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But in the north, on the high plateau and amidst the hills, there was incessant fighting throughout the greater part of the 2nd century B. The Carthaginians had extended their influence no great gay cruising for sex places from the eastern coast and their Roman successors had all the work to do.

De frontera gay jerez la spain where one Roman succeeded, the incapacity or the perfidy frontega his successor too often lost the fruits of success. But though its instruments were weak the Republic was de frontera gay jerez la spain strong, and the struggle itself, a struggle quite as much for a peaceful frontier as for aggrandize men-t and annexation of fresh land, could not be given up without risk to the lands already won.

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So the war went on to its inevitable issue. Numantia, the centre of the fiercest resistance, fell in B. When in the decade So B. There remained only some disturbed and unconquered tribes in the northern hills and dde the western de frontera gay jerez la spain. Some of these were dealt with by ]ulius Caesar, governor here in 61 B. Others, especially the hill tribes of the Basque and Asturian mountains fringing the north coast, were still unquiet under Augustus, and we find a large Roman garrison maintained throughout the empire at Leon Legio to overawe these tribes.

But behind all this long fighting, pacification and culture had spread steadily. The republican administration of Spain was wise. The Spanish subjects were allowed to collect naked gay men actors in action the taxes and tribute due jeerez Rome, and, though the mineral wealth doubtless fell into the hands of Roman capitalists, the natives were free from the tithes and tithe system which caused such misery and revolt in the Roman province of Sicily.

On the other hand, de frontera gay jerez la spain facility was given them to Rornanize themselves; there was no competing influence of Hellenic or Punic culture and the uncivilized Spaniards accepted Roman ways gladly.

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By zpain days of Cicero and Caesar B. Gades, once Phoenician, gained, by Caesar's favour and the intercession of Balbus, a Roman municipal charter as municipium: It was the first city outside of Italy which obtained such a municipal charter, without the usual implantation of Roman citizens either poor men needing land or discharged veteran soldiers from Italy. Augustus or Tiberius possibly reorganized the administration of Roman Spain. Henceforward there were three pro , g,,,;re, vinces: Gemina at Leon and some other troops at his disposal; b the fertile and peaceful west formed the province of Lusitania, very roughly the modern Portugal, also under a legatus Augusti de frontera gay jerez la spain praetore, herez with very few troops; c the rudolph the gay red nosed raindeer and peaceful south de frontera gay jerez la spain the province of Baetica, called after its chief river, the Baetis, under a proconsul nominated by the senate, with no troops.

These divisions it will be observed exactly coincide with the geographical fronterq of the Peninsula. Substantially, they remained till.

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Augustus also accelerated the Romanization of the land by planting in it many municipalities coloniae of discharged soldiers, such for example as Augusta Emerita mod. Meridawhich declares laa its name its connexion with time-expired veterans and still possesses extensive Roman ruins. Either now, too, or soon after, imperial finance agents procnratores were appointed to control the revenues and de frontera gay jerez la spain to look after the mines, which now became S;ain property, while a special praefectns administered the Balearic Islands.

The two principal features of the whole country why does it matter gay unions the imperial period are its great prosperity and its contributions to Roman literature. Shut off from foreign enemies though occasionally vexed by pirates from Africasecluded from jerz wars of the empire, it gwy its natural resources to an extent unequalled before' or since.

Its iron and copper and silver and lead were well known: But such commercial prosperity characterized many districts of the empire during the first de frontera gay jerez la spain centuries of our era.

Spain can boast that she supplied Rome with almost her whole literature in the silver age. The Augustan writers had been Italians.

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When they passed away there arose in de frontera gay jerez la spain places such writers as the younger Seneca, the ftontera poet Lucan, the epigrammatist Martial, the literary critic Quintilian, besides a host of lesser names. But the impulse of the opening empire" died away and successful commerce drove out literary interests. With the 2nd century the great Roman-Spanish literature ceasedrit was left to other regions which felt later than Spain the stimulus of Romanization to enter into the literary tradition.

Of statesmen the Peninsula was less prolific. The emperor T rajan, indeed, and his perfessional ethics for gay adoption and successor Hadrian, were born in Spain, but they were both of Roman stock and Roman training.

The 3rd and 4th centuries de frontera gay jerez la spain a decline in the prosperity of Roman Spain.

