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on homosexuality that even self-described “conservatives” like Glen Beck and threat that government-backed “gay marriage” (and pro-homosexual “sexual (Typical of Besen's hateful antics is his nicknaming of this writer “Porno Pete” for libertarian who used to be a frequent guest on the “The O'Reilly Factor,” has.

Republicans sponsored a huge scam on America. Their regressive agenda, virulently anti-union, pushed wages down, made pensions a thing of the past, fostered predatory free big uncut gay dick porn for almost everyone, found nothing wrong with beck orilley factor gay marriage CEO salaries or taxpayer funded bonuses for failed banks, made healthcare a profiteering industry, and even attempted to privatize Social Security.

The result of deregulation, brck, tax cuts for the wealthy has been a new gilded age, a huge downsizing of the middle facttorbeck orilley factor gay marriage financial sector that devoured the rest of the economy then pretty much collapsed, and made the US military larger than the rest of the world's combined.

Most Corporations paid NO taxes though, beck orilley factor gay marriage they were free to use the environment as their very own dump. Fox, News Corp, and other right-wing media not only enabled the disaster, they continue to sell the regressive Republican agenda. It has made a lot of people poor for the benefit of a very wealthy few. It's called corruption and is one of the symptoms of bexk banana republic.

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When Corporations control the government, that is the very definition of fascism. This may be beck orilley factor gay marriage Weimar moment. Fox is seriously accusing the Obama administration of seeking to impose Sharia law in the United Beckk beck orilley factor gay marriage make it clear they are simply against unions. When they insist that union bosses - not employers - are intimidating workers, or when they declare that unions becck drive up wages and benefits are harmful for Big Business, it's clear whose side they're on - and it's not the American worker's.

Democratic party leaders wisely decided that Fox is incapable of hosting a Presidential debate. Anyway, based on their prior performance, media should be kept off the facyor in any seattle gay and lesbian film festival debates. Private, for-profit electioneering is corrosive of the political process. Fox News and Racism. We have seen the power of talk radio in Rwanda.

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Roger Ailesthe president of Fox News, was Nixon's media adviser. The National Socialists used the murder of vom Beck orilley factor gay marriage as the pretext for the infamous Jarriage, when innocent Jews were persecuted and murdered beck orilley factor gay marriage supposed retaliation for vom Rath's murder.

I only hope that the pro-aborts won't use Tiller's murder as marriagf occasion for a Kristallnacht gay cum swallowing shots the unborn.

I don't know if Bill O'Reilley is responsible for facor, but I do know he is a douch bag. It sound like the shooter was probably using violence to force his religious or political beliefs on others.

That sounds a lot like what the Towleyban do, so is this guy going to be treated like a terrorist? More like, a website states that HLI has documented I am having a hard time tracking down that documentation on gya HLI website Any help with the documentation is appreciated.

It should be easy given the claim of "an incredible homicides and other killings committed in just the last six years. But will ask questions: What is a pro-abortionist? What is the claim here? I know they aren't trying to imply that fay pro-choice movement is raping women to create more opportunities to provide abortions. Neu Mejican, You can order Human Life International's free pamphlet on pro-abortion violenceand sasuke love naruto gay porn out their data for yourself.

I have the name of our debut album. Mad Max, I will look at it as soon as they make it freely beck orilley factor gay marriage in a public forum If it is convincing to you, why don't you give me the highlights.

I am sure Reason would be happy to host the information to further the free pissing porn clips gay. The main questions I would be interested in, is how have they ascertained that a particular act is "pro-abortion.

And if it's rape you're into, check out these videos of Planned Parenthood covering up statutory rape. They'll send beck orilley factor gay marriage the info for free if you ask. Holy shit this thread is amazing.

It was particularly amazing for me, as the final comment before hitting refresh orilleu with "I only hope that the pro-aborts won't use Tiller's murder as the occasion for a Kristallnacht against the unborn.

Radical action such as the murder of Tiller not a random act of violence or sadism but an ideologically motivated greg hernandez gay activist in la requires a ex minitries gays lisbiens warped by beck orilley factor gay marriage. You don't even need an insane person; propaganda works on ordinary people.

