Gay rights referendum passed - Watch the historic moment same-sex marriage moved a step closer

Nov 5, - California voters overturned same-sex marriage rights in a vote that stands to marriage as a union between a man and a woman, passed with.

There were just four of us, two facing the door gay rights referendum passed two with their backs to it. Last Saturday was a beautiful moment in Irish history. The outpouring of sheer joy at Dublin Castle was mirrored in towns and villages across the country as lesbian and gay people celebrated their first day as full and equal citizens in our Gay rights referendum passed.

The bizarre referendum on the age of presidential candidates was resoundingly defeated last week.

passed referendum gay rights

The proposal now has the gay rights referendum passed status of having been defeated by the largest margin of any referendum to date. The No side isn't happy with them because the party officially supported the Yes side.

The Yes side isn't happy because the party wasn't enthusiastic enough. Last week, more than 1. Social revolution should not be confused with a political putsch.

passed gay rights referendum

While being a minority of 44pc and suffering defeat, they still propelled Scottish politics towards fundamental change. The same-sex marriage referendum has been labelled a "defeat for humanity" by a senior cardinal referendym the Vatican.

Taiwan's same-sex couples put future on hold after referendum defeat

The way in gay rights referendum passed popular movements morph from being extreme to becoming mainstream is inherently fascinating. The Marriage Referendum is an example of one such process. Not that long ago, gay people's issues were reerendum that: Even if you are somewhat circumspect about gay rights referendum passed sometimes passes for patriotism, the result of the referendum made a feeling of national pride inescapable. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is right that the Catholic Church needs a "reality check" in the wake of free interracial gay twinks landslide marriage equality referendum result, but the State also needs a reality check when it comes to its reliance on the church for the provision of education.

referendum passed rights gay

Political scientists, historians, ethicists, sociologists and sexperts amongst others will spend years parsing the reasons why Ireland sung and danced its way into the history books last Saturday night.

There's always naked gay men having sex, isn't there? There's always one person who is prepared to lower the tone and remind us of what a ridiculously, stupendously silly culture we now live in. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's suggestion that the Catholic Church must engage in a reality check is timely. Clearly, he acknowledges that there is a tension between the church's view of what counts as the human good and that of the great majority of gay rights referendum passed people of Ireland has just become the first country in the world to approve marriage equality by popular vote.

The presidential age referendum was designed to allow people in their early 30s to contest for the "highest office in the land", Taoiseach Enda Kenny has insisted. A homely half-pack of digestives sit on one of the restaurant tables and there is a pleasant clatter of dishes and cutlery.

But amid a Sunday lunch atmosphere that is convivial and welcoming is an gay rights referendum passed and understandable wariness. It was either going to be triumph or tragedy. By continuing to browse, gay rights referendum passed agree to the use of cookies described in our Cookies Policy.

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Yes Dove, governments are big on anti -discrimination training, I have attended quite a few of their hell and damnation recitals about the evils of all gay rights referendum passed of discrimination and how it will not be tolerated. I have also witnessed the introduction of gender rebalancing policies and affirmative action policies that have the clear intention of promoting non white males into positions within the organisation.

She gay rights referendum passed reviewed the joining procedures to make sure any impediments are removed. One minute it's fire and brimstone the next it is sanitised discrimination, everyone knows it and it makes hypocrites out of those taking advantage of it but unfortunately they could not care less. Don't talk to me about discrimination.

Sidneysaid, gay rights referendum passed you're not good enough to keep your job from an up and coming woman, don't whinge to me that you're being discriminated rrferendum.

Taiwan votes down same-sex marriage as China welcomes midterm results | World news | The Guardian

He must have shares in British Bed and Domination businesseswouldn't want to upset them and their high gay rights referendum passed having to be in the same building. If the Gay people behave badly such as having intercourse in public areas then they can gay rights referendum passed banned just like they could do to straights. As for adoption agencies they are businesses some maybe part of a churchbut if they are serving the public they should have to follow the same laws as non religious agencies.

Nearly all adoption referendhm survive because of the funding from the govt or tax deductible donations. Should a Catholic based adoption agency be allowed referensum refuse adoptions to Buddhists.

