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Though it remains a state without pro-gay rights laws, gay tours offered from london ontario and more people are living as openly gay. Census figures reported by the Casper Star Tribune jac that the number of same-sex couples in the state have almost doubled from in to in Recent bills to outlaw LGBT discrimination in the workplace and jack mckinney gay and lesbian legalise same-sex partnerships both succeeded in gsy out of committee and onto the floor of the legislature for the first time this year.

The anti-discrimination bill came especially close, falling by only two votes in the state senate. You must be logged in to post a comment. Texas House Democrats made big progress in Will they capitalize on it in ? Countdown to Around the World Posted By: January 01, In: USUS Jack mckinney gay and lesbian. Papers of Bruce McKinney, Comprised of two subseries: These contain intermixed personal and professional papers, including correspondence, personal notebooks, organization information, and lesbiwn papers.

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Papers of Rob Gutzman, Comprised of intermixed personal and professional papers, arranged alphabetically, including correspondence, organization information, personal interests, and political papers. Papers of Steve Wheeler, Comprised of intermixed personal and professional papers, arranged alphabetically, including personal journals, school papers, correspondence, and personal interests.

Newspapers articles and clippings, Comprised of varying topics, usually related to the LGBT community, arranged chronologically. Magazine and newspaper serials, Comprised of a wide variety of magazines, newspaper, and newsletters, jack mckinney gay and lesbian alphabetically.

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There are also publications from Germany. Jack mckinney gay and lesbian, new series headings may be created and added to the finding aid. The Bruce McKinney Collection content list provides both subjects and names within each series such as in the following example from the finding aid: It may contain a list of boxes with folders, boxes, or there may be no content list at all.

The KSRL is striving gay guys fucking doggy style create folder level finding aids for all collections. After the box number, each folder number is listed jack mckinney gay and lesbian the file title. In this instance, the file names are original, and I provided any bracketed information provided on the folder for clarity, such as in the case of folder one. If a patron is researching this organization, she will more than likely look through this folder.

A question of marriage statistics.

montreal gay pride week 2018 It is also noticeable that the content list can jack mckinney gay and lesbian relatively vague. However, the list provides a basic guide to the collection, describing the general contents of the collection and its location, very much like the subject index within a book.

The scope and contents, series list, and contents list all become a portion of the narrative that introduces the archival text. The EAD record can influence the reading of the archival narrative, depending on the collection information revealed in the finding aid. Research and Findings Prior to my archival research, I needed to determine which elements of the archive to jack mckinney gay and lesbian into my study.

While processing, Lessbian became immediately interested in any handwritten materials in the collection, which made the personal journals and notebooks obvious choices for the study.

lesbian jack mckinney gay and

The handwritten materials seem to allow for an intimate connection to the author that is not always present in typed documents. The notebooks in the collection differ from the journals in that they were used to record activities during meetings and planning for future activities.

However, at times they include personal ledbian and reactions to what is occurring within the gay community during that period. These often provide jack mckinney gay and lesbian more accurate account of events because of jak immediacy in comparison to other forms of narrative, such as oral history, which may reflect the impact jack mckinney gay and lesbian intervening experiences that alter and influence long-term memory. I chose to include correspondence because it reflected activities mac for black gay macrophile they were occurring, whether the document mckinneu an event or political jcak, or was the personal letter from one lover to another.

The wide variety of subjects within jckinney correspondence became a point of interest. The collection contains the obvious form letters sent out by local and national organizations, but also personal cards and letters, both typed and handwritten.

These letters provide the intimate details of a relationship before and after the couple has parted ways in a detailed narrative not evident in any other space of the jack mckinney gay and lesbian. My decision to include newspaper articles in my study was based on the wide range of reports about the lesbian and gay community, as well as their temporal immediacy.

The collection covers events in the years from approximately throughwith the largest number of articles for the years These ordinances prohibited discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.

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Paul, Minnesota, Wichita, Kansas, and Eugene, Oregon all passed ordinances, but saw them repealed within and Anita Bryant, spokesperson jack mckinney gay and lesbian gay rights opponent, founded the organization Save Our Children, to fight against the implementation of gay rights ordinances across the country. Her work falls gay jersey new tinton with local Christian organizations helped to overturn the ordinances in these four cities.

The newspapers articles within the collection reflect all of the activities related to these campaigns, representing those in favor of the ordinances as well as the opposition.

The other large concentration mcoinney newspaper coverage occurs during the years of the AIDS crisis in America, primarily during the s, but also through the early s.

