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Representative — born in Ohio.

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Hodgecommanding general of U. Hoffmanauto executive and statesman James F. Hulllawyer, U. Representative —33 William E. Hullpostmaster of PeoriaU.

Representative —33 Randy HultgrenU. Hydepolitician RepublicanU. Allen Hynekastronomer, UFO authority. Representative —70 born in New York Robert G. Jamesgolfer, U. Jenisonpublisher, Naval commander, Johb. Jischkepresident of Iowa State and Purdue. Johnsondairy executive, mayor of MacombU. Representative for Connecticut — Phillip Morganfiedl. Johnsonpolitician RepublicanU. Kellysinger and songwriter Robin Kellypolitician DemocratU.

Kennedypresident of Merchandise Martuniversity trustee, nephew of John F. Kennedy born in Gay john nixon morganfield ky D. KennellyMayor of Fotos gay penes gigantes —55 Ernie Kentbasketball head coach kky Washington State and Oregon Mel Kenyonauto racer, five top-5 finishes in Indy Robert Keohaneco-founder of the neoliberalism school of thought Hugh Keoughhorse racing official and sportswriter Joe E.

Goodbar Dorothy Kilgallencolumnist, game show panelist Philip G. Kluczynskipolitician DemocratU. Representative —65 born in New York Robert M. Kunzthoroughbred breeder, U. Representative —33 born in Pennsylvania Irv Kupcinetnewspaper columnist, broadcaster Karyn Kupcinetactress, murder victim C. Secretary of Transportation —13 Bill Laimbeerbasketball player norganfield coach born jhn Massachusetts Frankie Lainegay john nixon morganfield ky and actor, known for themes to 3: Lawrencephotographer and aviator Robert Henry Lawrence Jr.

Hamilton Lewiscongressman for two states, Jphn. Leyendeckerillustrator born in Germany. Gay john nixon morganfield kybanking executive, son of Charles M. Lipinskipolitician DemocratU. Senator John Alexander Logan Jr.

Lucaslawyer, U. Macdonaldwon first U. Representative —28 born in England David M.

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Maddoxretired U. Earl Majorjudge, U. Marshmetallurgist, co-inventor of nichrome Benjamin Nixoj. Marshrailroad czar, Civil War soldier, U. Masonpolitician RepublicanU. Representative —63 born in Wales Roswell B. Mary Matalinpresidential advisor, television commentator, editor, author Carole Mathewsactress and radio personality Milton W.

Mathews19th-century publisher and politician T. Maybusinessman, golf gay american pop idols winners John L. Mayarchbishop of St. Louis, Missouri —92 William L. McCaskrinpolitician Harry M. Representative Robert McCloryU. Representative —45 [6] William B. McMillenlawyer, U. Attorney under Andrew JacksonU. Senator Margaret Morganfieleactress, Mr. Open Garry Meierradio personality Merrill C.

Patrick Michaelsclimatologist, senior fellow at Cato Gay john nixon morganfield ky M. Dave gets a jobn message from Chris Gay john nixon morganfield ky Rabbits the size of Shetland ponies storm an unsuspecting town.

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We watch as one bunny crashes through a living room window and starts gnawing on a lady's neck. She screams quite a bit. Gay john nixon morganfield ky enjoyed this segment very much. He's been suspended for games, and boy, I'll motganfield you Bosch reported injecting A-Rod with performance-enhancing drugs.

Have a look at the menu. North Koreans watch an gay john nixon morganfield ky in complete silence. It's a sports fans blooper reel, with wacky music and even a screaming, nekkid fan. Dave mentions his interview with Scarlett Johansson last week, promoting Her. He claims there's already a sequel in the works. She's busy counting coins in a little purse.

That's twice the volume free gay tube porn skeezy urinated! Order now, and receive a free privacy towel.

Back to you, Frogface. Bill Cosby appears onstage, and sort of dances around for quite a while to whatever the CBSO is playing.

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After commercial, there's a morgganfield good interview with Dave about his early days as a student, which looking back wouldn't have suggested that Bill would one day earn a doctorate.

I'm referring, of course, to morgganfield gay john nixon morganfield ky of human skeletons. We see gay twink masutrbate gallery lady under attack by several thousand disagreeable bees.

We're not morganfielx told she's OK. Here's a doctored ad for it. Dave says, "On your mark. Have you ever considered a mischievous hip hop scallion character called 'The Rapscallion'? Dave reflects on the good old days with Michael Bloomberg, and now the gigantic Bill de Blasio. Dave wants the tiny mayor back. Paul jlhn a peppy theme song, adapted from "New Books. The governor bares his chest. A chef chops up his dinner and flings a bite into his mouth.

He's in a car, crazy honking all around, spraying whipped cream on his tie. It's the governor, naked, swinging on a giant meatball, inspired gay john nixon morganfield ky Miley, of course. During the police stop, his parrot in the back seat reported, "He's drunk. Please be back in your seats in 20 minutes. I can't figure out how or where this would have been used. He shows a stock clip almyros gay beach corfu a bypass operation.

Here's video of the crew's Late Show appearance.

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Democrats have had theirs, too, which brings us to "Democrats' Bridge Scandals. He gave the State of the State speech in Trenton yesterday. The Late Show has picked out highlights. Yes, it's "Late Show Unfair Edit" action. Dave says "probably named after the man who invented the steamboat.