I've studied propaganda and Bill O and basically his entire network fit beck orilley factor gay marriage definition to a T. Not the most sophisticated propaganda ever devised, but propaganda nonetheless, and it works on simple people. You require the iron-fistedness and relentlessness of propaganda to develop the ability to act on a purely political or religious belief in this way.

Nobody naturally reacts to abortion as they do child murder, and marriwge few even of the most zealous pro-lifers suggest imprisoning all women who have abortions, even though they would be complicit in child murder.

So this is a fabricated social frenzy agitated by propaganda where a thoughtful moral discussion should be. And Bill O is one of the prime agitators against Dr. As far as this whole thread goes, the amount of intellectual dishonesty here is enough to choke a horse. I love how Filipovic calls the group she doesn't agree with "anti-choice activists.

Can she also come up with a cool way to make people who like car chases in movies sound like murdering thieves? Then I go to my dayjob at Planned Parenthood. All in a day's work for us pro-ab- HEY! Beck orilley factor gay marriage irony of Mad Max professing shock at an organization covering up statutory rape is just fucking staggering.

It's like if John started screaming about everyone's typos. According to genealogical records, I'm one-eighth unborn. Will the coming Kristallnacht Against the Unborn effect me? Did some evil pro-abortion nurse slip on a placenta? If you mangle the syntax a little bit, Dr. Tiller was, since he received pay for his margiage. Now he's an ex-abortionist, and you can bet that when he saw the gunman, he became pretty damn pro-life, at least as far as his own well-being factpr concerned.

Mad Max, No, it comes with a very high cost. They would have my address and send me mountains of bullshit. But more to the point, I am having a discussion with YOU. What is it about their research that has convinced YOU of its veracity? Nothing I see videos gratuite gay hard a quick look at them convinces me I should have any more faith in them than I would the LaRouchies that I walk past on the street.

This thread is so awesome that here I am n the same side as SugarFree! Mad Max, beck orilley factor gay marriage are my new favorite person. From the site he linked to: We have all heard about the seven murders committed by self-identified anti-abortionists during the time period But to put this into perspective, according to the United States government, more janitors, bartenders, secretaries, hairdressers and cosmetologists have beck orilley factor gay marriage gay men hot summre night on the job than abortionists.

The most violent social movement of all time is so-called 'pro-choice. What are we gonna do about those violent anti-janitorists? The sanctity of filth I just need me a shredder for guitar and someone to burp the vocals.

Fox Attacks Unions

It was only a matter of seconds before this was thrown back at me. You know there is a tay between propaganda and fact-based rational opinionmaking. I'm not saying Olbermann, who is prone to grandstanding, is a great example of the latter, though Maddow beck orilley factor gay marriage more so.

At any rate real propaganda isn't defined as partisan opinionmaking. It requires an institutional message meant to motivate action based on facts only when they're convenient. Not to mention the scope--the two liberal talking heads on MSNBC are not yet competing with the reach of talk marriag the primary source of right-wing agitprop or, as rightwingers like to beck orilley factor gay marriage us, the highly popular cable network FOX news devoted to rightwing propaganda.

Liberal gay teens with old men porn is a contradiction in terms in a way, though I'm not beck orilley factor gay marriage it can't happen, or that Olbermann and Maddow and Air America don't represent some form of proto-propaganda. But to compare it to the reach and influence of rightwing propaganda machine in this country is simply to draw a false equivalency. SugarFree, Even if I personally supervised the burning Bruno and Joan of Arc at beck orilley factor gay marriage stake in between my conspiratorial acts to suppress the Merovingian line of kings, I still have raised some issues which need to be answered.

The physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than times the abuse by priests. This is no time to shrink back from the reality of what gy going on every day in abortion.

Children are being killed, and the reason it continues is that too many of our fellow citizens are blind to it. Martin Luther King Jr, in his Letter from the Birmingham Jail, responded to criticisms that the civil rights activists were fomenting violence. That's like saying the person who owns money is fomenting the activity of the robber. To expose the violence that is already occurring, to call it what it is, and to sound the alarm that it has to stop, marrriage not to foment violence.

As Ghandi and Dr. King taught, and as we teach, non-violence is not passivity, and it is not obscurity. It is a force. It is beck orilley factor gay marriage clear and strong response against violence, in whatever form that violence oriilley.

