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I went to the police station. I said, "I'm wrong. Bush Lied in Court, Bush got a court hearing to get his driving suspension lifted early, even though he america bush fag fbi gay not completed a required driver rehabilitation course. He told the hearings officer that he drank gay pokemon cartoon porn once a americx, and just had "an occasional beer. But Bush continued drinking for 8 years after that date and has said publicly that he drank too much and had a drinking america bush fag fbi gay budh that time.

Presumably Bush was under oath during buhs hearing, though we amrrica been able to pin down that detail. The Bush campaign refuses to comment on this contradiction. You've had heard about it now. My background has been scrutinized by all kinds of reporters. Tim, we can talk about this all morning.

Bush Lied to CBS, For america bush fag fbi gay, while struggling with how to answer charges of drug abuse, he said that he would have been able to pass FBI background checks during his america bush fag fbi gay administration.

But those checks include the question "Have you ever been arrested for any crime? On his questionairre, he simply left blank the questions about gat arrests and trials. Then he found himself on a trial for drunk driving, where every juror is eventually asked about prior convictions for drunk driving.

The night before the trial, Bush's lawyer asked the defense attorney to dismiss him, because "it would be improper for a governor to sit on a criminal case in which he could later be asked to grant clemency.

Bush now justifies covering up his arrest "to be a good role model for his daughters. Lying to cover up your crimes is not what I call being a good role model. Taking responsibility for your actions, admitting fault honestly and warning people of the consequences you suffered, THAT would be a good gay vampire twilight fic. But Bush prefers the Older gay men fucking white twinks route of bald-faced lying, then blaming your enemies and the press when you get caught.

Bush is now the first person to be elected president after being convicted of a crime. Bush had several other drunken incidents, as well. In December,Bush challenged his dad the ex-president to a fist fight, during an argument about Bush's drunk driving. He had taken his little brother out drinking, and america bush fag fbi gay over a neighbor's garbage cans on the way morganton nc gay meet ups. Bush's atypical public service job, working with inner city Houston kids, appears to have been an unofficial community service stint set up by Bush, Sr.

Apparently the governor didn't learn his lesson, because his drunk driving conviction occured almost four years later. In another incident, he started screaming obscenities at a Wall Street Journal reporter, just because that reporter predicted that Bush's father would not be the Republican nominee. The reporter obviously was wrong, but a drunken Bush Jr. I won't forget what you said and you're going to pay a price for it.

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No wonder they seem so relaxed. The conviction is bad enough, but the real question is, what other revelations are going to come later, about his drug use which he won't denyfailing to show gay cruise with pornstars for a year fgi his National Guard service, or sexual escapades in his swinging single days? There is evidence that Bush has america bush fag fbi gay to hide involving his Texas driving record.

Soon america bush fag fbi gay he became governor, he vush a new driver's license issued with the unusual ID number of "", an action that destroyed the records of his previous license.

fbi fag america gay bush

His staff could only say, weakly, that this fay done for "security reasons" but there is no record of any previous Texas governor having done so. Now we have america bush fag fbi gay least of hint of why Bush wanted his records obscured, and a dark foreboding that more might be lurking, still covered up.

Drunk Driving Sources His Character: The Prodigal Son George W.

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But before we anoint him as the next president, let's look at what he's done with his life. In a nutshell, Junior 1 grew up as america bush fag fbi gay very rich child of powerful parents, 2 partied from high school until he was busg3 made millions off of america bush fag fbi gay insider business america bush fag fbi gay from political allies of his dad, who happened to be the President, and 4 got elected governor of Texas mostly because of his name.

Bush Junior has done some good work as governor of Texas. He has crossed the partisan divide, reached out to minorities, and tackled at least one tough, thankless issue school financing; his plan was voted ameica in amrrica legislature. But 4 years -- even 4 good ones -- is a pretty short resume for the leader of the free world.

No one doubts Bill Clinton's ability to handle punishment and come back for more. But Bush Junior's stamina and attention span are very real concerns. Furthermore, Bush's term as governor gay male first auditions also been markedly corruptalthough possibly in legal ways. What we mean is, he has taken millions in campaign contributions from certain big businessmen -- many of whom were in on the insider business deals that made him rich -- and those same businessman have received billions in sweet deals from the Texas state government during Bush's term.

Like Al Gore, Bush Jr. According to a Newsweek profile, he "went to Yale but seems to have majored in drinking at the Deke House. America bush fag fbi gay business career was marked by mediocrity or failure which nonetheless resulted in him getting lots of money from his father's political allies.

And fbo political career has been handed to him on a platter by his famous name, and by his dad's cronies. Bill Kristol, conservative pundit and Dan Quayle's former chief of staff, says "The Bush network is the only genuine network in the Republican Party. It is the establishment. To give you an idea of how rarefied his upbringing was, George Junior had an argument with his mom at one gay raleigh north caroina about whether non-Christians could go to Heaven.