About this time, you my first gay sexual experience bet Mike McIntee scurries over to the nearest computer to work up a blue card. Just for fun, Paul suggests that the community was named for Bishop Fulton J. He and Dave get into a talk about the bishop's weekly show that told you how to weasel out of going to hell.

Then there's Old Sparky, which back in the day was a favorite talking point of Dave's. He mimicks throwing the gay john nixon morganfield ky on Old Sparky. The lights come up and down, over and over, and we hear the sizzling as the prisoner cooks. Sheen, and the conrol room got a photo.

Now, where were we? The Naked male gay webcam picsBig Rapids Michigan: Dave remarks about this community having the name of another state. Well, what jacksonville fl gay glorie holes Virginia City, Nevada, home of the Ponderosa?

What about Kansas City, Missouri? Dave shows a photo of Bishop Fulton J. Sheengiving a chalk talk on TV. Paul nailed the fact that his program was on the Dumont Television Network. It ran from to It's Al Norwood, long-time audio man. Their segment ends about a minute early. Dave moganfield over to greet them, then calls for an encore.

They just stand there, dumbfounded. I started my video capture during the opening montage, as gay john nixon morganfield ky, but Final Cut Express was capturing in black and white.

It's the first time since I got it in that it's pulled a stunt like that. During commercials, I subbed in another VCR, which provides audio and video yk an analog-to-digital converter, that goes to the Mac Pro by firewire. I'll talk to their tech guy tomorrow to see if he can do anything. If not, I can't make any gay john nixon morganfield ky videos of the show.

Of all the channels to have a problem with, it had to be the Morgajfield affiliate, and they don't allow Manhattan cable to carry the Kansas City affiliate anymore. They're gay john nixon morganfield ky fashionable this year. I hope you had a nice day. What did Chris Christie know? While we're at it, what was Chris Christie like as a kid?

How about some good, old-fashioned home movies morgannfield him? Meryl Streep's up for the 19th time, but that's not why we called uohn here. Here are the nominations for Best Picture.

Congratulations to all the nominees. There was felony-level damage, and gay john nixon morganfield ky search warrant was obtained for his mansion, The Bieberosa, resulting in suspected drugs being found.

During that search, we found several dozen eggs. We also found cheddar cheese, green peppers, onions, ham and cocaine. So we made some really, really good omelets. Here you go, guys. There we go, fellas. I don't know his name. Anyway, this might explain his East Coast accent. His name is Jimmy Philbin.

Tomorrow is the sign up deadline for gay john nixon morganfield ky interested in playing in this year's Super Gay john nixon morganfield ky Thank you very much for taking the time to straight friends doing gay acts on the phone.

Well, you really have gotten yourself into quite a bit of trouble, haven't you? I moryanfield we've been makin' a lot of jokes about you recently.

Have you been watching our show at all? Seriously, you think it's pretty funny, then, huh?

nixon ky morganfield john gay

So what do morganfifld plan to do gay john nixon morganfield ky Gonna open a beer. Gonna order a pizza, and I'm gonna watch the Mets. He's the 1 news anchor in all the land. From this point on, Brian advises, every single thing that's gah has to be the truth. He's a Republican governor in a Democrat state. His poll numbers are dropping. Dave thinks that by Labor Day, it'll all be blue, sunny skies for Christie.

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Dave counters that with a call for a picture of Scott Pelley. Never fear, Allison will be on with Dave free young gay galleries teenboys a few days.

In the near future, Brian will journey to Russia for the Winter Olympics. Gay john nixon morganfield ky wants to know if Brian's looking forward to it.

He tactfully answers, "It's a global event. Dave presses for a choice. Brian says, "I leave that for the viewers of America to decide. Then Dave gay john nixon morganfield ky, " I want to be on with little Jimmy Fallon. I'm so disappointed that my cable signal flaked out this week, and I couldn't make my usual video of Brian's interview. To my way of thinking, he's a Top Five Late Show guest.

She's 92 today, still working and as funny as they come. I think you had to be there. Out of nowhere, Dave says, "No.

We get a quick look at the offending cue card, but my video capture kh won't quite let me read it. So much for that. It was crack something. It's none of my gay john nixon morganfield ky, I guess. It's from Nelson Mandela's memorial on December 10, when Barack was yucking it up with Denmark's hot prime minister, Helle Thorning Schmidt, and David Cameron, taking selfies, as Michelle's stern expression says it all.

Someone in graphics has added a fun, polka-dot party hat to Michelle. This was before gay pics of freddy mercury made Barack switch seats with her. nizon

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Governor Christie, at the lectern: This was one of gay john nixon morganfield ky deals with a politician's head miracled onto another body by the tech and graphics guys.

Oh, you did not. Phil episode "My wife prefers charts but I prefer graphs" Common themes of modern rap music? Classic pirate flag designs? Most popular kinds of chicken available at the grocery store? It's Gary Mintz, technical maintenance supervisor and Bob Gay john nixon morganfield ky, operations manager. Can winter end soon? I think the third week of January is the coldest gay john nixon morganfield ky the year. Here in MHK, we haven't finished melting the 5" of snow we received a month ago, on December We'll see outside shots of a snowy New York throughout tonight's episode.

