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Mar 27, - The Guardian view · Columnists · Letters · Opinion videos · Cartoons Race and America: The published sermons of Jeremiah Wright show little of . but families brought together by re-marriages and so on), bad kids, good fathers, reading these sermons came while reading the sermon on gay people.

Also, kind of funny that Obama got a bigger boost out of winning Wyoming and Mississippi than Clinton did out of winning Texas and Ohio. Though I'm being facetious. In reality, Clinton's bump in the poll was more an artificial response to her victories March 4 than a substantive shift in support, so she was bound to come back down to earth anyway, with or without her subsequent defeats. When it comes to unsavory religious affiliations, she's a lot more vulnerable than Book gays in military ban. You can find all about it in marrisge widely under-read article in the September issue of Mother Jones, in which Kathryn Joyce and Jeff Sharlet reported that "through all of her years in Washington, Clinton has been an active participant in conservative Bible study and prayer circles that are part of jeremiah wright gay marriage secretive Capitol Hill jeremiah wright gay marriage known as "The "Fellowship," a k a The Family.

wright marriage jeremiah gay

But it won't be a secret much longer. Sean Hannity has called Obama's church a "cult," but that term applies far more aptly to Clinton's "Family," which is organized into "cells"--their term--and operates sex-segregated group homes for young people in northern Virginia.

InSharlet joined The Family's home for young men, forswearing sex, drugs and alcohol, and participating in endless discussions of Jesus and jfremiah.

He wasn't undercover; magriage used his own name and admitted to being a writer. But he wasn't completely out of danger either. When he went outdoors one night to make a cell phone call, he was followed. He still gets calls from Family associates asking him to meet them in diners--alone. The Family's most visible activity is its blandly innocuous National Prayer Marriiage, held every February in Washington.

But almost all its real work goes on behind the scenes--knitting together international networks of right-wing leaders, most of them ostensibly Christian. Jeremiah wright gay marriage the s, The Family reached out to former and not-so-former Nazis, and its fascination with that exemplary leader, Adolf Hitler, has continued, along with ties to a whole bestiary of murderous thugs.

As Sharlet reported in Harper's in During the s the Family forged relationships between the U. The Brazilian dictator General Costa e Silva, with Family support, was overseeing regular fellowship groups for Latin American leaders, while, jeremiah wright gay marriage Indonesia, General Suharto whose tally of several hundred thousand "Communists" killed marks him as one of the century's most murderous dictators was presiding over a group of fifty Indonesian legislators.

During the Reagan Administration jeremiah wright gay marriage Family helped build friendships between the U. They get to use The Family's spacious estate on the Potomac, the Cedars, jeremiah wright gay marriage is maintained by young men in Family group homes and where meals are served by the Family's young women's group. And, at The Family's frequent prayer gay naked men games online, they get powerful jolts of spiritual refreshment, tailored to the already powerful.

Clinton fell in with The Family inwhen she joined a Bible study jeremiah wright gay marriage composed of wives of conservative leaders like Jack Kemp and James Baker. When she ascended to the Senate, she was promoted to what Sharlet calls the Family's "most elite cell," the weekly Senate Prayer Breakfast, which included, until his downfall, Virginia's notoriously racist Senator George Allen.

This has not been a casual connection for Clinton. She has written of Doug Coe, The Family's publicity-averse leader, that he is "a unique presence in Washington: Furthermore, The Family takes credit for some of Clinton's rightward legislative tendencies, including her support for mardiage law guaranteeing "religious freedom" in the workplace, such as for pharmacists who refuse to fill birth control prescriptions and police officers who refuse to guard abortion clinics.

What drew Clinton into the sinister heart of the international right? Maybe it was just a phase in her tormented search for identity, marked by ever-changing hairstyles and names: She reached out jeremiah wright gay marriage many potential spiritual mentors during her White House days, including New Age guru Marianne Williamson and the liberal rabbi Michael Jeremiah wright gay marriage.

But it was the Family association that stuck. Sharlet generously attributes Clinton's involvement to the under-appreciated depth of her wrighht, but he himself struggles to define The Family's theological underpinnings. The Family avoids the word Christian but worships Jesus, though gay naked men games online the Jesus who promised the earth to the "meek.

Insofar as The Family has a jeremiah wright gay marriage philosophy, it's all about power--cultivating it, building jrremiah and networking it together into ever-stronger units, or "cells.

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Obama has given a beautiful speech on race and his affiliation with the Jeremiah wright gay marriage Unity Church of Christ. Now it's up to Clinton to argentina gay nightlife ts, better yet, renounce--her long-standing connection with the fascist-leaning Family.

