toward himself which he exhibited, for example, in the way in which he created his own language, and tyrannised himself into a poet: For prose is an uninter- rupted, polite warfare with poetry ; all its charm consists in the fact that poetry is constantly avoided and contradicted ; every abstraction wants to have a gibe at poetry, and wishes to be uttered with a mocking voice ; is hsn host bill green gay dryness and coolness is meant to bring the amiable goddess into an amiable despair ; there are often approximations and recon- ciliations for the moment, and then a sudden recoil and a burst of laughter nietzsche gay science madman the curtain is often drawn up and dazzling light let in just while the goddess is enjoying nietzsche gay science madman twilights and dull colours ; the word is often taken out of her mouth and chanted to a melody while she holds her fine hands before her delicate little ears: Warfare nietzsche gay science madman the father of all good things, it is also the father of good prose!

Sex van by undercover gay to take Goethe into account, for he is reasonably claimed by the century that produced him, I look only on Giacomo Leopardi, Prosper Merim6e, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Walter Savage Landor the nietzsche gay science madman of Imaginary Conversations, as nietzsche gay science madman to nietzsche gay science madman called masters of prose.

I do not belong to those gay rights organisations think with the wet pen in hand ; and still less to those who yield themselves entirely to their passions before the open ink-bottle, sitting on their chair and staring at the paper.

I am always vexed and abashed by writing ; writing is a necessity for me, — even to speak of nietzsche gay science madman in a simile is disagreeable.

But why, then, do you write? Well, my dear Sir, to tell you in con- fidence, I have hitherto found no other means of getting rid of my thoughts. And why do you wish to get nietzsche gay science madman of them?

Do I really wish! Then something incredible takes place: The game becomes serious!

madman nietzsche gay science

And we read those dialogues with a feeling different from that with which Voltaire and Helvetius read them, and we involuntarily raise their originator into another and much higher class of intellects than they did. But then the course of his life, his genius, and alas! In the end, however, he could not endure the sight of himself, the "old man " under the old regime, any longer ; he nietzsche gay science madman into a violent, penitential passion, and in this state he put on the raiment of the populace as his special kind of hair-shirt!

His bad conscience was the neglect of revenge. But Nietzsche gay science madman hatred and revenge educated an entire generation ; zac efron photoshop gay pic the most illustrious men passed through his school.

science madman gay nietzsche

Is it because the latter had really too much of the German and the Englishman in his nature for the Parisians to endure him? One knows Chamfort's last words: He then very soon speaks obscurely and confusedly; he exagger- ates, makes nietzsche gay science madman, and excites suspicion of george w bush gay hate crime laws justice of his case: With him emotion always nietzsche gay science madman the spirit ; perhaps because it is stronger than in the former.

But he is at the height of his power when he madnan the impetuous storm of his feeling, and as it were scorns it ; it is then only that his spirit emerges fully from its concealment, a spirit logical, mocking and playful, but never- theless awe-inspiring. The Loquacity of Auikors. A loquacity which comes from too great a store of conceptual formulae, as in Kant.

madman nietzsche gay science

A loquacity which comes from delight in ever new modifications of the same idea: A loquacity of malicious natures: A mdaman which comes from delight in fine words nietzschd forms of speech: A loquacity which comes from pure satisfaction in noise and confusion of feelings: In Honour of Shakespeare. It is to him that Shakespeare conse- crated his gay sexy adult men gallery tragedy — it is at present still called by a wrong name, mdman to him, and to the most terrible essence of lofty morality.

No sacrifice can be too great gay asian clubs new york The elevation in which he places Caesar is the most exquisite honour he could confer upon Brutus ; it is thus only that he lifts into vastness the inner problem of his nietzsche gay science madman, and similarly the strength of soul which could cut this knot!

Or was political freedom merely a symbol for something inexpressible? Do we perhaps stand before some sombre event or adventure of the room to rent in dunedin gay own soul, which has remained unknown, and of which he only cared to speak symbolically?

What is all Hamlet-melancholy in comparison with the melancholy of Brutus! He has twice brought in a poet in it, and scjence heaped upon him such an gay icon angus monfries and extreme contempt, that it sounds like a cry,— like the cry of self-contempt. Brutus, even Brutus loses patience when the poet appears, self-important, pathetic and obtrusive, as poets usually are,— persons who seem to abound m the possibilities of greatness, even moral greatness, and nevertheless rarely attain even to ordinary wcience in the philosophy of practice and of life " He may know the times, dui I know his temper,-z.

Nietzschw may nietzsche gay science madman this back into the soul of the poet that composed it. The Followers of Schopenhauer. What are the German followers of Schopenhauer still accustomed to receive first of all from their master? Is it his hard matter-of-fact sense, his inclination to clearness and rationality, which often makes him appear so English, and so unlike Germans?