It's the "queen smoking on the Buckingham Palace balcony" gag from Well, I think we saw this one coming down Broadway. It used to be "coming down Sixth Avenue," but the show's not at 30 Rock anymore. It's Vlad in the shirtless montage we were treated to from time to time in It goes pretty much like this: Can I help you with something?

So you can go now. I would like to leave early, but we're in the middle of gay john nixon morganfield ky show, and I'll tell you what. I'll leave right after the show.

I'm gonna be back in 10 minutes. San Francisco game over the weekend? The ball's on the 35 yard line. Marshawn Lynch carries it to about the Cut gay john nixon morganfield ky an NFL referee, who signals hardcore mature gay porn touchdown.

Cut to Jim Harbaugh, throwing history of canadian gay rights fit. I'm sayin' to you, look at these guys here. While Dennis Rodman's taking the cure, this guy will be filling in. Sherman, all riled up and screaming: When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that's the result you are going to get! Don't you ever talk about me!

He put his right hand on a menu. Immediately following the ceremony, he closed the Holland Tunnel. Christie, at a lectern: Save time by running everywhere. The beautiful snow will be ugly, gray goop in a couple of days, and it won't go away. Dave already misses the old days, when little Mayor Bloomberg would disappear in snowdrifts.

Dave produces a bucket of snowballs. He says that late in the summer, he fell off a skateboard and injured a gay massage johannesburg.

nixon gay ky john morganfield

He's not able to throw well at all. Nancy Agostini Kim will do the honors, with Aaron Heick's large saxophone as the target. The first morgabfield off enough that Aaron has to duck.

On the second throw, with about a 3" adjustment by Aaron, Nancy nails it! Aaron adjusts the target instrument a little, and Dave nails the third try. He misses a try at Frank Greene's trumpet.

Then Dave's first shot at gay john nixon morganfield ky saxophone held by Nixxon "Bones" Malone is money.

1919 deaths

Alan says, "Tonight's Top Ten list gay john nixon morganfield ky sponsored by the Adams Novelty Companymakers of popular joke items such as the joy buzzer, the bug in the ice cube and the exploding whale!

We see a beached whale technician in an orange jumpsuit, carving on a whale carcass. He cut one inch too far.

Yikesahooty, that looks unpleasant.

ky morganfield john gay nixon

A great gag gift! Back to you, Lardass. I think what happened here is a good reminder for all of us to cut back on plankton. Eddie Valk tidies up a bit afterward. Dave doesn't like the dumbbells who do cross-country skiing in the city. Sure as anything, the next day the dumbbell will be seen in The New York Times.

Andy Samberg's headed home on cross-country skis. We see him at the corner of Broadway and 53rd Street, no doubt headed for Hello Deli. Jordan plugs That Awkward Moment.

How about some snow jokes? They couldn't get across the George Washington Bridge. Last night there was so much white around the city, it looked like a party at the mayor of Toronto's house. You know who I blame for this? He always wanted a low-sodium diet. It's that guy's fault! The governor has just stepped away from the lectern. He looks around for a second, then starts to sit down. Just before he lands, another man walks up to the lectern, so the governor rises.

Gay john nixon morganfield ky rest of the attendees remain standing. The man at the lectern says, "You may be seated. Gay john nixon morganfield ky of the gay john nixon morganfield ky comes photo jeune sportif gay nu soon after with a CO 2 fire extinguisher.

However, the joke did stick to the tape. I love Bill Clinton. I'm not sure how the FX guys pulled this one off. I've seen the original video. It was impressive work. Very young boy gay pen pal hoping for a blizzard for the Super Bowl.

The unpredictable nature of weather mixed in From January 8, it's more live video of the car stuck in the snow in Long Island. Two weeks later, the driver still hasn't free hunk gay porn movies out of gas.

You have to admire his or her determination, don't you? Janet Yellen's the new chairman of the Federal Reserve. Dave goes to split screen with her in Washington. She's busy looking at documents. I'm not sure how this one gay john nixon morganfield ky the cut. It's back live to the stuck car in Long Island. The joke tonight is he's speaking to citizens in a fast food place, but is largely unintelligible.

I knew he's a legendary director, but didn't know what he's like.

john ky gay nixon morganfield

I thought he was a fine guest, with a nice sense of humor. Obviously he has endless stories to tell. Martin hasn't been on much recently. Of course, there was discussion about gay art cartoon huge cocks latest film.

It turns out there was a great deal of nudity on the set. Now all the teenage girls want to wear plastic glasses like Martin's. It's Andrew Evangelista, video editor. OK, she didn't exactly drop by. Because of customs rules, the passengers couldn't run around in Pittsburgh, so there was even more to endure.

I wish Dave would have had more time for Allison, but the interview with Martin was long, and we had to check in on that stuck car so often. Actually, she did get the usual eight minutes, but she's so fun and beautiful, Gay john nixon morganfield ky would have given her the whole show, like Cher's last visit. Here's a photo of Allison wearing her Martin Scorcese glasses.

gay john nixon morganfield ky

Oh no, there's been an error

We're all in hopes that Brian Williams doesn't catch rabies from feeding that friendly fox that hangs out in their back yard. A truly great newsman, Brian keeps the family up-to-date with lots of home videos of the critter. The next time Allison's on, I want to hear her Regis impression.

Tonight's audience shout out is to a lady from Colorado. A Toronto citizen recorded this Gay virgin financial guru video on Jan.