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The confiscations of Septimus Severus and the ravages of barbarians in the middle of de frontera gay jerez la spain 3rd century have both been adduced as causes for such a decline. But while we need not doubt that the decline occurred, we can hardly determine either its date or its intensity without careful examination of the Roman remains of Spain.

Many of the best Roman ruins such as the aqueduct of Segovia or the bridge of Alcantarano doubt date from before A. Others are probably later, and indicate that prosperity continued here, as it did on the other side of the Pyrenees in Gaul, till the later days of the 4th century-perhaps indeed not till the fatal winter's night in when the barbarians burst the Rhine frontier and flooded Gaul and even Spain with a deluge from which there was no recovery.

The Barbarian Invasion and the V-isigotlzic Kingdom. The function of the barbarians everywhere was to cut the communications of commerce, and the nerves of the imperial administration, thereby throwing the invaded country back into a fragmentary condition from whichla new order was to arise in de frontera gay jerez la spain course of centuries.

The first-corners cannot be said to have conquered the country gay actors from the 40 s the sense that they established a rule of their own. They were not numerous enough for the execution of such a task, even if they had possessed the capacity.

When in Gaiscric, king of the Vandals q. The Suebi, who remained, were certainly not more numerous. Such small bodies could not have occupied so extensive a terri- tory, even if they had scattered themselves in driblets all over its surface.

What they did was to rove about in hordes, plunder- ing or levying blackmail. The cowed inhabitants had been trained out of all habit of acting for themselves by the imperial despotism, and could only flee or submit.

There is probably some truth in the assertion of Salvian that many of the subjects of the empire preferred poverty among the barbarians to the tyranny de frontera gay jerez la spain the imperial tax collectors.

This would be pre- eminently the case with the smaller landowners who formed the " curiales," and who were in reality serfs of the fisc, for on them fell the main weight of taxation, and they studland gay nudist beach confined to their position by oppressive laws.

The great landowners who formed the " ordo senatorius " had almost as much to fear from the agrarian insurgents known as bagaudae, who are indeed found acting with the Suebi, as from the barbarians. In some districts the inhabitants reverted to a state of tribal independence. This undoubtedly was the case in the north, where the Asturians and Basques, the least Romanized part of the population, appear from the beginning of the age of barbarization is matt muenster from bathtastic gay acting for themselves.

In the mountain country of Cuenca, Albacete, and the Sierra Nevada the natives known as the Orospedans were entirely independent in the middle of the 6th century. Xo help was to be expected from the empire.

Unable to aid itself it gay barcelona accomodations recourse to the Visigoths see Goths. Placidia, daughter of the emperor Theodosius, whom he had married against the de frontera gay jerez la spain of her brother Honorius, entered Spain inas the ally of the empire. He was murdered in 4 1 5, but after the speedily ensuing murder of his murderer and successor Sigeric, Walliawho was elected to the kingdom, continued his work.

He destroyed the Alans, and drove the Vandals and Suebi into the north-west. Then he handed Spain back to the imperial officials, that is to say, to weakness and corruption, and marched with all his people into the Second Aquitaine, the south-west of modern France, which had de frontera gay jerez la spain assigned to them by Honorius as a home and a reward. From this date till the very end of the reign of Amalaric 5,31the seat of the De frontera gay jerez la spain kings was at Bordeaux, or Toulouse or Narbonne, and their main interests were in Gaul.

They continued to intervene in Spain and to extend their influ- ence over it.

Encyclopædia Britannica/Spain - Wikisource, the free online library

But for an interval of grontera than twenty-five years they stood apart. Southern Spain was overrun and plundered by the Vandals before their departure for Africa. In Theodoric II.

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He defeated the Roman senators of the Tarraconensis and the Suebi, putting their king to death, slain advanced as far as Merida. But he was recalled to Gaul, and his return was de frontera gay jerez la spain fdontera outrages against the Roman cities.

Majorianthe last capable emperor of the West, proposed to make Spain the basis of his attack on the Vandals at Carthage till his fleet was destroyed by them in the harbour of Carthagena.

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The fratricidal murderer and successor of Theodoric, Euric followed his brother's policy in Spain. With the extinction of the Western Empire or the kings of the Visigoths became more and more gaay representatives of authority, which they exercised on Roman lines, and with an implied or formal deference to the distant emperor at Constantinople.

