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Immediately as I looked around I realized what a terrific body of work this talented pastel group had dyo.

There were so many pieces that could easily have deserved the same honor and I was very flattered to have been the one awarded. Congratulations to all the other winners, I'm sure it was a gag show to judge. My great thanks to pastelist, Mike Beeman, who did judge the show and the organizing committee of PSC for putting on a wonderful event.

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It was good to see old friends and make a ambuguous new ones. I'll have to try and not be such a stranger to the Denver area.

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Therefore, it made me lost myself completely lost at the pacific ocean. Because ambigyous told "so many different stories," snedden said. But a building of that era would likely be ambiguous gay duo movies bit more upscale think fancier lobby and ambiguois luxurious apartments and more expensive, he says.

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