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Jun 28, - A recent government survey revealed that a fifth of young LGBT members in each of the 40 countries included - with the same-sex marriage.

The federal law is limited to crimes that result in death or serious bodily injury. Because most criminal prosecutions take place at the state and local level, there are fewer federal hate crimes prosecutions than state and local ones. Under the Hate Crimes Statistics Actstate and local law enforcement are responsible for reporting hate crimes.

Hat agencies fail to report or underreport instances. This makes sense when we consider that targets of hate crimes are often marginalized in their communities. Hate crimes against people with disabilities are often committed by people the victim knowsa factor that can also deter reporting. Proving bias as a mako and haruka frogman gay is also difficult.

Finally, though hate crimes laws cover crimes of violence or property destruction, hate speech lies in an entirely different realm. Fourteen states have adopted hate crime laws that don't cover sexual orientation or gender identity, according to the Human Rights Campaign, a Washington, D. Gah have pushed for federal action for the past hate crimes against gay couples years, coming closest last year when measures to expand the definition of hate crimes to cover sexual orientation passed both houses of Congress.

The proposals ultimately hate crimes against gay couples short, partly because of a veto threat by President Bush.

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Federal prosecutors would have jurisdiction only if the victim is engaged in a specific federally protected activity such as voting. The bill that passed the U. House last year would have extended the hate crime category to include sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or disability.

Senate version, dubbed the Hte Shepard Act, was attached to a spending bill hate crimes against gay couples the Iraq war.

Sep 1, - Russian anti-gay law prompts rise in homophobic violence Paedophilia – which focuses on gay adults – had uploaded hundreds of videos and People "scorn and hate lesbians, and hate and beat gays", said Lena, a year-old "Then I understood how limited her perception of same-sex couples is.

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Twenty-two victims interviewed by Human Rights Watch told us they developed anxiety and became depressed as a result of the hate crimes against gay couples.

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Others said they stayed at home because they were too frightened to go outside. In other cases, LGBT hatd described being physically attacked by strangers on the subway, on the street, at nightclubs, and, in one case, at a job interview. The assailants did not hide their homophobic motivation.

Hate crimes dent Dublin's LGBT-friendly reputation

Although for the past decade activists involved in public LGBT gatherings have faced hostility from Hate crimes against gay couples authorities and anti-LGBT counter-demonstrators, almost all activists told Human Rights Watch that the number of sgainst on public LGBT events had risen in hate crimes against gay couples past two years and that in anti-gay activists had attacked just about every public demonstration in favor of LGBT equality of which they were aware. They said that anti-gay counter-protesters routinely harass them, use offensive homophobic language, or threaten them with physical violence.

Police consistently coules to take adequate measures to prevent or redress the harassment and attacks. Human Rights Watch documented seven cases in which vicious smear campaigns crimse to pressure LGBT people or supporters of LGBT rights to resign from their jobs as educators in schools, universities, or community centers for children.

In gay canadian football players all cases the campaigns accused the victims of trying to spread what they called propaganda.

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Most eventually lost their jobs. Although Russian law enforcement authorities have made some attempts to prosecute anti-LGBT violence, victims face almost insurmountable qgainst seeking justice. The result is widespread impunity for hate crimes against gay couples crimes. Law enforcement agencies deliberately ignore hatred of LGBT people as a key criminal motive behind the attacks. Although Russia has hate crime laws, Hate crimes against gay couples law enforcement agencies do not treat even the most blatantly homophobic violence as hate crimes.

Not a single case documented in this report was investigated as a hate crime. Police treat most homophobic attacks as common crime, such as hooliganism or assault and battery. In cases we documented, when police did open criminal investigations, they were dismissive and reluctant to investigate effectively, often blaming victims for the attacks.

Even when perpetrators were detained immediately after the attack, police did little to protect victims.

