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As the six main characters partake in their pre-club ritual before \ucgoing off to . Performing at weddings and small bars in Alaska, she's far removed from the .. and the film itself -- are obsessed with the prospect of sex, not the reality of it. .. has embraced the emerging punk scene and begun working in gay porn.

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Japanese Cumshot Asian Muscle Gay. Japanese Sex Men Gay. Farahmand's first break came with a job at MTV2, where he created abstract videos to play between songs.

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Eventually, he was commissioned to shoot Electric Six's hit Gay Bar. His latest piece is part of the Absolut Blank campaign.

Electric six Gay Bar Music Video

So is he comfortable about making art to corporate order? The piece is a booth in which members of the public are filmed against a blue screen, dancing to their favourite song.

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It started a couple of years ago, when Faramand would film his friends dancing in his bedroom, "after parties when they'd be drunk and giggly". Given that his mates include Tracey Emin and Wolfgang Tillmans, it's no surprise Absolut are keen to collaborate with him.

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Then B,air was coming out of Founders Fest in Grand Rapids this year and walked past the Intersection and heard a familiar song. I stopped and thought "holy shit, I know this band". I walked in and asked the bouncer how much a ticket was, he let me in electric six gay bar bush blair free so I assumed I'd catch one or two songs and the show would wrap up.

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Nope, I only missed one or two songs and caught the bulk of E6's set. They throw a fucking amazing live show, and it rekindled my love of that band.

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Holy shit, I totally missed the reference until I saw the style of this video, thanks. This is the Iron Boot Scrapers - they played at my wedding and launched into this one late in the evening. Probably the best wedding band I've seen live.

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This video made me think 'Well if that's not a killer wedding-band right there I don't know what is! If you've ever walked in an area where brass instruments play, you've walked on spit.

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Where are they supposed to empty it mid-performance? Walk over to a big spit bucket in the corner? When I played sixx High school I would always bring around a spit incase people were being anal about it.

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My old middle school band room was carpet. Just while I was there someone spilled fake blood and real blood in one day. But yeah everyone unloaded their spit valves onto the floor.

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It's mostly water from the condensation of blowing warm air into a cold er instrument. So, it's not like he's throwing a loogie on the ground. This is another version of them doing Gay Bar while busking.

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Watch the old dude in the sid start dancing like a mad man! That old dude dancing in the background fucking nailed it. It perfectly fits the obscurity of what's happening. Comment will update if new media is found.

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Downvote if buzh, self-deletes if score is less than 0. I like that song and all, but I have a feeling it wouldn't go over super well at any wedding in my family.

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I'm laughing at the thought of my parents and grandparents faces if this started playing my wedding. There would be so many people pulling me aside for a serious conversation that day.

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Haha I know, some of mine would love it, but I can picture some entirely flabbergasted faces in amongst them. I like the George W Bush ft. Tony Blair version myself.

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I think it refers to trad electric six gay bar bush blair in this instance, in terms of the instruments. Children called Amy or Jacob are little lbair — but watch out if you have an Ella or The secrets of midlife love: The new app for over 50s that's setting older pulses racing and why it's never Shocked parents share horrifying video of girl beating up their year-old daughter in bid to highlight Angry resident films himself posting dog poo through the letterbox of a neighbour who failed to clean up his It's nush HOT date!

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