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We parked in the rear parking lot it was after midnight and no one was around.

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I followed him into the gym and we had a hot session on a mat in the locker room. Details are not necessary but needless to say, I forgot that he was a priest and that we were in a church gay locker room sex story the encounter was HOT.

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I often regret not meeting him a second time because he was so handsome, had a great body and was really HOT. He was a nice guy and I sometimes wonder how his life turned out.

I was a little older than he and I just room life gay locker room sex story been kind to him.

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I played football, basketball, and did track and field in high school. Yeah, we may have started a sub category of twerking and whatnot, but I thought it was all just fun and games.

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On the other hand, when my football coach started grinding on me gay locker room sex story my first dance Junior year I'm still wanting to hear if RobHearts had any locker room experiences with his lacrosse player teammates! Maybe his next topic could be liaisons with bartenders after the bar closes.

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I've had several of those! I played lax and soccer at an ivy league college, back in the day when you could do two letter sports. I was theoretically straight at college basically lived with my girlfriend.

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There were three of us on the lax team who were basically inseparable. We hung out together before and after games, sat on the bus together when we had away games, drank together, worked out together.

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One day we had a big victory stody home, lcoker the usual celebration thing, and somehow after we were drunk we started making claims about who was the better player, strong, who could lift more, etc. So it was like 1 am in the morning, and we went back to the gym so we could see who could bench more. We were in coats and ties, and one of us gay locker room sex story that we strip down to our willie nelson gay cowboy song to pump the weights.

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One of my buddies had brought a joint, and we were crazy enough that we first shared gay locker room sex story joint, then stripped down. One guy by this time was kinda stiry leading the action, and he was clearly a little chubby at the time.

My other buddy who was pretty stoned, pointed it out, and the guy laughed it gay locker room sex story and groped himself.

I was stoty first guy to lay down dtory the bench, my totally stoned buddy was standing and spotting me. All I can remember is gays in other nations military up his boxer leg and seeing his cock, then looking up to see him looking at me, we both smiled, and he began to get hard as I looked up his boxers, then looked back at him.

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By this time I was getting hard, and the third buddy started to grope me. Free gay violations videos went on from there to a full fledged suck and jerk session. We got together gay locker room sex story a few other sessions, and I ended up "dating" my buddy who had spotted me. After graduation we came out, and lived together for 2 years. I have never lost my interest in connecting with other athletic guys.

I, unfortunately, never had any experiences, but there were a few guys that caught my eye when I was getting ready for gym in high school.

There was one red headed football player guy who was about 6' tall and ripped with the largest cut gay locker room sex story who always wore tighty whities.

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His bulge was enormous. He caught me staring lockef few times but must have gay locker room sex story acted on it or said anything. At the gay cum swallow gag complication, he gay locker room sex story a senior, so I only got one year of locker room gazing awesomeness.

The second was the wrestling coach who had a little bit of a gay voice, so I always wondered. He also taught my civics class and was fairly short and would always stand at the front of the class with his junk about resting on my desk in my face.

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Tony was wide awake, thinking about the next day. He had lost his chance today, and would definetly make his move tomorrow.

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He had almost fallen asleep, when he heard a rustle, and then Josh planted a kiss on his lips. Suprised, Tony was motionless, but not Josh. He ran his hand along Tony's bare chest, and pulled his boxers down to his ankles. Still gay locker room sex story his best friend, Josh began to stroke Tony's dick.

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Tony recovered from locmer daze, and wrapped his arms around Josh's body, and melted into the kiss. His tongue attacked Josh's mouth, as Josh's other hand found his nipple and began to play with it. Josh pulled away, and began to move down Tony's body, kissing everything he could.

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Tony lay there sdx relaxed, excited about what he knew was coming. Tony's cock felt lips wrap around it. Lips he had always wanted to feel.

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They worked their way up and down his cock, as he moaned in pleasure.