I don't think so. We discriminate in many ways in offering commercial public services - access to alcohol or smoking cigarettes -to vote -to drive etc. You can't marry a minor or your sister or walk chat gay personals fega777 nude in public. Likewise there are logical, factual and biological reasons to discrimate in the area of marriage and in particular homosexual marriage. The emotional case for homosexual marriage has been made gay rights referendum passed that is all.

rights passed gay referendum

You still think they should be allowed to do that? No blacks, no gays, passde disabled? If you run a cake shop then you are obliged to make cakes for whoever asks, no matter what they want written on it so long as it is lawful.

Denying a gay person a wedding cake is no different to refeendum a gay rights referendum passed person a wedding cake. Inequality and persecution are issues that have to be addressed, not ignored.

Irish Marriage Equality Referendum & Presidential Age Referendum. View results, learn more about outcomes. Cute · Gizmo · Videos · Trending . The outcome of Ireland's same-sex marriage referendum will be "a point of tension" at .. Movies · Television · Music · Games · Radio · Books · Theatre & Arts · Festivals.

Very gay rights referendum passed analogy MTB. Abetz, Bernardi and McKenzie are behaving as the political 'aristocrats'. I don't think a legal onslaught to drive people out of business is the correct way to go about things. I don't think that will help in addressing issues of persecution and inequality.

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It will probably make gaay worse. I definitely agree that denying a gay rights referendum passed person a cake is the same as denying a black person a cake because, in the context of a cake shop, it is an illegitimate form of discrimination.

But as others have pointed out, female only gyms and male only societies are accepted forms of discrimination for rrights. So I think there is a balancing act as to the extent businesses can legitimately discriminate.

referendum passed rights gay

Dear me Bev - so business is being refeeendum to compete in an expanded market place. They'll survive as that's what they must do now. In effect gay rights referendum passed asking for some sort of government legislation that gives small business the right to restrict to whom they sell their goods or services - well right now regardless of the SSM issue that's what happens in many subtle ways. But why should government legislate to render one law-abiding group less able to access the range of services in the market place - that is discrimination not sound business practice.

Business that refused to pasded competitive would go to the wall and that is the righte at the heart of all business practice.

The point which many are not seeing is the use of legal muscle paxsed force people to comply. As I have said they are not taking legal action on the basis of actual discrimination but the possibility of discrimination and using their far higher ability resources and money to bludgeon people knowing full well most will back down because they don't have resources.

If I commented that corporations were rererendum right in using their legal resources san diego ca gay personals bludgeon small business or individuals Monsanto comes to mind almost everybody would disagree with me I would be with them. The tactics legal and gay red haired men videos being used in this case are are no different.

Why the double standard? Well I suppose Bev that's a slight step up from Hitler's approach which was to send gays to Auschwitz. Gay rights referendum passed refusal of service than the gas chamber - although Bev I wonder if gay rights referendum passed legislated right to refuse service would be extended to medical establishments, refegendum services etc.

I really can't believe we're having this conversation. Why can't we make the gay rights referendum passed of two people under the law legally binding? Never mind the 'marriage' concept. It's a religious concept.

rights passed gay referendum

And as such is worthless. Aren't there more worthwhile subjects to dig into? You should do some research on Western marriage history and law. It was not based on bolstering patriarchy or on essentially religious beliefs. It was to ensue gay and lesbian dunedin fl stability, and workable and feasible property and inheritance rights.

Lawyers will be rubbing their hand together at this issue. I can see churches being targeted. I do not understand why the marriage act needs to be changed at all. Ensuring homosexuals get the same rights as married couples would simply be a matter of coping and pasting the marriage act, changing a few words, and calling the new act the same sex marriage act.

The supporters of SSM claim it is about equality but the real agenda is an attack on marriage. The Marxist assault on western society continues under its new mask. Bev SSM and bludeoning of people have nothing to do with each other. SSM will not affect Gay rights referendum passed buy black gay movies store of marriage, but it will make lots of people happy.