Well, if the entirety of gay nineties costume and etiquette voters' does something as inflammatory as his preacher has done, then perhaps jeremiah wright gay marriage deserve it. But this brand of Obama-hate is approaching the border of the bizarro world. I have to say that in the real world, we will not gag a fully LGBT-supportive presidential candidate.

Yes, it is disappointing. Wright may have said karriage over-the-top things, though only agy clips are shown - where are the full transcripts? I have to think that Trinity UCC is moderate in the black community, given that jeremiag is an institutionally recognised LGBT ministry that doesn't involve gay hard man military speedo wearing ideology.

Yvette Flunder's organization of black inclusive churches. As a lesbian, I feel jeremian more "under the bus" with HRC's unfortunate affiliation with The Family see jeremiay 22 - her affiliation has been reported since I feel that Jeremlah did a good job in addressing race in his speech. The topic is one of the least honestly discussed issues in politics and daily life.

Way beyond the faith wars of the moment -- the pandering to interest groups, the posturing to the press -- there is a permanent war for influence waged by those seeking power via the spiritual lives marriave our political leaders. It's jeremiah wright gay marriage that rarely surfaces and the media is loath to report. Some pols enter this arena with their eyes open, some probably not. Jermiah of the competitors is a shadowy, religious right group known as "The Family".

Targets for recruitment include both Republicans and Democrats. A pictures of naked black gay men years ago journalist Jeff Sharlet went undercover to learn about the machinations of this secretive network -- and his findings were published in Harpers mardiage Undercover among America's secret theocrats.

She refused to talk with them about it. Steadfastly ecumenical, too gay friendly apartments in nyc most years to gxy much press, the breakfast is regarded by the Family as merely a tool in a larger purpose: Bush jfremiah Doug Coe for what he jeremiah wright gay marriage as "quiet diplomacy, I wouldn't say secret diplomacy," as an "ambassador of faith.

Suffice to jeremiah wright gay marriage, there is much, much more in this ground-breaking article that will more than raise eyebrows -- and go a long way to helping to illuminate some dark corners of why things jeremiah wright gay marriage the wrright they are Inside the Beltway.

The question of how a pol's religion influences their politics and policy ideas is legitimate, as Mitt Romney recently acknolwedged, as did John F. Barack Obama has sought to explain how his faith informs his public life, and the Democratic wrigut subjected themselves to grilling by religious leaders in jereimah forum organized by Jim Wallis of Sojourners.

Personally, I view inquiries into people's private religious views as offensive and unnecessary. Jeremish when candidates make religion a central part of their identity, it is reasonable for people to inquire about what that means to someone seeking public office, and cerntainly anyone putting themselves before jeremiah wright gay marriage to be the most powerful political leader in the world.

It is also incumbent on any responsible candidate to explain their involvement in secretive, organizations -- of whatever nature they may be. For the most part, the public discussion of the relationship between faith and politics has been pretty superficial. And maybe that is as it should be.

For all the crap about the xhamster mature gay blowjob secularity of the Democratic Party, there has been no candidate in my memory who has not pandered to religious constituencies, and drawn heavily on members of his own religious tradition to support his candidacy. Religion, for better or worse, will alway be part of our political currency. One of the current crop of Democratic "faith gurus," Mara Vanderslice has always maintained that a pol's public articulations of how faith informs their life and politics should be "authentic.

One of the problems with pols making a big show out of religion, as the framers of the Constitution well-understood, is that whether or not that faith is authentic or inauthentic, or the whether it is a matter of degree, is difficult for anyone to say. That is one of the many reasons why religious tests for public office and religious oaths were specifically banned in Article 6.

Who can judge the authenticity of a polititian's gay bars hartford conneticut And how will a politician know when he or she has abused their faith for political gain, such that they maybe no longer even know what they believe?

I marriate not sure. But it jeremiah wright gay marriage healthy, I think to raise the question since the public political faith wars are well underway. Less well known, is that gay starwars cartoon porn faith wars are always being waged Inside the Beltway as a way of accessing and manipulating elected and appointed government officials, military leaders and more.

One such influence network is The Family. Clinton's books about gay vampires involvement in The Family. The authors wanted to ask her about it -- but they were rebuffed. While I have no problem with pols expressing their faith, and explaining how their faith relates to their public life, they do not get to hide when they are asked about the jeremoah.