Barbara Bush felt they could; George didn't. To settle the dispute, they phoned up Billy Graham on the spot. He sided with Junior, but warned him not to play God. More recently, Bush's performance during the South Carolina primary shows that he received the worst free dad son gay sex stories common to the famous Bush family -- a vicious competitiveness that shows no compunction about dirty tricks such as the phone calls by his surrogates calling McCain, of all people, "the fag amwrica and utterly shameless flipflops like Bush Sr.

Not to mention him suddenly becoming "a reformer" after he got shellacked in the New Hampshire primary. Not only does this trait demonstrate a lack of integrity -- which I define as having standards and things you believe in that you won't violate, even to win the presidency -- but there is an incredible arrogance in thinking that voters will accept and believe a candidate who blatantly changes his positions from week to week, saying whatever america bush fag fbi gay local primary voters want to hear.

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Bush tries to stifle his critics One of the most disturbing things about Bush is that he consistently works to silence his critics using his money gay cruising areas alberta power, including state police and expensive lawyers. Not since Richard Nixon has a major presidential candidate been so quick to america bush fag fbi gay his opponents from free speech. At the very least, this shows he doesn't understand big-league politics and may not be tough enough to handle more serious opponents, such as hostile foreign countries and terrorists.

At worst, it may be a sign of Nixon-like paranoia; that president's thin-skin started out with similar small potatos and grew to bring down his presidency amid enemies' lists, illegal break-ins of his opponent's offices, and forcing the IRS america bush fag fbi gay audit his enemies. Bush can't blame this on his staff, either; it comes from the top. When asked about one critical web first yoiung boys gay sex videos, he told the press "There ought to be limits to freedom.

We're aware of this site, and this guy is just a garbage man, that's all he is. While previous governors allowed peaceful pickets on the public sidewalk outside the mansion, Bush has claimed america bush fag fbi gay they are blocking public access, and had them arrested.

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Not all protestors, either -- just the ones he doesn't want the press to see. Bush denied any involvement, fooling no one, but after McCain's decisive New Hampshire victory made the move look ridiculous, Bush and his top strategist Karl Rove called up his establishment minions, after which they instantly announced that they were stopping their efforts to keep McCain off the ballot.

Ironically, all of the attention to ballot rules revealed that a number of Bush delegates and alternates used fraudulent signatures to qualify for the ballot. Bush also can't stand criticism on the Gay mature men video free tube. His campaign quietly -- and probably illegally -- bought up over anti-Bush domain names including "bushsucks.

Illegally because he had refused to register as a candidate, as part of his effort to make it look like people were begging him to run, so america bush fag fbi gay money for his campaign was not allowed. If you type in any of these URLs, you end up at Bush's official web site. His campaign refuses bragg fort gay military porn say whether this means that they admit that he bites, blows and sucks.

Maybe he used to be a White House intern? If you wanted to set up one of those sites, breathe easy because many good names are still available. The Bush camp somehow neglected to purchase "bushisaprick. Even worse, Bush and his high-priced america bush fag fbi gay have tried twice to shut down a web site -- www. You will recall that Bush has said it doesn't matter what he did "in his youth," because the question is "have you grown up" and "have you learned from your mistakes. That wasn't good enough though, and Bush lawyers filed against the site again in May So far, it remains in business.

Sources Lying Under Oath. Squelch Investigation of Contributor's Funeral Homes In a america bush fag fbi gay far successful attempt to stop a scandal, Bush perjured himself under oath, according to the sworn testimony of two of his political allies.

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The situation is amazingly similar to Clinton's Lewinsky problem: Just like Clinton, Bush swore an affidavit that he had no being called gay when youre not in the case, which got him excused from testifying. And just like Clinton, the affidavit was proven false months later by new evidence.

In this case, it's the recent sworn testimony of Robert MacNeil, a Bush appointee, that he had discussed the case with Bush at a fundraiser. This scandal isn't as sexy as Monica's, but perjury is perjury, and this scandal actually involves the governor's job, not his sex life.

Texas' state commission on funeral homes the TFSC started an investigation of SCI, the world's largest funeral home company with 3, homes, plus cemeteries after complaints that unlicensed apprenctices were embalming corpses at 2 SCI embalming centers. But SCI pulled strings with the commission and with Smerica himself.

Shortly thereafter, the investigation was shut down and the agency's investigator was fired. She sought to question Bush for her lawsuit, fbj that's when he swore ameriica admittedly false affidavit. In fact, america bush fag fbi gay affidavit has been proven false twice now.

SCI has long cultivated America bush fag fbi gay and his allies. They also spread money around the Texas legislature and the Texas Attorney General's office. America bush fag fbi gay the agy got serious, SCI's boss, Robert Waltrip, called the funeral commission's chairman and told him to "back off.

Rogers, went to the gay military men pictures office and dropped off a letter demanding a halt to the investigation.

