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Staff seemed mostly helpful - and some were friendly - gay bath houses in tampa a few exceptions. Tama Country - also in Chicago. Small and poky, very basic facilities! Not very many men there at all the times I visited - but would have overlooked all that if only the staff hadn't been so surly and unhelpful.

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Just rude pigs really. Went gay bath houses in tampa twice after visiting friends who lived nearby - and the staff were awful both times. Also went to one of the two? It was a complete waste of time. I think public gqy regulations there have fucked it up.

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It's really not a great atmosphere when official fun police are prowling the corridors to prevent any hanky-panky. Felt tamppa I'd wandered into a 'straight' sauna in London back in the early eighties Nostalgia isn't always a good thing.

While I would say it was the 'best' - agree with steamworks in Chicago poster!

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Lots of players when i've been there - and perfectly nice staffers. Opposite of that was a night at 'the works' i'm pretty sure that's the place which seemed to be miles from downtown - and altho reasonably large with ok facilities, the atmosphere is kinda dull.

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Night I was there it was near deserted - which obviously had a lot to do with that. Hkuses realize it was only one visit - and I lucked out and got an off night! Was a big waste of two expensive gay bath houses in tampa there and back. Not worth the effort for an out-of-towner Bathhouses are so much better and a more efficient use of your time than the trying to hook-up via the Internet. What goes on at a bathhouse?

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This is from a lesbian, who is sick of her gay men friends asking "How do lesbians have sex? R5 here again - 'the works' - the not terribly good bathhouse I bagged - was in Indianapolis.

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Didn't specify the location- duh! The one in Ft.

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I think it's called "the club" -- not to be confused with "the clubhouse" or something like that which was really waaaaay past its prime. Gay oregon accommodations or worst, as it applies to anything, not just bath houses, means different things to different people, so to deem anything as such is patently ridiculous. I heard the steam room there is now only open on weekdays, and closed on weeknights and weekends.

They are gay bath houses in tampa great for catching an STD If you're hooking up at a bathhouse, you are living in denial. They were fun in the 70's-now Club Houston batj just as good gay bath houses in tampa Chicago Steamworks. Chicago has the great indoor hot housse, but Houston has a great outdoor pool for nude sunbathing.

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The guys at Club Houston tend to be a little hotter, too. Condoms are tremendously efficient against the transmission of HIV, but their efficacy against other STDs is not certain.

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HPV, herpes and syphilis can be transmitted by contact with skin not covered by a condom. Herpes, gonorrhea and syphilis can be spread via oral sex if a condom is not used. You can get hepatitis A by fingering someone or handling their condom after anal gay bath houses in tampa.

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Those are uouses diseases we're aware of, who knows whether the next AIDS is silently incubating somewhere? The Vulcan gay bath houses in tampa San Diego may not be the best; I don't have a lot of other places to which to compare, but it's clean, safe and pleasant respite when you want to escape the world.

The Club in St. Louis is quite nice.

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Friendly staff, outdoor pool with free food on weekends during the summer, decent gym. However, it is located in gay bath houses in tampa desolate, bombed out neighborhood it is St. Clean; convenient; safe neighborhood; diverse demographics race, age, body type ; always busy when you expect it to be and often surprisingly so when you don't expect it afternoons, early evenings ; always "fresh meat" coming through because of tourists and business travelers.

On the surface, the bathhouse is basically a spa. Naked men in towels, taking showers, using the steam, sauna, jacuzzi, and gym facilities. tamoa

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There is often a dark back room with a glory hole maze involved. Through that, you find ways to make contact with guys.

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Guys can be choosy in this environment as they need. Men of all sorts go to the bathhouse, hot ones and lesser so. You go and try to hook up with guys you think are hot, don't take it gay bath houses in tampa if you are rejected, and don't feel bad about rejecting an advance you don't like.

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People mostly go by themselves. It's sexier than going with a group of your buddies, because let's face it: There are many screens showing porn.

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There is usually a DJ sometimes houaes very good one. Sometimes it's just a CD player that may or may not prostate stimulation gay well monitored gay bath houses in tampa staff.

You pay a membership fee to the Club which gets you around the legality of 'public sex' Then you also pay a fee for use for the day.

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You can choose a room or a locker. If you get a room, then you can lay gay bath houses in tampa the bed and hope tampq guys to come into your room. If you get a locker, you must walk around and look to get laid either in bzth facilities, or in someone's room.

The rooms are only big enough for a small platformed mattress and access thereto. There are sometimes TVs in the rooms playing porn.

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Some bathhouses have big TV rooms playing porn. Others have a big open area where anything can happen Orgies also happen in steam rooms if everyone can handle the steam level for that long. Jacuzzis usually don't have sexy time - and that's often enforced by the staff.

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tapa I like to just go and relax in the jacuzzi first, unwind a bit, and see who is wandering around. Then i shower up and look around some more.

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More often than not, I have a great time with hot guys. The riskiest thing I do in bathouses and with anyone I don't know well is give and receive bjs. Mostly it's handjobs and making out.

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