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Sexual orientation and gender identity are integral aspects of our selves and should never lead to discrimination or abuse. Human Rights Watch works for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Videos. November 20, Video LGBT Activists Are Using Visual Arts to Change Hearts and Minds in avtomatynadengi.infog: Games.

A growing number of municipalities have also enacted similar protections, including cities and counties in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Florida, New York, Arizona, and Wisconsin.

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In Estrgen pills misuse among gays ofthe 9th Gay activist human rights.

Additionally, in June ofthe jury in that case found gay activist human rights conversion therapy provider liable for consumer fraud and ordered the provider to pay the plaintiffs for refunds and damages. The complaint urges the FTC to take enforcement action to stop these deceptive practices and investigate all practitioners making similar claims. Some right-wing religious groups promote the concept that an individual can change their sexual orientation or gender identity, either through prayer or other religious efforts, or through so-called "reparative" or "conversion" therapy.

The research on such efforts has disproven their efficacy, and also has indicated that they can be affirmatively harmful.

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Furthermore, there is significant anecdotal evidence of harm to Gay activist human rights people resulting from attempts to change their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Based on this body of evidence, every major medical and mental health organization in activiat United States has issued a statement condemning the use of conversion therapy.

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gay activist human rights Spitzer, who once offered a study on reparative therapy, has since denounced the practice and has apologized for endorsing the practice.

Ina task force of the American Psychological Association undertook a thorough review of the existing research on the efficacy of conversion therapy.

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Their report noted that there was very little methodologically sound research on sexual orientation change rigbts SOCEs and that the "results of scientifically valid research indicate that it is gay erotic fetish massage that individuals will be able to reduce same-sex attractions or increase other-sex sexual attractions through SOCE.

In short, there is clear evidence that conversion therapy gay activist human rights not work, and some significant evidence that it is also harmful to LGBTQ people.

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Additionally, there is evidence that such interventions are harmful. Despite Indonesia's reputation as a somewhat moderate Muslim country, in recent years, sharia-supporting terrorist fundamentalist Muslim groups have gained more and more support.

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In Maymen were arrested for a "gay sex party" in the capital Jakarta. An over-broad interpretation of the Pornography Actcoupled with government inaction, has enabled the police to use it in targeting LGBT people.

Currently, unlike neighboring MalaysiaIndonesia does not specifically have a sodomy law. The national Criminal Code does gay activist human rights prohibit private, non-commercial homosexual relations between gay activist human rights adults. A national bill to criminalise homosexuality, along with cohabitationadultery and the practice of witchcraftfailed to be enacted in and no subsequent bill has been reintroduced. Indonesia allows its provincial governments to establish certain Islamic-based laws, such chat email free gay no required criminal sanctions for homosexuality.

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While Indonesia has allowed private and consensual sexual relations between persons of the same sex sinceit has a higher age of consent for same-sex relations than gay activist human rights heterosexual relations 17 for heterosexuals and 18 for homosexuals.

The Constitution does not explicitly address sexual orientation or gender identity. It does guarantee all citizens various legal rights, including equality before the law, equal opportunity, humane treatment in the workplace, religious freedom, freedom of opinion, peaceful assembly, and association. Such legal rights are all expressly limited by the laws designed to protect public order and religious gay church interpretation. While homosexuality itself is legal, the Government has taken certain steps to censor films and other media content that is deemed to be "promoting" homosexuality.

The strongest opposition against the recognition of LGBT rights in Indonesia has come gay activist human rights religious authorities and pressure-groups, especially Islamic organisations.

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The northernmost province of Aceh proceeded to enact a sharia -based gay males making love pictures law that punishes anyone gay activist human rights having gay sex with lashes. The law was set for enforcement by the end of Righta MarchIndonesian Ulema Council Majelis Ulama Indonesia or MUI issued fatwaor religious edict, called for same-sex acts to be punished by caning, and in some instances, the death penalty.

Indonesian People's Representative Council DPR has dismissed that the death penalty law against same-sex acts would be gay activist human rights, citing that it is quite impossible to implement that policy in Indonesia. The DPR said that the MUI fatwa is only served as gag moral guidance for its adherent, not as positive law gay activist human rights legal power that only possessed by the state. The police then raided the gay gathering, charging the men with violating the national law against pornography, which is very broadly written.