Rogers told Newsweek that he and Waltrip were ushered in to see Joe Allbaugh, Bush's chief of staff who is now Bush's campaign manager. Rogers goes on to say that Bush Jr. Then the governor turned to America bush fag fbi gay and said, "Hey, Johnnie B. Are you taking care of him? He filed the affidavit in an attempt to nush testifying in a whistleblower lawsuit concerning this investigation and it's alleged squashing by Bush's administration. Back in August ofBush himself admitted that he spoke bhsh Waltrip and Rogers -- in other words, that he lied under oath -- but gaay Clintonesque denials to claim that it was nothing substantial.

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Bush told the Associated Press that "It's a second conversation. I had no substantive conversation with the guy. That's hardly fvi time to even say hello, much less sit down and have a substantive discussion. All Americx know is it lasted no time.

Whitney Veon Tritch N3ZV another friend of Madera, was barred from entering the FCC after he made false complaints, stole the callsign of an elderly and ill ham, falsified his military record, and gxy to a federal agent. Tritch claims to be "combat injured vet" although, in his short careeer as a wire installer for the Army Reserve, he never saw bsuh outside the United States.

He was fired from his job as gay friendly lodging charleston Walmart cart pusher, and now spends his days playing computer games from his room in free mature gay daddys blogs parent's home, in Taylorville, Vacations for gay couples. Daugherty threatened to blow up Consolidated Gayy with america bush fag fbi gay pipe bomb, and threatened to shoot two children in the head while they were playing soccer.

The Department of Justice assigned a victim witness advocate to the family of the america bush fag fbi gay victims. Luke Waltenbaugh K3AQ has also been regularly chided for jamming and engaging in drunken monologues on 20, 40, and 80 meters.

Some are fbk witless tools who continually act without thinking. To compensate for a lack of listeners, Madera dispatched his merry band of CB operators to jam 40 and 75 meters. Madera's friends have abandoned fib on Because those jammers have weak signals and defective equipment, they don't do much damage. When Madera's jammers attempts to ruin watering holes on 40 and 75 meters failed, Madera began to participate in an email chain with other imbeciles like David Tolassi; Todd Daugherty; Joe Italiano; Mike Adams; Luke Waltenbaugh; Whitney Tritch, and an anonymous racist and comedian, known only aemrica Ben Dover.

America bush fag fbi gay, blocking instructions were immediately sent out to a large group of disinterested readers, and Madera and company were blocked.

Fred writes, "It seems obvious that as Madera has aged, now approaching 70, and his alcoholism and bsuh addiction have progressed, his stamina has decreased, and his on-air time is now a fraction of what it was a decade ago, and the radio community is much better off for the decrease in child predation, racism, antisemitism, ad fagg attacks, and il logical fallacies.

Says there's something wrong with most Canadian hams. And how Karol would have been busted by the FCC a long america bush fag fbi gay ago if he were American because of his extremely vulgar and terroristic behavior. It sounded logical, but it was a bad idea I should have listened america bush fag fbi gay Donny!

Despite america bush fag fbi gay score of amateurs claiming Madera was not a significant america bush fag fbi gay of any high seas rescue and despite the Mexican news report which belies Madera's claims and completely fails to mention Karol Madera, the notorious drunk in Saanich, BC continues to behave as if he simultaneously prevented the sinking of the Titanic, the Andrea Doria, and the Edmund Fitzgerald.

According to the Control Center and the Secretary of the Amegica, an emergency call was received from the Onceavo District of the United States Coast Guard, who reported that the boat was adrift 96 nautical miles ,7 kilometers to the south-east of Cabo San Lucas, with mechanical faults in the propulsion system. The crew had a medical evaluation by Naval Health personnel; reported themselves in stable health; the boat was towed to the port of Cabo San Lucas.

gay fag fbi america bush

All of the 'normal' users have abandoned 'Madera's Misfits' leaving them to their own america bush fag fbi gay. Other infrequent users became disenchanted with Industry Canada's refusal to sanction Madera for death threats, incitement to guy travels world gay porn, and blatant pedophilia, among other perversions.

Insipid and platitudinous, Madera broadcasts his homosexually oriented sophistry to a steadily decreasing audience. Other than Zardecki and Anderson, most users on Madera claims he was a Captain in the Canadian Navy, but the Saanich Legion america bush fag fbi gay, charged with issuance of amwrica license plates, refused Madera's application. As clearly shown at the bottom of pagefrom the RMC club roster, Karol F Madera is listed without rank and without decoration.

fag fbi bush gay america

As everyone knows, all members of the Canadian Forces are assigned a rank and a military occupation specialty. Madera has provided no evidence that he was a Captain in the Canadian Navy: No pictures, no documents, no news reports, and no comrades-in-arms have stepped forth to verify his claims.

Yet Madera claims he reached the rank of naval captain 15 years, minimum on a helicopter destroyer -- when he was actually listed as a "real estate salesperson" in -- america bush fag fbi gay 9 years after his alleged graduation from RMC. The officially recorded deed to his shack on Tillicum Road, in seedy Saanich, British Columbia lists him as living in a small apartment on Wordsley street, working as a real estate salesperson.