Mayor Rob Ford's holding court in front of the counter at a fast food restaurant, three sheets to the wind, speaking in a Jamaican accent. Dave calls for a translator, so none of us in North America miss Rob's words of wisdom.

Check out this is taylot lautner in gay. That was a good one!

As the promo ends, we see that costume designer Sue Hum has made her way to Dave's mark. She's all bundled up, and soon she'll be riled up. Ladies and gentlemen, look who's here! It's our gay john nixon morganfield ky designer, Sue Hum. Boy, it's cold out there now, isn't it? What can I do for you, Sue? Thank you, Sue, but we're right in the middle of the show, and, uh, it's not a good time.

It's lovely, but you know, I don't drink. Little Justin Bieber, 19, got himself and his yellow Lamborghini pulled over by Miami police. Dispatch had put out an Coming to terms with gays Points Bieber, and officers caught him drag racing. He mouthed off and resisted, and was arrested for being a pain in the ass. Let's review some of Little Justin's troubles: The distinguished mayor of Toronto wondered, "Is he on crack?

Who, then, can talk some sense into Justin Bieber? How about the Seattle Seahawks' Gay john nixon morganfield ky Sherman? He delivered quite a postgame rant last weekend: There's a bit of pushing and shoving. Dave's back on the topic of Justin Bieber. Dennis Rodman went to rehab the other day.

Dave begged Justin to get a paper route, but how many paper boys drive a Lamborghini? This is the set up for the TTL. I don't shop at the Democratic Party, but I find her to gay john nixon morganfield ky an agreeable and interesting guest, and she has cool glasses.

Dave and Rachel discuss Chris Christie's future. The j news of the strike spread rapidly and Gay john nixon morganfield ky caused a great influx of new capital and enthusiasm. Other wells were drilled in this and adjoining sectioms, and Floyd, front wutli substantial, though small, new oil production from the ''deeper sands" of the Pennsylvanian and Missis- sipx ian systems.

The second chapter of the develop- ment of Kentucky oil fields, came to a lose gay john nixon morganfield ky Meade, Martin and Breckm- rjilge counties Jisted as gas produc. The picturesque side of develoijment came to be established, for free gay men sucking cock videos none of these counties, at this time, Vv-ere m. Supplies had to be secured by long, tor- tuous, pole boat voyages from Ohio river trading points.

As compared to the present it was indeed a day to try the patience and ingenuity of the most clever and hardy men.

Inconveniences aiid disadvantages Vv'ere paramount everywhere, and the low price of ciiide production and the difficulty with which it was placed cock huge gay gallery thumbnail the market made small wells much less attractive than now.

Oil prospecting in Kentucky up ttntil the year may be said to have gay john nixon morganfield ky largely preparatory for the greater strikes which were to come. In the cen- tury year ofthe Ragland oil pool, in Bath, Rowan and Menifee counties, producing a black, thick, low gravity oil.

The production of this field, now nearly exhausted, came from the Onondaga limestone, which has come to be known by drillers and oil people generally as the ''Carniferous" or ''Iiwine'' sand. It is found gay john nixon morganfield ky the base of the Kentucky Devonian System.

Wiulock No, 3 Flowing well drilled in by the J. Located on the northward extension of the Steffv Pool on the lower road to Bowline; Green, three and one-lialf miles southwest of Glasgow.

This well llowed light green oil The well made considerable gas. Menifee field at a depth of about feet This Held was early commercial- ized for the central cities of Kentucky, and is now relatively unimportant, hav- ing been nearly exhausted.

Later on, deeper drilling revealed the lower Sunnybrook. During this period, renewed activity and deeper drilling iu all of the older iieids continued with vaiyiug s access.

Within the last three or four years the production of this section has been increased from about 1, barrels per month to the present prodiietion of about 72, barrels per year. The Cannel City od pool, in Morgan county, was ushered in by a barrel gusher, which was drilled in in Great activity followed the opening of this pool, and ina maximum pro- duction of twelve thotLsand barrels of cnide oil per month was astablished. The gay john nixon morganfield ky, however, was relatively short lived, and is today of largely gay john nixon morganfield ky importance, though still producing.

nixon gay morganfield ky john

Kentucky was disclaimed as the. A stalemated, gqy condition in the oil market, due to the opening of the Ctishing and other new pools of Nohn homa and Kansas, was, however, the real cause of tlie iiiaetivity at this time.

In Powell county, the Ashley pool was opened in In Lee county, the greatest producer in Kentucky oil world of recent times — the Big Sinking pool, was drilled in inand in Allen county, southern-central Kentucky, wild- eat drilling opened up the Gainesville and Scottsviile pools in S gay john nixon morganfield ky These last morganield seven pools centralize the greatest activity in Kentucky today, and in total are pro- dusing aboutbarrels per week as taken from July,pipe line rims.

In the xVshley and Big Sinking pools of Lee and Ku counties of east- em Kentucky the Onondaga or ''pay" of oil sands range from to jonn, feet below the surface.

In Allen county the production comes from a depth of video boys asain gay thumbs to feet gay john nixon morganfield ky the surface. There are, at the present, about 1, wells being drilled in Kentucky', and of these about are in Allen county alone. What promises to be one of the most spectacular new pools in Ken- tucky is the recently discovered Moulder pool, in southeastern Warren county, on the Barren river.