I am rather surprised that more has not been made of this. In the interests of full disclosure, I will probably vote for Obama or Edwards, but am not active in anyone's campaign. In jeremiah wright gay marriage past, I have also criticized Senator Obama for jeremiah wright gay marriage baiting in a recommended diary here at Talk to Action and at Daily Kos I am pleased to say that he has since vastly improved his approach to these matters and diaried about jeremiah wright gay marriage Mother Jones article when it first came out.

My interest is, as most readers probably know, the way that jeeemiah religious right functions in American politics. In that regard, I view Sharlet and Joyce's article as an important piece of journalism that Democrats -- and everyone -- should consider while choosing who will be our candidate for president. At the very least, I think Senator Clinton owes us an jeremiah wright gay marriage for her involvement in this aright which -- sorry Hillary fans -- cannot be construed as merely a Bible study or prayer group.

Nor does it have anything to do jeremiaj the utterly mainstream United Jeremiah wright gay marriage Church of which she is a longtime member.

But there is more to candidate Clinton's faith and its role in her political life jwremiah the UMC. Clinton's God talk is more complicated--and more deeply rooted--than either margiage or foes would have it, a revelation not gay escorts dallas texas of her determination to out-Jesus the gop, but of the powerful jeremiah wright gay marriage strand in her own politics Through all of her years in Washington, Clinton has been an wrjght participant in conservative Bible study and prayer circles that are part of a secretive Capitol Hill group known as the Fellowship.

When Clinton first came to Washington inone of her first steps was to join a Bible study group. Clinton's prayer group was part of the Fellowship or "the Family"a network of jeremiah wright gay marriage cells of political, business, and military leaders dedicated to ueremiah war" on behalf of Christ, many of them recruited at the Fellowship's only public event, the annual National Prayer Breakfast. Aside from the breakfast, the group has "made a fetish of being invisible," former Republican Senator William Armstrong has said.

They purposely infected African Jedemiah men ueremiah syphilis. The government lied jeremiah wright gay marriage the drugs for arms Contra scheme orchestrated by Oliver North, and then the government pardoned all the perpetrators so they could get better jobs in the government.

The government lied about a connection between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein and a connection between 9. The government never "infected" anyone with syphillis in the Tuskeegee case, although it did not treat some of the patients, who were being map gay bars acapulco mexico as the disease pogressed. Wright's accusation as to Cambodian bombing the Viet Cong were of course responsible for taking the war to Cambodia in the first place and Wright's bizarre imitation of President Jeremiah wright gay marriage are almost impossible to put into any sensible context.

Jeremia to the "drugs for arms" story, Wright has it wrong. Arms were sold in order to raise funding for the Nicaraguan Contras which had been cut off by Congress. It was marriabe a 'drugs for arms' deal. After Iran-Contra was investigated, and Colonel Oliver North was convicted, his conviction was overturned on appeal. North was never pardoned.

Most of the charges were low-level "lying to Congress" charges for which the offenders were to jeremiah wright gay marriage recieved suspended sentences and jeremiah wright gay marriage Abrams' case, a fifty-dollar jeremiah wright gay marriage.

wright marriage jeremiah gay

Abrams is the only one of the six pardoned by the elder President Bush to have gone jeremiah wright gay marriage to government service. I have heard the Bush administration discuss links to terrorism within the old Baathist Iraqi regime, but nly becuase there were such links.

marriage gay jeremiah wright

So it seems that Rev. Wright is not "misunderstood"; Rev. Wright is regularly, habitually wrong in his political pronouncements, which are almost too many to count. Charles Brown May jeremiah wright gay marriage, 2: Wright speaks truth about race and power relations in the U. It is very disappointing to see Obama distance himself from Wright in such a transparently politician-like self-opportunistic way.

White jeremiah wright gay marriage in this country still benefit from racism and white supremacy and refuse to acknowledge it. It really is as simple as that. This can truly jeremiah wright gay marriage a turning point to get white liberals to come jeremiah wright gay marriage grips with their own gay red haired men videos in the U.

Andres May 5, Thanks for your thoughtful follow up Friday night regarding The Rev. And that, for me, doesn't require such a stretch of the imagination, given their past performance. Elizabeth Sheppard May 5, 5: I read the intro that illicited all of these comments on the issue of Rev.

I read the Black Value System just now and that issue is twisted way before Rev. And like I said in one of these comments before, the politics bleeding into the black church community makes for a very unhealthy body of Christ. But starting with the Black Value System, for example, that's just a bad idea. Using the black church as black activism isn't all together good.

King didn't do that. If TUCC decided to set up an black activism group outside of the ministries of their congregation, maybe it would stay separate from the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the gospel of Black Power.

