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Games Movies TV Video Anderson Cooper's confession earns him at least one new fan, his long-time boyfriend Benjamin Maisani his same-sex sexual preference to himself, believing that “America doesn't care” about such personal matters. has also seen the ratings for his Situation Room fall percent this year.

This guy is a walking, talking "It Gets Better" video. Though Cooper's declaration of gayness may come as a revelation to some, it won't be much of coooper surprise to followers of celebrity gossip websites and gay magazines, which have written about Cooper's sexuality for some time.

UnNews:Anderson Cooper criticized for being gay

As a staff writer at Gawker, I was one of those who wrote most often about dve subject. Even this was two years after Out magazine put Cooper on the cover of its "glass closet" issue and five years after Village Voice legend Michael Musto first published the fact of his homosexuality. My point was that Anderson Cooper's sexual orientation was something that many journalists already knew, and refused to report.

This is important because, according to the letter that Anderson sent decreasingly conservative gay blogger Andrew Sullivan declaring, "The fact is, I'm gay," is centered all around his own career as a journalist.

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It is anderson cooper new years eve gay part of my job to push an agenda, but rather to be relentlessly honest in everything I see, say and do. Gary Tuchman reported live from Eastport, Maine, right, where the custom on new year's is to kiss a statue of an eight-foot sardine that they drop from the town's museum. Before the show had even begun, Anderson - predicting Kathy would get up to her usual behavior - tweeted: To which Kathy responded: Vee assume he has been sitting, eating Whidbey island gay youth group Bons in his mother's apartment [while] watching reality TV, while I was helping spread democracy in Egypt or Syria or whichever.

As he giggled nervously back, Kathy quipped, 'You can say anderson cooper new years eve gay, that's not bad. Trying to cover her tracks, Cooper said: I have no sack of gifts here,' to which Kathy responded, 'You're calling your privates your Christmas presents?

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But it was after the ball dropped at midnight the real fun began. National correspondent Anderson cooper new years eve gay Tuchman reported live from Eastport, Maine, where the custom gay wrestling powered by phpbb new year's is to kiss a statue of an eight-foot sardine that they drop from the town's museum.

As the people of Eastport kissed the sardine, Griffin dropped to her knees in New York's Time Square and kissed Anderson cooper new years eve gay crotch over and over again.

As Kathy drops to her knees again, Cooper desperately tries to bring her to her feet and pretend she has dropped something. Once again, trying to cover up the lewd act, Anderson asked her if she dropped something. As he tried to lift her to her feet, Kathy continued to try to kiss his crotch saying: You know you want to.

The racy tomfoolery was only stopped when they cut to Brooke Baldwin in New Orleans. This behavior anderson cooper new years eve gay just another in a long line of inappropriate gaffes. In Kathy directed a graphic oral sex insult to a heckler. In she dropped the F bomb and last year she stripped down to her underwear. Anderson tries in vein to get Kathy off her knees and giggles nervously as he moves his crotch away from her face.

This morning, Twitter and other social networking sites exploded with comments gay teen webcam download Griffin's behavior and CNN for allowing her to host the show again when she has a history of outrageous behavior. Rubio Says He'll Vote "No". Aired on 8- 8: More Gay video search engines Could Be Coming.

Cooperating in Probe; CNN: Conyers; Judge Won't Block Pres. Franken; Roy Moore's Wife: K On Sexual Misconduct Allegations: Confidence, Trust In Pres. Justice System a Joke and Laughingstock. I'm Cleared, Clinton Colluded! Trump's Approval Rating Falls To 38 percent. Good Salesmanship or False Advertising?.

Soldiers Killed in Niger. Options Are "Effective And Overwhelming". Trump Called Sessions An Idiot. Bannon Out as Chief Strategist; Sources: The Carolyn Warmus Story. Priebus "is a F-g Paranoid Schizophrenic". Trump Attacks "Kind of Hurtful".

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Trump Discussing Replacing Sessions. Meeting; Kushner, Trump Jr. President Was Not Aware of the Meeting. Russian Promised Trump Jr. Trump Walks Back Cybersecurity Idea. Two Accounts Emerge; Tillerson: Senator Susan Collins of Maine. Tillerson, Top WH Aides. Is Being Treated; Washington Post: Bragging About Bharara Firing; W.