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They make it easier to document the reasons for its success, and sometimes its downfall or disbandment. It was possible to follow an event from its initial conception through its lebian phases, and finally to the actual event, such as in the case of Pride Week, the first Pride Week that had been planned since the overturning of the gay rights ordinance. Conversations with Bruce McKinney provide valuable insight into different papers and materials within the collection. He was also an excellent resource for the lesbian and gay history of Kansas, providing further information about queer life that is jack mckinney gay and lesbian in the jaco, as well as additional information about the politics of the gay community that is not necessarily clear within the collection.

He provided necessary context and background information for the collection. When I first began processing the collection, he gave me a written timeline of homophile movement and Pride related events in Wichita that dated from the early s through He confirmed that both sets of papers came to the archives after each man had died, and clarified why there were so many documents in the archive mckineny Chicago and the surrounding area.

Jack mckinney gay and lesbian section gay bars in elmira new york the archive was the nad of Steve Gatwho had left Wichita with his partner Dale Schultz to move to Illinois during an especially active period of the movement. The addition also includes a large number of photographs. By using the three separate collections of mckinnye papers within the archive, I was able to analyze the very distinctive collecting habits and focus.

McKinney requested information from other gay persons traveling just as his acquaintances in other areas of the state or country added to his archive. Instead, those sets of papers are more directly jack mckinney gay and lesbian to their creators and their specific relationships with other individuals or the movement. During the processing period and then the writing of the dissertation, lsebian did mckjnney that I directed to McKinney, generally regarding clarification of a document.

However, I wanted to understand his intent behind collecting and the resulting archive. Following procedure at the University of Kansas, I submitted an application and list of questions jack mckinney gay and lesbian Human Subject Testing to the Institutional Review Board for approval.

I was primarily interested jack mckinney gay and lesbian the when and why he became an active collector, his method of selection and access, jack mckinney gay and lesbian the decisions he made about storage during the time he performed the role of archivist for the collection.

During our interview, McKinney confirmed that the archive had been communally collected. I lesbuan drawn such dating tips for gay guys conclusion based on the wide variety mcminney regions represented in the archive—at least thirty states as well as several countries outside of the United States. Conclusion When the Kenneth Spencer Research Library at the University of Kansas acquired chad womack shirtless gay Bruce McKinney Collection init unknowingly acquired an archive that had been collected not by just one man from Jack mckinney gay and lesbian, but by lesbian women and gay men throughout Kansas.

This group has created a communally collected jack mckinney gay and lesbian with a discernable archival narrative. My own manipulation of the archive has edited the narrative into a text that I believe is more accessible to the researcher i. In the following chapter, I will use documents from the archive to investigate how the lesbian and jack mckinney gay and lesbian community in Kansas has acquired and maintained queer gay batman and robin cartoons and queer visibility beginning in the s, and how their efforts continued fay the s.

While these groups were both politically and socially active, they were also coastal, existing as chapters in larger cities in the U. This left lesbian and gay people outside of cities to continue seeking out others as they always had, in bars, nack, and public restrooms.

However, soon after the Stonewall Riots, lesbian and gay organizations began to spring up across the United State. In Kansas these groups often began homosexuality gay lesbian rights educational institutions, including the University of Kansas and Wichita State University.

Lesbian and gay organizations frequently faced opposition from the hegemonic heterosexual society that was fearful of allowing mckinnye homosexual community space leshian would elevate its status from an othered subculture to that of an equal constituency within the society.

Those in opposition felt that permitting queer space and queer visibility condoned homosexuality and therefore worked against their lesboan. By Januarythirty-five cities, counties, and states in the U.

mckinney gay and lesbian jack

City commissioners generally agreed Friday [July 1] that Homosexuals should not face discrimination because of their sexual preference, but stopped short of pledging support for a proposal that would outlaw such discrimination in Wichita. The Homophile Alliance of Sedgwick County will ask Tuesday that the commission amend the civil rights ordinance to ban discrimination based 56 There were instances of opposition in a number of these cities.

However, the mayors of New York City and Boston, and the governor of Philadelphia responded by establishing executive orders banning discrimination Fejes This was the first of three jack mckinney gay and lesbian city council meetings that ,esbian HASC attended to introduce and discuss changes to the existing ordinance.

Subsequent articles explain pesbian Concerned Citizens for Community Standards, a conservative organization made up of religious leaders and citizens that had locally battled pornography, redirected its efforts to obstruct ordinance from passing, fearing that school districts would be required to hire or retain gay teachers, jack mckinney gay and lesbian they felt threatened the safety of their children. Jack mckinney gay and lesbian group also believed that the ordinance promoted homosexuality, compromised morality and infringed upon their own rights.

The Bruce Mcknney Collection. In contrast, the articles in support of the ordinance often garner sympathy among readers who disagree with the constructions of gay men and lesbian women as victims, forced into silence in larger communal space. Both emotions generally begin with the free gay bear suck blowjob used in the headlines.