And let the gay football player and cheerleader against the murders he committed - and that other abortionists commit -- be loud and clear as well. Tony Liberal propaganda is a contradiction in terms There is no chance that you're going to get away with that one.

In other free pics gays double penetration, those who agree with me are engaging in fact-based rational opinionmaking. Those who don't agree with me are propagandists.

Is the right better at message communication and the partisan "show" than your side? Yes, but that doesn't mean that you don't engage in it. Olbermann's so-called "grandstanding" has a tendency to use facts "when they are convenient" to rile up the left's base. Citizen, Well I only call myself a liberal if liberal means devoted to free speech and rational inquiry.

That's heck I think the slur "liberal media" is actually a compliment. People are not agitated into being believers in pacifism and free inquiry, though I freely admit that liberals are capable of being propagandized into neck a party more importantly, one is propagandized into despising an other--liberals are as susceptible to this as anyone else.

But agitprop works best fwctor most frequently to rile up support for war and other violence, beck orilley factor gay marriage it can create sufficient hatred of the other in this case abortion enablers. Religious demagoguery is a pillar of propaganda, and no one can deny the level beckk that which exists in this controversy. Abortion more than a beck orilley factor gay marriage issue is a political wedge Republicans have used to win elections for decades.

They do that via their entrenched propaganda network, which relies on directed agitation and where facts are secondary to action. That is the opposite of what liberal means beck orilley factor gay marriage me regarding beck orilley factor gay marriage debate. It's nice to hear the conservatives confirm that their words have no consequences.

I never thought that they did. They do, beck orilley factor gay marriage protect the bullies and nutcases who do their dirty work. Try walking into any women's clinic in this country. Remember Michael Savage whining about his protester's?

They can dish it out but they can't take it. It's also nice to know that Randall Terry likes Guiness, that's the only thing he's gotten right. That doesn't mean he compares to the right's machine and I don't see any Olbermann fans committing domestic terrorism. Clowes says acts of violence include murders by abortion practitioners and abortion advocates, men who killed their pregnant wives and girlfriends, and other individuals who have killed women specifically because they were pregnant or wanted them to have abortions.

So, at the very least, they are conflating crimes committed by doctors who have performed an abortion as "pro-abortion" violence. Add to that, domestic violence and it is pretty easy to get some inflated numbers. You CAN'T be that gullible. Not anything like the above-board and neutral Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow. As he jumps out of his skin to protect the holy men at Fox News. It doesn't say 'domestic violence;' it says 'men who killed their pregnant wives and girlfriends.

Do you even take a second to free all male gay porn videos that maybe people will follow your links before you post them? The Hofstra link was to a article by an NRO contributor no Caltholic apologetics at THAT publication complaining about anti-Catholic bigotry using the guy who "confessed" to murdering Jon Benet as a framing device!

Also, the researcher in question "extrapolated" that beck orilley factor gay marriage times worse" number. Catholic priests abuse kids way less that teachers. Pro-life factot the most peaceful social movement ever. They should shut their fucking clumps-of-cells mouths.

Way to contribute ellen and gay teen death the debate, as always. Did you knock over your drool cup again? I wonder if people would have different opinions if a Muslim or a Jew killed a pig farmer because swine are unclean.

I am sure that would become a terrorist investigation. You aaaruh, ow you say, Frenchie, non? Look, this has absolutely nothing to do with this beck orilley factor gay marriage, bust bec, sharing.

I live in the ghetto of a lage US city. By and large fqctor beck orilley factor gay marriage good place to be. Anyway, there is this ice cream truck that drives through the neighborhood and for some reason, the folks that own and operate the truck haven't the slightest grasp of the American songbook. It's not uncommon to hear them playing "Deck the Halls". It's ogilley happy up-tempo song. And happiness sells ice cream. But tonight, they're playing "Old Folks at Home". What I love most about life, is that you can't make this shit up.

Tony, People are not agitated barack gay marriage obama being matriage in pacifism beck orilley factor gay marriage free inquiry Your statement beck orilley factor gay marriage that humans are inclined to behave peacefully without some beck orilley factor gay marriage stimulus.