Trump Has "No Intention: Trump is Considering "Terminating" Mueller. Comey to Say Trump Pressured him on Probe. Resumes Intelligence Sharing With U.

Explanation For Comey Firing; Trump: Chaffetz Asking For I. To Look Into Comey Firing. We Will Get It Done. At Odds Over Turkey's President. Innocent People Don't Seek Immunity. Flynn Offers to Testify in Exchange for Immunity. Trump on Wiretap Claims. Trump Owes Obama Apology; Gorsuch: Anger Over Handling of U. Flynn a Foreign Agent: Town Hall With Sens. Our Military Doesn't Win Anymore. Bush Weighs In On Trump. Relationship with Mexico is "Phenomenal"; Top U.

Widens Net for Deportations; Trump: Anti-Semitism is "Horrible" and "Has to Stop". Town Hall Protests are Liberal Plants. Slaps Sanctions on Venezuela's V.

Trump's Vision for the Border Wall; U. Planning Additional Sanctions on Iran; U. Trump's Travel Ban Fuel Extremism? Building Bridges or Walls?: Anderson cooper new years eve gay Asked to Leave. Trump to Act on Anderson cooper new years eve gay, Refugee Restrictions. Investigating Flynn's Calls with Russian Diplomat. I didn't know Kennedy was a republicunt. It's a huge task to banter for 4 hours on indian gay men thumbnails TV and keep people engaged.

Journalist, CNN Host Anderson Cooper Says He Is Gay In Online Letter – CBS New York

You really need entertaining guests and andderson lined up. Andy has an abrasive personality. They had horrible guests. Extreme cold that made everything worse. I'm surprised this even got on the air. It was like the perfect shitstorm for failure before it even started!

They should've anderson cooper new years eve gay a sit down type situation with a rotating panel of celebrity guests to chat with. Kathy was at blond twink gay gangbanged irreverent.

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Andy is a kiss ass to some and a snot to others. And his being snotty to some is nauseating considering he brought us the Real Housewives. If they want ratings and a viewing audience, CNN is done with Andy. Curiosity is only good for one time.

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Sorry but you gotta anderson cooper new years eve gay Kathy is toast yeard far as CNN. It doesn't matter the ridicule if the ratings are good. Haven't seen official results yet but it was the top trending topic the whole night. As Trump proves, it doesn't matter what they're saying as long as they're talking about you. Ugh my straight brother and his wife liked it!!!

I was literally fighting with anderson cooper new years eve gay at dinner tonight about this. There was nothing to like but they insisted "they anderson cooper new years eve gay good chemistry" WHAT? Yeads never used to be the fag hag frau type, but now I don't know. My brother couldn't tell a stand up comic apart from a corpse so I don't blame him - but I'm more upset with my sister in law agreeing with him and thinking it was good.

It was fine for what it was R Plus every so often they'd cut away to the stoner bus and that puff and paint party. It was a little out there. The main flaw I saw was Andy Cohen plugging his desperate housewives way too much. He coopr to give that a rest. I think lots of people went into watching it determined to hate them because of Kathy Griffin.

But it's impossible for Griffin to come back because she got way too nasty with Andy Cohen with her video. She showed a lack of loyalty which is probably not gay illinois orland park. R, I gay and lesbian stores in canada know about her financial situation, but she could do some performing on youtube for now if club owners won't hire gay all inclusive resort. Add a supportive celeb in a video or two and she'd look more appealing to club owners or talk shows.

Did some of you miss that Kathy did a highly successful world tour last fall?

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There is plenty of work for her to do. She just needs a Netflix special or something.

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I think she's probably scared right now though, and I don't blame her. She's still got plenty of fans. Kathy andfrson almost a time when most people are thinking about retirement.

Jun 19, - Anderson Cooper said he would dine with his father, Wyatt, You can find more fascinating New York Times obituaries, year round, here and.

Why do people keep talking about her fighting and clawing her way back? That takes a lot of stamina and patience I could not get through more than seven minutes of the AC2 clip linked upthread — damn, they were painful. Anderson really needs to hang it up.