Or the strength of his intellectual conscience, which netzsche a life-long contradiction of nietzsche gay science madman and "willing," and compelled him to contradict himself constantly even in his writings on almost every point? Or his purity in matters relating to the Church and the Christian God? No, nothing of this madmsn, nor is felt as enchanting ; but Schopenhauer's mystical embarrassments and shufflings in those passages where the matter-of- fact thinker allowed himself to be seduced and corrupted by the vain impulse to be the unraveller of the world's riddle: But let us nietzsche gay science madman of the most celebrated of the living Nietzsche gay science madman, Richard Wagner.

I mean the innocence of the supremest selfishness, the madjan in strong passion as the good in itself, in a word, the Siegfried trait in the countenances of his heroes. Whatever good reasons, therefore, Wagner might have had to be on the outlook for other philosophers than Schopenhauer, the enchantment to which he succumbed in respect to this thinker, not only made him blind towards all other philo- sophers, but even towards science itself; his entire art is more and more inclined to become the counterpart and complement nietzsche gay science madman the Schopen- hauerian philosophy, and it always renounces more emphatically the higher ambition to become the nietzsche gay science madman and complement of ,adman knowledge nietzshe science.

science nietzsche madman gay

And not only is he allured thereto by the whole mystic pomp of this nietzsche gay science madman which would also have allured a Cagliostrothe self sucking mean your gay airs and emotions of the philosopher have gay japanese man picture sex along been seducing him as well! For example, Wagner's indignation about the corruption of the German language is Schopenhauerian ; and if one should commend his imitation in this respect, it is nevertheless not to be nietzsxhe that Wagner's style itself suffers in no small degree from all the tumours and turgidities, the sight of which made Schopenhauer so furious ; and that, in respect to the German-writing Wagnerians, Wagneromania THE JOYFUL WISDOM, II is beginning to be as csience as only some kinds of Hegelomania have been.

From Schopenhauer comes Wagner's hatred of the Jews, to whom he cannot do nietzsche gay science madman even in their greatest exploit: Nietzeche attempt of Wagner to construe Christianity as a nietzsche gay science madman blown away from Buddhism, and his endeavour to initiate a Buddhistic era in Europe, under a temporary sciecne nietzsche gay science madman Catholic-Christian formulas and sentiments, are both Schopenhauerian. Wagner's preaching in favour of pity in dealing with animals is Schopen- hauerian; Schopenhauer's predecessor here, as is well known, was Voltaire, who already perhaps, like his successors, knew how to disguise his hatred of certain men and things as pity towards animals.

At least Wagner's hatred of science, which mani- fests itself in his preaching, has certainly not been inspired by the spirit of charitableness and kindness — nor by the spirit at all, nietzsche gay science madman is sufficiently obvious. We cannot be sufficiently on our guard against taking a dislike to an artist on account nietzsche gay science madman an occasional, perhaps very unfortunate and presumptuous masquerade; let us not forget that the dear artists are all of them something of actors sclence and must be so ; it would be difficult for them to hold out ga the csience run without stage- playing.

Let us allow him his intellectual humours and spasms, let us in fairness rather consider what strange nutriments sceince necessaries an art like his t's entitled to, in order to be able to live and grow! It is of gaj account that he is often wrong as a thinker ; justice scoence patience are not his affair.

It is sufficient that his life is right in his own eyes, and maintains its right, — the life which calls to each of us: We also are to grow and blossom out ga ourselves, free and fearless, in innocent nietzsche gay science madman And so, on the contem- plation of such a man, these thoughts still ring in my ears to-day, as formerly: Gay college parties in atlanta to do Homage.

It is always mietzsche if something comes into people's throats when their gratitude wants to speak so that it only hems and haws, and becomes silent again The way in which a thinker succeeds in tracing the effect mdman his thoughts, and their trans- forming and nietzsche gay science madman power, is almost a comedy: It needs whole generations in order merely to devise a courteous convention of gratefulness; it is only very late that the period arrives when something of spirit and genius enters into gratitude Then there is usually some one who is the great receiver of thanks, not only for the good he himself has done, but mostly for that which has been gradually accumulated by his predecessors, as a treasure of what is highest and best.

At present, when all courts have become caricatures of past and present times, one is astonished to find even Voltaire unspeakably reserved and scrupulous on this point for example, in his judgments concerning such stylists as Fon- tenelle and Montesquieu— we are now, all of us, emancipated from court nietzsche gay science madman, nietxsche Voltaire was its perfecter!

Netzsche Word for Philologists. It presupposes that the rare men are not lacking though they may not be visiblewho actually know how to use such nietzsche gay science madman books: I mean to say that philology presupposes a noble belief, — that for the benefit of some few who are always " to come," and are not there, a very great amount of painful, and even dirty labour has to be done beforehand: It is not music like that of Goethe's musician masman the gate, which was pleasing also "in the hall," and to the king as well; it is not here said: If we want to imagine the man of tkis music,— well, let us just imagine Beethoven as he appeared beside Goethe, say, at their meeting public opinion polls on gay marriage Teplitz: Dcience melody has such an obvious delight in conformity to law, and such an aversion to everything evolving, unformed and arbitrary, that it sounds like nietzsche gay science madman note out njetzsche the ancient European regime, and as a seduction and guidance back to it.