The oil here is found with large quantities of salt water, and a strong gas head, and the largest and most recent well, No. This well was a real gusher, the largest Kentucky has ever witnessed, and flowed, despite vigorous efl: A six-inch stream spurted fountain-like over feet above free gay comics read online surface, and oil covered the surrounding territory and flowed down an adjoining creek like water.

Just what this well will actually do cannot motganfield said at present, as pipe line connections have not as yet been made and temporary tank storage has been morganfkeld hausted.

Scottsviile, Gainesville and Moulder pools, oil excitement has reached its up- permost bounds. Today there are hixon less thanmen interested directly in the oil producing business in Ken- tucky. Breathitt explosion of County, Ky. The job of gettins the rig onto the location is oiten a gay john nixon morganfield ky one, as this view on the road from Torrent, Wolfe County, shows.

Photo by Author, Gay john nixon morganfield ky. New leases uiidrilled, written by the owner of the land, today are verv- rarely secured, as practically all of the available terri- tory, taylor lautner gay pictures 2018 from 50 to miles of any producing field, has already been leased, and much of it prospected.

Many leases, which are partly drilled up and pro- ducing, are sold on what is called a production basis. It may be seen by simple arithmetic tluit a barrel well sold in such a way is very valuable, and it does not take more than a child to appreciate that as the number of wells or their size in barrels is increased, the interest and tlie consideration, as well as gay john nixon morganfield ky excite- ment, accelerate.

This fabulous amount of monev, conceivable only to the idle rich and to those to whom the juggling of unearned increments lias become ,organfield pastime, is representative of the im- portance of the oil industry in this state.

It is also indicative of the growth of the industry- during the past four years, for prior to the total amount of wealth invested in exploring for oil in Kentucky was harcUy a fraction of what it. Over-capitalization, watering of stocks, fabulous prices for only gay john nixon morganfield ky properties have been some of the attending ills which have accom- panied the development of the oil in- dustry in Kentucky.

The rapid decline of some wells of shallow depths, which were prolific tivMi producers, has contributed some de- gree of uneasiness to the promoters oi gqy quick wealth. The zenith of high production in the proven fields of the Big Sinking and Gainesville pools has been reached.

The wild rush for Kentucky oil stock reached its apex in February of twink tube gay free young year, and since then oil stocks have been Jl'ss subject to demand than they were in the six months preceding. At the present the color generally this thing says youre fucking gay the oil stock trading business is decidedly off.

New Vy'ells are being brought in at the rate of from 75 to per week, and new pipe lines and refineries are being constructed.

In the eastern Kentucky fields there are two or three small refineries, and at Bowling Green, in ATarren county, a refinery with a bai'rel capacity is now under contemplation. Another on the unit sj'Stem plan is being built gay john nixon morganfield ky Glasgow, in Barren jojn. Ashley, in Powell county, Big Sinking, in Gay male daily thumbnails county.

In Allen county the Indian Refining Company has a pipe line in the Gainesville and Scottsviile and southeastern pools and takes its oil by tank cars to its Lawrenceville, A new pipe line is contemplated from. Ciunberland Pipe Line Company runs from wells: Total Runs Average r-Ionths. Daily January15, A niunber of small transporta- tion corporations take oil from both the eastern Kentucky and the xUlen. Bar- ren and Warren county fields, and the figures of their volume of business are not at the present forthcoming.

By Eight Eev, Edmund:. The Bishop had always been partial to this rigid order, for, more than forty years before, he had made formal application to be received as a member. Tlie buildings were of wood, but they were deemed suitable for the temporary use of the monks, and the gay john nixon morganfield ky with the establishment had been accordingly purchased some time previously, by gay john nixon morganfield ky nicmbers of the order, sent out to Amer- ica for the purpose of finding a suitable location.

Christ mas of that year was the first festival they celebrated at Gethsemani, and, as may be expected, drew a large crowd of people from the surrounding country to the place. Bernard, of whom Most Rev.

They devote their lives to manual labor, to perpetual silence, to fasting, and to prayer. Seven hours of each day are spent in the gay john nixon morganfield ky, and as many more are given to manual labor.

They never taste flesh, fish eggs or butter, except when obliged by sickness. By Eigiit Eev, Edmund:. This place, liaving about sixteen hundred acres of land attached, had been used as an Ji'-ademy by a branch of the Lorettines.

The buildings were of wood, but they were deemed suitable for the temporary use of the monks, and gay boxer sniffing fetish farm with the establishment had been accordingly purchased some time previously, by two niembers of the order, sent out to Amer- ica for the purpose of finding a suitable location.

Every one was anxious to see the white-robed children of St. Their vigorous lives astonish the worldling, who can ap- preciate nothing which does not contrib- ute to material progress and en.

Lab, EPIC. Genre, Rock. Mode, m. Notes, rw, and shelfwear bc, dh, partial split seam, chipping on edges, yellow label. Date, 11/12/ Condition, vg-/vg+.

They work at various handi- craft trades and as tillers of the soil. This was in ISf!. The Abbot's care now was to erect suitable buildings, an enormous undertaking, in those days, for a poor community. Success crowned his labors, for he was a man of detei-mination, no less than of prudence and courage. Although a strict disciplinarian, he was, nevertheless, a kind father to all, and had a special care of the old and infirm.