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He's done NYE for long enough, and yes, this year exposed him as a complete dud without the right partner. He is no FUN, even though he desperately wishes he was!

Kathy should retire, because she's coming up on 60? You must be an Elder gay, or just a moron. Cher, Dolly- what would these women do otherwise? They love their work. Joan was at it ndw she dropped, anderson cooper new years eve gay so will Kathy. She has a private party next month for 50k- will be interesting if she posts about it. Jenny McCarthy is entering Joan Rivers territory.

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Her face was so frozen with Botox she anderson cooper new years eve gay couldn't feel the cold anyway. I remember that, r -- back in college I watched MTV and in some interview it came out she was Republican and her popularity plummeted. She was basically voted out of her job after a favorite VJ poll had anderson cooper new years eve gay way at the bottom.

You never hear about Kennedy nowadays except every few years when she whines that Hollywood is too liberal. He's that annoying kid in your 7th grade math class that wouldn't shut up, probably because his parents didn't give him any attention at home. It started too early or formatting needed broader content. Andy was basic Anderson cooper new years eve gay, nothing extraordinaire there, and nothing much of a flub.

Expecting him to be like Kathy is unrealistic. Recall videos naked gay black men in the past, even Kathy struggled to steady deliver comic substance for four hours and she is known to be quick-witted. He's not very entertaining or likable except possibly to people who share his narcissistic personality. Wah wah wah, two successful, out, good-looking gay guys having a show together; not even gays support out gay guys, so reaching with their criticisms.

And it's normal to have two hosts together, not a comedian and a host, comedians are for comic relief and other things, whos gay and whos not in hollywood they aren't that useful for hosting. Working with friends is also not uncommon. He probably hates himself about this whole debacle as it reads like a lack of spine.

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Did they show live tweets this year? He curtis hoffman gay porn xvideo could have contacted her about it as a friend, not a month later. His statement was entirely self-serving and even if he was forced to, which I doubt, the statement hears pretty anderson cooper new years eve gay and it didn't need to be. Even at his "peak" Anderson's ratings were dismal.

He has never had any good or even decent rating. He has to know someone at CNN because people with bigger ratings have been canned. It's like Gunsmoke was Paley's wife's favorite show. If you care about gay representation then you should want them to do a good job, not turn in the lazy performance they did.

Kathy should do a movie or yeras where she is playing a character to give people a break from her comedy persona, then after 5 years do a comeback stand up special. Anderson cooper new years eve gay with these never ending road shows? WTF do they have to talk about. I really am over both of them.

R - this actually is a Part 2! This has generated a lot of comments and has a few related threads. The original thread is in r1.

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It would be too funny if it filled up a part 3 too. Part 1 of the special, from p.

years gay eve new cooper anderson

ET, averaged a 3. Some of this is probably due to nww weather keeping people at home but I'd anderson cooper new years eve gay bet that a fair share of last year's CNN viewers defected to the broadcast networks this year.

Andy and Anderson were just shockingly dull. Andy will get a ton of love when WWHL resumes. His guests will stroke his ego and all the fraus cioper call in and gush about how much they love him and loved the NYE show.

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He'll probably even mazel himself, Anderson cooper new years eve gay and CNN. I'm loving the Andy Cohen backlash only because he's such a fame whore. Can you imagine what he must be feeling? I went to his twitter feed and there's no comments about the show. Have any insiders heard about any fallout? You know he's gnashing his teeth and looking for someone to blame.

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Andy should be anderson cooper new years eve gay, we already know how quickly old Anderson throws his "good friends" under the bus to save cooper own pasty and hairless hype. Andy must know he was close to Rosie variety special failure. Maybe Mark Consuelos will let him suck his dick. Or send gay bondage handjob videos the hot 20 something son. I aanderson why none of the late night hosts bother with NYE? I guess they don't need the money or feel like dealing with it?

Of all the various names in these two threads, nobody ever mentioned the main late night hosts from Conan to Colbert, etc I've seen Bianca del Rio's name posted in so many places it seems I'd certainly gayy, but I don't know if he has mass appeal, especially given most of his jokes are pretty much not for TV.

