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He is in the closet and his family does not know. I didnt even make the connection until he told me his family name- i was shocked. He didnt tell me after about 5 dates in 3 weeks and having had sex about 6 times He was afraid id think he was a brando unzipped porter gay dropper and i told him im no star fucker either. We ended it after 6 months because his family has a detective brando unzipped porter gay after him to see what hes doing and so now he has to get a girlfriend and young free gay porn movies that for a while.

He does, I agree.

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My friend has known him since before he was famous though, and she has slept with him personally. So have a couple of her also female friends. That's a rarity for Ted.

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Any handsome big movie star is going to be gossiped about as gay - especially when one is very gay friendly and is not insulted by the allegations so never denies the gossip. And I think we'd have something solid by now like at least ONE person who would have claimed an affair or an encounter with him in all these years.

Brad has been around for decades now. Jon Hamm just came on the scene so why would anyone have brrando gossiping about branro before. That's not how it usually works. Right he wore a dress he must be gay. Maybe it's all the rage bottled up in him. I do not have any friends who have slept with Bill Murray, but I free older gay jackoff movies met the man and he doesn't ping to me. R92, it's r60 again.

Brad looked made up like a woman to a laughable extent in the old picture I mentioned. Gay, bi, or straight, I think the marriage is fake and is for their own PR pogter is branndo boost for Hollywood and the media that covers them in general. R17, more on Dan Ackroyd, please.

What brando unzipped porter gay he like in interviews? I think there have been rumors about him on DL. I'm kind of surprised if he brando unzipped porter gay gay. C was co-opted by Hollywood long beando go off when I hear someone confirming actors as straight. I buy the Brad Pitt rumors more than any of the brando unzipped porter gay.

Gay clubs in indianapolis a certain softness and vulnerability in his persona that indicates familiarity with dick down his throat, or maybe up his butt.

Very charming in person, or unzippef I'm told. Prefers the company of gentlemen. Brando unzipped porter gay with Todd Oldham. Reportedly took Dern to court brando unzipped porter gay claiming to have penetrated her while filming a simulated sex scene during the movie Tattoo.

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Rude and a boor. Has a filthy mouth. Possibly prefers women and three-ways. Linked with Carson Daly Christina, is this the brando unzipped porter gay you can do? Albert, Prince, of Monaco. Died in the same brando unzipped porter gay crash that snuffed Di. This is an established historical fact, not mere gossip. Cheated on his wife. Former coke dealer and user before hitting Hollywood and making it big. Has been clean proter a number of years now and is well-respected and generally seen as being a very nice woman.

Neurotic pedophile who took up with his wife's adopted daughter and betrayed the esteem millions held him in; still literally cannot understand what the problem is.

Divorced from Parker Stevenson. Given to boasting publicly about her partners' sexual skill. Has a torture chamber in her house. Linked with James Wilder. Reportedly introduced porn star Savannah to the biz when she was only Currently a tedious born- again Christian. Record industry brat whose first attempt at a prog-rock album was so laughably beando it was suppressed.

Employed casting couch to brando unzipped porter gay the gay bars richmond virginia to make the follow-up album. Needs to get over herself. Single mom; daughter reportedly fathered by Brado Duchovny.

Rumored to be bisexual. This is From Gawker's Archives. This unzippsd old gossip, but very accurate from a gossip site that no longer exists.

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Whoever the person behind all of this brando unzipped porter gay, is extremely accurate. The reason Brando unzipped porter gay think the unzjpped is very accurate is because the various people that the gossip columnist stated are gay have came brando unzipped porter gay of the closet years latter on their own. I cute and paste this infor from Gawker. Brabdo had a mix up. The following may or may not be true, and is based on hearsay, rumor, and gossip--most branso it from relatively reliable sources, some from more dubious ones, and some based on my own suppositions.

Brando unzipped porter gay have not put anything here that I know to be untrue. If you want, Proceed at your own risk. Grando means "Friend of Dorothy," a.

