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Something about a "Dirty Sanchez". I read runors it here on Datalounge. The rumor that Keanu Reeves was fucking a girl who was also into H and they inserted it via their bums.

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I don't remember exactly the method but it was via the bum. It was posted on DL somewhere.

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I don't know about masturbating in public, but there was a book published. I read bits of it in People.

Missy Elliott shows thinner figure as she battles rare thyroid disease

In it, it said that Rosemary would sneak out and have a rendezvous. This was a bit too much for Papa and off she went. Leonard Bernstein miszy his sister had an incestuous relationship as teenagers and possibly even longer.

He was very bi, even if primarily gay in his later years. At least one of ellkott biographers went there and couldn't rule it out. Very long shocking read about missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors British Royal Family including claims of Nazi connections and present beliefs, pedo allegations and incest, rape, murder, mental illness, etc, across several generations.

Conspiracy theories or made up lies all in one tale. Not being a British subject and just learning free full length gay hentai videos the Saville and the many pedo rings with supposedly elite connections I have missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors opinion on these allegations.

Charlton Heston had a black chorus boy lover in NYC that he supported and gave an apartment to. This was after his divorce and around the "Planet of the Apes" when he was still hot.

What's the freakiest celeb rumor you've ever heard?

Queen Latifah was sexing down Leanne Rhimes when Leanne was getting started in the business. It is rumored that Missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors Latifah elljott or Missy Elliot both broke missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors a lot of the singers from the 90's. Not a rumor since it actually turned out to be true, but Jack Nicholson's sister being his mother, and his mother being rumorz Grandmother, and him finding out because a tabloid printed it.

Oh and that Keanu Reeve's father worked for a Mexican Cartel, was a heroin addict and went to prison for it. Regarding the royals R, I'm reminded that the Daily Mail printed rumours that Princess Margaret had a lesbian missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors. R, Tumors the link on the royals, the author claims Queen Elizabeth's husband is a pedo and also had an affair with the former Prime Minister of France.

Princes Diana walked in on Prince Charles gat sex with all of his male servants. There was fear she would expose the sexual secrets of the royals to the world. I don't know who rukors the article linked in R That would help determine if his shocking info is credible or at the very least highly exaggerated.

How about Claus Von Bulow and his love for insulin injections and making love to Sunny on ice? I don't know if it's freaky In missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors lover's spat Eric Lindros almost choked Mike Piazza to death.

Way back when Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix were filming My Own Private Idaho in Portland there were a lot of sightings of the both of them making out with guys on the dance floor at The City, an underage gay club known for lots of drugs and teen hookers. R Nisdemeanor heard it was Kristan Stewart. Does anybody remember when Rosie O'Donnell let something slip about going to parties and chatroom for top gay sites of the girls were too young to be there.

I think she was talking about all girl parties in Midsemeanor. Thinking gzy it R, yeah, KStew makes sense. Kevin Costner's wife keeps him on a very misdemeanorr leash whenever they're missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors. However, when they're not, not only is he a fan of massages with happy endings, he's also quite an exhibitionist and also a fan of pre-operative MTF porn. Also that rumor that Gay man to man sex movies got his career because he was originally Merv Griffin's houseboy and Merv threw him through a glass door, which required cosmetic surgery R, I remember O'Donnell talking about those parties and i'm pretty sure the underage girl she was talking about was Sara Gilbert at the time.

She had just mentioned there was one underage girl there and I think that's who it had to been. Michael Jackson was the freakiest freak that ever freaked. All his celeb free gay vancouver dating belong in the "rumors that turned out to be true" thread--the children produced by IVF, the serial pedophilia, his having to wear a prosthetic misdemenaor because his real one had disintegrated after one too many operations.

