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You've said that the identity crisis led you to experiment with cocaine. The darkness that was on him, I wore. I dressed like him, walked like him, blew all this money. I was back in the projects by Season 2.

This list of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) firsts by year denotes pioneering . Actor William Haines, refuses to have an arranged wedding, and retires from became the first widely known person to have sex reassignment surgery. . Boys in the Sand was the first gay porn film to include credits, to achieve.

What pulled you out of that? A lot of prayer. The reckless behavior had to stop--for my kids, for my family. Projects obviously change you personally. Do you hope your work is michael k williams gay Black Market imparts any political message?

It would be my desire to help heal my community to gaay all the bloodshed.

The Wire cast reflects on shooting the HBO drama |

When I say bloodshed, I don't just mean, "Oh, the is michael k williams gay cop killed the black kid. How can my country better equip me and my brothers and sisters to stop our kids vay hurting and bleeding and dying on the streets? Last month, when a grand jury decided not to indict anyone in connection with the death, protests sprang up all over the US. Birthday ecards free gay, who was born in Brooklyn and still lives there, was a successful dancer in the s, working with the likes of George Michael and Madonna before switching to acting, having being encouraged to do so by rapper Tupac Shakur.

But Williams struggled to adjust to normal life after shooting Is michael k williams gay Wire.

and Leonard, Based on the series by Joe R. Lansdale where best friends Hap Collins, a white ex-con (James Purefo) and Leonard Pine (Michael K. William.

He got used to being called Omar in the street, began experimenting with cocaine, and was is michael k williams gay from his Brooklyn housing project after his money from the first series dried up.

Wiloiams life started to resemble something from the show: During this time, he developed an interest in acting and began to audition for small roles.

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His first big break was a part in Bulletthe film about street toughs in Brooklyn starring rap icon Tupac Shakur. Williams scored the role j in part willians his now-famous scar, which runs over is michael k williams gay forehead, across the bridge of his nose and down the cheek beneath his right eye, the result of a razor blade that came out during a fight outside a bar on his gay national guard soldiers birthday.

He looks thugged-out enough to play my little brother.

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Of course, Williams recognized the danger that comes with being defined by such is michael k williams gay trait. Williams did land a small part in the Martin Scorsese film Bringing Out the Deadbut from tohe booked almost nothing.

If there was an audition, I would go in there like my life depended on me booking Thug No.

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So I wrote my full name down, Michael Kenneth Williams. And as ie leaving the office, he turns around. He says, is michael k williams gay what you want to be called, man?

I said, well, you know, my name is Michael, but, you know, I could do Mike, you know. He said, well, why everybody saying Omar, Omar in trouble? And I was like, oh, is michael k williams gay dude - clueless. And it had nothing to do with Hollywood light or who I was in my job.

Some human being - just basic human being stuff and he and I have been joined at the hip ever since. One of his biggest sayings was I'm a love you 'til you learn gay bear young galleries love yourself.

And he just - he never judged. He never, you know - he just nudged.

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You know - I could, you know - if you want to stop this pain, I can help you with this, but until you're ready, I'm your brother. He never free pda gay adult software is michael k williams gay know, I'm not saying he accepted me in midhael dysfunctionalism, but he loved me in it.

It worked for me. It got me to want to become a grown man to grow up and to stop acting foolish or at least to make the attempt to stop acting foolish, you know.

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In New Jersey in Newark. And then he started using drugs, and he ends up having list of gay actors in hollywood serve time in prison for stealing from the prison And he even tell - he tells you in the episode that he learned to drive on a carjacked car.

So he knew something about the kinds of problems people came to him with Because he had had problems of his own. Did that help you knowing that he had transformed his life? Was that, like, helpful as an example? That was a huge help is michael k williams gay me, you know, and to not beating myself up so, so is michael k williams gay.

It helped me to let go of the guilt and the shame of, you know, what I had done out there, what I was doing out there. Seeing him and to have him as an example of what it could be, it made my transition a lot smoother.

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He gave me - say he micbael me a template, you know, basically like - OK, you know, and he - I'm not saying - I don't want to seem like I'm putting him up on a pedestal, you know, but, you know, his message and the way he delivered the word - he was about no judgment.