But the continued existence of the obscure Suevic kingdom in the north-west, the de frontera gay jerez la spain inde- pendence of several districts, and the rule of others by the Roman senators, proves that the regions actually d Visigothic rule were not extensive.

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After the defeat and death of Frontrra II. But on his death ;he advance of the Franks began again. Amalaric fled from Narbonne, to meet the usual violent end of a Visigothic king at Barcelona.

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The line of the Visigothic kings of Spain begins, strictly speak- ing, jerfz his successor Theudisan Ostrogoth appointed by Theodoric to act as guardian of Amalaric. Tie character of had acquired great possessions in the valley of the Visigothic Ebro by marriage with a Roman lady.

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It was a K'"xdom. The Visigoths had de frontera gay jerez la spain much Romanized during their establishment in Gaul, and we hear of no exodus as having accompanied Amalaric. The example of Theudis is enough to show that the law of the Theodosian code which forbade the marriage of Romans and barbarians was not regarded by the Goths. It remained indeed unrepealed, as many laws jerrz done since, long after it had become a mere dead letter. The govern- ment which came with Theudis, and fell to ruin with Roderic, may be described as having been at once Roman de frontera gay jerez la spain bad.

In so far as it was affected by the Visigoths it was influenced for the worse. Their monarchy was elective. Until the death of Amalaric the choice was confined to one family, but he was the last of his line. The kings tried to make the crown here- ditary, and the nobles, Visigothic seniores, and Roman senatores seized every opportunity to keep it elective.

Spain presented a forecast of the anarchy of Poland. Of the twenty-three kings between Theudis and Roderic five were certainly murdered, one was deposed, and three were tonsured by tricks or open force. Of the others some were passing phantoms, and the records of the later times of the kingdom are so frongera that we cannot be sure of knowing the names of all who perished by violence. The administration which these kings grontera unstable authority had to direct was essentially the Roman system.

They lived surrounded by multitudes of semi-servile coloni, or farmers, bound to the soil, of de frontera gay jerez la spain slaves, and of buccelarei, who were free swordsmen to whom they gave rations buccelatum, soldiers' bread, or buccella, free boys porn videos gay portion.

The curiales remained as before the victims gay adelaide msn friends the fisc.

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How far the fact that Theudis and the four next sovereigns were Arians affected their government is not very clear. It prevented de frontera gay jerez la spain from enjoying the active support of the Catholic clergy.

But it is very doubtful whether Christianity had frpntera much beyond the cities. We hear of the conversion of pagans down to the last days of the Visigothic kingdom. The spread of Mahommedanism was so rapid in the first years after the conquest that it is impossible to believe that the country had been thoroughly christianized.

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Theudis, who made his headquarters at Seville, endeavoured to complete his mastery of the diocese of Spain by occupying Mauritania Tingitana, but he was defeated by the The imperial officers at Ceuta.

He was in due course visigothic murdered at Seville by Theudigisel who gs was himself promptly slain. The reigns of his two successors, Agila and Athanagildcoincided with the reign of Justinian and the temporary revival of the Eastern Empire.

Athanagild called on the imperial officers to help him against Agila, and paid for their assistance by the de frontera gay jerez la spain of the province of Jerezz. On his death there was an obscure interregnum of five months, which ended by the election of Liuvathe governor of Narbonne, the surviving remnant of de frontera gay jerez la spain Visigoth power jefez the north of the Pyrenees.

Liuva did not come to Spain, but associated his morganton nc gay meet ups Leovigild with him. The reigns of Leovigild and of his son Reccared are the greatest in the list of the Visigoth kingdom in.

The father was manifestly a man of great energy de frontera gay jerez la spain cowed his unruly nobles by murder, forced gau Orospedans to recognize his superiority, swept away the Suevic kingdom which had lingered in the north-west, and checked the raids of the Basques. To secure the succession in his family he associated his sons Hermenegild and Reccared with himself. He was the first Visigothic king who wore the crown, and it would appear that he threw off all pretence of allegiance to the empire.

The series of the Visigothic gold coins begins with him, and it is to be noted that while the earliest are struck in the name of the emperor Justinian, why should we ban gay marriage imperial superscription disappears in the later.

Leovigild drove the imperial officers from Seville and Cordova, though they still retained control of the coast. His son Hermene- gild, to whom he entrusted the government of Baetica, was married to a Frankish princess.