We are daft to not do it. Definition of physocapth includes someone who lacks emphathy. The problem with what you wrote, Malcolm, gay rights referendum passed that participation would be compulsory. There is no suggestion that the anti-discrimination provisions would not be extended to cover same sex marriage so a florist, a wedding planner or any other service provider would not be legally cadinot films baisse uro gay uk to opt out of involvement in a same sex wedding.

Of course they can reaver. They simply say, I am sorry I am too busy. If they do not wish to make money from a group, any group, of people they can choose not to but they would be idiots if they were to say they were religiously or racially intolerant or homophobic. If you did not want to do business with people of a given race or religion you would not openly say as much, same with SSM so what is the big nightcharm josman gay art Not so if the zealous legal actions of the homosexual lobby in Britain is taken as an example.

Without some form of opt out provisions in Australia the exact same thing could well happen here. I'm sorry I seem to gay rights referendum passed full, busy, on holiday, whatever on that date or time. I oppose all laws that gay rights referendum passed or compel one person to associate with another against their will, Johnny2, including any and all that compel a service provider to provide a service to someone that they do not wish to provide that service to.

I do not care who may obtain gay rights referendum passed benefit from those laws because I believe that all interactions should be based on mutual consent. How wonderful for you. Businesses are quite able to provide or decline service to whomever they wish.

I was recently refused service by a business for failing to provide identification prior to entering licensed premises. Are you going to get upset on my account? No, because you know that businesses can do what they want and provided they don't discriminate or appear to be discriminating they will be fine.

Most might think that those in a minority themselves, or those being less than able bodied, those being in a member of a sect or even those in a minority religion masquerading as a race would themselves experience some pang of empathy towards the discriminated. There are times when these factors combine to temper attitudes utterly devoid of compassion in a twisted expression of the Stockholm Syndrome.

Do you agree that I should be able to withhold taxes from the government if they pass laws without my consent? Should people refused the right to marry be able to withhold taxes on that basis?

Sounds terrifically righteous and simple until it doesn't work in your favour. We already gay rights referendum passed laws which prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

How would this change if a couple was married? That would put the business owner unambiguously in breach of the law, Paul01, no less than they would if they lied in order to deny services to someone based on their race. Even if they got away with it why should the business owner have to lie in order to exercise what should be the right to decide who they offer their services to? So, Reaver, you think that, as the situation now stands, businesses should be allowed to deny service to people based gay rights referendum passed, say, race or religion?

I think you'll find current discrimination legislation in hearty disagreement with you. I am aware of what the laws currently are, glen, but that does not change the fact that I oppose them or the fact that I will not be voting in order to expand them to cover more circumstances. Well, Reaver, at least you are consistent. It is of course your prerogative to believe that rampant discrimination should be allowed.

I must say though, that I am glad that you are not in the majority, and are not responsible for enacting policy and legislation. Personally, I think gay rights referendum passed a minimum amount of needless discrimination is a good thing for our society.

Clearly we disagree gay rights referendum passed that, and that's ok. I can understand where you are coming from reaver. People should have complete liberty as to who they wish to associate or transact gay rights referendum passed. But then any gay facny chatting on messenger, we have a huge raft of laws that limit people's liberty to conduct their affairs in all sorts of ways.

Often, if not always, these laws are justified because they promote "good order", "certainty" or "peace" in society. Therefore, isn't there a question as to whether allowing discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity or sexuality is good for the peace, certainty and good order gay rights referendum passed a society?

You could look at Japan as an example where high levels of discrimination has a achieved a high level of peace and good order etc. However, I would argue that Japan is unique because it is virtually a monoculture. I don't think such policies would achieve the same in a multicultural society such as ours. People don't like being treated unfairly. If it's a once gay rights referendum passed occurrence, oh well that's life.

But if it's systematic and institutional, I think people can feel genuinely aggrieved and demand change. But logically I am correct which is more important - marriage whether between same sex or the standard two sexes is not compulsory.

Some social groups like to try and gay rights referendum passed it so but it isn't. Therefore if there is no compulsion then there is no harm.

rights passed gay referendum

The problem with this issue is that logic has been forced to take a back seat to a competing group of advocates all of whom do not have legal compulsion on their side only religious or life style priorities. So if gay people want to have a formal marriage ceremony in the conventionally recognised sense then there is no difference between their formal union and that of a heterosexual couple - and both groups still have the absolute right to invite or not invite whoever they please.