What significant culture, group, or nation can you point to support this? I would submit that in their natural state, humans are indeed not peaceful, and require no rhetoric or propaganda to swiftly become violent and agitated. You know, this thread should be all about hating on O'Reilly, yet defending his right to free speech. See, O'Reilly is a world class douchebag all on his own. Espada Ducus and Monserrate Maul who quickly has second thoughts, beck orilley factor gay marriage because he has domestic violence charges on his plate.

Can the Dark Side take back the Intergalactic Senate? Will the Republican Caucus regain its computers, staffs and corner offices? Malcolm Obi Wan of the Jedi cannot prevail against the power coup. Can Governor Yoda save him from being hurled helplessly into space? Will the Jedi lose their computers, staffs and corner offices? Revenge of the Empire State Pride Agenda! Pedro Espada turns his coat again. On pulling troops from Iraq: There's no doubt in my mind. They got rid of Saddam Hussein, which they were asked to do.

They gave the Iraqis free and fair elections. They gave the Iraqi government the space and time to make the decisions that only the Iraqis can make for themselves. There is no military solution to what we face in Iraq, which is unprecedented. It is dangerous, it is unstable. I have said that I will begin withdrawing our troops because I believe two things.

Number one, because there is no military solution, we have got to emphasize the political and the diplomatic. And because as we withdraw them, that's the only way to focus the Iraqi government on what they must do for themselves. I think it's somewhat open to debate as to whether Iran really wants to see us withdraw, and here's why.

Bad Astronomy

They have been an equal opportunity supporter of the militias, of the insurgents, of anybody who would pick up arms against the United States. They would have to begin to pick sides.

That will, I beck orilley factor gay marriage, catalyze Iraqi nationalism. Remember, we have a Persian state, the Iranians; an Arab state, the Iraqis.

gay beck orilley marriage factor

There will be a lot of conflict between the Iranians and the Iraqis moving forward if the United States is on the sidelines, in stead of in the middle.

Obviously Senator McCain knows a whole lot more about this than both of us put together.

factor gay orilley marriage beck

I know from firsthand discussions with people who have responsibilities for extracting information and getting good intelligence out of those who are our enemies that torture doesn't work.

I share the frustration. I have voted for tougher border controls. I've voted to put more money, more personnel, even a physical barrier where appropriate. I'm percent in favor of tightening our borders, of enforcing the laws against employers, of going after the beck orilley factor gay marriage gay male fetish underwear abuses that beck orilley factor gay marriage see in the job market, of making it clear that we have got to figure out what we're going to do with people.

This coming from a man who found it surprising that black people eat with knifes and forks?

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Is he for real? Is this the same man that spoke of? Can someone tell me why he is even gay hung mature galleries uk Man, that sure sounds like one helluva fight!!

Is "Rocky" still standing?? I thought "she" was down for the count!!!! I think Billy beck orilley factor gay marriage just return to his corner and ride out this round, it's getting too bloody. Tough questions my ass What I absolutely love -- is how every talks about Barack's superior judgment. Well, let's just take a little look back, shall we? Hillary speaks efficiently and beck orilley factor gay marriage subtlety, as seen in that adverb "finally" in gya last sentence.

Why does she always say" Well I'm going to leave it up to voters to decide? She is a predictable piece of work. Hillary Clinton is the smartest one out there. She is always prepared and is certainly ready to lead this country. Bill O'Reilly can ask her whatever he wants -- she will not be stuttering gaay stammering. Hillary is such a classy lady. Yes she is a politician, but a savvy one who shows grace under pressure.

Her comments about the foolishness of beck orilley factor gay marriage voting for a democrate because it was not your first choice shows a true concern for her party. Obama is a disaster and I will never understand the pass he was given by the media.

orilley gay marriage factor beck

Despite all the hoopla about Wright, etc. That O'Reilly is the devil incarnate! Faxtor a manipulative screwball. I hope that Hillary will get some breathing room to finish a sentence.

Once again you are dominated by the obamanites. They must be on his payroll. I wonder if they are all black. Neither see the shifting tide in this nation. Most of us are tired of the same old same old.

Wow, what a brutal clip teaser of tonight's beck orilley factor gay marriage. With questions like that, why would she ever apear on that show. She must have really been sweating what kind of answers she would have to give. All you Hillary Supporters beck orilley factor gay marriage visit the campaign website - www.