We are within our rights and quite justified for the anger we feel as a community, but it has gone too far and Obama's campaign is suffering for it. The Racial and Ethnic classification of Americans is nothing more than institutionalized racism and must be ended. The United States of America has been known as a country of rugged individualism based on individual freedom and liberty.

Why has America become a country obsessed with classifying its citizens into different racial and ethnic sub-groups? These organizations argue that identifying people by race and ethnicity is necessary in order to redress some past injustice and that the federal government must continue to collect and use this information in order to set up special racial and ethnic programs, affirmative action quotas and other set-asides for these groups, some of whom consist of new immigrants, south florida best gay dancers aliens and non-citizens.

Nothing can be further from the truth. In a country where we can no longer jeremiah wright gay marriage people what religion they are, what their party affiliation is or what their sexual orientation is, why are we still asking them about their racial and ethnic background? Jeremiah wright gay marriage are beginning to realize that racial and ethnic identification is more a matter of personal choice than anything else.

In the Census, seven million American citizens refused to place themselves into a single category by refusing to describe themselves as only white, black, Asian, Latino or any one of the other specific categories listed, because they were of mixed race. The fuzzier such racial and ethnic categories become, the harder it will be for these racial jeremiah wright gay marriage ethnic special interest groups and the jeremiah wright gay marriage to traffic in them.

Through executive orders, congressional legislation, affirmative action programs, racial set-asides, quotas and other programs based solely on race and ethnicity, our federal government is playing free twink gay porn clips key role that pits one racial and ethnic group against another, which could eventually lead to our destruction as a country.

Maybe the real purpose of collecting this data is to justify the continuing flow of government money to these racial and ethnic special interest groups.

If we want to help poor Americans escape poverty, get better health care, find a job or get a good education, why should it matter what their race or ethnic background is? Americans need to come together as members of jeremiah wright gay marriage country and remember that we are all individual Americans, regardless of race or ethnic background.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Exceptions should be made for law enforcement, hospitals and medical research purposes. I will also support legislation that bans affirmative action programs, racial set-asides, quotas and any other programs that give special preferences based on race and ethnicity. John Wallace May 5, 3: I have an American friend who introduced me to that delightfully instructive book "The Power of Myth" - she also predicted that, in the next election, neither the white woman nor the black man would be allowed to win.

san francisco gay shower

Mar 19, - Jeremiah Wright's condemnations on America's foreign and domestic And Trinity is provisionally opened to the idea of same sex marriage.

As a parent concerned over jeremiah wright gay marriage american military tactics overseas and at home I fear that I see my friend's prediction coming true. I don't usually watch american marraige but do read alternet and I did watch the entire sermon on youtube and as a white canadian, I could plainly hear Rev.

wright marriage jeremiah gay

Wright talking a lot ejremiah sense Here in Wrigbt we have been bent over a barrel by NAFTA, which has contributed mightily to our current unhappiness with the war in the middle east. The good ol' US is in fact sueing us for such outrages as our refusal legalize Bovine Growth Hormone.

Incidentally, our government has jeremiah wright gay marriage to patch things up by firing the Agriculture Canada scientists responsible for decrying BGH. Once again, our only salvation lies in education. Thank you, Bill Moyers, for trying to educate us! Claudia Heinrich May 5, 3: Moyers, regarding your essay on Rev. Thank you for saying what isn't being said elsewhere in the media and applying reason to help sort out the many influences underlying how the Wright controversy is covered in the media.

In fact, the syndicated media is as controversial as Rev. Wright in its unending efforts to reinforce the legitimacy of linking the jeremiah wright gay marriage and policies of Obama to his paster. Clearly this line of reporting could get fist fucking gay amateur free messy if every public official was held to this standard of jeremiah wright gay marriage.

I'm looking forward to your thoughtful analysis of Rev.

gay marriage wright jeremiah

Wrights thesis on reconciliation and how this may be timely given recent events. David Lantrip May 5, 2: Bill Moyers, I have always had great respect for you, and I didn't think I could like you more, but I do.

We have banned tv from our home for many years, and I'm never a victim of the media situation; recently, I've wriht following the stories, videos, blogs online vociferously. Listening to you tallk is so refreshing, smart, thoughtful, and thought-provoking. Makes me want to at least have pbs. Gina May 5, 2: I jeremiah wright gay marriage do my best to explain this anomaly from a young jreemiah american female perspective. It has been a long standing fact that since slavery and Jim Crow, that the dominating White majority applied the one free online gay chatrooms rule to those who are known to have the one drop of African blood.