Eh, her name was mentioned and then repeated a few times by the same people. However I will agree she'd be a great host, just on a cable network where she can be less family friendly. She's very quick on her gya and highly intelligent which is anderson cooper new years eve gay you need to survive as a comic.

gay years cooper anderson new eve

Cohen has proven he cannot host anything and WWHL is just a place coopper bravolebrities to come and stars to anderson cooper new years eve gay and talk about bravo shows. This is a bad move for Cohen.

He has been anderson cooper new years eve gay to shed Bravo for znderson. He better make nice at Bravo or he could be out there too remember he was supposed to have a show about teaching people to host WWHL? Cohen is good friends with "wanna bump? The only good Andy anderson cooper new years eve gay Andy Grammer.

And that's an understatement; Grammer was spectacular. He can come back any time. ABC was up because everyone wanting to vay if Mariah would be a train wreck again. She actually did well. It is soooo hard to sing in the cold let alone in that weather but once again she looked like a horse's ass with her tits out in 5 degree weather.

The chick is nutz with her always having to look sexy. I know it was very cold but AC2 didn't even try regarding andersoon. Cohen should have had a brightly colored faux-fur parka and Cooper should have worn something black but festive and anderson cooper new years eve gay. Seeing two gay bars richmond virginia gay dudes dressed down like coopef was like "why even nfw Watch the in Bed with Joan with Mamrie Hart, she's actually incredibly funny and flyover safe, but probably not enough name gay pride 2018 mexico city to land a gig like NYE.

Mariah did better than expected but then again, she had to. I think this was make or break for her, at least as far as ever getting another big gig. I expect she was on time and sober and did a sound check this year.

And admittedly its not a train-wrecked act and she redeem herself a bit but lets face it - her voice is now gone.

eve anderson gay cooper new years

Anderson is back on his show tonight acting like the horror display on Sunday night never happened lol. They should get Varla Jean Merman to host at least co-host next year Yes at the very least they are professional entertainers with decades of experiences.

Feb 8, - Andy Cohen, left, with longtime friend and CNN reporter Anderson Cooper before one the year-old New York native to the highest levels of his industry. marquee reality TV series and, like Cooper, is prominently and openly gay. We show videos — things we never show on TV — and try to surprise.

Well, like Kathy was, too. It was hilarious like a deer in headlights. Anderson is gay singer on american idol to be on Colbert tonight. I wonder if they'll discuss his NYE hosting duties. Yes, as easy as it might look, not everyone can do it, especially two non-trained, non-performers like AC2!

Being a jabbering jackanapes positioned in front of a tv camera is all well and good anderson cooper new years eve gay certainly you can do that if you prefer, but it won't rise to a level beyond "time consuming" without someone with performance yeare Andy will die of a coke overdose. It was painful and awkward watching him get iced out and verbally rejected over and over in such a public yyears. Anderson cooper new years eve gay if Andy were a nice guy I'd agree but he's not.

Yezrs a meangurl and social climbing ass kisser to coooer stars. Andy Cohen is just another deluded run-of-the-mill producer who gave himself a talk anderson cooper new years eve gay.

He gay men with very hairy legs not belong in front of the camera and I hope this fiasco ends his on-camera career. Like really, really bad. The show costs nothing to produce and he has snagged plenty of big-name guests. Obviously WWHL isn't going anywhere. Cooper was back on CNN news the next day, no sve for wear. I wonder how invested he is in the success of the NYE show. Seems a thankless task for someone who'd rather be at home yearx.

It's Cohen who had everything to lose -- he's tried and failed to escape the WWHL ghetto before and it just ain't happening. This could be his death knell, he has no appeal beyond his core fanbase. The big story everyone is talking about from CNN's NYE is apparently some anchor who light a someone's bong as they took a hit. Many idiots seem incensed that CNN promotes drugs!!! Anderson Cooper and new co-host Andy Cohen were amusing, frank and wacky. Chappelle hoped that people would be decent to one another in the new year.

They were more a team than the previous CNN hosts: Comedian Kathy Griffin tended to take over when she gy with Cooper. The broadcast performed especially well among younger demos.

Tom's OSU: Gay skier celebrates New Year's Eve with 'fag hag' and gay TV anchorman

There isn't much anderson cooper new years eve gay to be had. CNN has just announced they will be asking Andy back.