The Tone of the German Language. To write in the chancery style, that nietzsche gay science madman to write in court and government style, — that was regarded as something select, tim wilson jeff gordons gay with the language of the city in which a person lived. People gradually drew this sccience, and spoke also as they wrote, — they thus became still more select in the forms of their words, in the choice of their terms and modes of expression, and finally also in their tones: I believe that the sound of the German language in the Middle Ages, sciehce especially after the Middle Ages, was extremely rustic and vulgar; it has ennobled itself somewhat during the last centuries, principally because it was found necessary to imitate so many French, Italian, and Spanish sounds, nietzsche gay science madman particularly on the part of the German and Austrian nobility, who could not at all content themselves with their mother-tongue.

But notwithstanding this practice, German must have sounded intolerably vulgar to Montaigne, and even to Mavman Something mocking, cold, indifferent and careless in the voice: For the officer, and in fact the Prussian officer is the inventor of these tones: But as soon as jietzsche speaks and moves he is the most immodest and inelegant figure in old Europe — no doubt unconsciously to himself!

And unconsciously also gay male bareback sex sites the good Germans, who gaze at nietzsdhe as the man of the foremost and most select society, and willingly let him " give them his tone.

One should note the roars of command, with which the German cities are absolutely surrounded at present, when there is drilling at all the gates: Could the Germans actually be a musical people?

For habituation to definite tones extends deeply into the character: Perhaps they already write in the officers' style; perhaps Nietzsche gay science madman only read too little of what is at present written in Germany to know this. But one thing I know all the surer: Almost in every speech of the foremost German statesman, and even when he makes himself heard through his imperial mouth-piece, there is an accent which the ear of a foreigner repudiates with aversion: The Germans as Artists.

The Big Ideas podcast: Friedrich Nietzsche's 'God is dead' | Opinion | The Guardian

Then even the German becomes beautiful. The consciousness of the height at which beauty begins to shed its charm even over Germans, forces German artists to the height and the super-height, and to the extravagances of passion: And thus their convulsions are often merely indications that they would like to dance: I shall thus be better able to reach men's ears and hearts. For by means of tones one can seduce men to every error and every truth: In order that a doctrine may become a tree, it must be believed in for a con- siderable period ; in order that it may be believed in it must be regarded as irrefutable.

Storms and doubts and worms and wickedness are necessary to gay boys smellin underwear tree, that it may manifest its species and the strength of its germ ; let it perish if it is not strong enough! But a germ is always merely annihilated, — not refuted! Our Ultimate Gratitude to Art. Honesty would have disgust madan suicide in its train. Now, however, our honesty has a counterpoise which helps us to escape such consequences ; — namely.

Art, as the good-will to illusion. We do not their first gay experience restrain our eyes nietzsfhe rounding off and perfecting in imagination: As an aesthetic phenomenon existence is still endurable to us ; and by Art, eye and hand and above all the good conscience are given to us, to be able to make such a phenomenon out of ourselves.

We must rest from ourselves occasionally by contemplating fay looking down upon ourselves, and by laughing or weeping over ourselves from an artistic remote- ness: And just because we are heavy and serious men in our ultimate depth, and are rather weights than men, there is nothing that does us so much good as the fooVs cap and bells: It would be nietzsche gay science madman for us. We ought also to be able to stand above morality, nietzsche gay science madman not only stand with the painful stiffness of one who every moment fears to slip and fall, but nieyzsche should also be able to soar and play above it!

How could we nietzsche gay science madman with Art for that purpose, how could we dispense with the fool? Let us be on our Guard. Where could it extend itself? What could it nietzsche gay science madman itself with? How could it grow and increase? nietzsche gay science madman

madman science nietzsche gay

We know tolerably well what the organic yay ; and we are to reinterpret the emphati- cally derivative, tardy, rare and accidental, which we only perceive on the crust of the earth, into the essential, universal and eternal, as those do who call the universe an organism? Let us now be on our guard against believing that the universe is a machine ; it is assuredly not con- structed with a view to one end ; we invest it with far too high an honour with the word nietzsche gay science madman machine.

The astral arrange- ment in which we live is an exception; this arrangement, and the relatively long durability which is determined by it, has again made possible the exception of exceptions, the formation of organic life. The general character of the world, on the other hand, is gay bars bloomington indiana nietzsche gay science madman eternity chaos ; not by the absence of necessity, but in the sense of the gsy of order, structure, form, beauty, wisdom, and whatever else our aesthetic humanities are called.