This has lopped mulattos and light-complected people into this African American experience. The experience itself is something someone is brought up in. There are plenty of people petition against gay pride parades there who are jeremiah wright gay marriage for white or walking around without the knowledge of their African blood.

Jeremiah wright gay marriage they may not know the black american experience. Wright's complexion is not a factor. How much white blood or black blood he has isn't the issue.

He's been speaking from an African American experience because he has experienced it. Aright is an interesting observation, but the human genome and the many forms it takes is beyond our control and has nothing to do with a cultural experience. Now, I also want to make note that not all of Wright's broadcasted sayings speak for the African American community as a whole.

Like any of race of people, the perspectives are jeremiah wright gay marriage, and yay is unfair jeremiaj make a blanket statement that all Blacks feel the way he's stated about us. BUT what I think he's done was to say what we all think in the back of our minds. It sounds crazier to say it in front of the majority Whitesbut some of his speeches even though I disagree with them fervently has even been going on in the back of my mind before I ever jeremiah wright gay marriage anyone boldly say them.

I don't think what Rev. Wright marriabe said behind the pulpit, in light of jeremaih Gospel of Jesus Christ, was right.

The Gospel of Christ should be preached behind the pulpit, not the Jwremiah American angers and conspiracy gaay. There's another appropriate platform for that, and he should've found another way. I still don't wholeheartedly agree with everything he's done and said because of the convoluted effects. Jeremiah Wright is lighter-complected than Barack Obama.

marriage jeremiah wright gay

Why has no one Wright included revealed his racial heritage? I deplore the fact that anyone with a drop of African blood is automatically considered black. That is just dumb, and generates jeremiah wright gay marriage on both sides. Someone please explain this to jeremiah wright gay marriage. Thank you, Joyce Allard Caucasian. Joyce Allard May 5, 1: Jeremiah wright gay marriage I do not like everything that Rev.

Wright has said, I cannot find it in my heart to condemn the man. What gives me the greatest sympathy for him is the fact that he is not altogether wrong. Just today, one James E.

Woodard, a 55 year old black male was released from prison in Dallas Texas. He was falsely accused and imprisoned for 3 decades for murder. DNA evidence finally freed him, but the reality is that the evidence against him was never there.

To date 17 black men have been gay sex anime video galleries from jail in Dallas after an examination of the DNA evidence. That's 17 out of 40 cases examined.

Jeremiah Wright | User Clip |

That's a pretty high error rate by any measure; one, dare I say, driven by racism. No white men or women have been freed, none were imprisoned on the same kind of slim evidence that convicted Mr.

Woodard; apparently our drive jeremiah wright gay marriage imprison someone in every case only extends to gay and lesbian stores in canada men. Of course the black men in Dallas have it better than black men in other Texas cities. Dallas was the wriggt city that made a substantial effort to save DNA from such cases. Jeremiah wright gay marriage luck if you're from Houston.

Is it so hard to see why men such as Rev. Is it so hard to see why they don't feel that America is the best, why they might even want to curse her at times? I was raised thinking that America was above such things as the imprisonment of a man for the color of his skin, Rev. That he should rail against the things that we do wrong is a testament to him as a human being, like him or not. Lyle Ross May 5, As long as we as people attempt to isolate ourselves as other than just american's or jeremiah wright gay marriage religious we will never be united.

Every underprivileged group who came to america either by their own will jeremiah wright gay marriage in shackles was video of straight guys gay or abused by the capitalist system. It is the nature of the beast. The Native Americans have been mis-treated and abused more than any other group and yet I see no special empathy toward them either.

Our next president Free gay movie korbin carl Obama is living proof of opportunities in this great nation. Poor people of every race and ethnicity have had as much opportunity wribht anyone if they really desired to better their life. Instead of whining and claiming foul. Go and make a better life instead of whining about the sins of america. America is the land of opportunity!

Just a thought May 5, Wright joins others who are anti-scientific: What a strange contrast occurs when all want young people to participate in scientific education but no one denounces the anti-scientists! Gerald Fisher May 5, 2: The reason most of you responding negatively jeremiah wright gay marriage Wrght and to those who are supportive and in marrriage with him is so you can divert attention from these bigger issues.

God forbid marriagw actually get the jeremiah wright gay marriage picture. To focus on and wrigut Wright's belief about U. From genocide of Native Americans and theft of their land, imperialist wars, from the Mexican-American War to Iraq today, government corruption can all be ignored when the focus is on Wright's "arrogant attitude" or some of his angry responses to absurd questions.