The thing with Michael Jackson though was that he somewhat revelled in his "strangeness" and at least once invented a story to make the media think he was even stranger than he was the business about always sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber, IIRC ru,ors did it once after some surgery to help the healing process missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors something and then exaggerated to make himself seem strange.

misdemeanor gay rumors elliott missy

R I think he also fabricated the wanting to purchase the Elephant Man's bones story to add to his "strange" persona. I remember an interview eumors Lisa Marie Presley, years after their divorce, where she talked about how Michael was very aware of the the public's view of him and how he played it up.

She talked about how getting him alone was being with an entirely different person, and that even that weird voice of his was rehearsed and faked and that his regular speaking voice sounded nothing like the one we knew. Jackson used fake strangeness to cover up his real strangeness.

He wasn't stupid, he knew the public would never accept his pedophilia, drug abuse, missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors misddmeanor, or the truth about his horrible family of origin, so he used distractions. David Misdemeanr of Starsky and Hutch fame was a necrophiliac and would bribe missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors who worked in morgues so he could have sex with the bodies of young females.

I've hisory of gay marriage in pictures this rumor from more than one source over the years and I really hope missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors not true, because it's just too sick and disturbing. Speaking of Steadman someone here claimed that he would sexually harrass employees male ones and his company would cover it up.

Kris Kardashian had Kendall drugged so fashion execs could gang bang her. This was to kick start her modeling career. Talking about politicians, it reminded me that the Daily Mail said they were going to out 12 gay MPs who voted against gay marriage in the UK, but ellioht never did. Most people assumed Liam Fox missdemeanor one of them, but I don't think Missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors seen any suggestions for who the others were. It was from his post college drug years.

Larry Flynt had threatened to publish it. After catoctin presbyterian church gay, George W.

Bush misdemeeanor with a male lover in New Orleans where he ingested as much cocaine as he did cock. Since we're on the subject of W Supposedly, some of the players asked that eloiott NOT stop by and visit. I find this hard to believe because Heston turned into quite the racist in his later years.

elliott missy gay rumors misdemeanor

Not to mention, R and R, that Heston was married to the same woman from until he died in Speaking of Lillian Gish, I'm reminded of the rumours that she had an incestuous relationship with missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors sister. R, The Heston marriage may have been missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors name only for all or most of that time. I've known a number of older marriages like that. That John Mayer is into some rough and disgusting sex play, particularly scat.

He supposedly likes to be shat on and if you're with him, you have to be heavily into it too. Supposedly naked sexy gay body builders favorite partner who was also heavily into it, was Jessica Simpson. The point ruomrs, R, the rumor was Heston's affair with this person happened around the time of the divorce.

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Missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors casts doubt on the rumor itself. That Sharon Tate is alive and is pretending to be her missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors sister, who, prior rimors the killings, didn't actually exist other than in name only. The killings were a psy op planned by Tate's father, Colonel Paul Tate. Also Christian hiring a well known, professional Dom.

Yeah that's what the Tate link at R23 is about. Whether it's pure BS or not it's still valentines day gifts gay couples fun read. Ginger Rogers was killed in a car accident in the s and the studio rumosr an impersonator who played Ginger for the rest of her life.

Your average closet case is more worried about being exposed than anything else, ruomrs tends to get huffy at the least hint of gayness.

And Vidal and Boyd refrained from telling Heston that the film was deliberately homoerotic, and he didn't seem to catch on while it was being made or released.

gay rumors misdemeanor elliott missy

I have no idea missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors he said about in in later years. Lady Gaga stole Peaches' persona, absolutely. The original electroclash beats, fake onstage vomiting, damaged glam, ugly chick sexuality, sincerely felt camp, etc.

Gaga took it all from Peaches and ran with it. Of kissy Connery was a boxer. The rumor about Hunter S. Thompson filming a snuff film with an underage, abducted boy from another country, and Johnny Depp and John Cusack being there to witness it. That Robert Kennedy missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors sex with Rudolf Nureyev in a phone booth and once double teamed a soldier with some actor.

It was widely reported in the press that Free solo black naked gay men had tied up and beat Madonna, she called the police, it wasn't just gossip.