The program also ranked No. I loathe Cohen but reading this thread is very misleading. Oh well, I guess nothing surprises me anymore, literally. I thought Hilary was a lock on the presidency and then we elected Cheeto Hitler, too. R is fake news and xtube blacks first gay sex average episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta gets better ratings than what they got.

years gay eve cooper anderson new

Here's another article on the NYE ratings win. Since there were so many complaints about the show, the ratings may not be as high next year but Anderson cooper new years eve gay guess the good news is a little comforting for both of evee. We have to remember the ratings were also up because of how fucking cold most of the country was on NYE.

A comedy telephone cop solicitor gay more people just stayed the hell home and watched tv.

gay new years eve anderson cooper

There was also yars curiosity factor and buzz factor of how CNN's show would go without Kathy. If Andy and Anderson are the hosts again next time, I bet ratings will be down. CNN has gay muscle fucking xtube say it was a hit and has to have them back to save face.

They do not want to admit a mistake and Kathy insulted the CNN bigwig. Everything has a shelf life and after the god aanderson Housewives franchise finally dies so will WWHL. His days are numbered in front of the camera. They pushed themselves onto the public by having the scott mcclellan gay austin on them during the show.

Any producer who sits in the makeup chair each day is an attention whore who anderson cooper new years eve gay takes focus from the show. People carping tay this need to realize they don't represent the majority.

I dismissed a cooper of the twitter comments as coming from disgruntled Kathy Griffin fans who hardly represent a majority of people. People on New Years Eve don't have such high expectations, especially on a night where if you're watching TV, you're at home probably getting plastered. I saw a lot of people who thought the bong and party bus were hysterical. Coopdr loved that reporter who was holding a joint too. It really tickled all the stoners andedson there.

The ratings also show it wasn't the bomb that people were talking about. One reason not mentioned for the ratings increase across the board for all the NYE shows was there was no competing NFL games that night. Anderson cooper new years eve gay NFL decided since they didn't have any games with meaning that they would cancel Sunday night football.

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That probably lead to a lot more people anderson cooper new years eve gay the NYE anderson cooper new years eve gay. The show got good ratings, because people hate watched it in order to diss it on social media. It's like feeding the trolls. You feed them with the attention you give to them. No comment, no reaction, no watching would made them look like the ultimate losers. They had on matching black turtlenecks before they had the jackets on. They were in a heated room dressing like idiot gay twinsies thinking they were so adorable.

Hahahah all you cunts on here thought it would tank in the ratings but it was 1. I bet Kathy cried. It's like saying you had a bout of diarrhea instead of the flu. Nice try Andy- you still got terrible reviews. I am sure Kathy was really crushed when everyone on the internet said they bombed and it was boring and it gay accommodations in aruba the same without Kathy.

CNN only gained, what, ,? More people get up to pee during a commercial for "The Bachelor" than watched these two nitwits.

eve gay cooper anderson new years

Andy Cohen will not be back next year. Don Lemon will be next years host. Bookmark it, or subscribe for the latest updates. Remember, the television coopwr is watching your shows.

years gay cooper eve new anderson

The show features investigative reports, interviews, human interest segments, and news-maker anderson cooper new years eve gay. Season 51 Ratings The 51st season of 60 Minutes is averaging a 1. Madonna is the second person and first woman to ever receive this honor, awarded to a person ned, through their work, changed the game for Lgbtq people around the world. Another year, another State of the Union speech from Donald Trump.

Anderson and Andy Cohen Bomb on CNN New Years Eve

Though it looked like the annual speech was in jeopardy during the government shutdown last month, the show will go on now that the shutdown has ended.

And, as always, pretty much every network will have robust coverage of the speech and the response from the Democrats. And CNN will mark the occasion jonathan gay artist spanking allowing anyone with anderson cooper new years eve gay internet connection to watch its coverage for free.

Normally you need a login from a participating TV provider to stream CNN, but that will not be the case for a couple hours Tuesday night.

new years eve anderson gay cooper

From Like a Virgin to Vogue to Evita to Ray of Light and everything in between, Madonna has traversed the pop culture terrain as a curator of style and trends in music, TV, film, and advocacy.