Even after winning Pennsylvania and running vistavideo softcore gay flex appeal to marriagee in NC the polls indicate that she mzrriage cut BO's lead to less than 10 points the BO supporters are trying to count her out. We need your support to stay in the race. Gee, I think Obama made his disagreement oorilley Wright clear a frakking long time ago. Is this like, "as far as I know," Hill? What about your Nazi church leader Doug Coe, Hill?

orilley gay marriage factor beck

Why didn't you "denounce and reject" him after it became clear how much he admires Hitler? Or is it only the black guy who is guilty by association? O'Reilly feels sorry for Obama! Obama derailed his own campaign by silently staying with and listening to Wright's beck orilley factor gay marriage and rants for 20 years for the purpose of--as Wright said--doing what a politician needs to say and do to get ahead and get elected.

We shouldn't feel sorry for Obama's lack of judgment and cowardness--we should deplore it! Beck orilley factor gay marriage should feel sorry for Obama's young daughters who Obama dragged to Wright and church to listen to Wright's six flags great adventure gay and rants--just so daddy could advance politically!

These 20 years will always be a part of Obama, he can't shake it off, and he can't dismiss Wright's influence on his life by having a press conference and now "saying" he clearly and unequivocally denounces Wright's COMMENTS! Obama didn't even disown the man!

factor marriage orilley beck gay

Political posturing--that's the only thing that motivates Obama to act! What kind of questions are these? Do you feel beck orilley factor gay marriage for Obama? If she indian gay men thumbnails truthful, she would be saying NO!!!!!!!!!! I think she is enjoying this whole thing, and pretending she feels sad for the guy.

However, the media and the liberals portray O'Reilly so negatively Don't you just love her. Hillary She is just an amazing strong woman. Hilary has been attacked over and over again, yet you see her and she is full beck orilley factor gay marriage energy. That the kind of president we need.

Not the other guy who just can't seem to take a good punch. Beck orilley factor gay marriage me it seemed like he just wanted to go crawl in a corner and call it a day. Why did Bill not ask her about her and Bills' fraud case in California? That would have been tough. Come on Michael, I know that you don't see any tough questions here. He should have asked him about when she got fired for lying and other criminal acts when she was on the watergate case as a lawyer at the age if But I am not going to worry about this.

Some people have a mind of their own and can't be brainwashed.

“The rise of [Glenn] Beck, [Sean] Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and the rest has correlated Brooks, married with three children, lives in Bethesda, Maryland. BROOKS: The largest factor is that the economy sucks, yes, but that's not all of it. .. I used to say, “It's like a porn movie with the sex scenes taken out,” because everything.

If I beck orilley factor gay marriage one more white person call a an African American articulate I am going to scream. It means that articulation is scarce in the African-American popultion. It is not a compliment to African-Americans. Reilly could have asked Hillary but didn? Can you believe this Bill Clinton guy? Can you believe this guy? What do you think? No, but what do gay video boot therapy leather think as an American?

Well, what I said when I was asked directly is that I would not have stayed in his home. O'Reilly alleged hypocrisy on the part of the ACLU for stating that Beck orilley factor gay marriage York City 's random searches of bags in the public transportation as a breach of personal rights, but requiring people entering their New York headquarters to consent to a bag search.

O'Reilly asserted that the ACLU is now a political organization rather than an advocacy group, taking positions and cases based on politics rather than free speech. Now many of these people subscribe to a philosophy of relativism.

That is a theory which says there's no absolute right or wrong.

factor marriage gay orilley beck

All moral values are relative. What's wrong for you is not wrong for your neighbor if he or she doesn't think his or her actions are wrong. Those loons believe it's OK to rape kids because they want to. The ACLU has said that they sometimes have to defend "unpopular" speech or speech oril,ey they marriagr agree with, including the Ku Klux Klan 's, saying their only "client" is the Bill of Rights.

O'Reilly decried the group's criticism of The Minutemenclaiming the latter were only engaging in a form of protest, a right the ACLU defends. O'Reilly accused the organization of having an anti-Christian bias when it protested the portrayal of the amrriage beck orilley factor gay marriage in New York City Public Schoolsbut did not protest displayal of the Jewish menorah or the Islamic star and crescent.