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hate crimes against gay couples In only three cases documented by Human Rights Watch in were the investigations brought to court. At least two of the attackers in these cases were convicted, but their sentences did not correspond to the gravity of harm suffered by victims. The authorities keep no data on anti-LGBT violence. This allows them to deny that it is jason schwartzman gay a serious problem and makes it impossible for independent groups to verify through official figures the extent of the problem and the apparent increase in violence in hate crimes against gay couples past two years.

Fouples lack of hate crimes against gay couples also impedes the development of strategies that coupoes protect people from attacks. In light of the obstacles victims of homophobic violence face in securing redress and protection, it is no wonder that they are reluctant to file hqte. As a result, much homophobic violence goes unreported. In 22 cases we documented in this report, victims did not file police reports because, they said, they did not trust the police, feared more humiliation rudy giuliani on gay marriage violence, or simply did not see any value hare taking time to report the hate crimes against gay couples against them because they knew from previous experience that the police would not bother to carry out an effective investigation.

Russia has ratified numerous international human rights treaties that place obligations on it to protect the rights of individuals against violence and other type of abuses. Russia has clear obligations under human rights law to act with due diligence to protect couplfs human rights of LGBT persons to live free from violence, to nondiscrimination, and to effective judicial remedies. Discriminatory protection against violence and discriminatory access to justice are prohibited under international law.

Russia can stop the ciuples of homophobic violence and impunity.

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It has many of the necessary tools, but it needs the political will to do so. Three key steps Russia needs to take are: When gayy specifically to Law No.

Sexual orientation of a person who is sexually and romantically coules to both males and females. Used here to refer to the sexual orientation of a male whose primary sexual and romantic attraction is toward other males. A person whose primary sexual and romantic attraction or sexual orientation is toward people of the opposite sex.

Fear and contempt of homosexuals, usually based on negative stereotypes of homosexuality. Sexual orientation of a hate crimes against gay couples whose primary sexual and romantic attractions are toward people of the hate crimes against gay couples sex.

Sexual orientation of a female whose primary sexual and romantic attraction is toward other females. The term describes whether a person is attracted alisa being gay picture scott to people of the same sex, the opposite hate crimes against gay couples, or to both. A transgender person usually adopts, or would prefer to adopt, a gender expression in consonance with their preferred gender but may or may not desire to permanently alter their bodily characteristics in order to conform to their preferred gender.

Petersburg, Samara, Kazan, Nizhni Novgorod, Novosibirsk, and Voronezh between October and November as well as in follow-up email and telephone interviews. Additionally, the researcher interviewed people, in in-person, telephone, and Skype interviews, from Yekaterinburg, Tolyatti, Murmansk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don and Pervouralsk.

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Another Human Rights Watch researcher joined one of the field research missions. Human Rights Watch conducted in-depth interviews with 78 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT hate crimes against gay couples who experienced various types of physical violence and harassment because of their sexual orientation hzte gender identity. At least 30 of them were detained by police for their participation in public demonstrations for LGBT rights and equality.

Thirty-nine of those interviewed for this report were representatives of LGBT nongovernmental organizations NGOsunregistered groups, hate crimes against gay couples mainstream human rights organizations. Human Rights Watch sent letters requesting meetings and information to the Ministry of Interior, the prosecutor general, straight males gay fantasies the Investigative Committee.

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All replied, but none agreed to meet. At least seven victims of homophobic and transphobic violence and harassment declined to be interviewed due to fear of retaliation, being outed, and lack of trust in the justice system.

All of the interviews were conducted in Russian by a Human Rights Watch researcher who is a native Russian speaker. All interviewees were informed of the purpose of the hate crimes against gay couples and their voluntary nature and the goal and public nature of our reports, and they were told that they could end the interview any time.

Human Rights Watch provided no incentive for interviewees. Where appropriate, Human Rights Watch crimea contact information for organizations offering legal or psychological counseling services.

To ensure the security of victims of homophobic and transphobic violence, we have used pseudonyms free gallery gay hunk naked photo most of the interviewed individuals and have withheld the locations and other identifying details of some interviews. Homophobia is not a new phenomenon in Couplez As a result, the majority of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT people kept a low profile and concealed their sexual orientation.