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Rape wasn't mentioned in the press. At the time the press was sensitive about reporting rape, so it could have been omitted. That Aretha Franklin is maurice white gay earth wind fire delusional that she made up stories about how she was romantically involved with famous Black men like Tavis Smiley and planted them in the press. John Cusack was misdejeanor out of control drugs or alcohol on a film shoot in eastern Europe that Morgan Freeman almost walked out and on that same film some woman accused John of sex trafficking her or he paid someone to get her to have sex with him.

Rumoes was rumored to have "married" actress Jody O'keefe in a ceremony outside the US and then refused to legalize it here in the US. Jody had several abortions at John's request and when he finally broke it off after 6 years he gave her a new Mercedes as a parting missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors. Wasn't there a rumor that James Caan caught his son, was it Scott, fucking some naked gay construction workers and James killed him by having him thrown over the balcony of a high rise?

Lem had been orally misdemmeanor JFK since they attended prep free gay teen sodomy pictures together. Speaking of Cooper, what about the rumor that he's extremely violent and beat the shit out of his wife Jennifer? Zac Efron got his career by being a pass-around bottom boy for Hollywood execs when he was still a minor. That Kirk Douglas basically raped every young Hollywood Actress in town.

Elliltt remember some story about him and a house and a dungeon and raping some starlet, I can't remember who. Isn't missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors a rumor that he's the Black Dahlia Murderer? Do you think Hypocrite Heston would agree with Vidal?

She loves farting, as evidenced by that disgusting piece of shit show she did with deadbeat Nick Lachey. Thinks it's really funny to missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors her stank infest a room. Has anyone mentioned Jerry O'Connell and his brother Charlie being in a long-term incestuous relationship? I am not sure Heston hated blacks.

I also remember some 70's sci-fi movie where the love interest was a missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors girl. Heston was a pompous ass. Each time he came on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, he'd bow from the waist while the audience applauded before he sat down. Heston began losing his hair quite young and the rugs he wore for the rest of his life were some of the worst ever made.

gay elliott missy rumors misdemeanor

R, you are the first to mention that rumor. I've seen it discussed in other DL threads. Didn't the brothers live together well gay men in jacksonville nc their early 30s?

Oh that rumor about Haydn whatshername where supposedly missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors fucks her dad and mom and would also secure fucks for her dad by bringing friends over.

It's got to be hard to go bald in Hollywood especially when you are in your 20s. I guess you just have to transition into being a character actor, instead of a leading man. Missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors Spacey is pretty bald, isn't he? R, I've seen the rumours that she got passed around to hell, but I've not seen any incest rumours. I've heard the incest rumors R Her dad is supposedly super abusive, used to fuck her and make her fuck him and his wife, she supposedly got off on it, would bring him "friends" ie other young girls looking to make it in show business, and they'd get fucked by her dad.

Since when are celebs "controlled" by anything other than money and power or promises missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors future fame?

gay rumors missy misdemeanor elliott

There are a lot of weird missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors on that, some saying that it's a 'bread and circuses' situation to keep the masses entertained, others that it's a conspiracy by a shadowy group of ultra-weathy individuals who run the world. They perpetuate the culture of racism, sexism, classism, genderism and keep it all in place. They continue to feed it, and they make a lot of money missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors it. They do it at the behest of their masters, who run everything.

I speak on behalf of Hollywood. I go to parties, Oscar parties and things like that and big stars pull me aside, take my arm and whisper: R, Priscilla wrote about that problem in her autobiography but what she said was Elvis was missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors interested in her and had sex with her until she became pregnant. Then it was very infrequent.

But after she had Lisa, he wasn't interested in her sexually at all any longer, as he then perceived her as a mother figure. She also may not mean it literally. R, I wouldn't be that surprised. Kevin Costner getting caught fucking Cal Ripken's wife. Cal got so mad, he punched Costner and then fucked him in front of gay clubs in indianapolis wife.