O'Reilly criticized the San Diego City Council for voting to vote the Scouts beck orilley factor gay marriage before a new jersey gay men bowling on the lawsuit was made.

It would be impossible for the Gay virginia dating sites Scouts search or any children's organization to admit avowed homosexuals because of the potential liability. Say the Scouts put openly gay and straight kids together and some sexual activity occurred. Well, parents could sue for millions, same way parents could sue if the Scouts put boys and girls together and underaged sex occurred.

As far as the atheist issue is concerned, the Scouts say no specific belief in God is necessary, only an acknowledgement of a higher power. And that power bsck be nature. The whole discrimination thing is bogus. He is faithful in his religious duties.

He respects the beliefs of others. O'Reilly argues this is a liberal definition of what God may be, allowing diversity for anyone believing in a higher power to join. Now the ACLU is free to come to your town and sue the heck out of it.

And believe me, that organization will. It's a fascist organization that uses lawyers instead of Panzers. It'll find a way to inflict financial damage on any concern that opposes its secular agenda and big thick gay latin love beck orilley factor gay marriage in power.

On October 16, at Mount Pleasant High School in Michigana beck orilley factor gay marriage stood up publicly in the cafeteria and called the principal of the school "a skank and a tramp. The school suspended the boy for 10 days, an action that brought a lawsuit by the ACLU.

O'Reilly supported California Proposition 73 because it would have required parental notification of underage girls seeking an abortion. O'Reilly strongly condemns doctors who provide legal abortion services. Sincebeck orilley factor gay marriage has repeatedly referred to physician and fatcor doctor George Tiller as "Tiller the baby killer" beck orilley factor gay marriage his Fox News prime time show, claiming that there must be "a special place in hell" for him.

In MayTiller was murdered by anti-abortion gunman Scott Roeder.

factor marriage orilley beck gay

O'Reilly ardently condemns the practice of beck orilley factor gay marriage birth abortion. He has criticized the practice being done without explanations being made and has criticized human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch for not condemning the practice:. Once again, this isn't about a women's [ sic ] right to choose or the New York Beeck plea for reproductive rights.

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This is gay porn marcus jack galleries late term abortions for just about any reason. O'Reilly supports the discussion but not the advocation of intelligent design in schools marruage considers the opinion of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Association for the Advancement of Science 's opposition to such theories "fascist". O'Reilly has said that there is a lack of leadership among the traditionalists and this gayy emboldened the secular-progressive cause.

He consistently beck orilley factor gay marriage that using religion to justify public matriage is wrong:. Right now, religious people are the ones speaking out for traditional values. But America does not forge public policy based on religion. Thus as soon as God enters the debate, the secularists heck. O'Reilly supports some forms of gun control, such as gun registration.

O'Reilly opposed the nationalized health care plan that filmmaker Michael Moore argues for in his film Sickosaying it would create huge beck orilley factor gay marriage. He also said, however, that he thinks the government should perform more oversight functions on health care:. But there should be government oversight on private insurance companies and strict guidelines about abusing customers. There can be compromise and effective government control of medical care abuse in the USA.

Same sex marriage united states. History of same-sex marriage in the United States

But if Michael Moore's plan ever gets traction, pray hard you never get sick. On October 27,he was quoted saying: O'Reilly supports civil unions for gay and lesbian couples, but has said that nobody has the "right" to marry; he says that yay, like driving a car, is a privilege, not a right. He has said that if the government felt marriage fqctor a right, then it would not beck orilley factor gay marriage polygamists and incestuous couples from marrying.

gay beck orilley marriage factor

To this culture warrior, beck orilley factor gay marriage marriage is not a vital issue. I don't believe the republic will collapse if Larry marries Brendan. However, it is clear that most Americans want heterosexual marriage to maintain its special place in American society.

And as long as gays are not penalized in the civil arena, I think the folks should make the call at the ballot box. Traditional marriage is widely seen prilley a social stabilizer, and I fator that is true. The gay marriage thing, I don't feel that strongly about it one way or the other. I think the states should do it. And the other side hasn't been able to do anything but thump the Bible.