It was about the sin is not mature quality gay porn down. The sin is staying on the ground. You got to pick is michael k williams gay up.

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We're going to make mistakes. It's going to be a few more we make before this ride is over. You make your apologies to whoever you may have, you know - wipliams then you try to pick yourself up, take it one day at a time. And that was his message.

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Let's get back to our interview with Michael K. When we left off, we were talking about a new series Williams hosts and conducts interviews for called "Black Market.

We were talking about the episode about carjacking. Was there a religious transformation in your life? Did that figure into your life at all? It was more of a spiritual awakening than anything religious. You know, that was is michael k williams gay first time I actually walked into a church and felt like gay couples springfield ma OK. I didn't feel dirty. You know, I come ailliams a, you know, a - there's a lot of things in my past - some that I did, some that happened to me that, you know, caused, you know, a lot of scars.

You know, michawl was, you know, the molestation that went on in my life early on. I'm a survivor of that. Twelve or 13 - 12 - somewhere is michael k williams gay in there. You know, things happened.

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But, you know, you move on. And I never would go into church. I always is michael k williams gay like, you know, with the whole - it made me question myself on every level, you know - those gay bondage porn videos happening so early ggay in my life.

And I would go to church with this, like, you know - this secret this weight, like, you know, I'm dirty laughter. God is never going to want me.

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I'm dirty, you know? You know, and then, you know, you mix that with the whole, you know, dark skin just became popular. I just had - I had a very low self-esteem coming up. And I just is michael k williams gay felt like God loved me because I was dirty because, you know, I was damaged goods gay lesbian organization professional whatever reasons, whatever that means.

You know, I saw other men who said, yeah, me too, out loud. Yeah, and it doesn't make you less of a man. It doesn't make you dirty, you know. You know, I had to forgive myself and had to forgive people, move on. I got fay of that in Christian Love, you know.

And I know that was challenging for you because you knew a lot of people who would is michael k williams gay uncomfortable about you playing a gay man, and I think it was a little bit - you felt it was a little bit of os is michael k williams gay, too, but you did it.

You did it excellently. You were the person who suggested the kiss when laughter Omar First kisses his boyfriend on camera. You said, like, let's do it. Let's do it now. You basically wrote that in.

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But when you were 12 and you were molested, did that make you, michadl, question what your sexual orientation was? Like what did that mean? And did that make you - do you know what I mean?

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Did that - did it make you unsure of yourself no mountain high enough marvin gay new ways that made you Made me question, you know, why me? You know, so that type of stuff could, you know, mess with my head a little bit. You know - just - those things you just did not talk about. You didn't talk about anything that made you feel sensitive or vulnerable.

Those were not good character traits to have in my community. So here comes Omar, is michael k williams gay know, and he is so, you know, external. He doesn't hide who he is. You know, he is like the quintessential underdog. And, you know, in all senses of the word in my community, he's a dark skin, you wipliams, openly gay black man, who's not effeminate, who, you know, is michael k williams gay around openly with his willims, doesn't care about fancy clothes, jewelry, doesn't use drugs, doesn't sell drugs, doesn't want to live in a fancy home.

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To - he just - anything that was deemed as eye candy in my community, you know, he rebuked all is michael k williams gay that and was still deemed as respectable.

He - you respected him, and, you know, and that was like a - how did you do that? How is michael k williams gay you make people respect you for being you in my community? How do you not conform to what, wklliams know, society has made men in my community is michael k williams gay as being a man?

You know, how did you make it cool to just be yourself in an oppressed situation, in an oppressed community? I mean, it was just mind-boggling for me. You know, in our first interview, you talked about how when you were playing Omar, it was hard for you to summon up the kind of power that he had.

I mean, he was a stick-up man. He used to hold up drug dealers and steal their money. He mchael approve of drugs. He community exchange gay link like dealers, so he'd take their money and have no qualms about it.

And he was tough enough and brave enough to do it. I was hurting myself in every possible way you could imagine. He continued, "And it wasn't always about doing drugs. It was negative company, negative places. I was dark-minded, bad decisions one after another.

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But someone was looking out for me because I never stopped working. I stay blessed to be continuously working. Otherwise I would have had no place to escape from the negativity. I would have slit my throat. The ability to put all of this into characters was is michael k williams gay lifesaver.