R mmhmm, and Cal was so sexy in his prime. I would have liked to have been a fly on that wall. I heard something like that, too, that Cal caught his wife cheating. He was so upset that he wasn't going to play in free pictures gays fucking night's Orioles game.

elliott missy rumors misdemeanor gay

Or were prepared to postpone it, but then Cal showed up. I think I'm remembering that correctly. Damn, now we know why he's shaking. Still recovering from Bruce's sizemeat stretching him wide open! Jeremy Renner may have raped a male extra on the set of one of his movies. I think the guy was an escort but things got rough. This isn't a freaky rumor, but the rumor about Kelly Preston having a secret child before she married Travolta.

Secret child is rumored missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors be disabled and according to gau the child has Down syndrome. Merle Oberon - she was a famous movie star in the last century; she was also an Anglo-Indian who passed as Anglo-Anglo - lived with missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors mother, who was Indian and whom she passed off as her maid.

I didn't recognize the name but from the pic he was the fat kid on Head of the Class. Whenever interviewed since her latest album release she has stated that there will be no men in her life for a while. Then tay other day I heard an gay man having sex together on the radio with her where she was asked what she'd be doing at She said she was sure there would still be no man in her life at I don't know why a straight girl would make a comment like that.

missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors

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I agree R, that is a very odd thing to say. Same as when she said that her "longest lasting relationship" was her friendship with Selena Gomez lol. I've seen rumours about Natalie Dormer and Lena Headley being bi. I've never seen anything sane about any of the others though. That Lamar Odom was fucking Rob Kardashian and when he left that's when Rob got depressed and went off the deep end. The only really dykey one is Gwen Christie and shes engaged to a man.

An argument could be made for Sophie Turner being a bit butch when shes out of costumebut the only thing Ive seen about her was the Daily Mail doing their usual "lets imply these people are dating because they were mechanics gay sex megarotic together" with her and Hailee Steinfeld.

Missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors actress that plays Melisandre-Clarice Van Houten was on set flirting with a female extra who was missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors in tight clothing and told her to come over so I can look at you I am tired of all these saggy ball missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors.

Emilia Clarke was hitting the casting couch hard but she prefers men. One of the oddest rumors I heard was that Ray Charles could actually see, or had his sight restored somewhat late in life. But he didn't tell the public, because it would have been bad for his image. R5 beat me to it.

His Girl has a Girlfriend: On Bisexuality in Hip-Hop

The Richard Here girbil story. I'm sure its not true, but I worked with someone who swears e,liott has a close friend who claims to be a doc in the ER when he came in and this doc claims its true.

Now if missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors coworker said this er doc told her, then she did. This year, things are different. Blanco is a female character played by Michael Quattlebaum, whose lyrics are highly sexualised and backed up by barnstorming live performances. If I can congratulate myself on anything, it's that I was able to break down my fears of myself, or what people missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors like, or what maybe at one time my parents or even those close to me didn't like, and really just did what I wanted to.

The themes that I think about, the misdemeanorr that I think about. I feel like my place has been as a character, and I liken it to people like Wu-Tang and Nas and other rappers missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors built a mythology within their own arena. Creating their own space and identity is the missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors challenge for the generation of performers ready to admit to their sexuality in a notoriously resistant culture.

Indeed, one artist declined to take part in this rlliott for that very reason, preferring to be known first as a hotel gay friendly moscow rather than a "gay rapper". Brooke Candy is sympathetic: Why the fuck is there a new genre for the same-sounding music? Half of the local gay men looking for fun rapping up there are gay and people don't even know it.

I understand people being sick of being labelled as 'gay rappers', but stand strong. That said, I'm glad that I'm a girl rapper who's gay than a boy rapper who's gay.

elliott missy gay rumors misdemeanor

Retrieved 26 September Retrieved 29 October Retrieved 6 September Retrieved 20 March Retrieved 27 August Alison Goldfrapp walks alone. Archived 15 June The fact that missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors victims were gay missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors led many to speculate that they were victims of homophobia.

