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This is why I invite you right now to join us: Tuesday July 17th, Newsletter July par Paris You tried something new and found that you liked. And then, of course, you tried it again and loved it. How do I know that the ranking on your gay porn list is trustworthy? Every time I look how to give a gay man head a website, I have a system to carefully analyze all of the site's features. First, I check out the smut itself.

I take notes on how hot, hard, and horny the models are, what they do on camera, two cocks in one hole gay how good they are at what they do.

Third, I check the site's web design. One thing I really care about is a website which is easy to navigate and scan how to give a gay man head. I hate it when I have to hunt around for good gay action or if I find stuff isn't properly categorized. And any website which has a built-in search engine which corrects for spelling errors get bonus points from me. You know the kind. The spelling fuck-ups which happen when you can only type one-handed. Despite being tube websites, you get linked to platforms with channels which upload professional studio level content, promo clips, and amateur guys bearing it all for your viewing pleasure.

Finally, I check how much a gay lesbian basketball team site costs to join and how much bang your money gets you. Now porn sites are notorious for being infested with as many viruses as that loose twink you know who seems to live at the local bathhouse.

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However, I have noticed a free mature gay daddys blogs trend going through the online smut industry. In fact, some organizations like the Adult Webmaster Network, make it official policy to not knowingly link to content which has viruses, gvie, and other forms of harmful software.

So mxn like when you how to give a gay man head out cruising, use protection when surfing the net for sex.

I recommend booting up some basic firewall and virus protection software just to be safe. And yeah, there for sure isn't any illegal or creepy crap on any of these websites. I made sure of this, and so did these site's webmasters. PornDude, I already know your gay porn directory is the best! Do you have any other advice for me?

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First, keep reading MyGaySites. I'm putting in a lot more effort into improving this website to make it the go-to destination for all gay porn news, reviews, and commentary. So until then, stay tuned. Got any suggestions, questions, or comments? Do you have a site that you want me to review or got an idea for an article you want me to write?

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