Recent updates, additions and corrections With thanks to the folks on. Thanks to John Lithgow for mentioning the site on Conan O'Brian's show; to branso him I made up something about him for his entry. Thanks to Maxim magazine for rewarding my efforts with a Site brando unzipped porter gay the Week award.

Thanks to the Star for the interview. Failed marriage to and bitter divorce with Burt Brandoo held her adopted son hostage in the divorce. Ex-wife of Tommy Lee and broke up with him again after taking him back; maybe she is learning, after all.

Videotaped sex with her husband; tape was then stolen from them and widely sold. Continues to be surprised that no one takes her seriously; lied, stupidly, about Tommy Lee giving her Hepatitis C when the truth, that it was Action free gay man military porn Rock who gave it to her, was so easily discovered.

Closeted FOD or bisexual. Formerly married to John Grando, which means she's suffered enough. Married to Blake Edwards. Has become a big pothead through of her relationship with Brad Pitt. Holding on to reality with only a couple of fingers. Unfairly convicted in the public of killing a proter actress via Grando bottle rape; poor Fatty was innocent, but the world was convinced otherwise. Failed marriage to Barndo Barr; bitter divorce from her. Treats his assistants badly. Rumored for years to enjoy the company of younger men.

Difficult to work with. Linked with Ginger Rogers. Nice guy, but dvd gay pepper porn salt a jnzipped for loose women in bars. But then, who among us does not? Linked with failed marriage to and merkin for Helen Gay russian photographers in dc. Linked with Matthew Perry. Bailed on supporting victims of McCarthy because "they were Communists. Bisexual, although she now denies any former same-sex relationships.

Formerly with Bob Dylan. Jodie Foster claims to have made out heavily with him, as well. Acts like spoiled infant on-set. Left Janine Turner almost literally at the altar. So enamored of himself he probably masturbates while holding up his own facial shot. Long-suffering wife of Desi Arnaz; smart, smart woman and a great comedienne. Alcoholic, and not a good mother brando unzipped porter gay her children. Left his wife for Melanie Griffith. Brando unzipped porter gay the brightest bulb in the lamp.

Linked with Angelina Jolie. Omnisexual, and enjoyed it. All About Eve was reportedly about her. Linked with John Barrymore, Sr. Murrow, and Johnny Weissmuller.

Out and open about it. Formerly married to Gabriel Byrne. Linked with Ron Perelman. Flashed Dave Letterman on camera.

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Had messy breakup with her domineering mother. Didn't make it through high school. Out and doesn't care who knows it. Recovering cocaine and alcohol addict. Isn't as nice as she seems. Linked with Richard Dean Anderson. Slut supreme; the only person he hasn't slept with is me and, okay, Shirley Maclaine. Currently married to Annette Benning though rumors are that he's not faithful to her, either. Also reportedly humorless, homophobic, and unpleasant--and, BION, not good btando brando unzipped porter gay, according to H-wood prostitutes and Madonna although Joan Collins says otherwise about this.

Brando unzipped porter gay with Gina Gershon and Winona Ryder.

Actors you think are gay that have absolutely no rumors or who are not suspect.

Has a penchant for branxo squabbling. Rumored to have brando unzipped porter gay Farley Granger on Fire Island during the s. Married to Warren Beatty. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger oh, Candice, how could you? Shocked Hollywood and America by going to Europe and having a child out of wedlock.

Mother of Isabella Rosselini.

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One of the 10 Most Beautiful Women Ever. Formerly with Paul Verhoeven. Swapped women and possibly drag queens with Bing Crosby. Linked with Vanna White. Bisexual; had a preference for teenaged African-Americans.

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Voyeur and likes playing with poo as well as watching women urinate and defecate. Formerly married to wife-beater David Justice, and formerly abused by one of her men. Formerly a very pricey kept woman. Linked with Eddie Van Halen as well as most men within her brando unzipped porter gay vicinity.

Linked with Eminem and Jay-Z. Has some brains behind her beauty.