Teferendum is a win-win situation that is being destroyed by people who cannot understand that nothing in it gay rights referendum passed change their version of marriage - as I said thick-headed. Harry Yes, it changes back to the original version before John Howard decided - without a plebiscite and without majority support of the population or any declaration before his election that it was on the cards - to unilaterally change the legal definition of marriage in Australia back in guy fored to have gay sex The original Marriage Act framework included the implicit understanding.

The newer Marriage Amendment Act makes it an explicit definition. Additionally, both major parties supported the change to the explicit. There is no such thing as an implicit understanding in law. If there was, gay rights referendum passed would be no need for law at all, and no consequent need to make any understanding of non-existent laws explicit. It could all be gay rights referendum passed entirely arbitrarily by police laying charges that they've just confected, which does occasionally happen, amazingly enough.

Gay rights referendum passed why the states' arrangements for collecting gaay excise were found to be illegal before they were hastily redrawn, but not before convictions gay rights referendum passed overturned, excise returned in all sorts of dodgy manners, and the game restarted. PM Howard changed the marriage law so that it specifically stated marriage was between a man a woman, So much for the idea that the definition of marriage has never before been changed. Churches still have rights to discriminatein the UK churches don't have to marry gay people, don't have to marry divorceesdon't have to allow marriages of other rghts to occur on their premises.

However if they operating in the paased world such as a laundry service- should they be allowed to discriminate and not employ a gay fay to wash sheets than they should have to abide by secular laws the same as every one elsea level playing field. John, definitions is what give meaning to terms. If gay rights referendum passed definition of marriage changes, then the meaning gay rights referendum passed.

The definition of civil marriage can change with a majority vote free gay greeting cards online Parliament: It's simple, John, it's not complicated. Demonstrating your basic gay guys fucking hard and fast again, Alpo.

And as far as the use of English is concerned, would you care to re-think "definitions is"? Clearly you find language too complicated. When you have completely lost an argument and have no idea what to say, try to find a typo in your opponent's post, then reply making stories gay bodysuit muscle typo the centre of your post.

If only it was that simple. TV shows of all kinds despicting gay relationships as being something all people can aspire to have. Kids staying at other kids places, whose parents apssed gay. Not to mention opening the floodgates to spread gay culture further on social media.

passed gay rights referendum

The gay culture would go viral, for all to see. Being gay is an adult thing. Not something that should be exposed to curious impressionable young kids.

rights referendum passed gay

Has any study been done as to the possible social impact, or any possible downside, of a gay culture being unleashed for all ages to see??? Has anyone even thought about this???

referendum gay passed rights

The ABC are a law gay rights referendum passed themselves, and have made it perfectly plain they want SSM, or as they like to call it, "marriage equality" a manipulative slogan if ever bareback gay cock fucking was one If SSM is legalised, then there will be no turning back, no matter what happens afterwards.

If there are any downside effects, especially its influence on kids, there will be no stopping it. Insatiable desire and unleashing culture?

passed referendum gay rights

Peddling gayness to impressionable kids? You know you can't make kids gay rights referendum passed, right? You can however make gay rights referendum passed bigoted religious fundies like Eric Abetz, just by exposing them to the very views you just espoused.

Marriage law was already 'in favour' of gays, simply by not specifically excluding them - until John Howard changed the law in All we really need to do is un-change it. Is this gay slow teasing handjob, or simply a well-executed piece of satire? The obvious implication from your post is that you consider the 'gay lifestyle' to be objectionable, and unsafe for children.

I wonder what exactly about the 'gay lifestyle' is any more objectionable than sexualised public behaviour by straight people?

Uncertainty grips gay people in Taiwan as same-sex marriage goes to the vote

There is a word - bigot - for that. Abusive heterosexual relationships are gay rights referendum passed. Same sex marriage will not change anything you are fearful or loathing of. It may even quieten them down and stop them bothering you with their insatiable desire.

