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We fucking had sex.

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Then he saw Gabe burst into an ear-splitting grin. And for the record, if we had sex, you would've remembered it. He shouted the loudest, danced the most energetically and participated in the most ridiculous of party games something involving drinking syrup.

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However, he seemed distracted and skittish for the rest of the night. Notably, it was Gabe who picked up the pretty brunette in the pink halter top.

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Later that night, Gabe felt moderately bad—both because of his trick and because of his mad skills with girls that totally outstripped William's. Sapotta halter top was passed out next to him in bed.

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She was both a lot drunker and a lot crazier than Gabe had initially realized. They had neither forged a deep connection nor had particularly great sex.

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Gabe reached over and grabbed his cell phone. When he'd left the party, Gay friendly restaurants had been sitting, listening to a blonde in leopard print talk about her boob job. Gabe scrolled through his address book and found William's number.

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It was William himself who had programmed his number into Gabe's phone, and as a result he was listed as Bill "big feet, big ideas! Gabe lay back and gab to the phone ring.

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William did not pick up. Gabe watched William idly from across the bar.

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He was drinking some ridiculous gabe saporta william beckett gay cocktail with a stupid name like Connoisseur Cocksucker or something. More specifically, Pete had dropped in, and where Pete Wentz went, the party tended to follow.

The shirt was one of Gabe's that William had stolen out of his suitcase for reasons best known to himself. Didn't mean anything—except, obviously, that Gabe had excellent fashion sense, while William's style involved perpetually looking like he just raided Goodwill.

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Gabe suspected Pete knew full well whose shirt it was. It looks good on me, don't you think?

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It was much later when Pete finally cornered Gabe. Mikey was, as custom dictated, glued to Pete's hip.

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He squinted and rubbed at the bridge of nose. Gabe wondered whether it was a tic he even noticed he had.

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He wanted to crawl into bed, sleep for a long, long time and wake up with someone wrapped around him. He frowned and added, with a sardonic bite, "Wentz.

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Cute Treckorta oneshot I wrote a bit ago, posted on Wattpad but not on here but beckstt here it is!! Tons of fluff, cute things, sharing hoodies, all that.

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I'm gifting this to Amber n Tea bc I believe you both like treckorta so ayyy, here you go my dudes. Patrick is the new kid at Winona High, and he doesn't quite know how to fit in. Gabe saporta william beckett gay by a dance party held by the "in crowd" as the popular kids call themselvesPatrick is incredibly uncomfortable, but the kid called Pete Wentz catches his eye.

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Throughout the year, Patrick hopes to find gabe saporta william beckett gay, and maybe more than being "just friends" with a certain someone. Two quarters and a heart down, 'Trick isn't a joke of a romantic Naturally, Travie has a bad day, Gabe lets Travie spank him gsbe some stress relief, and all that goes out the window.

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Gabe thinks he's a dom My new blog project men with big hard dicks statistics poverty saport book http: Chiedetelo le donne che sono in attesa per la piena soddisfazione dal sesso con un uomo. E questa e la vera verita!

Fic: 'certain facts, stripes and plaids' (William/Gabe) PG-13

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