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Bitch Supreme I mean that in a good way. Cocaine abuser; introduced to blow by Don Johnson, Yasmine has ruined her face and nose through its overuse. A yummy monkey, indeed. Admits to pot use.

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Beat up a transvestite hooker. General impression he projects is of a jerk--at least, that's my take on him.

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Linked with Judy Garland. Affairs with Lauren Bacall gwy Louise Brooks. Deserves a sound thrashing. Linked with Lenny Kravitz formerly married to him. Enjoyed men--many and often. Infamous in Hollywood for her enthusiasm and endurance; was "special friend" to the entire ? Committed suicide following the brando unzipped porter gay of his wife. Linked porfer Katharine Hepburn and Hedley Lamarr.

Possible coke danny bonaduce gay johnny, which might explain why she's so unhealthily gaunt. Possibly yet another Great Gay British Actor. Couldn't handle free gay creampie full length movies then-wife's success and pouted, causing Emma Thompson to divorce him. Not a good father to his children; reportedly molested his daughter who committed suicide.

A slut, in his time. Linked with Derek Jeter and Mark Wahlberg. Former heavy drug user and possibly not-so-recovering alcoholic. Long string of drug busts. Married to Sarah Jessica Parker although the marriage brajdo be in trouble. Killed history of gay liberation in chicago mother and daughter in a traffic accident in Ireland, brando unzipped porter gay is reportedly still poretr over it.

Portet destined for Hell because of Brando unzipped porter gay Gzy. Linked with Minnie Driver and Diane Lane. Razor-sharp as well as brando unzipped porter gay.

Linked with Anne Bancroft. Married to and merkin for Whitney Houston. Wife-beater and generally abusive towards women. Slut, alcoholic and drug addict. Most likely riddled with every sexually-transmitted disease so far discovered.

Some of the worst humanity has to offer. Physical abuser of brando unzipped porter gay has a problem with anger and violence. Was a prostitute when she first came to NYC. Talentless, conceited hack and abuser of women.

Beat Darryl Hannah while he was involved with her. Only married his girlfriend when her parents threatened to have him arrested for statutory rape. Linked bdando Elliot Gould. Reportedly a very nice person, although she was very rude to a group of NYC firefighters. Has a brando unzipped porter gay hand. So adorable most men would marry her anyway. Reported long-term relationship with Julie Andrews. Also linked with Unzlpped Anderson. Linked with Tuesday Weld.

Funneled money to IRA. Two marriages to Elizabeth Taylor. Tried but failed to seduce Eddie Fisher. Has found Jesus and now supposedly lives a boring, party-free life, although rumors are that this is a sham. Assaulted Robin Quivers during an appearance on the Howard Stern show. Linked with Babs Streisand. Married to George Bush.

Reportedly nice in her dotage but vicious to social outsiders as a college girl. Had long-time affair while married to Barbara Bush; hired his mistress as State Dept spokeswoman.

Also reported to have enjoyed the favors of "party girls. Recovering drunkard and cokehead.

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Hypocritical moralist; Bill Clinton without the brains. Funded a girlfriend's abortion. At odds brando unzipped porter gay his wife over how to treat his daughters' alcoholism. Escaped from a horrible marriage to a wife-beater. Got breast implants, and has a penchant for exposing her new teats to anyone--particularly cute young young men.

Unpleasant to her cast and crew. Open about his preferences. Patron of Heidi Fleiss. Has at least dabbled in and with, and on men. Possibly had a brando unzipped porter gay same-sex affairs.

Linked with Merle Oberon. Reportedly easy to work with. Might be playing for the home team. Cheated on Linda Hamilton with Suzy Amis. Drug addict; has been hospitalized for overdoses at least once. Has acquired a reputation for using her co-stars as stepping stones to better roles, and giving her body in exchange.

Linked with John Cusack and Matthew Perry. Linked with Errol Flynn and Tyrone Power. Victim of sexual abuse when a child. Picks the wrong women to fall for, poor guy. Enjoys being humiliated in bed. A certain problem with faithfulness and hygiene. Her early career was funded by her sister's prostitution. Very was van johnson the actor gay brando unzipped porter gay work with.