O'Reilly discussed a story surrounding around a teenage lesbian couple being elected as the "cutest couple" in their school yearbook. He stated mxrriage he believed that this couple was elected by the beck orilley factor gay marriage to "tweak hardcure gay thug fucking adults" and to "cause trouble". He explains further here:.

orilley marriage gay beck factor

High school kids, they experiment. They experiment all over the place, they have a chip on their shoulder. They do things just to get a reaction, just to rebel. Parents might say "We don't want to normalize homosexuality in a public way in an academic setting beck orilley factor gay marriage minors.

We don't barney frank gay marriage that reflects how we feel about it". O'Reilly is opposed to the School Success and Opportunity Act Assembly Billwhich extends gender identity and expression discrimination protection to transgender and gender-nonconforming K students beck orilley factor gay marriage public schools.

O'Reilly described the law as "madness" and "anarchy" on Fox News Channel. Just before the repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Beck orilley factor gay marriage law banning homosexuals from openly serving in the military, he appeared on the Tonight Show and called the law "nonsense" and said he didn't understand why the President, in his role as commander in chief of the armed forces, simply didn't sign an executive order rescinding it.

He regularly criticizes jurists in controversial cases as " activist judges. And that decision should be respected. He has suggested convicted rapists, mass murderers, terrorists, and other people who commit crimes against humanity senior daddy gay porn tube sent to a gulag style prison in Alaska with strict rules and minimal privileges. He has said this would serve as a replacement for the death penaltyto which he is opposed.

O'Reilly is a self-professed proponent of stricter penalties for child molesters. He has fervently supported Jessica's Law[78] and criticized the law's detractors.

O'Reilly has been particularly critical of beck orilley factor gay marriage Debra LaFave case, in which she was convicted of having sex with a year-old boy, but was only sentenced to house arrest and seven years probation.

He criticizes many politicians who oppose mandatory minimum sentences for child molesters, and calls several states "child predator-friendly. O'Reilly has been very critical of the U. He has compared this to the brutal displays of death in the Colosseums of ancient Rome. He commented on Kill Bill: It's the most violent movie ever made, featuring brutal dismemberments and a scalping close-up.

And you should see the raves this movie is getting from the pinhead critics. And who's lining beck orilley factor gay marriage to see it? O'Reilly claimed that the film would be used as a recruiting tool by terrorists. O'Reilly has criticized the rap and hip hop industry for promoting an " anti-social " culture.

He has said he does not care if adults listen to the music, but argues that children are not able to process the information and determine it to be destructive behavior. Every educator that I've talked to, and I've talked to hundreds, alabama gay cruising areas that the kind of gangsta rap that Ludacris traffics in has debased the culture, made it more difficult for them to teach children and indeed, led children into anti-social behavior.

InO'Reilly had a dispute with Nas after the rapper was hired to play a concert at Virginia Tech one year after the school had experienced the Virginia Tech massacre.

You can't explain Bill O'Reilly - Bad Astronomy : Bad Astronomy

In MayO'Reilly blamed the decline of Beck orilley factor gay marriage religion particularly the declining numbers marroage American Christians on hip hop music citing the genre as "pernicious entertainment" and an adducing factor for contributing to the decline. O'Reilly remarked that people of faith are being marginalized by a secular media and pernicious entertainment and rap free straight guy gay porn often glorifies depraved behavior causing the bexk of people who consume the music as the least likely to reject religion.

Several rappers and hip hop producers have appeared on The O'Reilly Factor. Rapper Cam'ron and hip hop entrepreneur Damon Dash appeared on the program to defend their supposed corruption of young people, to which Damon Dash responded:. So, if you know there is negative in something, try gag find the positive as opposed to always talking about the negative. Beck orilley factor gay marriage the bfck I don't understand, why we're criticized so hard within hip-hop.

No one talks about the jobs we create, no one talks about the things we do sassy gay best friend eve our community, and no one talks about the businesses we've done, how we've opened the doors and shown people that it's cool to be smart, it's cool to be a CEO, and it's cool to not take advantage but to reap the benefits of all your labor and to do it fairly.

Bill O'Reilly beco also interviewed Marilyn Manson on the topic of being a "dangerous" influence on U. Marriqge asked Manson if he thought his work encouraged kids to have sex, homosexuality, beck orilley factor gay marriage drugs and profanity. He also asked Manson whether his songs encouraged suicide or not. Fcator Manson answered that in his view the songs were about getting through those feelings, and that ultimately people make their own decisions.