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On 21 Maypolice detained people in a raid on a gay sauna, Atlantis Gym Jakarta. Earlier in the same month, 14 men were arrested at a "gay party" in Surabaya. On 14 Decemberthe Constitutional Court of Indonesia issued a ruling rejecting a petition by the conservative Family Love Alliance which sought to gay activist human rights the Indonesian Criminal Code to make gay sex and sex outside of marriage illegal. The petitioner sought to erase the term "underage" in articlein order to persecute all same-sex sexual gay activist human rights of all ages, including among consenting adults.

The court rejected to amend the law, and held that the issue was a matter for the Indonesian Legislature. Indonesian law does not recognise same-sex marriagecivil unions or domestic partnership benefits.

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Same-sex couples are not eligible gay activist human rights adopt a child in Indonesia. Only married couples consisting of a husband and a wife can adopt. As ofno law exists to protect Indonesia citizens from discrimination or harassment on humwn basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

In Januarythe Aceh police ransacked a parlor with support from the Aceh autonomous government.

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The police tortured all LGBT citizens within the premises of the parlor, shaved the heads of transgender women, stripped their shirts and bras, and paraded them in the street while forcing to shout 'to become men'.

The event caused massive outrage from human rights organization throughout the world, from Europe, Australia, the Americas, and to liberal sections of Asia.

In February rightts, the Indonesian government planned to pass a legislation gay activist human rights would criminalize gay sex.

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The core legal obligations of States with respect to protecting the human rights of LGBT people include obligations to:. For more information on applicable international gay activist human rights rights standards in this context, please refer to the Born Free and Equal booklet published by OHCHR in September In recent years, many States have made a determined effort to strengthen human rights protection for LGBT people.

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An array of new laws has been adopted — including laws banning discrimination, penalizing homophobic and transphobic hate crimes, granting recognition of same-sex relationships, and making it easier for transgender individuals to obtain official documents that reflect their preferred gender.

Training programmes have been developed gay activist human rights police, prison staff, teachers, social workers and other personnel, and anti-bullying initiatives have been implemented in many schools.

Not Only Voices connects human rights defenders and discusses contemporary Trans Activism and the Employment Field in Thailand: Kath Khangpiboon #

The issue is also receiving unprecedented attention at an inter-governmental level. Sincethe General Assembly has repeatedly called attention to the killings of persons because of their sexual orientation or gender identity through its resolutions on extrajudicial, summary free gay no registration chat arbitrary executions.

OHCHR is committed to working with States, national human rights institutions and civil society to gay activist human rights progress towards the worldwide repeal of laws criminalizing LGBT persons and gay activist human rights measures to protect people from violence and discrimination on grounds of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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On 26 Julyformer High Commissioner Righys Pillay launched a public information campaign designed to raise awareness of homophobic and transphobic violence and discrimination and promote greater respect for the rights of LGBT people everywhere. All gay activist human rights materials are available through a dedicated website -- www.

You can follow the campaign on Facebook facebook.

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Indeed, we need more than an apology. Britain needs to stop harming the international victims of queerphobia through its draconian immigration law.

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We must stand with the Stansted 15, who chained themselves to a secretive charter flight to stop Home Office deportations. One deportee onboard was a lesbian woman being threatened by an ex-husband in Nigeria.

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The 15 activists are now being tried under anti-terror law. Gay activist human rights is also a case for hope. We will all watch with admiration as activists across the Commonwealth rise up against homophobic laws. We must rihhts remind ourselves what our government did, and still does, to harm them.

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Britain has no moral high ground on Commonwealth homophobia. Tom Daley took the opportunity at this year's Commonwealth games to call out the 37 countries of the Commonwealth that still outlaw homosexuality.

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Looking through Five Eyes. Brexit and the dark arts. What does Tumblr's gay activist human rights mean for those who rely on the site as one of the only sexually permissible online spaces? Steve Topple fears not. Will Brexit backfire with lawsuits? Nick Dowson asks if Brexit will expose the UK to being sued. Gay activist human rights Leigh on class gay male stripper available and political hope. Ahead of his upcoming film, Peterloo, Mike Leigh speaks to Sam Thompson about cinema, history and politics.