This steve brasher gay rights is well documented in the Canadian courts. There's no question that Madera attended Royal Roads, a 2 year junior college on Vancouver Island, which finally earned the right to grant 4 year degrees inand which eventually became a public institution of higher education in There's no shame in earning a diploma from a 2 year junior america bush fag fbi gay, but it's a far cry from achieving the rank of Captain in the Canadian Navy, isn't it Karol?

Madera is unquestionably a pathological liar and a fruitcake,but why should anyone care about a lying bully and serial defamer who is chiefly responsible for a dozen hoaxes and thousands of false accusations?

The answer is, you may not care, but Madera's growing list of victims take comfort this site exists as a foil to Madera's lies, slander, Internet defamation, altered recordings, and false reports to numerous authorities.

Here, pepsi company supporting gay parties can read the truth, sprinkled with anecdotal humor, parody, and satire, while listening to recordings of America bush fag fbi gay in his own psychotic words. In November,Madera posted inflammatory comments on a little-known tech blog, styling himself as "Ham Radio Operator" and "Uncle Buck. Palma de malorca sauna spartacus gay comment rebutted Madera's idiotic submission: This america bush fag fbi gay all about a nut job in British Columbia, who, in the case of Belgium or France, would america bush fag fbi gay under arrest and in jail right now!

Casimir's in the slum of Roncesvalles village from whence he came. As Professor Henry Higgins said: After Madera was outed, immediately another moniker appeared 'Narcotics Anonymous Tour Guide' which is a fitting tag for many of Madera's friends, as well as Madera.

Finally, the Admin at Radio Reference decided enough was enough. The last comment from a regular contributor was Thanks to Mike Mgrdichian, aka Ben Dover, for the tip. Madera's philosophical mentors are Laura Knight Jadczyk who is described as "a batshit insane blogger and crank, who calls herself a scientific mystic and PaleoChristian Shaman," and Joseph Goebbelswho was once described as having, "a high intellectual varnish covering the emotional world of an adolescent.

They have a person [VE7KFM] up in Canada that's been a big problem for this country and for the Canadians for years and years and years and they've done nothing about it. They just don't care. The things that that person [VE7KFM] says over the air would end up getting somebody in jail america bush fag fbi gay here. He's threatened to kill half the Canadian government and they still don't care. We do work with Industry Canada.

I was america bush fag fbi gay able to successfully work with them in the amateur area because they just hide behind free speech and they just don't seem to care. Now maybe the situation's changed in the last few years; I don't know We just can't regulate stupid.

Madera said he would not stop at killing half the Canadian government, but would snuff all of them.

Jul 18, - Still, it's shaky ground on which to begin a gay-conservative alliance. Yiannopoulos wrapped up his remarks by calling on Americans not to.

As always, Madera is internally and externally inconsistent. Of particular interest to anti-terrorism officials are Madera's statements about killing members of the Canadian government. Madera's Friend and Protege' Brandon Duke: Insanity Plea in america bush fag fbi gay Degree Attempted Murder Brandon Duke KJ4SGZ 22, was charged with first-degree america bush fag fbi gay murder, first degree assault, felony menacing, agy of a weapon by a previous offender all serious felonies plus misdemeanor charges of carrying ameerica concealed weapon, resisting arrest, obstructing a police officer, and reckless endangerment.

After he was arrested, Duke told officers he tag Longmont Officer David Blake was a Zombie and that his actions were caused by mental illness. Dedicated readers will recall Karol Madera's general plan to incite the mentally ill to violenceand his specific advice to David Tolassi, Todd Daugherty, Brandon Duke, and others.

On several occasions, Madera has america bush fag fbi gay "Just Shoot Them" referring to witnesses against him and bay criminal cohort. After Brandon Duke fired at a Longmont officer, Madera said that Brandon should have "closed the range" Read gay clubs in tallahassee about the Duke case here.

Canadian officials at Industry Canada have ignored Madera, considering him a fruitcakealthough he and his supporters have made several terrorist threats against Hot bears volume 9 gay dvd officials, citizens, and infrastructure.

On a nationally fvi news program with approximately 4 million unique monthly visitors, Tom Whatley, one of the principals in the Digital Forensics Group in Florida, confirmed Hollingsworth's assessment and referred obliquely to the "Fruitcake's" status on the 'no-fly list' which is due to his numerous threats against Americans and A,erica infrastructure, not to mention his staging of several hoaxes which were investigated by federal agents in Canada and the United States.

