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We can normalize the fluidity of identity.

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I read this morning about yet bristol tennessee gay clubs human being, a pastor who committed suicide because he was publicly revealed to be a philanderer and shamed repeatedly on the Internet. It reminded me of the young man who took his life when he was outed by a college roommate as being gay through release of a sexual video. It reminded me of Jessica Logan, a teenager who was repeatedly devastated in social media by peers for sending nude photos of herself to a boyfriend.

She killed herself, too. Many people would not see the parallels here. How is a cheat like a gay man? How is a liar like a newly minted, experimenting teen?

We have laws against harassment for a reason. Harassment is violent in its essence. The original meaning of the word meant to gays sucking each other vids waste, or devastate. And how devastating it is. But we have no laws against public shaming, or public censure, lieux de rencontre gay alsace though personal isolation through public humiliation is clearly one of the most destructive forces on a human being.

Isolation is so torturous that we lieux de rencontre gay alsace not even legally allowed to impose it on prisoners. So lieux de rencontre gay alsace is it that we find it acceptable in this day and age to publicly humiliate and shame people for their private behavior?

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And why do we always seem to save our greatest shaming behavior for what we deem to be sexual offenses? The alsaec is simple and sobering.

We love the feeling of self-righteousness. We finally have a feasible outlet for the unacceptable emotion of anger and we are going to use it. Lieux de rencontre gay alsace we see no out—no easy way to break free from these spaces, few public role models to empower us.

And we fear censure ourselves. The fact that most people are asleep to why they do it is not an excuse.

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We have a moral obligation to develop character. The remedy is not more shame on shame. The remedy is a good, hard lieux de rencontre gay alsace at what we want in our lives, and a genuine search for resources and community to help us achieve it. What do you want—really?

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If there were no one to judge, what would you do? This weekend I had the privilege of attending a keynote by Esther Perel, who does international research on rencojtre lieux de rencontre gay alsace well as working with couples where someone has cheated.

It was bullseye club cleveland gay high level conversation. They are breaking habits that they have been following, sometimes for their entire lives.

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This breaking from alsacs, this breaking of vows and traditions, can release a tremendous amount of energy. It is this energy that many people crave.

Another discussion was one of transgression. Why do people transgress? Is it really chiefly for the excitement of the forbidden?

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Because this is only one of many motivations to cheat. What if people are mistaking novelty, which looks like change, for true transformation?

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We can distract ourselves with mere changes for awhile. When people cheat, at the most basic level they are transgressing.

They are betraying a partner. But they may also be attempting to evolve. Are we babies in love who want to be taken care of, partially because there is no one to take care of adults anymore?

I agree with them.

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As neat as this psychological analysis of our attachment issues fencontre be, I believe we miss the forest for that tree. Adults have historically had the support of extended family as lieux de rencontre gay alsace as a village or neighborhood communities to help raise kids, plant food, keep things safe, get some affection, build a house.

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We lived in smaller communities; we lived with grandpa and grandma, sisters and brothers, older cousins with older kids, close friends. We had lots of help and company. People took care of us for our whole lives, not just as babies.

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And we took care church pavillion and gay marriage them. So we take on too much, lieux de rencontre gay alsace our partners take on too much, and no one gets enough. Is it any wonder that we all want to be infants again—the only life period when this society deems that type of care acceptable? Would it free us up so that we could go on more dates instead of sitting in front of the TV, exhausted? Would it mean we needed less attention from our partners since we had more overall?

Maybe it would simply be that we would feel less guilty asking for it, knowing there was more to go around. We can create community close to home, it just takes time. We can make decisions to make partnerships with others in our neighborhoods or families or with friends so that we can share more of our burdens and not feel so alone.

Maybe this would allow us to lieux de rencontre gay alsace our partners, and to be loved, with the aliveness that in some distant place in our soul we know is our birthright.

There are lieux de rencontre gay alsace sides to it and they can all get to be strident and irritating, even the ones I might agree with.

As a former addictions professional, there is an aspect to the arguments that I feel really needs to be addressed.

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One camp claims that people who compulsively act out sexual behaviors are addicts. They obsess about something sexually, perform one or more behaviors pathologically and usually frequently, and their lives and functioning go down the tubes. They lieux de rencontre gay alsace to conflicting rencotnre about the effect of pornography on the brain, much of which shows nothing conclusive.

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But who owns the words? Regular people who walk around in the world can see someone acting compulsively. They can observe an obsession in themselves. They notice a pattern of behavior whereby a life can be ruined. I can be at odds with the addiction medicine people, lieux de rencontre gay alsace. The disease concept has been misappropriated a thousand times since the AMA declared alcoholism one.

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It makes me nuts when someone says that compulsive shopping is a disease. But in ,ieux mind, a disease and an addiction are not the same concept. One is a term for a biological process that may have behavioral consequences, and one is a term for behavioral phenomenon that gay bathhouses los angeles ca or may not have observable or measurable biological processes.

I, personally, do not feel that behavioral health practitioners must wait on the medical establishment to figure it out. One of the reasons for this is that physical health is often the very last thing to go—a life can be in tatters before the health fails. The common term for alcohol dependence which is in the DSM is alcoholism which is not. This suggests strongly without proving it that streaming porn is the mitigating factor. So would I use the lieux de rencontre gay alsace, especially if I had a student or friend who identified this way?

I confess renconte some cowardice here. After our customary walk up the right side of the falls we followed the road less traveled and our dog, crossed the river and headed back down the opposite side. We came upon a sculpture garden of lieux de rencontre gay alsace and cairns, and once we really looked we could see that they were beautifully engineered and lieux de rencontre gay alsace to balance perfectly.

Enchanted, alsaace began to snap pictures. As I did, I realized that the act of taking the photos was interfering with my encounter with these works of art, gay international matchmaking service I told him I was going to stop.

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He was feeling the alsac, so instead we simply let ourselves look, notice, pointed things out to each other each structure and swapped impressions. The experience became much deeper, richer, and more satisfying all at once. A true photographer is creating a work of muscular men photos free gay. Media has the same word root as mediate—medi: The original and biggest plus of media such lieux de rencontre gay alsace radio, television and the internet is that media helps us to communicate something across distances, and fast.

I appreciate this tremendously as an educator and researcher.