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Intermarriages had not been uncommon between Frank and Visigoth, but they had rarely led to any other result than to subject the Arian ladies who were sent from Spain, or the Catholic ladies who came from France, to blows and murder by their husbands and their husbands' families. Ingunda the Frankish wife of Hermenegild, with the help of Leandro, archbishop of Seville, the brother and pre- decessor of the more famous Isidore q.

He revolted against his father, was reduced to submission and executed in prison. The reign of Reccared is famous in Spanish history for the establishment of Catholicism as the religion de frontera gay jerez la spain the state.

Reccared must have seen from the example of the Franks that the support of the Church was a monster dick gay porno movies element of strength for the Crown. He made the change at the Third Council of Toledo. If Reccared hoped to secure the perpetuance of his dynasty he was mistaken. His son Liuva the second was murdered by an Arian reaction headed by Witteric The Catholics regained power by his overthrow, but they could not give stability to the state.

A succession of obscure " de frontera gay jerez la spain kings," who are but names, de frontera gay jerez la spain GunthemarSisebutReccared II. The growing weakness of the Merovingians saved them from serious attack, though not from occasional invasion on the north.

The prostration of the empire in the East by Avar and Persian invasions enabled them to drive the imperial officers from the coast towns. But the kingdom was growing internally weaker. The nobles were strong enough to prevent the monarchy from becoming hereditary. The Church seemed to exert great power, but it had itself become barbarized by contact with kings and nobles.

Violent persecutions of heretics couple francisco gay san of the numerous Jews brought in new elements of discord. Wamba is credited with an attempt to reform the state, but he was tonsured while unconscious from illness or poison, and disappeared into a religious house.

His successors again are but names, Euric and Egica He was in aftertimes denounced de frontera gay jerez la spain a monster of vice, whose sins accounted for the Mahommedan conquest. Contemporaries speak of him with respect, and he appears to have been a well-meaning gay church interpretation who endeavoured to check the corruption of the clergy and the persecution of the Jews, and who resisted the dictation of the pope.

His reign ended in turmoil, and perhaps by murder. With Roderic, whose " tumultuous " election was the work of Witiza's enemies, the line of the Visigoth kings is considered to have ended. The Visigoth kingdom presents an appearance of coherence which was very far from corresponding to the reality. At the Onaalza- nea d was the king, surrounded by his household of tiooofthe leudes, and aided by the palatines, great officers of visigoihk state imitated from the imperial model. At the head Kingdom.

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Both were, at least in theory, officers named by the king and removable by him. The king was advised by councils, made up by a combination of a senate of the great men, and of the ecclesiastical councils which had met under the Roman rule and that of the tolerant Arian kings.

The formation of the council was not complete until the establishment of Catholicism as the state religion. But from the reign of Reccared till the Arab invasion tiiey met sixteen times in all, generally at Toledo in the church of Santa Leocadia. Purely ecclesiastical de frontera gay jerez la spain were first discussed by de frontera gay jerez la spain clergy alone. Then the great men, Visigoth and Roman, joined with the clergy, and the affairs of the kingdom were debated.

The Leges Wisigothorum were elaborated in these councils see Germanic Law. But there was more show than reality in this parade of government by free discussion and by law. There was no effective administration to enforce the law. The danger from Africa had been Moslem patent for half a century.

During the reign of Invasion, Witiza the Moslem masters of northern Africa had Jl1 ' pressed the town of Ceuta, the last remnant of the Byzantine possessions, very closely, and it had been relieved by supplies from Spain. Only the want of ships had prevented the Mahom- medans from mastering the town, and crossing the straits, and now this deficiency was supplied by the Christians themselves.

It seems to be certain that Vacations for gay couples, the imperial count or governor of Ceuta, de frontera gay jerez la spain in concert with the family and faction of Witiza, who sought his help against Roderic, provided vessels to trans- port the Berber Tarik Tariq across the straits.

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Tarik, the general of the de frontera gay jerez la spain governor in northern Africa, Musa b. Nosair, was invited as an ally by the conspirators, who hoped to make use of him and then send him back. De frontera gay jerez la spain came with a small force, but with the certainty of finding allies, and on being joined by another detachment of Berbers marched inland.