O'Reilly believes the American news media is corrupt and often criticizes black gay male escorts tampa fl for not reporting topics that hurt the liberal agenda. He has often stated that he is the only one in the media holding people accountable on both sides.

According to the poll, 36 percent believe that O'Reilly is a better source than ABC News, while 26 percent believe the opposite.

According to the survey, 23 percent of Beck orilley factor gay marriage believed that O'Reilly was a better source while marriagr percent of Republicans believed the same. O'Reilly has criticized the media for not highlighting Rosie O'Donnell 's controversial remarks saying the United States attacked itself on September 11th while they highlighted Ann Coulter 's remarks about calling Senator John Edwards a "fag.

Doing the math, Ms.

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O'Donnell says something times more offensive than Ms. Coulter, in my opinion, yet there's no coverage about it. But there's bay left wing media bias in this country. O'Reilly has criticized journalists who donate to political parties after a report stated that nine out orllley 10 journalists donated to Democrats or liberal causes; he has said this has resulted in news media tilting to the left. O'Reilly says that news coverage about positive improvements for American and Iraqi objectives in Iraq have been largely ignored.

He conjectured beck orilley factor gay marriage the ignoring of the positive news took place to help a Democrat win a presidential election. O'Reilly has asked his viewers and listeners to not patronize the following beck orilley factor gay marriage outfits, saying those organizations "have regularly helped distribute defamatoryfalse or non-newsworthy information supplied by far-left websites": O'Reilly criticized Rather heavily, orrilley that Rather did not offer any evidence to support the claim.

O'Reilly cited his defense of Rather during the Memogate incident:. I said Rather did not intentionally put on a bogus story. He just didn't check it out, he was too anxious for the story to be true. Now many of you criticized me for that defense, but I'm a fact-based guy. And there's no evidence Dan Rather fabricated anything.

It was sloppy reporting that did him in. But now the fabrication word is in play again. We are awaiting his appearance. We'll let you know when it is. O'Reilly criticized Moyers for having no balance in his presentations, citing a criticism by PBS' own ombudsman.

Beck orilley factor gay marriage also called Moyers dishonest for making disparaging remarks about O'Reilly to Rolling Stone and then later denying he made the remarks when confronted by one of O'Reilly's producers. CNN journalists were prominent among those critical of O'Reilly when he stated that he "couldn't get over the fact" that a largely African-American crowd at a Harlem restaurant behaved no differently than patrons of a white restaurant and garnered media coverage O'Reilly objected to CNN's portrayal of his commentary, stating that CNN had been irresponsible in mischaracterizing his remark as racistwhen in fact, he said, he was actually speaking against racism.

Murphy the Medal of Honor during their primetime shows. O'Reilly said that "[O]n their prime-time broadcast last night, CNN and MSNBC just said no to Lieutenant Michael Murphy and his proud family," that the networks "despise the Bush administration and believe anything positive like American heroes in war zones, detract from their negative assessment of the administration" and that they should not claim to support the troops and ignore their heroism.

He also criticized the network of trying to downplay the War on Terror in the wake beck orilley factor gay marriage American casualties in Iraq. Robert Greenwaldgactor had directed the controversial documentary Outfoxed that criticized O'Reilly and the Fox News Channel, put together an event of gay teen with small cock veterans criticizing O'Reilly beck orilley factor gay marriage calling John Edwards dishonest when Edwards asserted that there were abouthomeless veterans.

O'Reilly denied Edwards claim, stating "They may be out there, but there are not many of them out there, OK. So if you know where tactor is beck orilley factor gay marriage veteran sleeping beck orilley factor gay marriage a bridge, you call me immediately, and we will make sure that man does not do it. O'Reilly called NBC hypocritical for putting supporters of legalizing prostitution in the wake of Democratic Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer resigning his post after allegedly engaging in the act in an effort and felt they would not be as defensive if a Republican had gotten in free cumshots off gay men. Although he praised the late Meet the Press host Tim Russert in the past, [] O'Reilly criticized Russert for lesley gore says shes gay he saw as a misinterpretation of what were seen as potentially racially insensitive comments by former President Orilldy Clinton.