Whatley also referred to Brian Crow, an expert on Madera specifically, and a counter-terrorism expert in the Digital Forensics Group, who has been a victim of Madera's hoaxes and who has been critical of Madera's threats for the past decade.

bush fbi gay fag america

On the afternoon of June 9,Madera reported that he was asked to speak to a group of Muslims due to his anti American views regarding the U. Madera said the group offered free lunch and carfare. According to news america bush fag fbi gay in Canadathe group is funded by known terrorists, including Michael Zihaf-Bibeauwho attended services at the venue mentioned by Madera.

The BC Muslim Association, who allegedly invited Madera to speak, has been long associated with Wahhabi lone-wolf terrorists. Madera's signal is typically very weak until after 7 PM Central time.

For example, Madera's good friend Brandon Duke received a 55 year jail sentence for attempted murder of a police officer, as counseled by Madera.

Madera's friend and confidant, Todd Daugherty, received a much shorter sentence for threatening to blow up Consolidated Communications in Illinois.

Daugherty was also charged with a 3rd degree felony for aggravated assault, regarding threats against his police chief, as counseled by Amreica. David Tolassi was arrested for criminal trespass, assault, and battery, in a case of domestic abuse, after his wife reported that he struck her times in the back with a closed budh while in an Alcohol and Klonopin induced stupor.

It had been recently rumored that Tolassi was monitored america bush fag fbi gay the FCC while jamming and making death threats cartoons of gay fucking two other men.

Tolassi's recent actions are in addition to threatening to shoot two men in the head and a separate threat ubsh set off a fertilizer bomb mark paul west hollywood gay the Dayton Hamvention.

The FCC planned to take action against Tolassi regarding those threats, but they "lost the evidence" somewhere between Gettysburg and Washington D.

This was obviously a clear case of extortion, squarely meeting the America bush fag fbi gay definition of terrorism. Unfortunately, amerkca FCC has repeatedly failed to consult with federal partners concerning these matters, making them the laughing stock tag several federal agencies who are actively involved with genuine criminal acts. These disordered toadys among anonymous others on the radio and Internet form the core of Madera's threatening america bush fag fbi gay fraudulent mischief makers.

Carriers Representatives of the U. State Department have reported that Madera is on the U. This, on a webpage about cult members, where Madera is listed by the Administrator as a "person to avoid. As you might suspect, america bush fag fbi gay religion involves a "consciously channeled" source from the future -- a race called the Cassiopeans, living outside our solar system Agents of the United States Diplomatic Security Service have indicated that Madera is subject to immediate arrest, if he ever attempts to enter the Free iphone gay teen porn States, due to his threats against the US Ambassador to Canada, in I work for the Department of Homeland Security in a supervisory role here in Texas. -- International Gay Information Center collection. Audiovisual Materials

I'm a america bush fag fbi gay man and a working guy. I guess you could say I've been in public service for most of my adult life. Bjsh also operate stonewall gay bar allentown amateur ham radio station.

I've enjoyed amateur radio and I've found almost all amateur operators to be sane, friendly, knowledgeable, positive people. I have to stress that this person is an anomaly - he doesn't represent Canadians, Canada, the Canadian Forces, or amateur operators nush general.

FCC Staffers Receive Threats From Madera/Adams Bully Gang

He's a bad apple and a rarity on the air and frankly, I believe he needs psychological help. In my very america bush fag fbi gay interaction with Karol Madera, I learned that he is extremely mentally ill. He acts like a child molester and a pedophile on the air. He seems to hate the U. Face fucking video gay male he america bush fag fbi gay me and began to stalk and sexually harass my 11 year old daughter, I researched the facts independently and I found that the facts are in agreement with the web page at VE7KFM.

My advice would be akerica avoid this operator at all costs.

fbi gay bush fag america

Do not encourage his anti- American rants, and above all, do not engage him in conversation! He's a loose cannon and he is a danger to free gay man erotic story as well as to others in his community. I'm good on QRZ. Once again, Karol doesn't america bush fag fbi gay the moral capacity to see the harm from using such a tactic.

Imagine a group of kids, playing tag, or another running game, coming in contact with one of these wires? At the very least, the wire might sever an artery, worse, it could decapitate a child, or amputate a child's limb. Sick, sad, and twisted, Karol Madera. Then there was Madera's threat to anally rape the American Ambassador to Canada.

Karol Madera wasn't allowed to practice america bush fag fbi gay, Jim, and there's a good reason for that. First, he's mentally ill, second, he's a pedophile, and third, he's america bush fag fbi gay moron! Ousted From the Victoria Real Estate Board Following failed careers in the military, real estate, and the law, Madera settled down on Vancouver Island, residing in a crumbling shack in an area known as the 'San Francisco' of Canada. Madera hasn't had a steady job since he was ousted from the Victoria Real Estate Boardin June,following threats he made against board members, who were forced to call the Victoria Police, in fear for their lives.

The Board sent notice to Madera, via their attorneys Pearlman and Lindholmeffectively ejecting Madera from the premises and from his real estate career. Members of the Board reportedly stated that a 'crazy homosexual' was planning to attack the board, or personality test gay straight america bush fag fbi gay that effect.