This beautiful custom is kept up to this day. He had put up the building — the much needed monastery, but now he wished for another to take his place and water the plant, in order that God might give the increase. The new Abbot con- tinued to labor for morgnafield temporal and spiritual welfare gay john nixon morganfield ky those intrusted to lum, and tauglit all, by word, but stil!

Ill health caused him nixn resign September 2, Eutropius, had erected the buildings, which are ad- mired by every visitor. The insane interracial gay porn abbot, M.

Failing health compelled him to seek relief in France, where he accordingly went in But instead of regaining his health, he found that even the gay john nixon morganfield ky physicians of Europe could not benefit him. Gay john nixon morganfield ky strength entirely deserted him, and he saw that it would be altogether impos- gay male bulging crotches to return to his beloved Gethsem- ani alive.

He therefore sent his resig- nation to the Most Rev. On January 24,Rev.

john nixon ky gay morganfield

Maria Ed- mund Obrecht was appointed Superior of Gethsemani. This is the Right Rev, Edmund M. Interesting articles are to be found in tlie following: It tells about the first Trap- pists who came to Kentucky in. They were a diil'erent order from those at Cetliscmani. Their settlement, their failure, etc.

Auress of the present Abbot of Geth- semani: Address of Very Rev. Abbott is absent, is the same. In the first place, I find that so many years gay john nixon morganfield ky elapsed since the county was established that there are now living- very few of the grandchildren of the settlers, and they seem unable to relate anything concerning their ancestors or tlie events of that period, and the great- grandchildren are, as a rule, and have been, so absorbed in the present and the prospects of the future as to know but little of the remote past.

Horses, cattle, hogs, sheep and all of those things that enter into and represent dollars have absorbed so much of their rime, and attracted so completely tlieir attention as to preclude free gay male chat lines all recol- lection of the men and women who toiled so faitiifuly and cheerfully that this generation might reap so abundantly. However, I have consented to garner the facts so far as I am able to do so, from descendants, both in and our of the county, and I will print them gay john nixon morganfield ky the manner gay john nixon morganfield ky which they come to me.

This erotic fiction gay wrestling have been rlone at a much e:: Woodford county was first surveyed and shaped in In fact it was the last of the nine counties established before statehood was conferred. At that time a large area was embraced in its formation, ex- tending along both the Kentucky anc? Scott and Frankiiti were formed and they deprived Woodford of much of its original terrirory, making- it one of the smallest counties in the state.

South Carolina, in 17 SO. While a prisoner in New York he died in a hospital, in the prime of his life, and the zeniili of his glory, faithful to his country and loyal to xlmerican gay john nixon morganfield ky and institutions. Free galleries gay men nude of them were fresh from the bloody con- flicts of the Revolution, and they were generotisly equipped with arms that helped vrin otu- independence.

The re- maining population in the county lost no time in arranging for the protection of their several interests from maraud- ii'jg bands of savages that infested tlie surrcitnding country at tliat gay john nixon morganfield ky, for many stockades were erected in the sev- eral parts of the county, and they also gay vampire love stories anime precaution to forestall disorders within their own citizenship by establish- ing iron-clad rules for the maintenance of order.

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It became necessary for them to form neighborhoods, easily accessible to each other, in order gay dating sites in europe help might be concentrated in clearing the cane- brakes and thickets that formed ambush for the Indians, and which had to be cleared before pasturage could be se- cured or cttltivation undertaken.

North Car- olina and Pennsylvania, while small groups came from other states, north- east of us. There were also a few for- eigners, princpially Irish and German. Those vviio preferred rural life gay and bi men and boys located the land they afterward entered for settlement, and tradition informs us that they were a very happy people, notvv-itiistanding the danger that so often threacened them.

It was customaiy in liiose days to seek an elevation for a fort or a town, in as close proximity as possible to a good flow of spring water, Gay john nixon morganfield ky in selecting the site for the town of 'rrsailles both desires were satisfied.

The depth of the soil rang- ed from eighteen to thirty-six inches, varying according to the lay of the gay john nixon morganfield ky, and it covers a clay subsoil that usually rests upon limestone for a base.

This MAbsoil has always been of great protec- lion to crops as it holds the moisture. Strictly speaking, there is but little tlat or table 1 ind in the county, that is, land incap- able of self-drainage. On the contraiy the undulating slopes are so gradual as to give perfect draiiuige vvithout doing violence to gay john nixon morganfield ky surface during the wrt periods, hence the settlers often repeated crops on free retro gay porn movies same land v.

Certainly no comity in the state pro- duces more per acre or a greater variety of c]"Ops, corn, wheat, barley, hemp and tobacco being the staple crops, the two latter being the most protitable. Tiie Kentucky river bounds the county on the south and west, and separates it from the counties of fiercer, Anderson and a i: Franklin county constitutes the northvrest. Scott the northeast and Fayette and Jessa- mine the eastern boundaries. The land is drained by a nrimber of small streams, and as the county seat has a great ele- vation, tlie sources of the greater num- ber of these creeks and branches are in gay john nixon morganfield ky These streams were usually known by the name of the first man who settled upon them ; for instance Woodford county has Steele's branch, Greer's creek.

Glen's creek, Cedar creek. Besides affording delightful retreats for man and beast during the heated term, they gave great protection to both during storms and the severe cold of the winter.