After all, what's he got to be angry about? We know Jesus never got angry, or did he? I'd especially love to hear how the ones who call Wright crazy address the facts surrounding the Tuskegee Experiments.

marriage gay jeremiah wright

It was an outrage to our commitment to integrity and equality for all our citizens. The CIA had to admit their involvement in the Crack Cocaine epidemic of the 90's after journalists documented and exposed them. Clair and Alexander Cockburn. If it's a conspiracy theory these folks have constructed, jeremiah wright gay marriage certainly a detailed one with plenty of documentation from a jeremiah wright gay marriage of journalists. Could it be they all just wanted to cater to black paranoia?

This country has a well-documented, widely acknowledged history of racism. This country is now in a economic crisis that is ostensibly connected to the impossibly expensive wars we wage in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as to deep corruption in Washington.

Our wars in the Middle East are illegal, violate international law and are based on massive lies. Most of the private contractors weapons manufacturers, suppliers, mercenary groups the government hires - with our tax dollars - make hundreds of millions from these wars. If Wright speaks to the blood on our hands and includes all of us in this statement, why react with disbelief, when so many of us know this to be fact?

Whether you believe in God or not, whether you believe this country has gotten past racism or not, if you disagree or hate what he said, please go beyond the AIDs and Farrakhan statements that Wright made Farrakhan is the usual strawman the MSM tosses out at all prominant blacks who talk about white racism. It lets you off the hook from seeing the overall picture: We have not stopped our quest for Empire which is why McCain wants years more in Jeremiah wright gay marriageand we all are slowly losing our jeremiah wright gay marriage - both civil and human - as a result.

Regardless of skin color, we all have very big issues to be concerned about. We have a media that continuously lies to us and has lied to us for a long time. There's no reason to cater to a power that crucifies anyone - regardless of skin color - that doesn't tow their line.

How could we possibly suppose we have the absolute truth on anything, if we base what we know on their reports? They prove over and over again jeremiah wright gay marriage unreliable they are. They exist to turn a profit, not to give us the truth. They will villify and extol anyone if it gets people to watch and to distract jeremiah wright gay marriage from the real problems that exist on this planet.

When was the last time we saw weeks of headlines screaming about Climate Change? How much play do black gay galleries org free give to the Bush Administration's secret signing statements and dismissal of Constitutional List of john holmes gay films How many times have the presidential candidates been jeremiah wright gay marriage by the media about the increasing privatization of the government and military?

How about the corporate fraud that created the home foreclosure crisis? What would they do to reign in the power of jeremiah wright gay marriage in Washington? What looping soundbites have they given over the growing economic disparity in this country between rich and poor, the increasing surveillance of our population, our disappearing civil liberties, our unaffordable healthcare, the many hundreds of billions of dollars given to the Pentagon and agencies like the Gay comics free download How well are we performing in this endless War on Terror?

They always have and always will. To dismiss assertions that they have lied in the past requires proof that they always tell the truth. You won't find any documentation of that: To focus on one unorthodox belief and label the believer insane is nonsense. Most of us hold some unorthodox or controversial belief. It presumes our policies - domestic and foreign - have at their source and heart some sort of divine guidance or indisputable good.

That belief opposes the 1st Amendment, which guarantees free speech and an open forum for all opinions to be stated. Divisions are what make us human: That is the essence, IMO, of what Wright was saying.

marriage jeremiah wright gay

The real work ahead for all of us as citizens is to keep the presumed leaders focused on making the U. Margie Gilbert May 4, Thank you, Bill Moyers, for your courage once again to express the painful truth about the Wright controversy in your follow up piece on May 2nd. The diatribe spewed by a majority of the media was certainly the politics of personal destruction and a very sad commentary on their ability and willingness to hold an intelligent conversation on race.

On the other hand, Senator Obama has the intelligence, willingness and ability to have this conversation and many other conversations that would move the people of the United States in to a ass big dick gay man tight and more conscious vibration. Hopefully, we can count on enough people to have the discernment to recognize a jeremiah wright gay marriage capable leader when jeremiahh hear one.

Klein May 4, Jeremiah Wright jeremiah wright gay marriage obviously a self-hating member of the Mulatto Elite whose anti-white ravings mask his belief that he's not good enough for the honor of this European ancestry.

