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Jan 15, - News · Links · Videos · AM Show · Sports · Traffic · Contests Georgia megachurch pastor Bishop Eddie Long died at the age of He was a preacher who led an infamous march against same-sex marriage and denounced homosexuality, football games or even his high school and seminary graduation.

A wave of accusations has begun to hit evangelical institutions, bringing down figures like the Rev.

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Thomas, the founder of the Creation Festival, a Christian music event. Baranowski is not the first to accuse Mr. Hybels of wrongdoing, though her charges are more serious than what has been reported before.

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The Chicago Agemda and Link: Christianity Today reported that Mr. Hybels had been accused by several other women, including co-workers and a congregant, of inappropriate behavior that dated back decades.

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The allegations included lingering hugs, invitations to hotel rooms, comments about looks and an unwanted kiss. The accusations did not immediately result in consequences for Mr. At a churchwide meeting where Mr.

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Hybels denied the allegations, he received a standing ovation from the congregation. Baranowski kept handwritten notes she received from Mr.

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Plus, you are a knockout! Beach recalled that Mr. They lost their jobs.

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He was the pastor I wrote about for close to 20 years. My relationship was an accident of geography. I was a religion reporter at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where I was assigned to cover him.

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I lived near his church and knew many New Birth members. I talked to him so frequently that he gave me his cell phone number. He was a phenomenally gifted leader: Only now do I megachuch realize how smart and innovative he was.

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His generosity was legendary. He bought people homes and cars and steered them through dark patches in their lives.

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Few people helped as many as he did. It megachurch the gay agenda be a charade, though, to ignore the other part of Long's legacy. Some of his most important lessons didn't come from his victories but from his mistakes.

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Here's a dirty little secret about so many pastors: They like to preach to large crowds, but they don't particularly like being around them. Most of the megadhurch I meet are bookish introverts. I recall watching one pastor smile and hug his parishioners -- and then later tell megachurch the gay agenda they got on his nerves and had bad breath.

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Long, though, was different. I never met a pastor who seemed so energized by being around people. I lived near him, megachurch the gay agenda I would often see him stopping at a gas station or walking through a shopping center with his entourage. I would hear about him speaking at a local high school.

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Maybe Gy shouldn't have been surprised when he once told me that megachurch the gay agenda of his hobbies was "people watching.

Yet people loved to watch Long, too. Part of that was because of the distinctive message he preached and the way he embodied it.

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He was one of the biggest proponents of the prosperity gospel, a theology that says God rewards the faithful with wealth and health. He saw himself megachurcy just as a pastor but as the CEO of an international spiritual corporation. And he embodied his message by driving around town in his Bentley and dressing in tight muscle shirts in the pulpit.

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Rob Bell: A Church That Denies Gay Marriage Will Be “Irrelevant” | Larry D

God has launched me into my culture mevachurch an arrow, and I'll go to almost any lengths to plant the kingdom megachurch the gay agenda the 'hoods. But when you build your ministry on financial prosperity and physical vigor, what do you do when it's gone? Long's reputation, along with that naomi wolf blueprint gays his church, had collapsed by the time of his death.

New Birth used to hum with energy. Long lines of cars flying New Birth's purple banners snaked outside its entrance Sunday mornings.

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The church seemed to be everywhere in the community, offering ministries to drug addicts, prisoners and AIDS patients.

It was more megachurch the gay agenda a church; it was a movement. Tje Eddie Long's fall from grace Yet when a church is built around a charismatic leader, there's no Plan B when that leader is compromised.

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It adds nothing to megachurch the gay agenda discussion and only causes strife.

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Please consider the following statements pertaining to gay male jerkoff video free posted by you and other visitors to our website: Comments are not pre-screened before they post. Stuart also spoke about the prevalence of pornography and its harms, listing it megcahurch one of many factors contributing to the declining marriage megachurch the gay agenda and explaining to those gathered that "we have a young generation ageda in pornography.

We have young people who are in crisis. Earlier on Thursday, Andrew T. If you have that megachurch the gay agenda yourself about your child, you need to crucify it.

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