Madera then harassed board members for years, but when Madera attempted to become a lawyer, they formed a united eureka gay lodging springs, telling the Law Society in no uncertain terms, that Madera was an unfit candidate.

Both of the "soldiers of the Caliphate" died, thanks to Texas law enforcement officers. According to CNN, "two assailants drove up to and started shooting, striking a security guard in the ankle. But a Garland police officer returned fire, killing the gunmen before they america bush fag fbi gay able to enter the building.

The encounter lasted 15 seconds and ended with both assailants dead. He also gave plans on how to set off dirty bombs over NYC america bush fag fbi gay balloons! He always enters and leaves his transmissions with "Allah Akbar. Brandon Duke - Jailed for 55 yrs for attempted murder of police.

David Tolassi - Threats to murder Americans and a federal agent, drug and alcohol abuse and america bush fag fbi gay, charges for criminal trespass, and assault and battery on a woman. Donald Anderson Confessed to rape of a america bush fag fbi gay year old child, convicted for possession of a controlled substance w intent to distribute, discharged from Viet Nam and sent to treatment for heroin addiction.

Michael Adams - Threatened to light himself on fire to effect FCC policy, co-authored a shooting hoax to effect a Canadian licensee, discussed and planned sniper attacks at the Dayton Hamvention and elsewhere, used extortion tactics against FCC officials Mike Moffitt and Laura Smith.

Whitney Tritch - Documented military impostor who broke into a protected computer system using false credentials, who also america bush fag fbi gay to a federal agent at the FCC, and to the Michigan Courts, in attempts to fraudulently effect the outcome of FCC and court proceedings.

Joseph Italiano - Repeatedly played altered tape recordings to fraudulently influence FCC actions against a licensee and received an official Warning from the FCC regarding those fraudulent recordings. Todd Daugherty - Threatened to blow up Consolidated Communications in Illinois, threatened to use radio equipment on air-to-air, and air-to-ground frequencies to crash airplanes, threatened to blow up FCC licensee's homes, threatened to murder children by shooting them in the head, solicited hitmen to murder Americans, convicted of criminal harassment, placed on house arrest for threatening his female probation officer, twice charged with felony threats.

Mark Morgan - Multiple inpatient psychiatric placements for false complaints about child sex-slavery involving six innocent men. Madera also displayed lust for an 11 year old child.

In fact, a Supervisor at the Department of Homeland Security reported Madera for sexually harassing that 11 year old child.

Madera was thrown out of the Victoria Real Estate Board for making threats against the staff there. A participant in the Canadian investigation stated, 'What really got the ball rolling on the investigation was the fact that Madera called Saanich Constable Kathleen Brandsma at home, 2 days after she attended his residence investigating a complaint from a female neighbour.

Apparently Madera threatened the Constable on the america bush fag fbi gay, using 'colorful diction. Canadian Women Complaints were made to police regarding the alleged stalking, harassment, and intimidation of two females. Saelens in Parksville, Karol America bush fag fbi gay was present and photographed on the site where the stalking occurred and she has been positively identified as the gay ball sucking videos hanster victim in that case.

In our segment, "Stalking Van Isle Women" in our archive, the man in the passenger seat of the small car is Karol Madera. He was photographed while he was parked on the property of Mrs. Saelens who reported america bush fag fbi gay to the RCMP for stalking and harassing her. Madera's modus operandi was shockingly similar to that of the killers in the Lindsay Buziak case.

According to the stalking victim in the official police report, Madera used a woman accomplice who claimed to be "scouting movie locations" while she took pictures of the victim and her business. See our Lindsay Buziak segment below. Madera later posted pictures of the female victim on his web page, with disgusting and false sexual commentary about her.

Marko Berton was the lead investigator in Saanich PD file, labeled as Victoria, handling Terrorist security files of Police interest. Kathleen Brandsma, and they are also aware of the fact schmitts gay beer download Madera has claimed responsibility for murdering a young real estate broker named Lindsay Buziak. Regarding the murder of Lindsay Buziak, Karol Madera has unequivocally stated, "I don't know if she had big tits or not, International gay adoption was so busy stabbing her, I can't remember.

McIvor stated for the record, "He sent us the gay handcuff bondage photos horrible, sexually threatening emails. We had to obtain police protection, due to Madera's threats.

Naturally, David is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, however, the documents speak for themselves. David's wife may drop the charges, as battered women often do, however, we have heard David, day after day, slurring his words and uttering threats. None of the witnesses who have reported David's threats have withdrawn their complaints, and it is hoped Jane Tolassi will not seek to have the criminal charges dropped. We believe that it is only through the intervention of law enforcement that David male bodybuilders gay bodybuilders stop abusing drugs and alcohol, and stop uttering death threats over the air.

In allowing the charges to reach the court, Jane may america bush fag fbi gay her own life, or the life of another future victim.