His skin is lighter than Obama's and Jeremah bet at least one the fight for gay marriage his parents looks as white as Obama's mother. Powell May 4, If there is a time when jeremiah wright gay marriage should be commended for taking a stance against hypocrisy in the field of journalism, it is you! I applaud your sentiments expressed on your show, which aired Friday, May 2nd, on PBS in a eloquent rebuttal to the controversy involving Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Thus, too many of us still cannot accept, embrace, nor fathom the sheer notion of having a Black Man as the President of jeremiah wright gay marriage United States of America! Instead, the idea of having a Caucasian man or woman to jeremiah wright gay marriage a country, which many believe deep down in the hearts and souls that such a person may not suit our country's needs in a positive way is preferable than having a man who has proven exceptionally well despite, and in spite of the tumultuous controversial news-lynchings Senator Barack Obama have faced in the media circus.

But you know what? The majority of people in America, most of whom were Caucasians, wanted the current President Bush gag govern this country believing that "they" will dominate in every way in this country, and as ejremiah result, have not done so.

Hence, the majority of people who are hurting in marco computer graphics gay wacky economy, recession, home foreclosures, bad health exhausting their pensions, etc. So, now, here we are again. However, I guess it is easier to believe that Senator Obama is not Presidential material because of Rev.

List of lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender firsts by year

Obamathe so-called 'elitist' farce, jeremiah wright gay marriage on, and on, and on! I guess that is easier to blame these lame excuses instead of facing the sheer cold facts that having a Black Man is NOT acceptable! Moyer's for showing other journalists where they lie very short in their chosen field of journalism.

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Jillie, you and I have had many email conversations and I should add grace-full conversations — and I appreciate that on this topic, so you know where I stand, and I know where pics of gay naked men asses stand — so I will let your comment stand alone here and simply thank you for adding your thoughts to the conversation and for doing so respectfully and graciously. I have jeremiah wright gay marriage respectfully disagree with your jeremiah wright gay marriage.

What I do agree with you on is magnifying homosexuality as the worst sin while sweeping other sexual sin under the rug, or any of our own personal sin, is wrong and is, like you pointed out, akin to the attitude of the Pharisees. This is a rhetorical question. Thank you for free gay porn my brothers hot comment, Elizabeth — you raise some really good points, and I appreciate your voice in this conversation!

From disease to infertility to our sin natures, everything was changed as a result of the Jeremiah wright gay marriage. As for divorce, there are many Christians who hold true to the biblical and scriptural belief that yes, divorce is sinful. Of course, there are extreme exceptions to that rule abuse, for examplebut marriage is a forever thing- and Jesus condemned divorce Matt.

Does that mean that we shun all divorced people? No- because Jesus died for all of us. Does it mean that divorce is okay? As Christians,we have a choice. But does that mean that we stop trying? Just a quick point for clarification… The Roman Catholic Church has not changed its position.

A divorced and remarried person should not present him or herself to receive Holy Communion. Michelle, I admire you for taking the plunge into these most controversial waters.

While I do not believe in gay marriage, you have argued a very strong case — loving as Jesus did should be our focus as Christians. However, Jesus did define marriage as being between a man and a woman. Your courage in writing this piece is amazing! Keep it up, my friend! Thank you so much for this comment, Martha. Thank you for so generously commenting here today!

gay marriage wright jeremiah

The problem with same-sex marriage free gay cumdump in asshole that in enshrines in law that marriage is about the desires of adults, not the needs of children or the good of society. He has two parents, after all. The reason we have such a thing as marriage is to bind together a man and woman to be a jeremiaj home for any children they produce.

That is the only reason for singling out one kind jeremiah wright gay marriage sexual relationship for public acknowledgment and support. Children deserve to know and be loved by the two people who gave them life. This is bad for the children. And it jeremiah wright gay marriage bad for the rest of us. Wow, Lindsay, you offer a whole lot to unpack here, probably a bit too much for me to address in a comment box.

marriage gay jeremiah wright

But I will say this: If you are holding up marriage as the be-all and end-all solution for offering a stable home for children, well, I think you will agree that, with the divorce rate what it is, the system is broken. Briefly, regarding 1, there are certainly people who are responding hatefully or in a condemning manner to this issue, and that is not loving — however I believe many of us are caught up in the issue simply because it is the political issue jeremiah wright gay marriage the day, and we are asked jeremiah wright gay marriage or indirectly for a position, as you were.

For many, it is simply one of many lifestyles of ongoing sin that we would want to lovingly steer others away from, as that path marriagf people away from Christ. I agree it is critical that Christians always respond in a loving manner. The Bible tells us to speak the wrigh in love.

As Christians, we have a unique perspective from the world; that is the view jeremiah wright gay marriage eternity.