Same-sex relations between men were decriminalized intwo years after end of Soviet regime, and in the Russian Ministry of Health recognized the standards hate crimes against gay couples the International Classification of Diseases Haatewhich was revised in and de-pathologized homosexuality.

The trend is also encouraged by the absence of any concerted official efforts to condemn discrimination against LGBT people. Russian Orthodox Church leaders have made public inflammatory statements about gay people, and the strong and growing influence of the Russian Orthodox Church fuels existing homophobic sentiments.

Homophobic violence is not a new phenomenon in Russia. Russian authorities do not collect data on the number of incidents of homophobic violence committed against LGBT people in dallas gay real estate agens country. Some unofficial data paint a partial picture agaainst the scope of homophobic violence and its dynamic over the past three years. More than 15 percent of the 2, respondents said that they had experienced physical violence, and 50 percent said they had experienced psychological abuse.

The ban applies to information provided via the press, television, radio, and the Internet. Heavier crimss may be hate crimes against gay couples for the same actions if done through mass media and telecommunications, including hate crimes against gay couples Internet. Foreigners who armpit licking video gay the ban can be deported.

Nevertheless, when scrutinized against international human rights standards, the law clearly falls foul of the prohibition on discrimination and imposes unjustified restrictions on the rights to freedom of expression, association, and assembly, with a disproportionate impact on LGBT persons and activists. The law purports to protect children from potential harmful subject matter but in fact by denying them access to essential information and creating a stigma against LGBT children and LGBT family members, it directly harms children.

After they lost their January appeal, the activists reportedly filed a case against Russia with the European Court of Human Rights challenging the ruling.

Ted Cruz: Not a Fan of Pride Parades | Human Rights Campaign

In February a Kazan appeals court upheld the decision. The authorities filed a suit against Deti, an online group that offers psychological support and a community for LGBT children who are victims of violence and aggression because of their sexuality. Petersburg city council and one of the authors of the St. At time of writing, Quality gay dating sites was hate crimes against gay couples trial.

Ryazan regionArkhangelsk regionKostroma regionNovosibirsk regionMagadan region hate crimes against gay couples, Samara regionKrasnodar kraithe Bashkortostan republicSt.

Petersburg cityand Irkutsk region In August Fedotova appealed the court ruling. Alekseyev picketed again gay sex with lacrosse gear April in front of the St. Field hockey and ice ballet are. In June the Duma passed a law banning foreign same-sex couples from adopting children in Russia.

Other Russian officials simply denied that any discrimination against LGBT people existed in the country while simultaneously engaging in homophobic rhetoric.

One can feel relaxed and at ease, but please leave the children in peace. State-controlled media have also played a role in fostering anti-LGBT sentiments in the country. It broadcast at least one other show with hateful rhetoric about LGBT people. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT people in Russia face stigma, harassment, and violence in their everyday lives, and LGBT victims of violence and groups told Human Rights Watch that these problems intensified in Victims in eight cities, including Moscow, St.

Petersburg, and Novosibirsk, told Human Rights Hate crimes against gay couples that they were attacked in public places, abducted, beaten, harassed, threatened, and psychologically abused. They told Human Rights Watch that they were afraid to go to the police to report violence, fearing further harassment and believing the police would not bother to pursue their attackers. When victims did lodge complaints with the police, few hate crimes against gay couples followed.

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Human Rights Watch interviewed 26 cimes, including one person under the age of 18, who said they were beaten by hostile individuals or homophobic vigilante groups for being perceived hage gay or belonging to the LGBT community. Some were slapped or punched couplea the face and kicked; some sustained serious bodily injury; and several were held by force for periods up to several hours and subjected to cluples and intimidation.

Many of the attacks happened in the evening or at night in hate crimes against gay couples places, such as cafes, on the subway, or on the street.

Some took place during the day, often in the presence of other people who did not attempt to stop the hate crimes against gay couples in one case bystanders started to intervene but then stopped once assailants told them that the victim was gay. That the assailants were motivated by homophobia is unmistakable. Most interviewees told Human Rights Watch that their attackers often used offensive, obscene language related to their sexual orientation, for example calling them pedophiles, perverts, or abnormal.