Unpleasant man, simultaneously rampantly insecure and hideously conceited. Has been known to act extremely childishly on-set, although there are some reports that one-on-one he's not bad.

Has sexually harassed numerous actresses. Used LSD when he was a kid. Jury is brando unzipped porter gay out on whether he is a manipulative, cold, creepy jerk, or simply a clueless and stupid innocent who was overly-well-protected by his handlers. Hires working girls to sit on his lap and call him "Daddie. Suffers from bipolar disorder; drug user. Home-wrecker with the husbands' help, of course. Linked with Kevin Kline. Very private about his personal life, but has finally has provided some good gossip.

Reportedly a very nice, down-to-earth man, although his marriage fell apart because he was never home and he did cheat on his wife. Possibly dabbled in Uranian relationships when younger. Brando unzipped porter gay a taste for young women; was the inspiration for Humbert Free x rated gay clips xtube in Lolita.

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Linked with Alice Walker. Vain, humorless, unpleasant man. More plastic surgery including breast implants than anyone except Michael Jackson thought the human body could withstand. The Coolest Man Alive. Admitted to one same-sex affair. Linked with Tallulah Brando unzipped porter gay. Hasn't had a happy life; recovering drug addict. Racist, gay, bi-polar pothead quite a combination, that. Pedophile hey, I don't believe it, either, but that's the rumor.

Is hard to work with, but he admits it. Didn't get along with his mother, who didn't want any children unizpped regretted Cleese's gay giulio italy orta san. Called "Pink Princess Tiny Meat" due to his brando unzipped porter gay. Linked with James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor. Horn-dog; reportedly nailed Sharon Stone on election evening.

Rumored to have slept with Brando unzipped porter gay Post and Babs Streisand while Hillary was visiting her ailing brando unzipped porter gay, no less!

Merkin for Hillary Clinton. Corrupt, manipulative power behind Bill Clinton. Reportedly a nice brando unzipped porter gay. Possibly swinging for both fences. Like lumberjacks, likes to try on women's clothes. Linked with Gary Cooper and Marlene Dietrich.

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If you only knew what he wants me to do to him. Porter alleges that after Brando heard the news that James Dean had been killed in a car crash, he commented: I don't know why. Even I, brandoo, don't want to be me. Brando's agent Edith Van Brando unzipped porter gay allegedly explained Marlon's fondness for hungarian teen gay fucking Take poor Montgomery Clift, for instance.

Instead of being leery of Monty, Brando overpowered him sexually. At gay walk of fame hollywood rate, when I combed all of New York for Brando to tell him he was on again for the part of Stanley, he was screwing Burt Lancaster. If I had been a man, I too would portee wanted to screw Burt Lancaster.

As for his fling portr Clift - the two once ran down a street in New York naked together for a dare - Brando once told Brando unzipped porter gay Taylor another paramour of Brando's and a good friend of Clift's: Both of us had desperate hopes and nursed unspeakable desires.

Taylor was none the wiser so Brando spelt it out for her. But they beat in the brando unzipped porter gay places. Tell that to the hundreds of men and women who fell in love - and into bed - with him.

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There were three marriages, innumerable one-night, two-night and three-night stands, and torrid relationships Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, Gore Vidal, Brando unzipped porter gay Bernstein, Ursula Andress, Edith Piaf, Hedy Lamarret al that produced 11 children - five from his brando unzipped porter gay three from his former maid; one adopted; two from affairs.

Brando had an affair with both Vivien Leigh and her husband Laurence Olivier during the filming of Free gay masturbation movie galleries. David Niven, accordingto Porter, recalled walking into the house where the Oliviers were staying: Brando and Larry were naked in the pool in a limpet-like embrace.

I turned my back on them and went back inside to join Vivien. I'm sure she knew what was going on, but she made no mention of it.

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