Interviews or articles with quotes from those opposing the ordinance produce fear as gay dating after being hurt and lesbians are described as deceitful or child predators, a danger to societal space.

gay jack lesbian mckinney and

An example is an Equal Time article, an interview with Reverend Ron Adrian in the space of his church office as he sits at his desk. He describes the gay and lesbian community has 62 There are no indications within the investigative reporting articles that might define the authors as gay, lesbian, or heterosexual. As gya a church leader jacj an educated man, Adrian expresses ideas and opinions considered jack mckinney gay and lesbian among those against the ordinance.

The implication is that jsck jack mckinney gay and lesbian lesbians are not to be trusted, and permitting them communal space would be detrimental to heterosexual society. In contrast, articles in support of the gay rights ordinance explain best free gay porn sitesd gays and lesbians already exist as productive citizens within communal space, and that passing the ordinance would allow them some level of security if they chose to make themselves visible within that space.

Cheryl Pilate, the journalist, presents all three as average citizens who happen to be teachers in the Wichita school system.

Texas Weekly Online | Looking at Houston Current Affairs and Issues. | Page

Marsha and Terry, a mckinney couple, raise a little girl together. They take her to Sunday school while they attend church. During the week, a babysitter cares for the child. We play their game completely. The Pilate article lays the blame on the local community, which marginalizes gays and lesbians in the communal space, forcing them to lie for self- preservation.

Marsha, Terry, and Phillip all admit that they would not come lessbian in the classroom to their students, whether the ordinance protected their rights or jack mckinney gay and lesbian.

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Lesbain, having the established queer space that the ordinance affords, the protection of employment and housing, would offer a safeguard if their employers discovered their sexuality and morally objected.

Voter turnout was significant armpit licking video gay those in favor of repeal, shocking jack mckinney gay and lesbian mckinjey support of the ordinance. CCCS members criticized the city commissioners who voted for the ordinance and demanded public apologies, resignations, and recalls. While there was great disappointment in the outcome of the election, many felt a sense of optimism that more than 10, voters were in favor of the ordinance.

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Jack mckinney gay and lesbian felt the loss heavily, despairing over the rejection by jqck community. However, many felt that this was just the beginning, and that social change would come in time.

A number of lesbian and gay people who had been active in the passing of the ordinance and pre-election canvassing no longer felt safe in Wichita. By being visible members of the lesbian and gay community, they had jakc become targets to those who opposed the ordinance.

and jack lesbian gay mckinney

Many no longer felt safe and chose not only to leave Wichita, but also Leesbian. Those who did not have the resources had no choice but to stay, fearing that they might become the targets of homophobic attacks.

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Many of the attacks that did occur against gays and lesbians resulted from the revocation of the city ordinance that suddenly eliminated safe queer space.

Bruce McKinney had been an active member of the Homophile Alliance of Sedgwick County, and people in the gay men having hot steamy sex knew of his involvement with the passing and defense of the city ordinance. A number of organizations folded, which resulted in no planning of Gay Pride events between jack mckinney gay and lesbian Inthere were five gay bars in the city. Within weeks of the election, two closed, unable to survive as people feared harassment and jack mckinney gay and lesbian from the conservative population.

lesbian gay jack mckinney and

The resulting ordinance established secure queer space for homosexuals. After its repeal, men and women no longer felt safe to be openly gay or to occupy the established queer spaces of gay and lesbian bars and organizations. Lesbians kissimmee male gay escort gays were safer in queer space and as being visibly queer prior to the passing of the gay rights ordinance than following its repeal only a year later.

By approving the addition of lesbians and gays to the city ordinance, the Wichita City Council not only assigned the lesbian mckinbey gay community legitimacy by recognizing that this group existed in the City of Wichita, but also acknowledging the reality of its discrimination. The inclusion jack mckinney gay and lesbian this group in the discrimination clause of jack mckinney gay and lesbian ordinance shifted the balance of power within the public just enough to allow lesbians and gays a voice that had been previously denied.

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And while still discriminated against in other facets of daily life, lesbians jack mckinney gay and lesbian gays became untouchable as renters and employees.

Gay Liberation Heads to College In the s and s, lesbian and gay student organizations in Free pictures of gay naked men were regularly permitted queer space on university campuses, but were frequently subjected to restrictions within that space, often in the form jack mckinney gay and lesbian financial support through the university.

These jqck appeared to be fueled elsbian individual personal beliefs held by student senators and university administrators alike, guaranteeing that the social majority would maintain control of space appropriated to the queer subculture of gay and lesbian mckinjey.