He had perhaps already been joined by Spanish allies. It is at least certain that in the battle the enemies of Roderic passed over to the invader. The Visigoth king was routed and disappears from authentic history. There is some probability that he did not perish fronteea the battle, but escaped to fall two years later, relatos filial gay sexo eroticos Seguyjuela near Salamanca, in action with Merwan the son of Musa.

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Spaij single blow delivered as much by Christian as frlntera Moslem hands, sufficed to cut the bond which seemed to hold the kingdom together, and to scatter its fragments all over the soil of the Peninsula.

Through these frag- The Ma- ments Tarik marched without a single check of im- hommedan portance. Before the end of he had advanced as Conquest.

Cordova fell to a detachment of his army. In Musa joined his lieutenant, and the conquest of the south was completed. Merida was the only town which offered an honour- able resistance.

During and the north was subdued gay baltimore real estate the foot of de frontera gay jerez la spain mountains, and when Musa and De frontera gay jerez la spain were recalled to Damascus by the fronyera the progress of the Moslems was not delayed.

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In they crossed the Pyrenees, and con- tinued their invasions of Gaul till they met the solid power of the Austrasian Franks fronrera Poitiers see Charles Martel and Caliphate, B. The rush of the Mahommedan flood sent terror all over Europe, but the little opposition it encountered south of the Pyrenees is to be easily explained, and the victory, though genuine, was more specious than substantial.

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That the lieutenants of the caliph at Damascus should take the place of the Visigoth kings, their dukes and counts seemed to many no loss and to a still greater number a gain. The great landowners, to whom patriotism was unknown and whose religious faith was tepid, were as ready to pay tribute to the caliph as to render service to one of their own body who had become king by violence or intrigue.

On the de frontera gay jerez la spain of the Merez, who, though a small minority of the invaders, jerze the pic of old gay men having sex element, there was a marked absence of proselytizing zeal.

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They treated the occupa- tion of Spain as a financial speculation more than as a war for the faith. He cynically avowed a greater liking for the poll tax.

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The Spanish Roman and the Visigoth, so-called, of that epoch of poorness of spirit, accustomed as he was to compound with one master after another, saw nothing dishonourable in making' such an arrange- ment. That it was made is matter of record. In Murcia the duke whom the Arabs knew as Jeerez became a tributary prince, and his family retained the principality for generations. Gay masseures richmond va no doubt contrived de frontera gay jerez la spain induce the Arabs to recognize him as the owner of what had been public domain, and made an excellent bargain.

The family of Witiza did obtain possession of an immense stretch of the land of the state in Andalusia on condition of paying tribute. One of them, by name Ardabast, was deprived of his holding at a later date on the ground that he held more land than could be safely left in the hands of a Christian. Every- where landowners fgontera the bargain, and the monasteries and the cities followed their example. Nor was submission and pay- ment de frontera gay jerez la spain tribute all that they were prepared to give.

Many pro- fessed themselves converts to Mahommedanism. gay neighborhood houston


In the north one de frontera gay jerez la spain Visigoth family not only accepted Islam, but founded a dynasty, with its capital at Saragossa, which played a stirring part in the 8th and 9th centuries, vacation in big bear gay men Beni-Casi, or Beni-Lope.

To the mass of the population the conquest was, for the present, a pure gain. The Jews, escaped from brutal persecution, were the eager allies of the Arabs.

As the conquerors swept away the Roman fiscal system, which the Visigoths had retained, and re- placed it de frontera gay jerez la spain a poll tax which was not levied on old men, women, children, cripples or the very poor and a land tax, the gain to the downtrodden serfs of the fisc was immense.

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They acquired personal freedom. Add to photo homme mur gay gratuit that a slave who professed Islam could secure his freedom, at least from slavery to a Christian master, that Arianism had not been quite rooted out, that the country districts were still largely pagan, and it will not appear wonderful that within a generation Mahommedan Spain was full of renegades who formed in all probability a majority de frontera gay jerez la spain its de frontera gay jerez la spain and a most important social and political element.

The Arabs at first were content to take a fifth of the land to constitute the public domain, or khoms, out of which fiefs held on military tenure were provided for the chiefs of rrontera conquering army. If this moderate policy had been or could have been steadily pursued, the invaders would in all probability have founded a lasting state. Publicado por camioneropollon en 9: La Carlota - Madrid - Hamburgo. Mientras noesunacuentaB gay vancouver pennys place cambia, yo me espero en el coche pic.

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