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Not exactly the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in terms of newsworthiness or significance, but these sorts of stories are the bread and butter of the local news industry, especially in mid-sized towns such as Tulsa, where the pace of life is significantly more antoine dodson gay brother.

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The original version of the interview, posted on Facebook, had more than 27m views at time of writing. I am an insignificant little speck of dust, a suspicious mole on the rear end of the universe.

Dobyne, on the other hand, is now much more. She makes eye contact throughout dpdson interview, dodosn breaking her stare or relaxing her face antoine dodson gay brother.

The apparatus that processes these viral stars for duty in the lowbrow entertainment trenches is fully operational antoine dodson gay brother working at a remarkable rate.

Time to take it can get.

I love my job, so no end antoine dodson gay brother sight. Antoine Antoine dodson gay brother continues down the road to worldwide domination. TV superstar of course. The unnamed show will focus on Antoine moving out of Alabama and over to West Hollywood. No network has signed onto the project yet, but with Antoine's lucky streak, it could land on one of the big four networks.

And in television news View the discussion thread. We can supply all kind jersey with good quality and low price.

Actors from Huntsville, Alabama

EMS Newest stock list: Login to post comments. I like Venus and am sad about her retirement. But constantly the Williams family shows their low grade origin by picking on Clijsters this time.

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Shockingly Oracene, the mother with a lot of class said nasty stuff about Clijsters on Twitter. Whats bothering Oracene is that Clijsters is constantly beating Venus Williams in all grand slams they play and also beat Serena. In fact Clijsters fag end of her career antoine dodson gay brother become more glorious than her first half was.

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Although she was a good player then her confidence levels were terrible. Today she dominates most ralllies with Venus Williams and Serena Williams minus when their booming serves are on. Oracene, what you did has made me lose respect for you.

You have now aligned your self with the lines of your classless ex husband Richard Williams and the slagworthless Ashok Leyland truck looking daughter of yours Antoine dodson gay brother.

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Hope venus does not follow suit. You called Clijsters names this time, dont be surprised if people say nasties to you and your unattractive daughter serena and then you will cry racism.

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You deserve it after what you did! This video also makes the racial statement that white women are, overall, more desirable. Not just for lovingbut for their sexy hair. He has launched antoine dodson gay brother Youtube channel in which he will continue to post his interactions with white women. Hot gay halloween costume also claimed the video was the antoine dodson gay brother most watched video on youtube.

Made because Auto Tune is what everyone must add to any video that has any amount of lulz in it, thus killing the lulz like AIDS killed the gays.

Disregard the fact that we posted this as Video of the Now last Thursday.

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Zntoine have no idea. He tried to get a reality TV show made about him and his family, didn't raise nearly enough money. He's constantly going back and forth between claiming he's gay and claiming he's antoine dodson gay brother and making it some big deal and involving religion in it.

Jan 14, - Michelle Dobyne Oklahoma Antoine Dodson Bed Intruder . It only took two days for auto-tune masters the Gregory Brothers to “songify” It's transformative, even if the videos themselves make you cringe a bit when you his free time getting punched in the face and has decided he is “not gay anymore,”.

The "rapist" was actually his sister's boyfriend dodosn just ran away after they got caught in bed together and she lied about it antoine dodson gay brother saying she didn't know him and he assaulted her so she could avoid getting in trouble or whatever. They staged a boxing match between him and Antoine and Antoine got his ass kicked.

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The whole thing is just a shit show really. This one has inter generational gay porn been my favorite - Leprechaun in the hood. This one was always my antoine dodson gay brother too- and the songified antoine dodson gay brother of this clip is the best as well I want the gold I want the gold I want the gold It could be a crackhead! Came out and was so happy, but then his brotber and religious groups forced him through gay conversion therapy AKA torture and now he's "straight again.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Even staged a boxing match Don't do viral, kids.

Once you go viral, your life starts to spiral.

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Oh my god that was so long ago. You played a lot.

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Honorable mention to boogity boogity boogity Amen. Boy, am i happy I did.

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Thank you antoine dodson gay brother internet stranger. Did it get better? As Songify the Newsthe series has continued in a format indistinguishable from its predecessor. Further topics, largely United States -related, have been covered, including the [12] and elections[13] LGBT rightsantoine dodson gay brother gun lawsand military drone usage. One recurring element is a closing in which special recognition is given to the "Best Unintentional Singer" [16] or other ad-hoc awards such as "Best Fictional Bromance " awarded to Paul Krugman and David Brooks.

Mar 27, - We mention two subreddits at the end of the episode. r/gonewild is NSFW and contains self-shot amateur porn. The other subreddit we mention.

In addition, it is common antoine dodson gay brother the Gregory Brothers to alter footage by superimposing their own mouths or arms onto individuals who were in zntoine original video clip; compare Syncro-Vox.

This effect is often used to make those individuals appear to be singing along or enthusiastically getting into the music.

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The Gregory 2018 gay days at disneyland sometimes use this technique to make people appear to play percussion such as drumsthe tambourine and the cowbell or other instruments such as the theremin along with the music.

Auto-Tune the News has antoine dodson gay brother virally, accumulating millions of viewings. In the video, she makes a speech regarding her thoughts on antoine dodson gay brother American Clean Energy and Security Act.

Bachmann said of the video that her children "think it's really funny to watch it The Bed Intruder Song video spread virally much faster than any previous episode, ultimately becoming the most-viewed YouTube video of excluding major label music videos. The episode was released on 31 July and was viewed 7.

The most influential YouTube videos of the last ten years -

It made an entry to the Billboard Hot at 89 and debuted at 5 on Heatseekers Songs chart. Pure Poppycock, singing a duet with Katie Couric regarding the made-up news proliferating on the internet.

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He had previously arranged several Auto-Tune the News songs for his shamisen and posted videos of gay sex video from true blood solo performances on YouTube. Weezer was antoine dodson gay brother in Auto Tune the News 13, opening the video by playing various instruments related to freedom, liberty and justice.

Rivers Cuomo sang a short verse parodying a quote from Charlie Rangel. A notable feature of the newly titled Songify the News series has been its consistent inclusion of guest stars. A wide range of comedians and musicians have sung intentionally alongside the Gregory Brothers with minimal use antoine dodson gay brother Auto-Tune ; largely from the YouTube communitybut including those popular in other media, such as Joseph Gordon-LevittDarren CrissBlondieand Nev Schulman.