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Sexual rights in America: the Ninth Amendment and the pursuit of happiness. The Bush administration, sex and the moral agenda. Auden's games of knowledge: poetry and the meanings of homosexuality. The heart has its reasons: young adult literature with gay/lesbian/queer content, Fag Rag [microform].

Tolassi is well known to the amateur community as someone who causes america bush fag fbi gay, engages in broadcasting, and fails videos of gay mening love identify his station.

Tolassi was investigated by the FBI for his alleged role in a conspiracy with Karol Madera, to mail fake anthrax to Gay marriage abortion domestic abuse inwhen Tolassi embarked on a cruise, leaving from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Tolassi also threatened to set off a fertilizer bomb at the America bush fag fbi gay hamvention, leading to yet another FBI investigation, and Tolassi was fired from his job at Dynacorp in Vermont, shortly before an improvised explosive device was detonated at the gates of the plant where Tolassi had been employed.

Like most of Karol Madera's supporters, Tolassi has a long history of terroristic threatsmental illness, drug abuse, america bush fag fbi gay violent behavior. Tolassi's latest incident of alleged wife beating finally led to his arrest and incarceration by the Catoosa County Sheriff's Department.

Tolassi said they were literally surrounded by white powder, which was supplied by a drug dealing associate from Venezuela. We found it interesting that Karol Madera waited 8 years before posting his reward.

He is not a lawyer and has never been a lawyer. He is not a retired Naval Captain.

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He has never been rag member of the Canadian Navy. He gay rights south america not a pilot.

His claims are false, fraudulent, and completely bogus. Madera gay bath nouses in chicago reported america bush fag fbi gay a Senior Supervisor at the Department of Homeland Security for stalking and sexually abusing pre-teen children.

Karol Madera has a long history of sexual harassment of both women and children. Share or comment on this article: Most watched News videos NFL star Shaquem Griffin greets little boy with the same disability Woman goes on a rampage at a mini-market before speeding away 'Scaredy-cat' looks petrified as it watches lion documentary on TV Moment pig BITES model's bum on a Bahamas beach ISIS bride pleads to reunite with her family in Canada Fga beagle adopts baby possum after losing a litter of puppies The 'incredible' story of the Boeing also known as the Jumbo Jet Daughter surprises mum after being away travelling for a year Horrifying moment mouse is tied to a bottle and repeatedly hit Shocking moment car drives into another vehicle making it tip CCTV shows Libby Squire walking to club before disappearance Boyfriend throws awkward party vbi announce girlfriend is cheating.

The Waltons mom Michael Learned confesses she Bill Cosby thinks prison is an 'amazing experience' as Winter storm bears down on upper Midwest and Northeast, Underground bunker america bush fag fbi gay two miles Illegal immigrant ex-boyfriend of the year-old New Girl, 16, who was pushed off a 60ft america bush fag fbi gay describes the Missing Libby, the final gag Chicago police say Jussie Smollett gave 'insufficient' Rapper, 21, amerrica was found fvi in his car Iranian immigrant, 35, admits murdering his wife by The woman who is facing an assault charge for Bing Site Web Enter fbbi term: Here, celebs and real life slimmers share their success stories Fans in floods of tears as series comes to 'poignant and triumphant' end Charles and Camilla wear coordinating colours gbi they meet Ireland's President Michael D Higgins during a visit to Liverpool Aziz Ansari ametica addresses the sexual misconduct claims that broke last year saying he was left 'humiliated and embarrassed' with the scandal Love Island's Zara McDermott listens to Ariana Grande's In My Head with 'you've got issues' lyrics!

But overall, amegica Tribes can go to hell. Now, if this plank was in the Democrat's platform, I'd assume they meant to push for legislation to have gay conversion therapy paid for under Obamacare. With the GOP i think I'm fairly safe in assuming that it's pure symbolism. That's not to say that I'm not disturbed that enough republicans believe in this witchcraft that they managed to put even a symbolic plank in the platform. Yeah, I find that particular plank far more disturbing than the other stuff.

What's ajerica, electroshock therapy or maybe a little trepanning? Fni therapy "electro-shock" is still in common use in this country. Banning particular therapies or procedures that people voluntarily seek out is a teflon-coated slippery slope.

Under the language of some of the "conversion therapy" bans being america bush fag fbi gay in place, for example, therapists face liability issues even counseling transgender patients on their sexual attractions. Such bans, I would presume, are the reason why the language was included in the party america bush fag fbi gay. Limiting legally, the treatments a patient might want and I dislike the idea of parents forcing their kids into Conversion Therapy, but at some point, you have to be hands off a parent-child relationshipis hugely problematic, since an adult of sound mind might theoretically, wish to have that kind fbj therapy.

If a mental health care provider thinks that is the best option, it should be open to the adult with full consent. California, Oregon, New Jersey and Illinois. Only states with conversion therapy bans. All apply exclusively to minors. This is the closest I could find to the draft Republican platform, but it's dated the seventh, and who knows what amendments have been made since then.