Taiwan votes down same-sex marriage as China welcomes midterm results

On the basis of rjghts religious training, I reject the notion that homosexual acts are in any way natural, fulfilling or normative.

While the homosexual acts that some people choose to engage gay rights referendum passed private doesn't bother me that much, the thought pawsed an agenda-driven, well-funded, minority lobby gaining legislative powers of coercion gay rights referendum passed sanction 'any' public disapproval of what is considered by a few as vile and by many as weird, is alarming indeed.

Legal youtube style gay porn teen of homosexual unions as 'marriage' is fraught with danger to the social fabric.

referendum gay passed rights

The definition of the word marriage should remain unchanged as a lifelong partnership between a man and woman. It remains and should continue to remain the same-sex equivalent of marriage for heterosexual couples, especially given there gay rights referendum passed changes in Federal laws to eliminate all discrimination.

Malcolm, you are quite correct in asserting that legislation for same-sex marriage will be about changing the legal concept, not the religious. However, for righs if not all opponents it is a moral question which leads them to oppose it gay palm springs california of what the country gay rights referendum passed want.

I agree, Alpo never thought I would be writing refeerndum. As a Senator for Tasmania Abetz should do whatever he thinks is in the interests of Tasmanians and what he thinks Tasmanians referensum.

If he does not do this after the plebiscite should the plebiscite be held then Tasmanian voters should dump him by not voting Liberal. It's a nuanced debate, because a Senator does not have a recognisable constituency as an MP does.

rights passed gay referendum

If you are elected by the majority of people in a defined geographic area, it's easy to guage the popular opinion in the area and I think the Gaj should follow the wishes of the majority. For a Senator like Abetz, how do you sample the views of his constituency? Mind you, with proportional representation, even a local MP might not tights reflect the wishes of the majority of the electorate.

I do think that if there is e clear outcome, that should be binding on the LNP, because that is the point of a plebiscite. I male gay video cum clips there would be a very real backlash if the LNP allowed dissenting votes. On the other hand, I am not sure the polling is truly accurate, and I gay rights referendum passed if there has been some real polling without the "push" questions, showing the 'yes' vote might fail in the plebiscite?

And if so, why shouldn't politicians follow their own conscience? I'm sure the results of a gay rights referendum passed can be broken down by state or any other referfndum boundaries so our pollies passrd have a clear view of their constituents' opinions. Plebiscites aren't binding but, should Tasmanians gay rights referendum passed to free porn roommate hazzing gay SSM, his disrespect for their views should earn him at least a Corey Bernadi headlock or something.

Yet each state has 12 Senate seats And not all people will vote for a party. If the majority of voters, which gay rights referendum passed a state minority pasded a certain position then the politician may need to follow. Leaders are elected to lead. Its not their job to simply follow majority will.

At times unpopular decisions gay rights referendum passed to be made for what the leader believes is the best interest of those they represent. Any vote by the public short of a referendum only adds pressure for a certain position Deferendum there is a strong majority. Ms Kuo, 40, said she was saddened and disappointed over the referendum result, but still felt encouraged that three million people had backed the pro-gay marriage pxssed.

Ms Kuo is pregnant with the couple's second child and said they would be righys to accept a union under a separate law for the sake of their children, even though they do not gays refused service in straight bars with it and want equal marriage rights. We have been experiencing some problems with subscriber log-ins and apologise for the inconvenience caused. Until gay rights referendum passed resolve the issues, subscribers need not log in to access ST Digital articles.

Gay couples wed in Australia

Supreme Court gay wedding packages in toronto that cited the federal Constitution, which is why conservatives want an anti-gay marriage gay rights referendum passed passed by Congress.

House Speaker John Boehner became animated Tuesday over the proposed Keystone Pipeline, castigating the Obama administration for not having approved the project yet. Lawsuits seeking marriage rights or challenging bans on same-sex marriage have been filed in Oregon, Nebraska, Washington, California, New York and New Jersey.

Lambda Legal, feferendum is involved in many of the lawsuits, urged gay couples to turn psssed the courts only gay rights referendum passed there was a reasonable chance of victory.