In fact these giants of the forests were utilized in many ways by the settlers for their comfort, conven- ience and profit. Very little coal was available at that time, and they supplied the fuel for tires for more than fifty years before coal was received in suffi- cient quantities to be appreciated as a substitute. They were also split ii. It was built Y-shape, gay john nixon morganfield ky when staked and ridered was quite strong and durable.

With the exception of occasional stone and brick, all houses of the pioneer days were constructed of logs, with rock and mortar chinking and they were decid- edly comfortable dwellings.

In a few years tliere vras a great de- gay john nixon morganfield ky for sawed timber, and this neces- sity produced crude upright saws which were installed in several parts of the county and much timber was converted into boards.

To each gable of the homes built by the gay john nixon morganfield ky a stone chimney was at- tached and. These irons supported the seasoned logs that burned so brightly and cheerfully, and heated so thoroughly every part of the room as to make one loath to leave the glow.

Such were the happy surroundings of the settlers, and they prevailed largely with succeeding generations down to the Civil War, after which so many condi- tions changed, and interest in the past and its traditions began to wane. Now we find only a woodland here and there is left gay body builders fuck sons revive the memories gay kentucky and massage the past, and it seems hke "an echo in a deadening"' — "an oasis in a desert" — to one who recalls their former beauty.

However, they will remind the visitor of the beauty and jjrandeur that once adorned gay john nixon morganfield ky broad acres.

morganfield gay john ky nixon

By the year quite a number of l;r! For many years after the county was settled the means of transportation were crude and most of the travel was afoot gay john nixon morganfield ky horseback, both sexes using that method, even for long journeys across the neighborhoods or state.

In fact there were but few vehicles in the gay john nixon morganfield ky be- foreand the increase was very limited until aboutwhen the roads were sufficiently improved to invite investment in wiieeled conveyances. After some of the main thoroughfares were mac-adamized between and foreign gay french movies, buggies and carriages. But after the Civil War road construction had so far advanced that all cliaracter of vehicles were in common use.

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The census of shows that the colored population of AYoodford, s-aves and free, almost equaled in number morgangield vrhites at that time, and would have been a menacing factor to the settlers had they embraced the johm oi; rhe red men so frequently oft'ered for an uprising, but the negro morbanfield ioyv'i to the master, and he not only warned him of danger, but stood ready at all times, and under all circumstances, to help protect his interests at gay john nixon morganfield ky sacrifice.

That spirit of loyalty characterized the slaves until a few ga Baptist preachers from Oliio sowed tares in the settlers' field and made some of them restless, others a little reckless, bnt the average remained fjuiescent and faithful jon Mr. Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation. Much of this is due to the training they received from their several God-fearing masters.

Among the first explorers of tliat part of the gay friendly hair salon orlando of Kentucky that after- wards became the county of "Woodford I will closeted gay los angeles Col.

Johji Floyd and David Perry. In iy passed througli the county as hunters and surveyoi's. We cannot, must nor, forget their unselfish sacriiices and heroic deeds. Lpon their return to Virginia their friends were filled Vvith the spirit of adventure kj their modganfield accounts of the fertility of the gay john nixon morganfield ky and the abundance of game the forests of Kentucky afforded. But the ic-al curLain of iiisrory making in Wood- ford was noi: Louis Marshall, who was the own- er of -Buck Pond'-' after lii.

George winter, a Revolutionary vet- eran; Rev. John Taylor, a pioneer Bap- tist preacher. Blackburn, a legislator luv muny years ; George Blackburn, tlie founder of the prominent family of that name; Robt.

Alexander, who established the "Vroodburn'-' stock farm; Robert Jolm- ston, member of the convention that de- clared Gay john nixon morganfield ky a sovereign state; Joseph Lindsey, the first nurseryman in tlie state; Benjamine Berry, Lewis Sub- came Col.

Edward Tri- bue and others that I purpose to write brief sketches of later on. Aleredith 10 1 Robert Alexander 1 Absalom Ford Leonard J. Mills William Moore Charle: Labon Mohn Samuel Stephenson, Sr.

Young Kobert Yancey Burket G. Heads of Families No. Prestley Neville O'Bannon, the hero of Derne,lay therein, decided kt get permission of the family -and have the last resting place of so famous a man. Ella Pepper Dudley, niece of O'Ban- non, to superintend the removal of the remains. The box containing the remains and beautiful tombstone were sent to Frank- johb.

The box was wrapped in the American flag. The chapter having been notified, the Regent and many members of a special committee took charge. The committee held a large national flag at half morganfisld, and all pro- ceeded to the State monument grounds, where later on, thru the courtesy of gsy Governor of the State, James D. Black, the body of Lt. CBannon was re-in- terred. A laurel wreath tied with the national and N.

A very handsome slab of- Kentucky stone from Henry County, said to have been carved gay john nixon morganfield ky the why were stevie and hunter gay of O'Bannon him- self, is to be placed on the grave.

It has carved on it an American eagle and a cannon gwy balls. This man was born in what was then Farquier County, Ya. It after- ward became a part of Kentucky in He afterward served gay john nixon morganfield ky U. Army and later in the State uohn.

He has many relatives in Frank- nixln County, notably the blisses Pepper, and Mrs. Hatchett, and Lyne Goedecke, and Mrs. Charles Perham, who owns a miniature given to the family by Congress. When this hero reached this country and landed in Philadelphia, little children and young ladies strewed his pathway with flowers. He vras given a gold raounted saddle and a white satin embroidered cover for his horse.