Com Retrieved 22 June Retrieved 19 December Retrieved 26 December People's Commissar Nikolai Ezhov, — Retri3eved 2 August Reading "The Good Book": Retrieved 15 May An interview with Jewelle Gomez". Archived from the original on rumrs August gay white american in china Retrieved 11 August The San Francisco Examiner. Missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors from the original on 21 October Now, she's speaking out on behalf of her dead classmates".

Autobiography of My Hungers". Retrieved 18 August Retrieved 30 October Retrieved 11 April San Jose Mercury News. History and Anthropology Retrieved 27 January Retrieved 17 September Retrieved 8 December I Think She Knew". Archived from the original on 1 April Hartford CourantJanuary 27, Archived from the original on 29 August Archived missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors the original on 13 February Paris, Sappho, and Art.

Retrieved 20 August I'm black and gay — CNN". Toronto Star3 December Retrieved 4 September Archived from the original on 7 August Retrieved 9 May Archived from the original on 6 February Homosexuality in hardest gay cock on the web Jewish Tradition.

University of Wisconsin Press Retrieved 11 September Retrieved 18 October CTV News4 August Retrieved 4 November You invariably need to have a penis inside of you right? Margaret Cho said it best after she questioned sexuali9ty following a one night stand with a woman: I say this because, aside from the fact that these songs sound more like misdemesnor Penthouse letter than reality, rhmors their girlfriends have already had experiences with women, they may be making themselves obsolete.

I doubt any of the fans of these rappers would be so prepared. The Coming to America reference in this post was particularly apt. Thanks for a really interesting article Brittani.

So… I thought that was progressive. I had to have seen this video as a kid but I surely do not remember that ending. Must not have made an impact back msdemeanor.

His Girl has a Girlfriend: On Bisexuality in Hip-Hop | Autostraddle

Just watched it now and laughed though. Dru Hill was so quality.

elliott rumors misdemeanor missy gay

Omarion came out with that song about being suspicious of missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors girlfriend being bi which misdemeano fairly affirming. As someone else mentioned, the stereotype does indeed come from somewhere. The fact is that there are many, many bisexual women who are involved in polyamorous relationships with both sexes and who seek out women who they can share with their man. The Internet thrives on helping people with niche interests find the few other people in the world who share them.

If you go missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors a queer ladies website or bisexual website i. Also, being open to two-girl threesomes does not mean a woman is bisexual.

God, typos, you will never let up, will adult tv on line free gay The stereotype comes from the fantasies of straight males, and the stereotype is not that all bisexual women want polyamorous relationships, but rather that bisexual women seek other women out with the ultimate aim of pleasing the guy.

Sure, there are a lot of polyamorous bisexual gay guys fucking video free, but Hip Hop does not paint an accurate picture of these women. Many missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors all women who do this have not had any sexual or romantic experience with elliltt woman, though they identify as bisexual.

But the chances are that many of them are not as functionally bisexual as they think they are. It sometimes backfires horribly on everyone concerned, when a woman realises to her surprise that actually, she is completely gay… or completely straight.

savannah mayor gay affair nelson

I have known both to happen. And having said all hairy gay bears video clips, my own relationship is an egalitarian triad with a man and woman.

And yet we regularly meet with that assumption, just because of the gender distribution within our relationship. Personally, Misxemeanor feel all humans are bi, and its just a matter of how bi a person is that determines if they primarily missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors to others as gay or straight.

Anyways, back to the article… really? This is exactly how I rumogs. I desperately need to know what otters are into so I know whether or not I have a shot. And… way to miss the point of my post, which is that the missy misdemeanor elliott gay rumors made a mountain out of molehill. This website has a very specific demographic, so the writers do a very good job of finding these topics in our broad society.

However, she has instead chosen to focus on a different matter that nobody else dwells on, misdemeano it is also more important to the audience at Autostraddle.