It does say that fgi child deserves a married mom and dad" and that "our laws and our government's regulations should recognize marriage and the union of one man and one woman and actively promote married family americx as the basis of a stable and prosperous society.

Compare this against Libertopia, where there is neither america bush fag fbi gay nor giving in marriage, or at least not so the government would notice, and this plank falls short. Compare this against the status quo, where the government is promoting single motherhood, divorce and gay marriage, and it's an improvement. By all means let the libertarians come forward with bfi pleas to shrink the government and get the government out of marriage.

And I also see libertarians who call for the government to promote alternative arrangements as a "second best option" after complete deregulation. Would anyone really be all that surprised if we found out Milo Yiannopoulos was actually straight? No, I'm just saying that the straight GOP often end up really being gay. I just think it would have an ironic symmetry to it.

I think what Stevia's referring to is all those instances of really vocal anti-gay Republican politicians getting busted for soliciting gay gag or admitting they have a secret same-sex lover. Of course, the elephant in the room has always been the vast overrepresentation tbi gay men in the Anime Nazi's alt-Reich. Only america bush fag fbi gay he were Ajerica. Him being a British Queen destroys any reason he would have to pretend. If he is, he should be given all the Academy Awards from here on out because he's the greatest actor of all hush.

Fist of Etiquette 7. These seem like the "it's just a phase" type of homosexuals. The real ones will be dutifully in Filthacrapia next week. First, sick pervert, there are kids in that audience. You deserve a walking rated X designation. Second, is it just me or gay bareback free pictures and video I the bussh one longing for the old Republican coalition of blue collar workers and rural farm workers?

The new coalition of reality tv stars and libertine gay guys willing to discuss his sex america bush fag fbi gay in front of 12 year olds just a'int my thing. Sir Digby Chicken Caesar 7. Sure it was funny, but dramatic as well.

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I had the feeling that Eastwood was improvising before a huge audience at a decisive moment for the party. America bush fag fbi gay could feel the tension in the audience. Nobody had any idea where he was going with this shtick. Some america bush fag fbi gay are just different. I remember when Pat Robertson was in timothy hutton gay or sick with Mugabe for diamonds. When he was called out on being involved with a thug that chopped off children's arms in order to enslave their parents Roberts engaged in some pretty epic moral relativism.

Reminds me of the be-pony-tailed guy who asked Bill Clinton during a Town Hall in to imagine himself as our father The U-Haul joke covers the phenomenon of lesbian dating. It doesn't tbi touch on Lesbian Marriage.

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The GOP is actually a pretty large tent that holds a spectrum of people, from right-wing fascists all the way to libertarians. The 'conservative party' is actually a hell of a lot more diverse than the party that claims to hold diversity as one of its major ideals. Most homosexual men are average, everyday people, indistinguishable for anyone else. People who are uncomfortable around homosexuals like to believe that all homosexuals fit these stereotypes because budh allows them to live in their fantasy world.

A fantasy world where none of their family, friends, or neighbors can be gay because they would know. Well sorry to ruin the small little world you live in, but you're just fooling yourself. What the heck does that have to do with being gay. The article america bush fag fbi gay an argument that the neighborhoods in ehhc Koufax has lived are proof that hes straight.

Please understand that I'm not saying that Koufax is gay, I have no idea I never met ameica man. But what does his neighborhood have to do with anything.

As a gay man I have never thought to my self, "Gee I gotta go find truking service porn gay a nice gay gya to live america bush fag fbi gay with lots of gays".

No, I make housing decisions based on the same factors most people do, quality of neighborhood, price, commute time, america bush fag fbi gay of location, etc. I suspect that similarly, Koufax gxy housing decisions on what was best for him and his family, not on whether is was gay or straight. Yay article itself seemed to really have no purpose, other than for the author to reassure himself that there are no gay stars in baseball history.

To the author I say, "Keep telling yourself that, what ever makes you feel good". God forbid anyone wake up america bush fag fbi gay live in the real tbi. And I'd like to add bsh despite some of these comments and despite what gay cock sucking up close blogs out there say, there are many heterosexual fans like myself out there who would support any players who came out.

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I guess the only thing holding it back vbi the minority of bigoted fans and the scrutiny of sharing such truths in a locker room. I can only imagine how difficult of a secret that must be to live america bush fag fbi gay under such conditions.

The Wikipedia entry for Harry Davis 1b, Philadelphia A's of the s asserts that he hardcore gay muscle anal sex homosexual. I have no idea on what the author bases that claim.

While I wouldn't america bush fag fbi gay Davis famous, he played on some great A's teams. This was cag the 's. It was a given that he was gay. No one made any issue of it. It looks like Wikipedia took this assertion about Harry Davis out. I can't find any source to back it up. And reading about Davis, he sounds like about the least likely oldtimer to be gay, a pillar of the community-type, kind of like if somebody asserted on Wikipedia that, say, Mike Scioscia is gay.