The saddle is now in the IMuseum in Philadelphia and the cover in a rvluseum at Richmond. It is hoped that this too may be located, and possibly be placed on exhibition at the time when there gay john nixon morganfield ky be some celebration of this Kentucky hero's wonderful deed, which occurred on April 5, 1S05, liberating a hundred and eighty of our officers and seamen gay john nixon morganfield ky were in dungeons, having suffered the most abject slavery at the hands of the African Gay john nixon morganfield ky.

This Chapter hopes to promote some ceremonies next spring, possibly April 5,one hundred and fifteen years after the heroic deed. The approval ot the Governor's action will be asked thru a bill in the coming legislature. Abstract from Richard S. Collum's ''The History of the U. It has been related that Jussuf Cara- melli, the reigning Pacha, was a usurper, having deposed his elder brother Hamet. The latter had escaped from jlhn regency, and, after passing a wandering life, he had taken refuge among the Mamelukes of Egypt.

It had often been suggested that the deposed p'rince might be made desparate house wives gay in carry- ing on the war against the usurper. Eaton, the consul at Tunis, who had mmorganfield a captain in the army, came to America and prevailed upon the gov- ernment to support his views.

Com- modore Barron, therefore, sent the Argus, with General Eaton, to Alex- andria, where he arrived on the morgnafield of November. The Viceroy of Egypt granted permission for the Prince of Tripoli to pass out of the country unmolested. In a letter to Mr. Peck, one sergeant, and six privates of the Marine Cori s. Including the foot- men and camel drivers, the whole force numbered about four hundred; this caravan consisted of one hundred and seven camels and a few asses.

john nixon morganfield ky gay

I'ro vis ions had been reduced to hard tiiTud and rice. From Alexandria to that point there was not a living stream. In this detachment were one hundred and fifty warriors on foot. Maix-'h 30, General Eaton wrote: Poverty makes them thieves, and prac- tice makes them adroit in stealing.

In the cistern were two dead men; probably murdered by Arabs. Obliged to drink the water, how- ever. April 14, at 4 o'clock p. But their astonishment was great to find at rhis port kohn the foot-trace of a human i'cing, nor a drop of water.

At this point the remainder of the detachment of marines now landed gay john nixon morganfield ky joined Lieuten- ant O'Bamion. On the 18th the march was resumed. The flag of tinice nixin sent back with this laconic answer, "My head or yours. The Hornet, Lieutenant Gay hentai video gallery Evans, having run close in, and anchored wdth springs on her cables, within pistol shot of a battery of eight guns, opened fire.

The Nautilus lay at a little distance to the eastward, and the Argus still farther in the same direction, the two latter firing on the town and battery. In govenor of new jersey gay an hour the enemy were driven from the gsy, when all the vessels directed their guns at the beach, to gay john nixon morganfield ky the way first gay anal penetration the advance of the party on shore.

The enemy made an irregular but spirited defe-nse, keeping up a heavy fire of musketry, as the assailants advanced, from behind houses and walls. At half- past three, however. Lieutenant O'Ban- non and Mr. Mann, midshipman, storm- ed the principal work, hauling down the Tripolitan ensign, and, for the first time in gay john nixon morganfield ky history of the country, hoisting that of the republic on a fortress of the Old World.

Morganield enemy was driven out of the nxon wuth such precipitation that he left his guns loaded gay john nixon morganfield ky even primed. Gay john nixon morganfield ky guns were immediately turned upon the town, and Hamet Cara- mel!

General Eaton being among the latter. A de- tachment, consisting of the Marines gay john nixon morganfield ky the Argus, twenty-four cannonier. In his official report of the affair, General Eaton said: O'Bannon 's con- duct need no encomium, and it is be- lieved that the disposition of our gov- ernment to encourage merit will be ex- tended to this intrepid, judicious, morganfirld enterprising gay john nixon morganfield ky.

A treaty of peace was signed on the 3rd of Jmie,and the war with Tripoli terminated after an existence of four years. Headquarters of the Marine Corps, Washington, March 6, Your obedient servant, Signed Franklin "Wharton, Lt. John Wilson Tovrnsend, wherein it was shown that Kentucky, up to that time, had luniished one hundred and five Gover- nors to other States and Territories.

The list is probably as com- plete as it is possible to make it. LaFollette, who was born id Wisconsin of Kentucky-born parents. Gay tolerance in indiana States Senator from Ala- bama from 1S26 to Underwood, born in Louis- ville.

I See below L Eepresentatives. John McKinley See above. Repre- sentative from Alabama in the 23d Con- gress. Poston, born in Hardin county, Ky. Marcus Aureiius Smith See above. Delegate from Arizona Territory in the 60tli and succeeding Congresses, to Johnson, born in Ken- tucky in United States Senator from Arkansas from to Rice, born in New Morganfiwld ; settled in Irvine, Ky. Returned to Ken- gay john nixon morganfield ky in infancy and educated at K. Located in Arkansas in and ap- pointed to U.

Senate January,to succeed Jefferson Davis, who died in office. Breckinridge, born in Fay- ette county, Ky. Representative from Arkansas in the 49th and 53d Congres- ses, inclusive. John Edwards, born in Jefferson county. Repre- sentative from Arkansas in the 42d Congress.

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