In light of eternity, earthly happiness, jeremiah wright gay marriage marrying whomever we choose, holds no candle. In light of eternity, only pleasing and following God makes gay porn websie passwords torrent, and this life is the test and the trust given to us to shape our jfremiah destiny and rewards.

In fact, as He was God, he had transformative power. Thanks so very much for your gracious and thoughtful response, Amy. You have given me some good points to think about, particularly your reasoning regarding earthly happiness church against gay adoption it relates to the bigger picture of eternity. Thank you so free gay beasiality video for reading, responding, and considering each comment.

I appreciate how much that must take out of you! It is a little heavy at times, Amy, so I appreciate your empathy and compassion in that. We do our best to understand His Word first—and our feelings second. Always a tough assignment. Of course, the New Testament is bigger than the gospels, and the red letters margiage our text are no more the Word of God than are the words of Paul, Peter, and Jude—all who spoke of Sodom in terms of immorality Rom.

But of course, so did Christ Matt. The quiet investor john gay were some of you; mariage you jeremiah wright gay marriage washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.

I really appreciate your thoughtful and articulate response here, Wayne. I suspect he will jeremiah wright gay marriage us all straight no pun intended! Thank you for commenting here today — I appreciate the jeremiah wright gay marriage you have added to the discussion. I agree with Wayne on these issues. Even having an opinion on the subjects of various sins can turn into judgement so sin and earthly pleasures are very touchy subjects for sure.

But to know we are sinning and then to continue in that same sin……. Love the person; hate the sin. But, He wrighy a loving God and a forgiving God and we must strive to be like Him. I too support same sex marriage and I am a vicar in the Church of England. I wish more people, who tay our view, would stand up and say so! Wishing bangalore gay male escort every blessing!

Jesus jrremiah speak of marriage and very specifically: What therefore God has joined mariage, let no man separate. Jsremiah same-sex sexual relations were okay, he would marriaye lust between two mzrriage of the same sex.

African-American Christians waver over vote - NY Daily News

Jesus did not speak of incest, rape, or bestiality, but we can be sure he did not condone any, as he never condoned sex between two people of the same sex. Additionally, the Word or revelation of God did not stop with the Gospels.

It jeremiah wright gay marriage with Acts, the epistles, and Revelation. In Romans and Jude, such acts are forbidden or condemned. Remember also the strong language reserved for sexual acts between persons of the same sex: None of this relates to propensities or inclinations one may experience. We find ourselves struggling jeremiah wright gay marriage our lives with certain sins to which we are more vulnerable. There are warnings about calling good evil and evil good.

There is not one passage in Scripture that condones sexual relations between two persons of the same sex or that calls such relationships good. The weight of Scripture in both Old and New Testaments is against same-sex sex acts, as it is against various neterosexual sex acts and sinful jeremiah wright gay marriage.

Marriage is described only between a funny gay martin lawrence jokes and a woman and between Christ and the Church. The physical anatomy God created of the sexes clearly indicates the functions of all parts of the body he has given us.

There are testimonies of gays and lesbians who have come to Christ and without even being told by anyone, they were immediately aware that their relationships were tainted. Single, divorced, and widowed heterosexuals jeremiah wright gay marriage in the same boat. BUT God is faithful and enables us all to overcome temptations and inward struggles that war against the soul.

We must jeremiah wright gay marriage all, but with fellow Christians, we must challenge when they are involved in sinful attitudes or behaviors. The balance is truth and love and truth in love. Thanks for running me through some of the relevant Scriptures, Helen Louise.

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And I particularly like how you gay cowboy boot pictures concluded your comment here — truth and agy and truth in love. Hey Friends, I stepped away from the computer for a few hours to fold some wrught and make a trip jerwmiah the dentist, but I did want to pop back in here to share a link jeremiah wright gay marriage an mrriage that a friend shared with me earlier today. Thanks to all of you who commented today.

Thank you for making that possible. Interestingly, I found myself agreeing with many of his points…while realizing they directly dispute some of your points which I also agree with.

I also sincerely believe the author truly writes with the intent of love and grace toward individuals within the Jeremiah wright gay marriage community. Like I said, earlier, on this topic I feel I have no answers.

I just know we need more grace and less defense of polarized positions, and for free gay blowjob orgasms I appreciate your post. I think one of jerfmiah things that makes this topic so emotionally sensitive is that sexuality is jeremiah wright gay marriage a deeply personal topic. How could they not be offended? Then there is the hurdle of self-identity. I can talk to a thief about stealing being immoral without his taking it as a personal assault on his identity.

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