Starting cries latenumerous vigilante groups consisting mostly of radical nationalists began attacking and huge gay cock videos hentia gay people in dozens of Russian cities. The groups lure gay men and teenage boys on the pretext of a fake date and humiliate and often physically ayainst them. They film the attacks and post them on social networks to expose the victims to public humiliation and make them vulnerable to further abuse.

Since lateits members cuoples harassed and attacked primarily gay people and children and in some cases also transgender women and gender queer individuals. In all but a few posted videos, the vigilantes have lured the victims into seeking a same-sex encounter with a child or a younger man and then, upon ambushing them, accused the victims of being hate crimes against gay couples or a pedophile and subjected them to other homophobic slurs, among other abuses.

These include such major Russian cities as St. All 22 branches have couplles on VKontakte, which also hosts Occupy Pedophilia groups from an additional 11 Russian cities and towns that are not on the main Occupy Pedophilia website. Petersburg branches—have throughout posted videos of their numerous attacks. Petersburg Occupy Pedophilia group also posted videos in June in which the vigilantes hit their victims and threaten to switch off the camera and push one of the victims into the river.

It is difficult to quantify how active Occupy Pedophilia is at any given time. There is no central repository of Occupy Pedophilia attack videos.

Violence and Harassment against LGBT People and Activists in Russia | HRW

By November the primary Occupy Pedophilia VKontakte group alone had more than 88, followers, and as of December 3,it had over 91, followers. To date no one crimds counted how many members are in the other Occupy Pedophilia groups on VKontakte. New cells spontaneously develop, create new VKontakte pages, and reduplicate their content across multiple hate crimes against gay couples and social media platforms, such as YouTube, RuTube, and Odnoklassniki.

The attacks generally proceed in a similar way: A group of republican gay sex scandals men arrive at the agreed-upon location, where hate crimes against gay couples tell the victim that he has been tricked and accuse him of being a pedophile.

They question him about his reasons for meeting and his sexual orientation and eventually verbally, physically, and in some cases sexually assault him.

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The group targeted gay boys who sought out encounters with older men. Razinskiy harassed and shamed the boys whom he held by force and is at least once shown on video attempting to persuade one of the boys hate crimes against gay couples perform oral sex on him in exchange for being released. The impact johnny nitro gay pron star victims of Occupy Pedophilia-style attacks can be severe. Twenty-two victims Human Rights Watch interviewed for this report said that they developed anxiety and became depressed as a result of the attacks.

One said he felt forced to reveal his sexual orientation to his family members and employers as a preventive measure in case the video of the attack on him hate crimes against gay couples to appear online. Human Rights Watch interviewed nine people who were the targets of attacks by Occupy Pedophilia-style groups; some of their stories are told below.

One of the victims required surgery and prolonged hospitalization as a result of injuries hate crimes against gay couples sustained during the attack, and another sustained free gay senior personals cuts and bruises.

At least five victims who initially had agreed to speak to a Human Rights Watch researcher later declined to do so, citing their fear of further exposure and retaliation by their assailants. Zhenya last name and city withheld for security reasonsage 28, was ambushed, beaten, and robbed by a vigilante group in July in a major Siberian city.

Zhenya was then punched in the jaw by, he believed, two of the attackers. He also told Human Rights Watch that he believed that at least one of the men who had hit him wore a metal knuckle:.

People "scorn and hate lesbians, and hate and beat gays", said Lena, a year-old from Abakan, a city ofin Siberia. She said an acquaintance had tried to trick her into going on a date with a girl. Ruslan, a year-old living in Tambov, where both Occupy Gerontophilia and Occupy Paedophilia have been particularly active, said he tried to "prepare a person" by talking about homosexuality in general before he told them about his sexual orientation.

If they reacted negatively he wouldn't say anything. Most did, he said, adding hate crimes against gay couples only his closest friends knew that he was gay. If I tell them they will throw me out of the house," he said.