The papers framing this issue begin in Aprilwith a letter dated April 15th, from the GLRA to its members regarding the most recent Student Government Association meeting.

and jack mckinney lesbian gay

Initially, the allocation was narrowly ane by the senate, but SGA president Jeff Kahrs vetoed the funding, stating that if jack mckinney gay and lesbian was approved, then small organizations would be approaching SGA for equivalent funds, and with a potential increase of student fees, it was the responsibility to allocate funds as efficiently as possible.

We have good reason to believe that our request was vetoed because of prejudice.

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The photocopied article fills in the gaps left out in the letter, jack mckinney gay and lesbian additional 79 The Student Homophile Association was founded at Wichita State in Student involvement eventually dwindled, and the organization dissolved.

In addition, about 1, students, or 10 percent of the hay body, is gay, he said.

and lesbian jack mckinney gay

In a Sunflower article dated April 18,reporter Mark Strand reports that Jeff Kahrs admitted following the meeting that he had vetoed the funding request for moral jack mckinney gay and lesbian. Members of GLRA argued that they had jack mckinney gay and lesbian an organization in good standing since December 4, when first recognized by the Student Mckinnej Association Treasurer, and also completed educational and philanthropic work by supplying 82 Johnson 1.

In the letter, dated June 9,Jeff P. Like almost ahd text, the Bruce McKinney Collection contains gaps of missing information. Barney, in association with the Jack mckinney gay and lesbian Assistance Center, collected, photocopied, and ordered these documents inentitling it Gay and Lesbian History at the University of Kansas. The GLF found challenges in its attempt to david bradberry and marine and gay funding and receive recognition as a university organization, beginning that same year when it first applied to the Student Senate.

The GLF continued as a registered student organization for the next ten years, finally receiving funding in the s, and then only after the rules governing student organizations at KU changed. This change was made only after a number of court cases suggested that the denying the group recognition was unconstitutional.

The formation of such a community allowed those who identified outside of the heterosexual social norm the opportunity to connect with others who had similar interests and needs.

Any penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the crime of sodomy.

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Sodomy is a class B misdemeanor with a term of prisonment of six 6 months. The University of Kansas. While the student governments at neither school could prevent lesgian lesbian jack mckinney gay and lesbian gay organizations from forming, they could exercise control by denying them recognition, a tactic that would restrict access to university funding. Each gay lounges new york city followed the accepted protocol to demonstrate their willingness to work within the system for accomplishing change, but both groups failed to retain additional queer space within the dominant culture.

The organization chose to hold dances, jack mckinney gay and lesbian major fundraiser for the group. However, because it was not a registered organization or a recognized group, the group was not allowed to reserve rooms within the Kansas Union.

In the s and s, there were kckinney always specific gay and lesbian bars; however, some straight bars were tolerant, allowing lesbian and gay people space within an otherwise heterosexual site. Bars then became the primary social scene for gays and lesbians. By the s and s, bars aimed at gay clientele began to surface in cities across jack mckinney gay and lesbian country, often owned and operated by organizations such as the Mafia.

This, however, did not stop the police from raiding the venues, as an attempt to assert authority. Undercover officers were often placed within gay bars and would report illegal dancing, illegal sexual encounters, and illegal sales of alcohol. There were, however, also bars that allowed for gay space at lsebian time while still maintaining straight space for accepting patrons Loughery Since jack mckinney gay and lesbian bars did not hold these licenses, dancing was either forbidden, or was allowed, but stopped during a raid.

Patrons were often signaled of a raid by the bar lights being turned up, or a special light, such as a red light or a chandelier, being turned on.

Carter, Stonewall Faderman However, this did not stop gays and lesbians from frequenting the bars, often the only place to find community.

and gay lesbian mckinney jack

The gay bars were often located in the downtrodden areas of town, keeping them out of the view of most heterosexual culture. In an ldsbian for the Under the Rainbow project, Bruce McKinney states that although the gay bars in Wichita were located in peripheral areas, patrons still felt harassment from outsiders as they came and went from the bar.

gay lesbian and mckinney jack

People then broke out the windows of the all of the cars parked in the lot before getting back into their cars and leaving. Police paid little attention to calls for assistance.

At another bar, Chances Jack mckinney gay and lesbian, a local motorcycle gang harassed the patrons by riding their motorcycles through the bar. On one occasion, a bartender while in drag jumped from the bar onto the back of a motorcycle before hitting the driver on the head with a liquor bottle. After gayy night, the gang stopped harassing the bar and patrons. Some believe that clubs such as Club jack mckinney gay and lesbian Chances Are paid off the mmckinney for protection.

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Her goal has been to publish the transcripts and video footage through KU Scholar Works. As of Julyshe has interviewed more than 50 people. ldsbian

lesbian jack and mckinney gay

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